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Young's Great Grimsby Cod Fish Cakes

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Brand: Young's / Type: Fish

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    3 Reviews
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      10.07.2009 11:01
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      Perfect light tea

      I've always had a thing for fishcakes, mainly stemming from the fact I don't like chips, so my chip shop meal of choice was always a fishcake and a scallop - anyway, I digress... I was delighted to discover, then, that my otherhalf too likes them, and so I've been buying various brands in our weekly shop, including the supermarket's own and these - Young's. I was trying to avoid buying Cod and Tuna because of the depleting stocks of these fish, but these Cod fishcakes were a) a really good price and b) asset on the packaging that they are from sustainable stocks, so I was sold.

      The fish cakes come in a cardboard package with plenty of information and a very tempting picture! The package can be recycled.

      I cook these in the oven, and they take about 20 minutes to get crispy and cooked. Even though they're filled with potato anyway, I serve them with a little bit of mash and some peas or baked beans, and I think this makes a good accompaniment.

      So, how do they actually taste? Really lovely - they're really chunky, so you'll feel full after the meal, one is enough per person. The fish is chunky and not mashed up so you can't tell what's fish and what's potato. The coating is crispy and tastes very slightly seasoned, rather than just breadcrumby - which is really nice. I really like these fishcakes, and at about a pound per portion, less if bought on offer, they're well worth a try.


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        13.01.2009 00:37
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        A good nourishing fishcake

        The Foods Standards Agency advises that we all eat two portions of fish a week and that one of those portions should be an oily fish such as mackerel.
        Years ago fish was always served on a Friday, I can clearly remember Friday school dinners being steamed fish which always looked grey and unappetising.
        Young's have over 200 years of experience and have introduced what they refer to as their `Fish for Life` approach to business.
        Their buyers purchase over 60 types of fish from 30 different countries and are only happy to deal with fisheries that see the importance of sustainable fishing.
        Young's offer a quality range of products including salmon fillets, fish pies, scampi and prawns.

        These two Grimsby cod chunky fish cakes weigh in at 115g each.
        For the pack of two you will expect to pay about £2.
        You may well think that one fishcake wouldn't be enough for a serving but these live up to expectations, thick chunky cod pieces mixed with chunks of Alaskan Pollock.
        The fishcakes are made in Grimsby to a recipe that remains a secret.
        Young's do tell you that they use Maris Piper potatoes to mix with the fish. Maris Piper is one of the most popular potatoes around, renowned for being waxy and floury it is a great favourite for Fish and Chip shops because it is a reliable potato. It is known as a `white` potato but has creamy coloured flesh and has great versatility.
        Young's have also let slip that they use fresh cream and parsley and that they make their own breadcrumbs from crusty bread.

        The two fish cakes come in a cardboard box which promotes the product well, a mouthwatering thick crunchy looking Fishcake sits in pride of place on the front of the box, flanked by the makers name and product details.
        The first time I bought these I doubted that one fishcake would be enough to fill a hungry person, but when you put them on the oven tray you realise just how thick they are, well over an inch thick with a crunchy coating that looks delicious.
        I oven bake mine, it simplifies matters, 20-25 minutes in a fairly hot oven is all that it takes. An oven-baked Fishcake has 212 calories, 1.2g sugar, 10.1g fat, 3.2g Saturates and 0.9g of salt.
        So the fat content is high enough already without adding to the agony and frying them.
        While they are cooking in the oven it leaves plenty of time to cook some vegetables to go with them, I find that there is enough potato within the Fishcake without adding anymore to the meal, some broccoli and carrots look good and compliment the Fishcakes well.

        The crumbed coating is none other than excellent, a thick crispy layer that retains its `crunchiness`. It is an interestingly seasoned coating, a tiny hint of garlic in there somewhere.
        The Cod and Alaskan Pollock are both white fish and have kept their clean white colour after cooking, not a hint of grey anywhere.
        The odd speck of parsley floats around and the whole combination of onion, cream, fish and potato works so well.
        A credit to the chefs at Young's in Grimsby.

        The Fishcakes do contain wheat, gluten, milk, mustard and yeast. I must say that the mustard is something that I have never noticed.
        Young's have taken extra care to ensure that all of the bones have been removed but they don't guarantee it.

        A well worth the money meal here, one I would recommend to anyone. Young`s products are stocked at most leading supermarkets.


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          07.10.2008 10:03
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          Youngs Fish Cakes.

          Young's Great Grimsby Cod Fish Cakes

          I saw these on offer in ASDA, £2 for two and they did look appetising so I though 'Give 'em a go'. As they had a sign on the front of the pack stating that the Cod was from 100% sustainable stocks, I felt quite chuffed. I do love Cod but often feel guilty about eating it.

          ~~The Packaging~~
          This is always important to me as I like the minimum amount of packaging possible and these are in a cardboard 'wrapper' with the two fish cakes in one layer of cling film in a recyclable plastic 'dish'.

          The cardboard pack is a bit 'busy', by that I mean it has information overload. Nice picture of the fish cake, clear info that it is Cod and Pollock and uses Maris Piper potatoes.

          A sign on the front is a stamp from the Marine Stewardship Council (look them up) and the sides and back give ingredients, more information, and cooking guidelines, as well as links to; website, phone and mail.

          Pacific Cod Fillet; 22%
          Alaska Pollock; 20%
          Coating, potato, cream, parsley, garlic, onion, yeast, butter and a few other things, but no E numbers or additives in terms of colour or preservative.

          230gms is 2 fishcakes which is just over 400 calories, 6gms saturate fat (High), sugar and salt are ok.

          Could not be easier, pop in the oven 25 minutes, job done.

          ~~~~Look, smell, taste~~~~
          They are small in diameter, but quite thick and chunky with that old fashioned thick breadcrumb look.

          The smell when cooked is not overtly of fish, it is quite a light smell, herbs are present in the aroma, and it is only when on the fork near your mouth that they smell of the fish.

          The texture of the inside of the cake is light, fluffy and the coating is so crunchy it actually makes a sound when you bite into it. I cannot emphasise how satisfying that is, fish cakes that are 'soggy' are just not nice.

          They taste absolutely divine, not at all greasy, and quite light, the potato is flaky and nice, the fish is distinguishable as fish (unlike some fishcakes) and there is a parsley taste as well as a light onion and garlic seasoning. Some fish cakes just taste 'old', these taste fresh and wholesome.

          We ate ours with steamed broccoli and green beans, so the whole meal for two of us was less than a fiver, lovely.

          Young's have excelled themselves here I am greatly impressed, so impressed in fact that I gave their website a visit:

          What a good website, really interesting stuff about; sustainable fishing, different fish species, origin and a blown up version of the packaging. Though I am not reviewing the website, it is well worth a look.

          These really are good, cheap, pretty healthy and delicious, well done Young's.


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        • Product Details

          hunky pieces of prime, wild Alaskan Pacific Cod and Alaskan Pollock fillet that have been caught in sustainable fisheries, approved by the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council), are carefully blended with locally grown, Lincolnshire Maris Piper potatoes, fresh double cream and a sprinkling of fresh parsley.

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