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Tesco Value White Fish Fillets

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4 Reviews

Brand: Tesco / Type: Fish

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    4 Reviews
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      10.03.2014 13:21
      Very helpful



      An ok fish for recipes

      Just recently I have been clearing out my two freezers as I am moving (hence I have been fairly quiet on here recently lol). Like I'm sure many of you will understand I have come across stuff that I forgot I had bought and so have been using it all up. I remember buying this and I bought it for a reason. I had decided to make up Thai fishcakes and so got a big bag of this along with prawns to go with some salmon I already had in my freezer! This pack containing 520g of fish cost me just £1.68 which at the time I thought was a great price to pay!

      The Packaging:

      The plastic pack is squarish in shape and on the front of it we are clearly told what it is and who it is by there are little pictures shown of pots and pans and a photograph of some cooked fish and although the bag is cream in colour there is a 'window' to the front of it so you can see some of the fish that you are buying through it and then on the back of the bag other information listed includes the ingredients being given and a full nutritional chart is listed, we are told how to cook it, the weight is stated (as I have already mentioned) and contact details for Tesco (the manufacturer are listed). The bag is not resealable but you can always knot it easy enough or do as I do and use a freezer clip which is what I find the simplest option to store my freezer stuff securely.

      The Fish:

      All this is, is different sized pieces of Alaskan Pollack and its glazed in water. I didn't find any bones or skin in mine at all and to cook it you can grill, poach, fry, bake or even microwave it....so versatile it is.

      Personally I fried mine in a touch of olive oil which only took a couple of minutes each side from defrosted. There was a couple of off putting things about this fish though. Firstly the colour was slightly grey and secondly it really stunk my flat out bad when cooking and it wasn't a nice smell, even the cat wasn't interested when I was cooking this! However it chopped up easy enough and I got on with making my fishcakes. I did sample a piece of this when I had cooked it to see what it was like before bunging it with other stuff and I found it to be quite odd. The texture was quite soggy though I know I cooked it correctly and according to the instructions given on the bag and although it had a really pungent fragrance it had a fishy watery flavour to it and I could taste water oozing out of as I ate it. However I decided I needed to carry on making the fish cakes with it and used what I had cooked and with other ingredients it actually did make nice fishcakes however did make them rather moist!

      All in all this fish was ok for what I wanted it for, to eat with salad or something....well no I wouldn't buy it again and would rather pay more. It didn't look nice due to its colour when cooked and didn't taste fishy enough for me and in my humble opinion just simply lacked the flavour I expect but like I say if you want to use it in a recipe....should be fine!

      Only available from Tesco stores or from www.tesco.com

      This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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        21.09.2011 08:15
        Very helpful



        A really good alternative to cod.

        I think if you asked what most people's favourite food is, they would say fish and chips! What can be nicer than a lovely chunky bit of fish, battered and deep fried, served with chunky chips? Not the healthiest of meals, tis true, but blooming lovely all the same!

        I try and give my family a fish meal at least once a week. Fish is so good for you and full of omega 3. Occasionally I give in to their demands and cook fish and chips (I make my own batter) but I also like to cook other dishes with fish. It's so versatile. You can bake it, make fish balls and cook in a tomato sauce with pasta, grill it, pan-fry in lemon butter....the list is endless. That is why I usually buy natural fish fillets...they are so versatile.

        Till recently I'd buy something such as cod or haddock if I wanted white fish, but in these tough times I have to count the pennies, so have had to resort to cheaper foods.

        When I first saw these Value fillets in Tesco, my first thought was 'oh heck...they are very cheap, so probably taste awful'. Anyway, I saw the price of the cod fillets and realised that if we wanted fish for dinner that evening, these would just have to do! So I went in for the kill and grabbed a pack from the freezer.

        When I got them home I had a look at the ingredient list on the back (probably should have taken my glasses with me to Tesco so I could do that before buying!) and it said that the fish inside was Alaskan pollack. Now, having watched Rick Stein's programmes on TV, I knew that pollack was a fish similar to cod, so I felt a bit better about buying it.

