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Wikinger Hot Dogs Bockwurst Style

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Type: Meat

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    5 Reviews
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      28.06.2011 15:26
      Very helpful



      Have a long use by date so are great to simply sit in your food store.

      Wikinger bockwurst hot dogs in brine.

      Discovered these simply by chance whilst I was staying at my daughters recently, as she has a few jars in her cupboard and she said the children loved them, so gave them a try.

      They come in a glass jar you get five of these lovely hot dogs in the jar they are incased in a brine to keep their flavour in and to keep them preserved until you open them. They have a twist off lid and they have a red blue and white lable on them. They are great value and they have a really great taste too. They are the best hot dogs ive ever tried and the fact that each one is a long hot dog, and they are thick and chunky means that popped into a hot dog roll they make a great snack or you could simply have them on a plate and accompany them with a few oven thick chips and some relish.

      They are pre-cooked too so they can be eaten straight from the jar, but i prefer to warm mine up in a saucepan or altentaively in the mircrowave for a few seconds as they are absolutely delicious hot.

      Do not boil, these hot dogs you dont need to as they are quick and easy to heat any way and they will simply blow apart like a proper banger if you heat them for too long in the mircrowave.

      You must refridgerate after you have openned them and they will surfice for a further three days.

      They have been made with mechanically recovered turkey, and chicken and pork in brine, which gives them in my opinion a really strong aste like a barbecued taste and the texture is really good, they are soft enough for even smaller children, and are so easy to cut up.

      They have a long use by date of 2013 on the side of the lid, I really enjoy them in a soft bread roll or hot dog bun and have a squirt of tomato sauce or if you prefer a dollop of mustard on them.

      They are a great item and they can unopenned be kept in your cupboard food store for ages and ages, great for one of those days when you fancy a quick and easy snack, or if you are looking after children or feeding children they are great to have in the cupboard for this occasion.

      You could also cook them and chop them up add a few onto cocktail sticks with some gerkins etc and make great party snacks.

      I loved the taste of these and they were soft in my mouth, barbaecuey tasting and full of meat juice flavour, I will be buying a few jars of these to have in my food store as soon as possible. I loved them.

      Thanks for reading and rating my reviews.


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        17.10.2009 10:11
        Very helpful




        Every now and then I just cannot be bothered to ask round the four kids and husband what they all want for lunch as invariable it will end being five different things and I feel like a cafe owner.

        So now and again I just grab a saucepan and some hotdog rolls and heat up these lovely hotdogs in the pan for everyone's lunch. I always have a jar in the cupboard just for these occasions.

        The hotdogs are huge, fat and long, so I know one will be enough as a lunch for the kids as the roll itself will help to fill them up too. The hot dogs are very tasty. They have that essential frankfurter kind of taste. A little bit spicy (but not hot) with a smooth texture that seems to disappear as you chew. I love the fact that they are so thick though as it means you can really taste the "meat??" in them around the bread roll and tomato sauce.

        Being in a jar, they are sort of twisted round inside and this sometimes makes it difficult to get them out, especially if you are only warming up one or two, but if you want the whole jar just give it an upside shake over the pan and they all come falling out eventually.

        These are brill for that quick, filling lunch - and great chopped up in small pieces for puppy training!!


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          21.08.2008 16:06
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          A great tasting hot dog!


          Wikinger! The better class of hot dog!!

          I bought these not so long ago as I was sick of the flimsy rubbish hot dogs you get in the tin - they drive me mad! Even the best brand did not do 'Hot Dog's' any justice.

          Wikingers Hot Dogs are Bockwurst style and are alike a German sausage (Bockwurst). The jar of hot dogs costs around 57p and you get 6 long dogs inside. They come inside brine in a glass jar with a screw on lid.

          The hot dogs are quite firm and have chewy sausage inside and not just the plain mush you normally get. They taste quite salty, which I love.

          The hot dogs are made from turkey, water, chicken and pork mainly but they do have added ingredients for flavour.

          To warm these hot dogs you are to place into a sauce pan with the brine and gently leave on the heat for a few minutes, the jar specifically states not to boil for some reason. Alternatively you can BBQ the hot dogs or fry, neither of which I have tried.

          You can eat the hot dogs warm or cold, both are delicious.

          The hot dogs have 206 calories per 100g's and there are 250g per drained jar.

