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Acriflex Cream

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Brand: Acriflex / Dosage Form: Cream / Contents/Size: 30g / Type: Skin Conditions

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    3 Reviews
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      14.07.2013 11:40
      Very helpful



      My five day best friend. Extremely effective burns cream.

      Last Sunday was a beautifully hot summer's day. It was also the day of our annual just-for-fun dog show in order to raise money for a local independent dog shelter taking place not too far away from where I live. Unfortunately I only had a factor 20 sun lotion in my cupboard. On a day like that day I'd usually load on the factor 50 which may sound a little over the top but I am extremely pale and I do burn extremely easily - better to be safe than sorry. I decided to just try and find a shady area to spend the day (my dogs would require it anyway) and make do until I went shopping later that evening to purchase a higher factor sun lotion. On reflection, I should have got the cream first. My back and arms were completely burnt and bright red, fortunately I managed to pick up some after sun during my shopping trip too and this seemed to be doing the trick.

      The next day, however, whilst walking home from work my back felt like agony. The skin was so tight, constantly burning and just extremely sore and tender. Even my thin work shift touching my back was really hurting me. I got home, took my shirt off and looked in the mirror. To my horror I found my sunburnt back covered in countless amounts of blisters all of varying sizes. I applied some more after sun and went straight to the chemists.

      I had second degree sunburn apparently! I was advised to run cold water over the area for a good five or ten minutes a few times a day and given some cream to apply. Apart from obviously staying out of direct sunlight there wasn't really anything else I could do and would just have to 'wait it out' and keep check to ensure it didn't look like it was becoming infected. The cream I was given was this Acriflex Antiseptic cream. I paid just about £3.50 for the 30g tube.

      The cream comes in a red cardboard box displaying the name of the cream along with relevant information, there's more detailed information about the cream within the enclosed leaflet found in the box. Then there's your 30g tube of cream. Again, this is red in colour and displays the Acriflex name along with some information about the cream. There's a white screw on lid with a little sharp piece of plastic in the middle of it used to pierce the covering over the opening on the tube the first time you apply it.

      Acriflex antiseptic cream is for external use and should, obviously, be kept out of way of children. It's for the treatment of minor burns and scalds, scratches, cuts and abrasions, sunburn blisters and infected, cracked skin. It's safe to be used by children, adults and the elderly although obviously consult your doctor if you have any concerns.

      The tube states that this should be 'spread freely and if necessary covered with a dressing'. I didn't feel the need to cover with a dressing whilst indoors, I thought getting air to it would do the area some good but spread freely I certainly did!

      The cream is quite thick and a pale yellow/green colour. I can't say I've noticed it having much of a smell. It is possible to rub into the skin so that is fully absorbed although I found it much less painful and much more soothing on my burns to just apply this in a really thick layer and let it gradually sink in over time by itself. This did leave a not-so-attractive layer of yellow cream over my already pretty horrid yellow coloured blisters but if it was treating the area then who cares what it looks like? Obviously though, if you were going to be wearing clothes after applying this as liberally as that you'll more than likely require a dressing.

      I found the cool feel of the cream extremely soothing on my burning, hot back and the effects were almost immediate after applying this. My skin felt a lot less tight and hot and was just more comfortable making the pain more bearable. You're free to apply this as often as needed and I found myself applying every two to three hours which seemed to work best for me.

      On my second full day of applying this cream I woke up in a considerably less amount of pain. My back felt a lot less tight and the skin was gradually cooling down to the same temperature as the rest of my body. A quick look in the mirror confirmed what I suspected, quite a few of those blisters had burst and the vast majority of the rest of them were drying up and looking like they too would soon be bursting.

      Another day passed with me regularly applying this cream and I was amazed at just how much my back was easing up. It was still causing me pain but compared to how it had been it felt amazing. I was able to wear tops which covered my back without being in agony (meaning I could finally go outside again), I was able to stretch my arms and shoulders much more without feeling like my skin was being torn off, the area of skin didn't feel anywhere near as hot or look anywhere near as angry and I was even managing to get a proper night's sleep again! Up until that point I was waking up every couple of hours due to being in so much pain.

