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Young's Wholetail Scampi with a Hint of Lemon

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Brand: Young's / Type: Fish

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    6 Reviews
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      10.11.2011 21:38



      Needs improvement

      I applaud Young's for using whole langoustine tails in their scampi instead of mushed up fish ends, which is usually what's inside the batter. I don't know about "jumbo", but if it's a whole tail, you're getting something far nicer than normal scampi usually is.

      Unfortunately they haven't de-veined the scampi! Not only is the portion size small, but I bit into what promised to be a lovely langoustine tail only to reveal the little black intestinal vein of the scampi - i.e. its store of poo. Do I want to eat poo? No. If they fix this, the hint of lemon is a great idea.

      Considering that Young's credit themselves on the back of the packet with inventing scampi in the first place, this is disappointing. I bet the chef they first sent it to actually de-veined them. It's a basic error that should be corrected for eating pleasure.


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      11.09.2011 13:03
      Very helpful



      Not the best of Youngs.

      This past week I've been unable to cook as much as I normally like to as I've not only had a visitor, but also I've had my living room decorated and that's a fair amount of work in itself. I have to admit that I rarely use convenience foods, preferring to cook a meal from scratch, also my milk allergy makes it difficult to get prepared foods so when I did a Tesco shop yesterday I went to my favourites list and chose my normal foods, including some fish. While I was doing this the site brought up a special offer of Young's Jumbo Scampi with a hint of lemon. I nearly passed it by as I find fish in any sort of breadcrumbs or batter has some form of milk or lactose added. My niece fancied some though so I bought just one bag thinking it would do her two meals.

      This evening I got it out of the freezer and while checking the gas mark and cooking time I noticed the allergy panel didn't have the word 'milk'. Surprised I read through the ingredients and sure enough it was completely milk-free. Right, I thought, I'll pop the whole bag in the oven with some oven chips and simmer some peas to make a meal of it while settling down to watch TV. I opened the bag expecting to have a nice whiff of lemon as Young's products are usually good with their descriptions, but sadly there wasn't much of anything.

      Unperturbed, thinking it would come out in the cooking I shook some out on a prepared tray and looked on at what was barely enough to feed one person, let alone two. The pieces were certainly nice and plump and a decent size, much as you would get in a restaurant, but there were only about twelve in total. One thing I was pleased with was there weren't any scrimpy bits left over. 'Oh well.' I thought, I'd have to stick with more chips.

      The taste test.

      Twenty minutes later my scampi and chips were ready to serve. Fortunately they hadn't shrunk in the cooking otherwise I'd be a bit like Oliver asking for more. I cut through one and finally got my hint of lemon, though it wasn't very obvious. Looking at the scampi it was nice, pink and juicy and tasted crisp on the outside and tender on the inside. I still felt I need some more lemon though and didn't have any in my cupboard. My niece said hers was fine but we really didn't have enough to call a proper portion. Even with a small side salad it barely made a meal. Still, I suppose it was a treat.

      Healthy food or fast and fatty?

      Normally I eat chips about once a month and then only oven chips. I also have a lot of smoked haddock or fish without batter. So I didn't really think that scampi would be unhealthy. However, when checking the contents and dietary percentage I found this;
      Calories per 100 grams 231 = 12% daily allowance.
      Sugar 1.5 g 2%
      Fat 9.6g 14%
      Saturates 0.8g 4%
      Salt 1.4g 23%

      Obviously my treat wasn't just overrated, but unhealthy as well. I know what they say about a little of what you fancy etc, but I would have been better off treating myself to a decent sized salmon steak. Add the chips and a buttered roll and I think I've had all the fat I can afford in one meal. My cholesterol is high and I watch my fat intake carefully. I certainly didn't need any salt on my fish, not at that propotion.

      These scampi also contain the allergens wheat, gluten and (obviously) crustaceans. They are not classed, as oily fish so don't count towards healthy fat. So would I recommend them? I'm afraid this one is going down as a no. I'll give three stars for ease of cooking and taste, but can't say they are worth the price even at the offer of £2.99 per bag. I could have had scampi and chips at my local pub for that!

