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Video Game Shops in Bath

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    1 Review
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      04.07.2001 17:44
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      When you think of Bath (a spa town don't you know) computer games and McDonalds shouldn't be the first thing you think of. This is a posh little place down in the south west of England that I have to say is a lovely town. It's got just about everything you need and that includes games shops. There are two that I used to use. Electronics boutique and Games Exchange(Pink Planet). There are of course WHSmith and HMV but the two main specialist shops are the two mentioned above. Electronics Boutique: I dare you to go in on a Saturday or Sunday, I dare you, I DOUBLE dare you mothe.... Sorry. Point is, it gets busy and crowded in there. It's not exactly shocking though as the shop is tiny. It's actually the smallest EB that I know of. They do have just about everything any other EB has so there aren't any problems there. PS2, PS1, Dreamcast, N64 and Gameboy are all there and if you're after a PC game they even do that although the PC range isn't that impressive. Prices are basically the same as any other EB store and the staff have always been perfectly polite and helpful whenever I've been in there so apart from being a little on the small side EB is a good option if you're in Bath. You can exchange games (excluding PC) which means you may pick up a second hand bargain. All of these are guaranteed in the same way as new games too. It's at the McDonalds end of the pedestrian part not far from the train station. Games Exchange (Pink Planet): I've only seen this chain of shops in the south west although feel free to comment if you've seen them elsewhere. I prefer this shop over EB for one very good reason. The price of games is lower. On some titles the difference is a pound, on others there is no difference at all. Either way, prices here are usually cheaper than EB which is good eh?! They deal with all formats just as EB do although here's the
      clincher - the shop is smaller than EB!!! That's right, walk in and there's the counter! OK, it's small but they have plenty of stock and it's all well designed given the available space. You can exchange games and buy second hand ones at cheap prices. Last time I went in you could exchange PC games too which is a bonus over EB's policy. These two are the only specialist games shops that I know of in Bath although as mentioned there are general shops (MVC, Our Price as well as those already written above). Not the best place for games but not the worst by any means. MR.COATES


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