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Young's 4 Cod steaks in Butter Sauce

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Brand: Young's / Type: Fish

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    2 Reviews
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      17.05.2010 11:37
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      Cheap enough if you have a small appetite

      On a never ending quest to find healthy low calories foods I spotted a pack of Young's 4 cod steak's in butter sauce in the supermarket and on reading the pack saw that it was a very healthy dinner option indeed. Each cod steak including the butter sauce contains 104 calories 3.4g fat and 2.1g saturates. I snapped a pack up for dinner that evening.

      Young's cod steaks are frozen and inside the box there are 4 little plastic bags with each fish and a portion of sauce inside. At this point you cannot really see how big the fish is as it is frozen together with the sauce.

      Cooking is easy just put them from frozen in a pan of boiling water and simmer for 20 minutes or they can be cooked in the microwave.

      Mr. Benn has a big appetite when he has been out at work all day so I boiled all four of them convinced there would be enough to make a decent meal. Wrong! After cooking you snip off the top of the bags and empty on the plate. The fish that shoots out is so small with copious amounts of sauce, and I mean small. I quickly realised that I would have to give Mr. Benn 3 but there was no way I was going to fit all three portions of sauce on the plate along with the potatoes and vegetables I had cooked so I drained the other two portions of sauce into a jug and put the 2 other cod steaks onto his plate and my single one onto mine.

      According to the box one serving is one bag of fish and sauce at 104 calories, it is laughable to call the small piece of fish a serving. A child of four would probably have no problem scoffing one and still have room for pudding.

      The sauce is very tasty and does taste a little buttery and the fish is a nice consistency, but I couldn't actually taste the fish through the taste of the sauce which whilst tasty did overpower everything on the plate.

      I wouldn't buy it again unless I was to go on an extreme diet where I think if you ate these regularly during the course of your diet you would be able to lose a substantial amount of weight.

      They are around £3.99 for the box of 4 but there is 99p off at Tesco until the 14/06/2010


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        01.04.2009 15:00
        Very helpful



        It's all a big cod!

        We adore fish of all varieties at our house, not just because of its health benefits, but because it's generally tasty and satisfying. Tuna is always a favourite in sandwiches, pasta bakes and baked potatoes and salmon is eaten enthusiastically in whatever shape or form when we feel flush enough to afford it. Everyone loves cod or haddock and chips from the chippy in whichever seaside town we might find ourselves in - Padstow was the last location and I remember meandering happily towards the harbour, plastic fork in hand, tucking in like a trooper!

        I buck the trend somewhat in my total adoration of pilchards and sardines which no one else will touch. And my husband would fight the fittest for finny haddock, which he periodically subjects us to when he has a craving. Worst of all is his method of preparation: he cooks it in the microwave, with milk and a blob of butter, no less. I then have to raid the cupboard for every odour eating chemical there is to extinguish the vile smell! It's fumigation time!

        So, you could say we are a family of fish lovers in more ways than one, but not all of us with all varieties. Most of the fish I've mentioned seem like real fish do they not?

        The type that are caught, hopefully humanely, using a net and are served similar to their state when they were once swimming freely in the ocean. Oh dear I think I'm giving myself a guilt complex!

        But in this review I'm going to delve into the murky waters of 'plastic' fish and frozen ones at that! Yes, frozen boil-in-the-plastic-bag type fish! "Duh duh Duuuuuurh" I hear you all sing! (Dick Barton style.)

        The particular plastic fish to which I refer are Young's Cod fillets in Butter Sauce. They arrive in boxes of 4 and I usually buy them from Asda at around £3 a box. Sometimes they are on a BOGOF offer and I definitely make use of that.

        A little pet gripe of mine about the boxes of four is that these manufacturers never think about the families of five out there do they? Everything seems to be in fours or sixes so we have to buy eight of a thing and have spare hanging around to add to the next meal or six and fight for who gets the extra one! This last example is in particular reference to biscuits actually!