      As always, thanks for reading.

      ©Lisa Fuller 2011.


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        28.11.2010 19:42
        Very helpful



        overall i dont think they are worth the money

        Hi guys,

        I went shopping tonight(tesco's) and came across this bag of jumbo scampi by young's,the price was quiet reasonable as it was young's ( a good brand if one may say) and the fact that it was jumbo scampi with a hint of lemon,had my mouth drooling (literally) :)
        I popped it in my trolley and was thinking what to have with it,some steamed broccoli,garlic potatoes and tarta sauce yummy i can't wait i thought to myself.

        I got home unloaded my shopping (oh the joy's) and decided to have my jumbo scampi that i'd just brought
        i could'nt wait, i was excited to see what they tasted like,so preheated my oven opened the packet of jumbo scampi,stared at it and thought to myself and actually said outloud i thought it was jumbo scampi?they are very small, i looked at the packet just to check that it said jumbo and i wasn't imagining it,nope says jumbo
        which varyfied i'm not going mad.I also noticed that in total there were about 7 pieces of scampi that weren't jumbo in size and were meant to be,needless to say i was very dissapointed with my scampi but i ate it anyway just to see if the taste would make up for the false advertising.
        The scampi itself was succulent but the lemon hint that i would hardly call a hint ruined it for me,
        the lemon taste was really strong and overpowerd the scampi.
        Such a shame i was so looking forward to eating this product,least i know to not to buy it again in the future.

        But if you would like to check this scampi for yourself you can find it at any tesco's,the price at the moment for this product is 2.39 valid until 6/12/2010 the price for this product with out the offer is 5.99.

        Basic information of the product below

        Product Details
        A serving contains the following of your guideline daily amount

        Guideline Daily Amount Summary
        231, 12%of your GDA

        2g, 2%of your GDA

        10g, 14%of your GDA

        1g, 4%of your GDA

        1.5g, 24%of your GDA

        Allergy Information
        Contains: Gluten, Wheat, Crustaceans


        Scampi (41%),Wheat Flour ,Water ,Vegetable Oil ,Rice Flour ,Maize Starch ,Wheat Gluten ,Modified Maize Starch ,Salt ,Flavourings ,Wheat Starch ,Lemon Powder ,Sugar ,Citric Acid ,Yeast ,Dextrose ,Potato Starch ,Raising Agents: (Disodium Diphosphate, Sodium Bicarbonate) ,White Pepper


        Nutrition Typical Values Typical values per 120g serving (as consumed) -
        Energy 969kJ -
        231kcal -
        Protein 11.8g -
        Carbohydrate 24.4g -
        (of which sugars) 1.5g -
        Fat 9.6g -
        (of which saturates) 0.8g -
        Fibre 2.9g -
        Sodium 0.58g -
        (Equivalent as salt) 1.4g

        Keep frozen.

        Store at -18°C or below.

        Do not re-freeze once defrosted

        Thanks for your time,if you decide to check out youngs jumbo scampi let me know what you thought,
        many thanks.
        Kat xx


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          02.04.2010 19:40
          Very helpful



          Buy Them

          My nan bought these on offer in Tesco. They were reduced from £4.99 to £2.49. I love scampi so we have just had these for tea. I was so impressed I have decided to review the.

          The bag is 240g in size and that served three of us. We had between 6 and 8 pieces each and as the scampi pieces were large that was enough. We had them with chips and salad. The suggested serving size is half the bag. 100g of this product will give you 202kcal, 9.6g of protein, 22.4g of carbohydrates of which 2.9g are sugars, 9.1g of fat of which 1.3g are saturates, 1.2g of fibre and 0.54g of sodium.

          Young's have been selling fish for over 200 years. They have developed a fish for life programme to make sure that all of their fish is sourced responsibly. This is helping to conserve fish for future generations.

          Scampi is made from the tail of the Langoustine which is a member of the lobster family.

