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      07.08.2001 18:39
      Very helpful



      If you have ever visited Inverness you'll have noticed the severe lack of interesting shops to spend you're hard earned cash in.If however you live here,you'll have got to know the best places to buy cool stuff.Right now,I spend most of my money on cds and band mercandise and these,in my opinion,are the places to do it........ OUR PRICE Since HMV opened on May31st this year,Our Price seems to have lost a lot of business.They never really catered well for a wide range in music tastes,instead focusing on pop and rap style stuff.You cdould order in your favourite bands cds but it cost a lot extra and the staff knew nothing about what they were trying to sell you.I don't really rate OUR PRICE very highly as they don't sell much apart from posters,videos and cds and don't do any student discount.You can sometimes find a good cd reduced so its worth popping in though!(Eastgate centre,Inverness) HMV As mentioned before ,HMV is a fairly new adition to Inverness.A student discount is available,and the shop sells some merchandise.They have a great range of cds from all genres,and sell vinyls and tons of videos.I am impressed by HMV's ability to store metal cds seperate from pop,so I don't have to look at pictures of Britney when I want to buy Slipknot.The staff here are very helpful,and seen to know what they are talking about,and it costs nothing extra to order a cd.(EAstgate centre,Inverness) D.R RECORDS Not strictly a cd shop,D.R records is where everyone buys their patches,tshirts,posters and hoodies.Although they are not a large shop,D.R sells a huge range of tshirts and are always helpful.They often introduce new ranges,such as stickers and pin badges for really good prices.D.R sell a limited range of second hand cds and vinyls and are willing to look out for something for you if you ask.Go to D.R if you need to get some cool merchandise because they cover every band from Nirvana to Slipknot to Iron Maiden to Maril
      yn Manson.Patches cost £1.50,and tshirts are from £10,so it can be cheaper than mail ordering.(Market Brae Steps,opposit Burger King)


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