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Tesco Value Skinless Chicken Breast Fillets

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Meat

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    2 Reviews
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      16.11.2011 05:28
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      Cheap and tasty!!

      I have been buying this brand of chicken for around a year now as I find it to be of good quality, good value and tasty.

      The packaging is simple and minimalistic, the meat simply comes in a clear plastic tray which has a transparent film lid which I like as this way I can pick the pack with the biggest portions, lol. There's a small sticker on the left hand side which has the Tesco Value branding on and it also states the product name and use-by date.

      Price and Value for Money
      The price varies depending on which size pack you decide to buy. For a small pack which contains two packs, it is just £2, while the medium is £4 and the large £6. It works out at £1 per chicken breast which I think is really good value and much cheaper than a majority of other brand chicken breasts. I also like that it isn't dirt cheap, as that way i'm not too worried that it's not great quality - it's brilliant quality and worth every penny.

      Appearence, Taste and Smell
      These chicken breasts look identical to any other, to be honest! They're skinless and light pink in colour although turn a nice shade of pale white when cooked through. They often have a speckle or two of blood but this doesn't bother me and it dissapears once the chicken has bein cooked. I've had cheap chicken breasts in the past that had a grey tinge to them (gross I know!) once cooked and these definetly do not. They taste lovely and are nice and meaty - not wattery at all like some people associate with cheap chicken, and are tender with no fatty bits or gristle, I really can not fault the taste and don't see why anyone would pay more for their chicken! Obviously I am aware of animal welfare/organic chickens etc but as a student on somewhat of a budget I like to keep costs down as much as I can and I really don't see this as a value product as it tastes as any other chicken would. The smell is quite nice, it doesn't smell overpowering or particulary meaty, I suppose it just smells the same as any other chicken does when it's cooking!

      These chicken breasts can be cooked by your preferred method, such as in the oven or perhaps the grill. I simply chop them up with a pair of scissors, put them into the frying pan along with some oil and fry them for 5-8 minutes until the pink flesh has turned white. I usually cook my chicken until it's slightly browned, and it doesn't take long to accomplish this with these chicken breasts - they cook well and thoroughly, and i've never had any issues with them tasting off/strange. The breasts do not shrink too much from cooking (they do a bit, but most meat does this) and i've never noticed it to be greasy or wattery.

      Meal Ideas
      I usually use these chicken breasts in homemade curries, or sometimes do my own version of sweet and sour chicken. It is also great in stir fries, soups, stews and makes a nice quick meal when matched with chips and peas. I sometimes have the leftovers cold in a sandwich the next day wth salt, mayo and pepper and it tastes lovely cold.

      Use By Date
      The chicken breasts are fresh and have a 4 day life code meaning that from the date you buy them you should use them within four days unless obviously the four days go over the sell-by date. I usually buy 3 or 4 packs and then freeze them, I then defrost one pack of them overnight and eat it the next day.

      These chicken breasts are really healthy and contain on average 113 calories per 100 grams of chicken breast. They also contain plenty of protein - 21 grams per 100 grams to be precise!

      I really can not fault these chicken breasts, they are cheap, tasty and healthy and I am able to make a variety of yummy meals out of them. Reccomended!


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        09.04.2010 13:19
        Very helpful



        Tesco's value chicken breasts

        When it comes to buying fresh meat produce, I am always a little sceptical about own brand stock, particularly when it comes to something such as chicken. However, we regularly buy this chicken breast meat from Tesco, and are rarely disappointed.

        The packaging is basic, as you would expect from any Value product. A plain plastic tray with a film lid, and the familiar blue and white labelling on the packaging telling you what you're getting. It's hard to see exactly what you're getting inside, as although you can see the top, the smooth breast, it's often what's on the underneath of it that is the real cause for concern, and what tells you whether you're getting meat or gristle and fat.

        Don't be dissuaded though, because once you have opened up the packaging, then you find that the quality of the meat isn't that bad at all. There may be little bits that you might want to cut off, such as stringy pieces and a bit of fat or gristle, but it's hardly anything, and you barely lose any meat at all. Dicing the meat up, as we often do, it feels of good quality, and cooking it there is no discernible difference to any other chicken breasts we have tried.

        The breasts are chunky and you do get a substantial amount with this product. The worry is that there won't be much there at all, that you'll merely get a think breast and half of it will be bits you don't really want to eat. I do find that the Value drumsticks or wings or thighs can be a bit disappointing, but these breasts are a surprise gem.

        Usually, we'll have these to dice up and put in for a curry, but occasionally we cook it whole and use for a meal requiring the breast to be whole. Either way, we have never had a problem with the breasts we have bought from this range. We have tried getting other ranges, which inevitably cost more, and no doubt the way the chicken has been treated is different, or the sourcing is better, but there was no noticeable difference with them in comparison to this chicken.

        Tastewise, well, it tastes like chicken! There's no dry texture or any indication you're getting something of lesser quality, and I'm more than happy to continue buying this product. It's good for dicing up and using in curries, or for making whole meals.

        There's clever pricing as well. I find it really useful that for a packet of 2 breasts, it's going to cost you £2. Then they package 4 breasts, and this is £4. There is also a £6 package, which usually has 5 or 6 breasts in it. They do work it out on weight, and this generally means that if there is a particularly big breast, then you get 5 as opposed to 6, and very occasionally the £4 packet gives you 3 breasts, but generally, the number of pounds is the number of breasts. It makes it very practical shopping when you're trying to work out how much a meal is going to cost you.

        I really don't have any negatives about this product. For what it is, it's a great bargain. Quality tasting chicken in practical packaging with practical pricing. I highly recommend getting it if you're on a budget, which I know plenty of people are all the time. The quality of the chicken may not be as good as other ranges, I really don't know. All I know is what my limited cooking and preparation skills can tell me, as well as what I think tastes good, and this is good as far as I am concerned. It represents good value, and I think that is just as important as anything else. Recommended


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