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Asda Anti-Diarrhoea Capsules

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Brand: Asda / Form: Capsules / Dosage Form: Capsules / Type:

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    1 Review
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      11.05.2013 11:57
      Very helpful



      Always going to keep some of these in my medicine cabinet from now on. Recommend.

      I've not been looking forward to writing this review, but hey - miles are miles, and every little helps ... oh no sorry, wrong supermarket!

      The reason I don't want to revisit it I guess is pretty self explanatory ...not a pleasant time! It was my partner who was suffering and he had been suffering for all of one evening, all through the night, and all the next morning. Throughout this time, he was reluctant to take any anti-diarrhoea tablets, he is a believer in just letting the bug go through his system in its own good time. His view of these medicines is that they are "ready-mix concrete for your insides"!

      Anyway, after about 18 hours of constant trips to the smallest room of the house, he was completely exhausted and had enough - he had to give in. I had some out of date immodium in the cupboard, but I had no dioralyte left so I had to make a trip into town, to Asda. These tablets were naturally merchandised right alongside the immodium, and considerably cheaper. I can't remember how much I paid, but looking on line now it seems pretty obvious why it was a no brainer - these Asda tablets are showing up at 80p for 6 whilst Immodium were about £3 if I remember rightly. I looked at the active ingredient, and it was the same, loperamide Hydrochloride, 2mg.

      I hurried home with these and some more dioralyte, and followed the instructions - he took two capsules right away. They were easy to take - the plasticy type capsules, and they are really small and thin too - which is a good job as he wasn't even able to drink large quantities of anything. They are packed in a foil-backed blister strip inside the box, very easy to pop through the foil. There is a comprehensive leaflet in the box with how to use, and who and when the medicine isn't suitable, when to see a doctor etc. Anyway, a couple of sips of water and each one was gone. He went to the loo just once more after that. He took one more tablet and that was the end of his visits - he could at last start to take on some serious fluids and start to get back on his feet. I was really amazed how quick these capsules worked, and will make sure that if the rest of the pack get used or if their expiry date gets near, I will restock and make sure in future they are always to hand.

      I do understand why he and some people are reluctant to take medicine to stop diarrhoea but when your body needs it to stop so it can start to recover, this medicine certainly did the trick at a bargain price.

      I hope I managed to convey how impressed we were with these tablets, and what excellent value they were, without getting too far into the real details of the events of that weekend!!


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