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Young's Chip Shop Haddock Fillets

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Brand: Young's / Type: Fish

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    1 Review
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      14.07.2011 19:23
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      An easy way to get the kids to eat more fish without moaning.

      Looking for a Friday night easy meal that wasn't as expensive as a takeaway, I picked up some Youngs haddock fillets in a crispy batter thinking that they might be a passable alternative to fish and chips, and at £3 for 4 large fillets, it would certainly work out a lot cheaper. With a large logo advertising this as Britain's number 1 battered fish, I was certainly looking forward to trying it.

      I've experienced eating fish pies from this company before so I know that they use good quality fish and I was also impressed to see a sustainability programme being explained on the rear of the box.

      Health wise, they claim to now have less than 3% saturated fat, a reduction of 40% from 2009, so it certainly should be a healthier option than the chipshop too. Each 125g fillet contains 243 Kcals, which didn't sound too bad.

      When frozen, they certainly looked the part, the batter was a light golden colour, and thick enough to not be able to see the white fish underneath. Cooking was a simple matter of putting the fillets on a tray and putting them in the oven at gas mark 8 for 25 minutes. That is probably where I made a mistake with these, as on the box it says to do them on a wire rack in a deep tray.

      Half way cooking I took the fillets out and turned them, and they were starting to go a good colour, but they were still rather soggy at this stage so I actually left them a bit longer than the recommended 25 minutes to give them plenty of time to crisp up.

      When I came to take them out of the oven, the first disappointment came as I picked up the tray and a sea of grease flowed over the edge of the tray, onto the bottom of the oven and the kitchen floor. Once I had cleaned that all up, I went to put the fish on the plates.

      The top of the fish was certainly a lovely golden colour, but when I went to pick one up with a fish slice, the batter on the bottom of the tray was still greasy and soggy, and had stuck to the tray in a number of places so I had to scrape at it to remove it from the tray losing most of the batter off the bottom in the process. What a disappointment.

      The taste test went a lot better. The top of the fillet had a fluffy batter that was indeed reminiscent of a well cooked fish which has stood long enough for oil to drain from at the chip shop. (I am a bit picky here after an eighteen month stretch working full time in a chip shop while also studying at university.) The bottom of the fillet was indeed greasy tasting, and not as nice.

      The actual fish was white, had meaty flesh, and was a good piece of fish. No qualms there, as it was indeed a nice fresh piece of haddock.

      The plates were left clear apart from a smear of ketchup, so I am pretty sure that they all enjoyed it, especially as there was very little on the floor underneath my 3 year old.

      As to whether I would buy them again, I haven't as yet, but I think I would as overall it was a much healthier quick meal than the chip shop and was easy to cook and serve. What I do know is I would definitely make sure to cook them so the grease could drain away next time, as a large amount did come out of them.


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