        The instructions on the pack said to cook the fish from frozen, but since I wanted to coat the fish in batter I thought it would be easier if they were defrosted, so that is what I did. I have to say that they defrosted quickly and didn't fall apart. Once coated in flour and batter, they looked like cod and cooked really well.

        I served them to my family without telling them that they weren't the usual cod fillets and they ate them quite happily. The flavour was really good, a bit stronger fishy taste than cod and slightly more grey flesh, but I liked the pollack just as much as cod.

        I have since cooked them in other dishes and they always taste really good, so I am a convert to pollack now!

        They cost £2.00 a pack and you get about 6 good-sized fillets for that. To date, I haven't found any bones in the fish, though it is always best to keep an eye on that when you are preparing the fillets. It is easier to find bones when they are defrosted though.

        So if you want a good alternative to cod, I would recommend these.


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        15.09.2011 09:56
        Very helpful



        See review.

        One of my favourite foods is all kinds of fish, I can eat most varieties and love almost all of them. I buy fish almost every week but it is usually fresh fish because I find I enjoy it the most freshly bought for the weekend. I have tried lots of brands of frozen fish too but I had not bought or tried this one and so I thought it was worth a try to see if I liked it or not and since I have been looking for cheaper brands to reduce my food bill just a little bit more since the hike in food prices at the moment.

        These fish fillets are a kind of an off white colour, they are not as white in colour as some other brands on the market but they do not look unappetising inside the bag. They come in a transparent bag with just the name clearly on the front, nothing special. They cost only £1 and are the Value range from Tesco.

        There are approximately 5 fillets in the bag, quite a lot for the cheap price in my opinion. They are a good size and each one is a slightly different size, the biggest being around 7 inches in length and 3 inches in width. They are a quite thin and they are very easy to cook. They can be cooked from frozen too. All I usually do is place it under the grill for approximately 7 minutes each side and then just a little longer to crisp the top to give it a nice crispy topping because I quite like my fish cooked that way. I also just dot a little bit of butter over the top to help brown it a little too.

        These are ideal for small children because they are a nice size on the plate for the little ones. They are a good size for adults too but I have found that one is not always enough on the plate because I love fish but my hubby is not so keen on fish and so one is well enough for him. My little grandson does really enjoy eating these fillets and they are very easy to chew and swallow and he has not had any problems at all eating them.

        These fillets are skinless and boneless too and I have not discovered any bones in the fish while eating them and I checked the fish my grandson ate just to make sure no bones were inside the fish because they are a cheaper brand I just wanted to make absolutely sure no bones were there because I have often eaten fish that has indicated no bones are present when they have occasionally and so I checked the fish first before I gave him his dinner. These also have a protective ice glaze over them.

        It tells me on the back of the bag that these are best cooked from frozen. I cooked them from frozen and so I cannot comment on how they would taste if not cooked from frozen.
        They can be cooked in the oven for approximately 20 to 25 minutes or in a microwave for 3 to 4 minutes and placed in a non metallic dish. I have not cooked them in a microwave or oven and so cannot comment on how they taste cooked that way but under the grill I found they tasted quite nice for the price.

        I found the fish had a nice texture to it but the fish does not taste as good as fresh fish in my opinion but then frozen food never does taste as good as fresh food.

        They can also be poached in a saucepan or frying pan with a little bit of milk or water and then just to bring to the boil and simmer them for approximately 10 minutes.

        The bag size is 520g and they contain per 100g, 80 calories and 0.7g of fat of which 0.1g of saturates and so very low in calories and fat content in my opinion.

        I think if you are looking for fish that is cheap to buy and you are on a budget or have a large family and still want to give your family a fish meal, then these I think are very suitable and affordable. They were perfectly fine for my family but I do much prefer fresh fish but these served me very well the day I ate them. They were well worth a try and I was not disappointed in the taste. They do not taste bland or disgusting as I first imagined they would. I would buy these again in the future but only if fish prices go sky high because I cannot live without eating fish because I enjoy it so much.

        They also do not shrink very much after they have been cooked but they are much thinner than some other brands but that is not a problem for myself or my family. I found they are also quite flaky and are easy to cut and have a nice soft texture, also the colour when cooked is white in colour as any other fish and the grey colour does disappear and the fish does then look more appetising to eat.

