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Omron Eco Temp Smart Thermometer

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2 Reviews

Brand: Omron / Type: Digital Thermometer

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    2 Reviews
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      22.03.2013 18:09
      Very helpful



      easy to use and reliable

      This is a simple product, but simplicity is sometimes all you need. If you or the little ones in your home and not feeling well then this thermometer will give you a fast, accurate, hassle free reading so that you know if you (your little'uns) have a fever or not. This will let you know the temperature of your system within about 15 seconds. This is very erective if you are taking the temperature of your child who is hot, irritable and not in the mood to sit still for long.

      Benefits of the product:
      This thermometer is actually water proof, if your not-so-well loved one is in the bath you can use this contraption without the worry that if you drop it, you will break it. I would not recommend prolonged submersion but you certainly wont risk an inaccurate reading if you drop it. The thermometer actually has a rechargeable battery so you know that you wont have to keep buying new ones, then again I think that is a fair bit of hassle and for a £7 aid that will last a couple of years you may as well just get a new one! Due to the shape of this thermometer it can be used for oral axillary or rectal use. Cant stress this enough - pick a body orifice and stick to it! Haha If you are distracted - who wouldn't be if you are looking after someone - and forget to turn it off (there is only one button so not complicated) it will turn itself off automatically to save the battery life.

      The product is, naturally, available Boots for circa £7.50.

      How do you use it?
      If this is your preferred method then pop it in your mouth under your tongue and hold still, the thermometer will steadily climb from room temperature to body temperature, once this has been reached the thermometer will beep beep beep to let you know that the reading now displayed is your temperature


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      07.03.2013 09:24
      Very helpful



      Worth a buy

      Today I am reviwing a digital thermometer from Omron. The Omron Eco Temp smart Theromometer is a quick and easy way to keep track of your temperature throughout your illness. The Omron Eco Temp Smart is suitable for use on the whole family. This small and compact digital thermometer has a rounded tip for increased comfort while a reading is being taken and easy insertion. The one touch on/off button makes the EcoTemp quick and simple to use. It comes complete with a handy protective case for easy storage.

      The Omron Eco Temp Smart Thermometer Features:

      * Digital fever thermometer for oral, axillary or rectal use *
      * Fast 10 seconds measurement when measurement is taken rectally *
      * Rounded tip for increased comfort during measurement and reading display in Celsius/Fahrenheit *
      * Enables you to review previous reading taken *
      * Exchangeable battery *

      It is about 7 inches long and 1 inch thiick where you hold it and has a thin tip, with metal on it for taking the temp.

      It also comes with an instruction manual in 15 different languages!
      You can purchase one of these from chemists and shops like Boots and Superdrug at around £8.99
      but it is also avaliable online, and the price there varies form £5- £10 plus post and packaging.

      A couple of weeks back my other half was suffering from..... MAN FLU!! I thought he was going to die!! He was actually quiet sick and for a couple of day I had to monitor him and play nurse. I also had to keep an eye on his fever which at times was running very high. I only had a normal thermometer which wasnt that helpful as the numbers on it were too small to read! So I decided to go and but a digital one. I popped down to Boots and purchased the Omron Eco Temp Smart thermometer. I picked this one because The price was cheap and it looked easy to use. The packaging was see-through so I could see what I was getting and How to use it.

      Using it couldn't be easier, once you eventually get through the pacaging. There is only one button so you can go wrong! you press to turn it on, stick it where you want it and count to ten, or wait for it to beep, then look at the reading. you can change for celsius to farenheight easily by pressing and holding the botton. It also has a memory which comes in useful as you can see previous temps and compare.

      Cleaning it is easy too, its waterproof so you can run it under a tap and use antibacterial soap, or actually what I do is use antibacterial wipes. It takes two seconds, then pop it back in its special little case provided with it.

      Perfect for what it is, Its practical, quick and simple to use and clean. The fact it comes with a case is great for carrying it around and keeping it clean. I like the fact it has the history on it and that has come in very useful for comparing the temps over time. You actually cant use this wrong it so easy!! Its small and lightweight making it easy to keep with you and makig it easy for children to use. For the price as well its great, when looking for one in the shops I was surprised how expensive they can be.

      The only bad side for me is that the end isnt flexable, that would make it easier and more comfortable to use in some places!

      But all in all a great product and if you need one then this is a great buy and def worth £9.

      Thanks for reading and rating.



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