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Tesco Value Polony Slicing Sausage

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Meat

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    1 Review
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      29.03.2010 11:26
      Very helpful



      A Delish Change From Salami Or Pepperoni On Pizza

      I buy this Tesco Value Polony Slicing Sausage for putting on top of pizzas because I make them quite often with my 2 little sisters. I love pepperoni on mine but it's a bit spicey for the others so I got this to try, it goes wicked and the kids love it so I've carried on buying it even though there is better quality meat available.

      It looks exactly like the photo Dooyoo have got up and comes kind of shrink wrapped to make it look like a shiney rubbery sausage. You can either open it a bit at a time or take all the wrapper off and then keep the Polony in a container in the fridge.

      It's one of them meats that looks a bit raw and is deffo highly processed, it doesn't LOOK like proper meat and is a bit like that garlic sausage you can get off the deli in Tesco.... only it doesn't taste of garlic! lol

      When you unwrap it you cut the sausage into slices and you can either eat it straight out of the fridge or do like I do and put it on pizza or something like that. It's wicked on pizza actually because there isn't shedloads of fat in it so you don't get puddles of oil on the top like what happens with pepperoni and salami. This is also a milder flavour so will keep more people happy than if you are using spicey meat.

      The taste is a bit hard to describe. You can taste the pork in it but it's more like the taste of chopped ham and pork than actual FRESH meat, there's a bit of spice in it but it's nothing like the spicey taste of salami or anything like that. I can also taste a bit of pepper and garlic in the sausage and that gives it a yummy flavour, none of the spices or herbs are very strong but that's a good thing I reckon because it means you can just enjoy the taste of the meat without loads of other flavours getting in the way.

      A 150g sausage of this Polony is 48p and it might not be the best quality meat in the shop but it's ideal for a pizza topping and I reckon it would be ok on crackers if you like meaty toppings.

      Recommended.... tastes nice and is cheap to buy!!!


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