      It took a mere five days for my blistered skin to heal. After that I was just left with typical sunburn symptoms of dry, tight skin and my after sun lotion was able to take over. To say five days previous I had been in so much pain I couldn't even sneeze without the agony causing me to cry I was extremely impressed at how fast this stuff took effect. I really did think it'd take weeks before the pain was tolerable let alone completely gone and I'm so grateful this cream made this awful experience as short as possible.

      I will be making the biggest effort anyone has ever made to ensure this never happens to me again but, if it should, I'll definitely be going to this cream. It did work and it worked as quickly as could be expected for such an injury. Overall I'm very pleased with Acriflex and would definitely recommend it to anyone else suffering with any burn related injury.


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        03.03.2012 18:10
        Very helpful



        In summation I am a blithering idiot who shouldn't be let out without a lead and a responsible adult

        I think I have pointed out previously (just a few times) that I am a clumsy eejit who could probably manage to injure herself even if you stuck me in a cardboard box and left me there with occasional food sachets and water. Don't ask me how, but I'm sure I'd manage. My list of broken bones over the years is impressive; the radiology department at my local hospital know me by name. If we start counting the near misses we'll be here forever. If I roll up my sleeves you can see an array of scars all up my arm. August Greenbelt I managed to bust the ligaments in my ankle thoroughly. My latest trick was a kettle full of boiling water all down my arm when the cat decided to trip me up. Needless to say this hurt. Lots.

        So we come to this gel which is specially formulated to go on burns. My first aid kit is thoroughly well stocked full of just about everything I could ever hope to need (or not need as the case may be). So once I'd done the 'sensible' thing of thwacking it under water going to my medical foster father who quickly learnt I wasn't going anywhere near A&E he dealt with the problem. In my defence I did turn up at the GP the following day. But in the aftermath I needed things to take the hurtiness away. So along with general strength painkillers I located this particular gem in one of the pockets of my kit.

        ===So what does it do?===
        It's main claims are that it:
        Soothe by rapidly cooling the skin tissues to relieve discomfort.
        Reduce the redness of inflamed skin.
        Hydrate the surface layers of the skin to promote the skin's natural repair system.
        Kill bacteria through physical action without drying the skin.

        All of this is very important when you have just poured boiling water down yourself, as one of the most important things to make sure to do with burns is to keep them hydrated. The basic idea is that you apply it to whichever area has been maimed by hot things and it work to help prevent infection, keep the burn hydrated and generally make it less hurty and sore. It's not going to be a miracle cure which will suddenly enable you to completely forget what an idiot you are, but it is helpful in allowing the burn time to heal properly and ensuring that infection is kept at bay.

        ===Does it do it?===
        I have been using this stuff and aloe vera gelly under a non stick gauze dressing and a bandage over that. The bandage is more for my benefit to be fair but it restricts movement and I find that helpful. It's difficult to say for definite that it is this product that is at work due to the fact that as soon as I burn myself I'm pulling out the ibuprofen, aloe vera and this but it does seem to do what it says on the tin. You apply it by massaging it gently into the afflicted area; well you're meant to but massaging is hurty so I tend to apply and leave which works just as well.

        When you put it on there is a cooling sensation which is quite pleasant on burnt skin and there is no odor to it meaning that you're not walking around telling the entire world that you're in pain before you open your mouth. TCP does that. I have to admit that I applied it far more regularly than twice to three times a day and I have to admit it does make a difference. I have never had any problem with burns getting infected when I've had to use it, and it does seem to quite nicely hydrate skin.

        This is a medication so there are obvious precautions. Thanking the nice peoples of Lloyd's pharmacy for the following information:
        "Some users may experience a tingling sensation on application. Avoid contact with the eyes. If hypersensitive to any ingredient, wash affected area with soap and water and seek medical advice. If symptoms worsen or do not improve, stop use and seek medical advice. If accidentally swallowed, rinse mouth with water and seek medical advice."
        It is only intended for external use although what you'd want to do with it internally baffles me.

