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Book Shops in Canterbury

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    1 Review
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      26.02.2004 18:07
      Very helpful



      Lots of them, and all over town. Of course one could say that these days, most towns of the size of Canterbury will have at least one or two good book stores. Canterbury has just over 30 000 inhabitants as well as quite a large number of students - these come from the University of Kent and the different colleges all over the city. Also, aren't students still said to buy a lot of books? So naturally there would be quite a few book jobs around supplying students with the material they need for their degrees. Wrong! The interesting thing about book jobs in Canterbury is not the amount of intellectual or scientific books that you can find. In fact, most of these are supplied by the one book store on campus - and in Canterbury, the campus is as far away from the actual town centre as possible (which isn't actually too far, since Canterbury is pretty small geographically speaking. Some of the bigger shops downtown will naturally also sell these books, as well as the usual representatives of classic English and world literature. Since several of the big chains for selling books can be found there, you can also easily buy all those books that appear on the best selling lists and that are generally popular at the moment: there is a pretty large Methven's on the High Street (the main shopping street) and a Waterstones not far off. But why bother coming to Canterbury to go to these shops? Couldn't you find these in London or anywhere else in England? True, but these are again not the book stores that make Canterbury worth looking at. The really cool stuff are the smaller independent book shops, especially those that also sell second hand books. These don't only sell collector's items or older books but just about everything - and there are endless numbers of these little shops all over town. Probably the biggest one is on Beer Cart Lane (walk along the High Street in the direction of the Bus station, turn right jus
      t before until you see a pub called the Three Tuns, it's across the street from there!), but wherever you walk, you will come across boxes full of books outside general bric-a-brac stores that are definitely worth skimming through! Another tip is trying to come to Canterbury on a Wednesday: this is the main market day of the town with stands covering half of the main High Street. A lot of these will have books as well!!


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