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Young's Great Grimsby 10 Cod Fillet Fish Fingers

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Brand: Young's / Type: Fish

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    3 Reviews
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      04.09.2009 18:56
      Very helpful



      Young's Great Grimsby 10 Cod Fillet Fish Fingers.

      I got these in Cooltrader and they are the best fish fingers I've ever tasted. I usually only like them on a butty but with these I can have them just on a plate with chips and peas.

      They are coated in a crispy batter instead of breadcrumbs and this makes them taste better and like proper food instead of kids dinners. The batter tastes like the bubbly stuff you get on proper fish fillets and it specially good when it's cooked in the oven instead of fried like how my dad cooks his fish fingers sometimes.

      The fish is proper nice as well and tastes like it's a fillet that has been cut into fingers instead of the mashed and pulped fish you get in Birds Eye fish fingers. This makes it loads better and helps the fish finger taste fresher and more nutritious.

      I had mine today for my lunch on a butty with loads of red sauce and thought the sandwich tasted loads better than when I've used other fish fingers. The batter soaked the butter up lovely and the red sauce turned warm and just went wicked with the taste of the fish fingers.

      These taste loads nicer than fish fingers in breadcrumbs and I wish I'd seen them before. I think the crunch of the batter is wicked and my dinner seemed to be more filling using these instead of the usual Birds Eye fish fingers we have in the house.

      I had some last week with a baked spud and veg and they were so yummy because I sprinkled some lemon juice over them and this brought the flavour of the fish out and made the meal much more exciting than if I'd used breaded fish fingers.

      These are top quality fish fingers so they cost a bit more. In Cooltrader they were £1.59 for a box of 10 so they would probably be about £2.00 in the supermarket but that is still good because they are so much better then the other fish fingers you can buy.


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        03.08.2009 19:17
        Very helpful



        Its good to see an Alternative to Birds Eye for decent fish fingers

        The Great Grimsby range has five products: Five Fish Pie; Cod Fish Cakes; Cod Fillet Fish Fingers; Smoked Haddock Fish Cakes and Extra Large Battered Haddock Fillets. All of these are made using Young's line caught, 100 percent sustainable Alaskan Cod- Young's are a company who instead of trying to introduce other types of fish into their products in the face of the well published problems with Cod/ potential future Cod shortages have instead gone for using a sustainable source for their Cod. Tihs makes this a bit of an ethical product too as they aren't just fishing indiscriminately from the ocean.

        The Great Grimsby range uses other of the product ingredients that Youngs have sourced from Grimsby and surrounding counties as far as possible. So, it is more like trying to keep things local if you live in the lincolnshire/ Grimsby region and want to buy these products.

        I find Young's Cod Fish Fingers just as good as Birds Eye and much cheaper in a lot of cases as supermarkets often have promotions on Young's items. They taste great, the fish is good quality and moist and the coating doesn't fall off when you cook it! Great with chips.


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        14.10.2008 15:41
        Very helpful



        These are absolutely bloody beautiful!!!!


        COST: (@ 12.10.08) - between £2.10 and £2.40 per pack, depending on where bought

        NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION (per 4 grilled fish fingers):

        Calories: 203
        Sugar: 0.9g
        Fat: 9.9g
        - of which saturates: 5.2g
        Omega 3 oils: 75mg
        Salt: 0.8g


        Alaska pollock fillet (58%), coating (wheat flour, water, salt, yeast, turmeric), colours (paprika extract, curcumin), vegetable oil


        Contains fish, gluten, wheat and yeast
        A natural source of long chain Omega 3
        Made with 100% fish fillet


        Although extra care has been taken to remove all bones, some bones may remain


        NOTE: Before I begin, I will say that I got a little confused and led DooYoo towards the wrong image and description for this product - it's only slightly wrong though. To save a lot of messing about, I shall review the product I meant to below, and state that there is little difference between the one shown in the image above and the one I am actually reviewing. I have since hunted the internet far and wide to find the exact product I am reviewing below, and can find nothing - but, the above image comes the closest.

