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Medisana Digital Thermometer

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Medisana / digital thermometer / Type: Thermometer

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    2 Reviews
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      09.11.2012 16:21
      Very helpful



      Easy to use, not a bad price.

      My fiancé and I have for the last 18 months been trying for another baby. I have been trying the basal method (taking your temperature every morning with a digital thermometer before you get out of bed or move to check when your temperature goes up, then you know you are ovulating). I bought this thermometer from boots (for £5.99) and have been taking my temperature every morning and writing down the results. It does give you a very accurate reading and it is a lot easier to read than a normal glass thermometer.

      I keep mine in the box, although the thermometer itself does have a handy little cap that goes over the part that takes the reading, I like to use the box as extra protection. Once you have removed the cap, press the button and wait for it to make a bleep noise. I then insert it under my tongue, and wait for it to bleep again, at which point it will fix the temperature on the display screen. Although the thermometer itself does turn off automatically after 1 minute, you can also turn it off by pressing the on/off button. It is relatively small item but the screen is easy to read and clear. I have only used this thermometer for ovulation purposes but I am sure using under the arms or in the ear would be equally as simple to do. It isn't bad price, I needed the thermometer to be accurate in its results, and although pregnancy isn't happening at the moment, I cannot fault the thermometer.


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      31.08.2011 10:54
      Very helpful



      a good thermometer

      ==Medisana Digital Thermometer==

      With Jack being only relatively young I find myself constantly worrying about him and his health. This wasn't' helped by the fact that he was admitted for a few nights stay in Children's Ward this year because of viral pneumonia which wasn't easy to shift. So with this in mind I always make sure I have a good digital thermometer to hand to assist me when I believe he has a high temperature (nothing tells this better than a mothers kiss on the forehead)

      ==Price and Availability==

      There are so many different types of thermometers out there ranging from ones that go in the ear to ones that get stuck across the forehead that buying a thermometer really can seem like quite a daunting task. I actually have two main thermometers that I use and one is a forehead scanner and the other is this multi-purpose one.

      I found this in my local independent pharmacy and the main reason I picked it up was because it looked good and was one of the cheapest in the store compared to products that were of similar design. At £5 this is a really good price although I can't say that I have ever heard of this brand before now or see this particular thermometer any where else. It can be bought online for around the same price however but postage and packaging costs will need to be taken into account.

      ==Look and Design==

      The sleek and very clinical looking design of this thermometer is what initially drew me to the product and of course the fact that not only can it be used under the arm but also orally and rectally if so desired. Of course it is probably best to chose one of the options and stick with taking the temperature this was as you wouldn't want to check the temperature rectally and then double check it orally!

      There is a plastic cover which slots neatly over the flexible end of the reader part of the product and this is easily removed but does a great job at protecting the sensor when not in use and perfect for storing it in the kitchen drawer and know that it won't get damaged. This end part of the thermometer is easily cleaned with a wipe and I will often use a baby wipe before putting it away and this does seem to cause any ill effects as long as I dry it off afterwards.

      The digital display is clear to see and the LED screen is easy to turn on with one push of the button that is positioned right next to the screen. The whole unit is easy to hold and I find generally easy to use both under the arm or under the tongue.

      ==General Use==

      On first use you have to turn on the thermometer with one press and wait for the display to bleep at you and this is when you need to put it in the desired part of the body to start to take the temperature. There is a small leaflet which comes with the device that shows a table of what body temperatures should be ranging between depending on where on the body you are taking the reading from. Temperatures will vary at the different body points but after a few times of taking it I more or less remember what the temperature should be and now don't need to refer to this leaflet as much as I initially did. Of course you do need to keep this information in a safe place just encase you do ever need to refer back to it.

      I find the easiest place to take Jack's temperature is under his arm as he doesn't seem to mind this too much as it is the less invasive of all the area to take the reading from. Once the thermometer has beeped and is ready to be used you lift the arm and then place the flexible tip in the arm pit and put the arm tight against the body. The digital display will begin rising in the reading and once the temperature has been read the device will let out a couple of short beeps and the display will fix on the bodies temperature reading. Like I said before this is clear to see and the next time you come to take the temperature this last reading will still be available to see. There is however only 1 memory slot so once another reading is taken it will only save the last recorded one which is a little bit of a shame that there isn't more memory.

      Once you have used the device and finished with it you can either press and hold in the one button to turn off the thermometer or you can wait for it to switch itself off after 1 minute as it has an automatic shut down option which is great for battery saving. We have had this thermometer a good year or so now and as yet I haven't had to replace the button cell battery which is housed in side although this does seem like a pretty easy thing to do should the need arise.

      ==Overall Opinion-==

      This is a pretty good thermometer for the price paid and when using it alongside my other thermometer I can tell that it works well and I have found it very easy to use. It is small and lightweight so easy to store. The readings are clear and accurate and as long as you have the chart on the leaflet to refer to being able to check the temperature from different body points is always beneficial as often putting it under the tongue or under the arm wouldn't be possible and rectally maybe necessary.

      All in all I have found no faults with this item and for that reason I feel that a top score of 5 out of 5 stars and a very high recommendation is well deserved.

      I do hoped that this has been of some help/interest to you

      Many thanks for taking the time to read.


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