        Anyway, rant over, why do I buy them?
        Well, firstly they're cheap, it has to be said, in comparison to £8 worth of salmon for the same weight. Even with special offers on salmon, it's still too expensive to eat every week for us.

        Secondly they are low in calories (104 to be exact), so great for anyone on a calorie controlled diet. On my diet I can have one of these fish steaks, 8oz of mash and loads of free veg, plus a yoghurt afterwards for my 400 calorie meal. Yum!

        Finally, they are quite tasty surprisingly. Well, I say quite tasty in the loosest sense of the word here. They are quite tasty if you are totally strapped for cash, have nothing else in the freezer and your oven's blown up. But, for some unknown reason we still keep coming back for more.

        How do you cook them?
        The instructions are fairly simple.
        Take the frozen fish in their plastic pouches out of the box, put them into a pan, cover with boiling water and boil gently on the hob for 20 minutes, making sure the pan doesn't boil dry or inadvertently explode.

        I can fit six into a pan (the big man of the house eats two, can you believe?) and I find that they are better left in the pan after the 20 minutes on residual heat while I'm mashing the spuds and serving them up with the veg. They taste more like fish that way.

        When you've got all that done, you shake the pouch to mix it all up, cut open the plastic bag carefully then pour the fish and sauce onto the plate, covering everything nicely with the buttery sauce - and, yes, it really does taste buttery.

        In my humble opinion, these fish aren't anything to write home about; the small steaks that slip out of the bag onto your plate are about the size of a playing card at most and don't offer anything tremendously filling. That's the job of the mash and veg.

        The picture on the front of the box - and the one from the website - is grossly misleading too. There's no way these fish look like that. They actually look like plastic and behave similarly. But, just for interest the white steaks have an occasional grey streak running through them that would be aesthetically pleasing if it were a lump of marble, but it's not, so what's it doing there? I can't say as I haven't investigated the manufacturing process.

        To taste them, you know it's the texture of fish, and you know you should be experiencing the taste of fish, but I can't get my senses round it. The sauce, mash and veg take over and I'm too busy enjoying them to think about the fish, sorry, the little piece of plastic on my plate. I suppose I'm doing this product a great disservice. My kids love them and the hubby doesn't complain - but, then he's just turned up to a plate on the table, so he daren't!

        I find myself mindlessly eating them, as I'm usually so hungry by that time, then, when I've finished, actually admitting to having "enjoyed that!" I must be losing my mind!

        So, is there something in them that's luring us into a plastic fish addiction I wonder?

        Well, surprise surprise, it's less than 50% cod mixed with water, milk proteins, butter, single cream, cornflour, wheat flour, salt, lemon juice, parsley, onion powder, yeast extract, black pepper, paprika extract, curcumin and flavouring. No drugs then!

        I have to laugh at the allergy advice which states "Contains fish, gluten, milk and wheat" as I'd like to actually know where the fish is! Still, there must have been some, at one point, as they warn you that there could still be the odd bone remaining! Ha!

        There is one saving grace of this product and that's the fact that Young's have developed the "Fish for life" programme to ensure that their fish is "properly sourced", so it's not only good for us but it's "good for the sea too".

        You can find more gorgeous pictures of fish that look nothing like what ends up on your plate at www.youngsseafood.co.uk and there are also some tasty recipes on here too apparently.

        Apart from the Cod Steaks in Butter Sauce, Young's do Cod Steaks in Parsley Sauce and another variety entitled Fish Steaks in Parsley Sauce. But if you ask me, it's a load of pollocks!

        Why do I keep buying these things, and apparently not enjoying them, but returning to them week after week?

        My husband would put me in my plaice here, no codding, and tell you it because I'm a cheapskate!

        Whether you try these or not I hope you enjoy whatever fish you eat in whatever variety it happens to be and I'll stop carping on!


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