          As I have said previously, the pieces of scampi were big, not these tiny little pieces that you can from some other brands. They are coated in breadcrumbs. We cooked ours in the oven preheated at gas mark 7 (220 degrees C/425 degrees F) for 15 minutes but you can deep fry them or grill them. I always think that Scampi smells amazing when it is cooking and these were no different. When I took them out of the oven, the bread crumb coating was golden brown and the scampi looked really appetising. The scampi itself was succulent and juicy with a slightly sweet taste. The breadcrumb mix was crispy but not too crispy and I could really taste the lemon in it. The lemon flavour was really nice and helped to enhance the flavour of the scampi.

          I was really impressed with this scampi and I think it tasted better than when I have had it in restaurants. I would thoroughly recommend it.


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            30.05.2009 18:03
            Very helpful



            The best I've ever tasted!

            PRICE: £1.99 for 250g (special offer at my local Somerfield on 7.5.09)

            NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION (per 100g):

            Calories: 211
            Kj: 884
            Carbohydrate: 9.5g
            - of which sugars: 2.3g
            Fat: 9.1g
            - of which saturates: 1.3g
            Fibre: 1.3g
            Sodium: 0.54g
            - equivalent as salt: 1.4g


            Scampi, wheat flour, water, wheat starch, salt, potato starch, salt, disodium diphosophate, sodium bicarbonate, vegetable oil, white pepper, breadcrumbs, yeast, dextrose, water, rice flour, wheat gluten, modified maize starch

            ALLERGY ADVICE:

            Contains crustaceans, gluten, wheat and yeast


            NB: The product I'm reviewing isn't the lemon-flavoured variety; it just seemed a bit silly to suggest a new review topic on what is exactly the same product, minus a squirt of lemon-juice.

            Scampi is one of my favourite foods, and because I'm living only one tiny step above that of a pauper these days, it's a treat that I have to deny myself most of the time. Imagine my delight when I spotted Young's Wholetail Scampi on special offer at Somerfield for just £1.99 a pack (the pack is intended to serve two people).

            Young's Wholetail Scampi is to be found in the deep freeze of I'm sure other supermarkets as well as Somerfield, and is loose inside of a largely blue and white plastic bag that shows Young's logo on the front, together with an image of a scrumptious-looking serving of scampi, a picture of the sea, and a claim that the product is now has 75% less saturated fat. The rear of the bag shows nutritional information, ingredients, allergy advice, Young's quality claim with their contact details, cooking instructions (oven bake, deep fry or grill) and a note saying that although extra care has been taken to remove all shell, some pieces may remain.

            My favourite accompaniment to scampi is a huge leafy salad, warmed ciabatta bread and a couple of fresh lemon wedges.....so, that's what I went for on my taste test occasion.

            I opted for the oven bake method of cooking the scampi, as I normally find the breadcrumbs absorb a lot of oil when deep fried, and I don't like my food too greasy - grilling isn't an option for me with breadcrumbed foods, due to the inefficiency of the appliance.

            The scampi pieces just need to be spread over a non-greased baking tray, and popped into a pre-heated oven (220C/425F/Gas Mark 7) for 15 minutes, then left to stand for one minute before serving.

            On opening the bag (scissors need to be used), I was greeted by a generous serving of mixed sized scampi pieces coated in a lovely golden breadcrumb. Though the sizes were mixed, they were all at least approx. 2" long and 1" round.

            During the cooking time, I couldn't smell anything in particular coming from the oven, and I put that down to the short length of time the scampi needs to be cooked.

            Even though the cooking time is only 15 minutes, I was becoming very impatient, as not having had scampi for some time, I was eager to sink my teeth in and enjoy something I hoped was going to live up to the quality claims on the packaging.

            I managed to last out the 15 minutes, and removed the baking tray from the oven. The scampi pieces had browned nicely, and didn't stick to the surface of the baking tray - easily sliding off and onto my plate. The whole appearance of the scampi pieces nestling by the salad made a very tempting-looking meal, and I couldn't wait to get started.

            Sat down, tray on lap, I cut through the first piece of scampi. The breadcrumb coating was crispy without being hard, and it wasn't too thick. Inside, the scampi piece was plump, succulent and tender. I speared the cut piece with my fork, and on moving close to my mouth, noticed a lovely subtle scampi smell which made my mouth water.