          Enjoy xx


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            25.07.2008 09:51
            Very helpful



            Delicious hot dog that complements its toppings

            I LOVE hot dogs! Your typical American hot dog is actually what here you would find called Danish frankfurters but go to places like New York and you also find Bockwurst and Bratwurst getting the hot dog treatment. So when I was shopping at Home Hargains and found these for 51 pence a jar, I decided to give them a try. I admit to a bit of hesitancy, as here in Britian you lot also have things in tins you call hot dogs, but are actually more what we would call a weenee and fit only to be chopped up and smothered with lots of baked beans from a can and definitely not worth calling a REAL hot dog. REAL hot dogs are a delicacy to be treaured, loaded with ketchup, mustard, sweet pickle relish, and squeezy cheese, or smothered with warm sauerkraut.

            So, two days ago it was family movie night at my house. Dooyoo had also mentioned the American Hot Dog day thing, and it set my mouth watering. So I said to the kids, "Shall we try those new hot dogs we got in the jar?" All I saw was a wake of moving air as they dashed for joy into the kitchen, pulling out the hot dog buns and the jar from the cupboard. Now, here's the important thing...cooking the dog. You have to be careful to NOT over cook it or the skin wil split and if heating it in water, the inside will go soggyish. You can use a grill to grill them; just be sure you set it on the lowest setting, preferably using a table top George Foreman type dealio, and only grill just til browned marks appear on the outer skin as otherwise it will be one dry doggie! Another alternative not mentioned on the label is that you can cook these new York vendor style, in a steamer, which will keep them warm for seconds without splitting the skin and sogging the dog.

            We decided to use the pan in water method, and poured the brine in the pan and added some water. heating it 'til just boiling, I then turned the heat off, popped them doggies in there, put the lid on, and after 10 minutes, pulled them on out with a pair of tongs. They were still firm but warmed through, spot on perfect. The length of the sausage also filled the hot dog roll not quite to the ends with just enough space at the top that I could top it with out fear of spillage.

            Topped with some American style mustard, ketchup, and a squidge of American squeezy cheese, I had a bite. Yummy! These were just right, and the bockwurst flavour brought back many memories of happy 4th of Julys on the bases growing up. This is one smooth dog whose flavour would complement a good sauerkraut splendidly, so i shall have to look out for some. The children loved the taste as well, and ate two hot dogs before even considering the popcorn in the bowl before them. I know that sounds like a lot of sodium, but we just really don't do salt normally and it WAS family movie night, so a night for usually forbidden treats!

            While it was a tasty dog, I would not get these each time we wanted hot dogs as I like variety, and while very tasty, I actually do prefer the Danish style frankfurter, as I can eat it cold straight from the packet when no one is looking. I will in future keep a jar of these in the cupboard though as being jarred, they will last some time in the pantry without going off. While a Danish frankfurter has an almost lightweight cold cut taste and texture, this is more meaty. The difference is sort of like deciding if you want turkey or chicken if poultry is on the menu. You like both, but this time you want chicken, and sometimes turkey. So it is when choosing what type hot dog you want today! For the price I found them at though, these will not be off the possible menu! Now to find a good kraut. I want a dog with kraut on it. Not to mention now I am drooling at the thought of pork chops cooked with kraut...


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              29.04.2008 20:51



              ok if you need a snack on the run

              I am putting this in this general catagory as I couldn't find the right site for it elsewhere. So be patient with me as I am still having trouble with the suggestion box thing. Just don't get me started there!

              My product is Wilkinger Hot dogs Bockwurst style.

              These are in a jar, 5 in total they are fairly long about six to seven inches and on the whole for a hotdog sausage, oops! sorry, Bockwurst sausage they are quite firm and tasty.

              To follow the instructions you need a pan of hot water, not boiling it is very specific on that and then you place them into it to simmer for a few minutes until hot all the way through simple.

              The Tasting test

              Firm to touch they are quite rubbery at first with a soft gooey centre, not much of a flavour to write home about but slightly smokey and mild.
              On the whole for hotdoggy style sausages not too bad.

              for those who want to know what your getting in each jar here goes.

              Jar weight 380grams
              sodium levels were 0.9g
              Fibre 0.6g
              fat 17.0g
              carbs 1.2g
              protein 12.0g
              energy 106kcal but list was a bit scratched so might be different
              nutritionals value was scratched off label sorry.


              turkey 32%
              chicken 15%
              pork soya protein 15%
              salt spices celery extracts sugar
              hydrogonized vegetable protein
              milk protein
              E451 antioxidant E300 preservatives E250.
              the turkey and chicken being of the mechanically recoved variety.
              not for the faint hearted.

              jar pretty basic with a mixture of red white and blue on label with white and blue writing stating wikinger hot dogs Bockwurst style. 5 pieces.
              these are in brine.

              After just reading these ingrediants I am glad I ate them before hand as I am not too sure I would have otherwise.


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            • Product Details

              Bockwurst style sausages / 1500g / Wikinger Hot Dogs Bockwurst Style

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