        I do recommend these fillets for people wanting to buy a cheaper brand of fish for a healthy diet but if you are really picky with fish and cannot eat frozen fish, then these probably would not be so suitable. But I found them adequate to save a few pennies at the moment for my budget.

        I give these 5 stars.

        Also on Ciao under my username Pinky50.

        Thank you for reading my review and I hope it has been of some help.


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          22.09.2010 07:56
          Very helpful



          A great tasting white fish portion which is very cheap

          A lot of fish gets eaten in my house and it is usually the breaded or battered variety so when I spotted these portions which had no coating on I decided to give them a try. The fact that they are from the Tesco value range did not put me off as we have found some great cheap products in this range.


          The white fish portions come in a cream coloured plastic bag. It has the Tesco value logo on the top and the product name. There is a picture of a cooked portion on a plate with vegetables and a small clear section to the bag so you can see the portions inside.

          The back of the packet contains all of the information you will need, including the directions for cooking, ingredients and nutritional values.


          It is quite simple to cook the portions and to do this you just need to place the required amount onto a baking tray and them lightly cover with butter. They needed to be cooked in the over for 20-25 minutes on gas mark 4 or 180 deg.c. They can also be cooked in the microwave for 2 ½ minutes or poached for 10-12 minutes and grilled for 10-14 minutes, but I have not cooked them this way so cannot comment on the cooking times or taste difference.

          The portions are a good size and on average they measure about 14cm by 5cm. Some of them are smaller but you will find that once they start to thaw during the cooking process they are actually folded over. They white in colour and look quite good considering they are frozen.

          They are easy to cook and I find that it is best not to cook them on a backing tray which has holes in as they do create a lot of juice and this will fall through on cover the bottom of your oven. They do give off a nice aroma whilst cooking but find that they do take just over 30 minutes to cook which is slightly longer than the stated time.

          When it came to serving them I decided to do this with potatoes and vegetables. I found that one portion was enough for a serving and they did look very good on the plate. They went a slight yellow colour after being cooked but I am not sure if this is due to the butter covering. There was a good taste to the fish and it was very similar to cod fish fingers without the coating (I know they are made with Alaska Pollock but to me they taste of cod!). I found there was a hint of the butter but this was not off putting and made the fish very tender and easy to eat. I think they would have been very dry without the butter being added to them. The fish did go slightly flaky when eating but I managed to make little mess and I found giving my boys a spoon to eat these with did help them. The boys all enjoyed the fish and so did hubby who said he would be happy to eat it again.

          The smell was good but I found it did linger in my house for a good few hours after and this was not good. I have to say for the price these are very good value as the packet contains about 8 portions and I can get 2 family meals from the one bag.


          The bag size is 520g and as I said before you get roughly 8 portions. They are from the frozen section of the supermarket and must remain frozen, you get the best results from cooking these from frozen, but if you do defrost them then they cannot be re-frozen so all have to be cooked. I love the fact they are cook from frozen as they are handy for those days when I have forgotten to take anything out of the freezer the night before.

          There are some allergy warnings on the back of the packet and they include the fact the fish contains no nuts but Tesco cannot guarantee they have been made in a nut free factory. The packet does state that there may be some small minor bones in the fish but fortunately none of my family have ever come across any so I think this warning is just there for Tesco to cover their own backs.

          The ingredients for the fish are:-

          Alaska Pollock and water.

          The nutritional values for 100g of this fish are:-

          Energy - 80 Kcal
          Sugar - 0.0g
          Fat - 0.7g
          Saturated Fat - 0.1g
          Salt - 0.3g

          These values are very good and I have no problems serving them to my family as a healthy meal.


          These are a Tesco Value product so can only be bought in their stores. They are price around the £1.90 mark and I think this is excellent value as I get to family meals from the one packet.


          I any happy to give these fish portions a good 4 stars. They taste great and are cheap. They do take slightly longer to cook than stated but I don't have a problem with this and I think for the price all fish lovers should give them a go.


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