            On chewing, the scampi was firm but soft, and it didn't feel as though I was chewing on a bath plug. The breadcrumbs were beautiful, just the right level of coating, and gorgeously crispy without shattering my fillings. The scampi flavour was divine.....tasted just like fresh.....very definite, but subtle and delicate, and the texture was superb, with just the right level of moistness.

            Of course, as you can probably guess, the experience of eating this delicious scampi didn't last long as I couldn't get it down my throat quickly enough, but I'm glad I took advantage of Somerfield's special offer, and bought three packs.

            Perhaps by the time Somerfield's special offer is over, I'll have won the lottery? If so (see that pig flying high in the sky???), then I'll be able to make Young's Wholetail Scampi a much more frequent part of my food programme.

            I'm not sure what the full price is of this product, but at least for the foreseeable future, it's probably out of my immediate reach - unless Somerfield's have another special offer, or continue the current one for a long time.

            This is the very best breaded scampi I have ever tasted, and it's definitely a quality product. There are no what I call "filler" bits inside the packet......you know, those tiny little nuggets of scampi which are about the size of a broad bean, and largely made up of breadcrumbs.

            Heartiest accolades from me to Young's for creating perfect breaded scampi, and heartiest accolades to Somerfield's for, even if briefly, making this product affordable for me.

            Thanks for reading!


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              27.07.2008 23:12
              Very helpful



              I love this new type of scampi

              I love scampi in the pub but rarely remember to buy it for myself to cook at home. In Tesco last week I noticed Youngs Scampi was on special half price offer so I grabbed four bags to put in the freezer for the next time I wanted scampi. It wasn't until I got home that I realised that in my greedy hurry to save money I'd actually picked up a new Youngs product that I hadn't seen before, scampi flavoured with a hint of lemon. I worried for three days that I'd wasted £10 on something I wouldn't like so in the end decided to have scampi with salad to put myself out of my misery.

              It's easy to cook in a pre heated oven for about 20 minutes, do grease your baking tray though as these tend to stick more than the normal unflavoured scampi.

              The scampi pieces give off a vague lemon aroma which is very pleasant and it looks very appetising because the breadcrumbs have turned a lovely golden brown. Instantly I stop worrying about wasting money because I know I am going to love these.

              The breadcrumbs are nice and loose around the pieces of wholetail scampi, and I quickly determine it's the breadcrumbs which are flavoured with the lemon and not the whole piece of scampi. I am glad about this because I adore the delicate natural flavour of the scampi so it was a bit of a relief that Youngs hadn't tampered with that!

              The breadcrumbs are really nice, they have that toasted taste that all frozen scampi has but they also have the promised hint of lemon. The lemon is subtle but tangy and it's a very good attempt at recreating a real squirt of lemon on my scampi. The breadcrumbs are crispy but have quite a soft texture which is perfect for the coating of such a delicate fish as scampi.

              The scampi inside is wonderful, it is moist and succulent with a fresh and natural flavour. The pieces vary in size but all told I would say the ratio of breadcrumbs and scampi is about right. The scampi pieces are generally a good size though and are plumper than I was expecting, although they still definitely fall short in size compared to the huge scampi pieces I get at my local pub. This lemony scampi is so lovely that I quite forgot to have a dip of my seagood sauce that I'd poured onto my plate in case the lemon in the scampi was too overpowering!

              The scampi is not at all greasy, a small amount of grease is deposited on the baking tray but not as much as I would expect for a frozen breaded product. Looking at the nutritional information I see that half of this 250g bag of scampi is not too bad at 245 calories, although the fat content is high at 12.6g. This is around 8 pieces of scampi which is quite a pile so served with a salad and jacket potato with a meal then I don't think they are too bad - as a snack between meals scampi is probably best avoided.

              Usually this bag of scampi costs £4.99 for a 'serves 2' size, this reminds me why I do not have scampi at home very often because in my local pub I get nicer scampi, chips, a salad and dessert for just £4.49! The half price offer was the perfect value though and my daughter tells me they are quite regularly on this offer or BOGOF so keep your eyes peeled for the offers and stock up!


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