        ===Don't be an idiot===
        Seek medical attention if the burn looks white or charred as this would suggest that you have a third degree burn and need urgent medical attention; if it doesn't hurt you have probably charred some nerves. If you have a first second degree burn that is larger than 2 or 3 inches seek medical attention, and if you have burned a sensitive area like the face seek medical attention. Keep a very careful eye on any burn for signs of infection and if it becomes redder or oozy seek medical attention. Oh and make sure your tetanus is up to date. Basically if it looks nasty go get help, do not follow my lead.

        Yeah, I can see no reason why not to. I wouldn't use it on it's own without the addition of ibuprofen, bandage and aloe vera but when used in conjunction with these I think it plays its part nicely. At the very least it feels very soothing on the skin which is quite reassuring and helpful in dealing with the hurtiness. For between £3.50 and £5 dependant on what pharmacy you go to this isn't a bad product, and providing you don't end up burning yourself as often as I do this should last quite a while.
        You can tell my arm hurts and typing is a pain - probably my shortest review ever!


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          25.07.2009 23:34
          Very helpful



          Treatment for minor burns

          I suffer from many allergies and have to be really careful about the topical treatments that I use to treat scratches, minor burns etc. otherwise I end up in a worst condition than I was in the first place with a minor ailment. Traditional treatments like TCP and Savlon unfortunately react with this sensitivity and I end up with lumps and bumps or the area becomes red and inflamed. As a result I am always on the lookout for new treatments that I can try out to combat this problem. I recently burned myself very slightly when I was hurriedly ironing some clothes. Not the brightest thing to do however it was quite irritatingly painful right on the side of my hand. And worthy of some ointment. I had recently purchased a newish product that is available from most high street chemists called Acriflex so I decided to give it a try.

          This product is available to buy for around £1.50 for a 30g tube of the product. It is packaged in a distinctively coloured orangey-red box. The name prominently displayed on the front. The inner tube is made from a metallic material. The opening is sealed however there is a spike in the screw-top lid which pierces the product and hence allows access to the cream inside. The cream itself contains Chlorhexidine Gluconate which is an antibacterial agent useful in the treatment of minor burns and scalds, abrasions, scratches, cuts, sunburn blisters and also in the treatment of infected and cracked skin. Other ingredients include Arlatone983S, Cetostearyl Alcohol, Liquid Paraffin, Dimeticone 20, Glycerol, Quinoline Yellow Lake 250 and purified water.

          The cream itself is a pale yellow colour which is completely odourless, this I thought was fantastic as some similar products on the market have a really pungent smell which hangs around for days after application no matter how hard you try to wash it off. I applied initially with caution and left it on for a good twenty minutes after which time a reaction would have taken place had I been sensitive to the cream. Luckily for me this was not the case with this product so I applied a little more. I found it to be extremely cooling and soothing. Although I could still feel the dull aching of my small burn it didn't feel nearly as bad as it had originally been so overall I was quite please with the relief given by using the product. It was also quickly absorbed and very light so after a few seconds you actually cant feel that you have applied it at all.

          A note of caution with using the product is that it is for external use only. The manufacturer also recommends that it is not to be used if you think that you may be allergic to any of the product ingredients. If you do use and then develop a rash or other symptoms then consult a doctor or pharmacist immediately. It is also important that you keep the cream away from the eyes. I know I shouldn't laugh but the information leaflet tells you to avoid contact with the brain and spinal cord I am still trying to work out how you might accidentally manage to get access to be able to do this!!!!! Ladies who are pregnant or breastfeeding should seek medical advice before using the ointment.

          Using the product is simple and it is suitable for adults, children and the elderly. It should be applied to the skin as required freely and smoothly and rubbed in gently. If you have a cut or burn it may also be necessary to dress the wound in addition. I would suggest again seeking medical attention if you think that a burn in particular is more serious. The cream can be stored in a medicine cabinet or cupboard there are no specific instruction in keeping this cream.

          Overall I would recommend this item as it was very soothing and effective and for me no allergic reaction so I would suggest great for those with allergies or sensitive skin. I will ensure that I continue to have a tube of this in my medicine cabinet as you never know when irritating little accidents can happen. Recommended to all dare I say it 5 stars.


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        • Product Details

          For the treatment of minor burns and scalds, scratches, cuts and abrasions, sunburn blisters and infected, cracked skin

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