        Young's Fish Fingers are in the deep-freeze department of some supermarkets and smaller grocery outlets. They are packed rather tightly into a chunky-style cardboard box which, in white writing inside a striped dark red and dark blue ellipse shape, is the standard Young's trademark/logo. There is an image on the front of the box of a plate containing chips and peas, and a fork spearing a fish finger is suspended above. This image appears against a background of a pale blue and white seascape. On the back and front vertical sides of the box are the same images as just described, only smaller, and on the rear of the box is the nutritional information, cooking instructions, and details on the food benefits of long chain Omega 3, together with details on how to visit Young's website.

        I bought these fish fingers recently in my local branch of Somerfield, as they were cheaper than all the other "quality" brands, and being as I'm not only a fish finger lover with a large appetite - I am also seriously watching the pennies - I felt they might turn out to be a good buy.

        The day after my purchase, I decided to grill a few of these fish fingers and have them with jacket potato, tomatoes and peas.

        On opening the packet, I was greeted with the sight of 20 perfect-looking, uniformly-sized fish fingers with a nicely coloured, truly golden breadcrumb coating. I noticed the substantial appearance of these fish fingers, and hoped they wouldn't - like so many other brands do - lose their shape or shrink in the cooking process. As I removed a few from the box, I noticed that the breadcrumbs didn't detach easily and make a mess everywhere.....so, with the grill heating up nicely, I placed the fish fingers onto the grill pan, and cooked for the recommended time on both sides - meanwhile I prepared the other items my meal was to consist of.

        During the cooking time, I turned the fish fingers over twice, and was very impressed that they didn't fall apart, shrink, or become mis-shapen. I also noticed that they emitted a lovely, delicate fish aroma which made my mouth water and my stomach rumble in anticipation - I hoped I wasn't going to be disappointed, and that this was one of those instances where you can actually judge something by first appearance.

        The meal all prepared, cooked and ready, I plonked everything on the plate and sat down to tuck in. Eager to try these delicious-looking fish fingers, I slid my knife into one, speared a small piece with my fork, and slowly raised the steaming article to my mouth. The fish smell that had been very pleasant during the cooking process was still there, and I noticed that the thick strip of fish inside the breadcrumbs was lovely and pure white, succulent, and formed in delicate yet tightly packed flakes rather than being a watery mush or overly dry wodge. Then came the real test - chewing and swallowing!

        My teeth gently crunched into the very authentic-tasting and natural-looking breadcrumbs - lovely and golden - not the so often seen bright orange tooth-shattering gunk. The breadcrumbs were very lightly crispy, and not so thick that they swamped the fish inside. On biting into the fish, I was pleasantly surprised, and my tastebuds were treated to a lovely sweet, fresh fish flavour - I ought to say at this point that I hadn't noticed these fish fingers were not made of cod, but pollock; I also have to say that I've no idea what pollock is....for all I know, it could be a strange breed of cod.

        I was heartily impressed with the flavour of the pollock, which tasted like top-quality, freshly caught haddock. The consistency was firm but extremely tender, and very easy to eat. I went into gourmet overdrive, wanting to repeat the experience, and almost choked myself trying to ram more and more of these absolutely beautiful fish fingers into my mouth and down my gullet, wishing I'd have eaten the other things on my plate first as they seemed boring in comparison, and I always love to save the best for last. I have learned my lesson now though.

        Since buying that first pack of Young's Fish Fingers, I have polished the lot off - I managed five meals from the pack (4 fish fingers per meal), which worked out very economical in the long term. Four of these fish fingers is ample from the point of view of appetite, as they are large and don't shrink in the cooking process, but from the taste aspect, I could easily eat ten of them at one sitting as they are truly gorgeous. I can't wait until my next trip to Somerfield to buy some more.

        Eleven out of ten to Young's for what is by far, way up and above all other brands, the very best fish fingers I have tasted in my life, and I shall certainly stick with them so long as they are being produced. The only very slight complaint I do have, is that they are rather high in fat - 9.9g is a little over the top for 4 grilled fish fingers, but I am prepared to overlook that problem because of how utterly delicious they are.

        I strongly recommend Young's Fish Fingers (Omega 3 and made from pollock), as they are great value for money and taste superb. They may on the surface seem a little more expensive than one or two other brands, but they in the long run are more economical because of not shrinking whilst being cooked. Next time you have fish fingers on your shopping list, why not give these a try?

        Thanks for reading!


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