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Tesco Value Gammon Steaks

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Meat

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    1 Review
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      03.04.2010 12:27
      Very helpful



      Disgusting Meat!!!

      These are the WORST gammon steaks I've ever had. This is going to turn into a rant I know it but as soon as I ate it at my mates the other day I KNEW I was going to slate it as soon as the suggestion come through! lol My mate is BIG TIME hard up, it's a shame because she works hard and has got a little boy but things aren't going great for her.... she buys shedloads of Tesco Value stuff because she has to, it's sad because she knows a lot of it's crap but she can't afford a lot else. I don't turn my nose up when I visit her and get a Value biscuit or Value chicken breasts but this gammon was so disgusting that we both looked at each other and laughed as we was eating it! lol

      She cooked it so I don't know how long it took, she's a proper good cook so I knew it wasn't her fault that it looked so dry and warped out on the plate. She'd put a fried egg yolk and slice of pineapple on it but it still looked naff! lol

      Chewy, OMG! I felt each bite was never going to go down! lol It's got a madly salty flavour, the gammon isn't smoked but there's sooooooo much salt in it that I felt thirsty after EVERY mouth full. It's got a dead tough texture and when you chew it the gammon kind of mushes up instead of going into a chomped up meat. It's a proper nasty feel and you have to chew it for so long that the gammon loses it's flavour...... meat chewing gum! Yummy....!!!

      I ate less than half of it, the first few bites aren't that bad but the cheapo gammon gets too much. There are some clumps of fat in the gammon as well, I don't know if it was fat or gristle because you can't actually SEE it in the meat and only know it's there when you bite into it.

      My mate has said she'd rather go without gammon than eat this. Even the pineapple and egg didn't make it taste any better and this sort of meat can't be good for you. It's dead cheap compared to proper gammon but the trouble is that shows and what's the point in buying something cheap if it doesn't taste nice???

      Not recommended.... disgusting food that I can't see why anyone buys even though it's cheap!!!


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