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Bayer Soothelip

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    3 Reviews
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      09.03.2009 20:55
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      a must have for cold sore sufferers

      I have suffered with cold sores since i was a teenager and i always bought zovirax which i found to give me a stinging sensation for quite a while after applying the cream also it seemed to dry my lips out and then they would crack which was also quite painful. whilst at my local chemist (buying more cold sore cream!!) i noticed a little purple box with soothelip written on it. i was quite sceptical at first as zovirax was the only brand i had heard of but thought there would be no harm in giving "soothelip" a go.
      it is cheaper than zovirax and in my opinion alt better. if you put it on when you first feel the cold sore it will attack it straight away and the coldsore will be gone in half the time and the whole process will be a lot less painful. even if the cold sore is in full bloom you can still feel the cream working into it. the cream dries the cold sore out but does not crack your lips or sting so all in all i would definatly reccommend this product. it is definatly worth it.


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        31.12.2008 12:23



        Soothelip is the best coldsore cream I've found. Forget about Zovirax. This won't dry your lips out and it's way more effective. If you have an important day/night ahead and you don't wont any surprises during the night just apply a thin layer of soothelip on your lips before going to bed and you're sure you'll be alright. Try it you won't be disappointed


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        15.06.2006 19:38
        Very helpful



        Inexpensive cold sore treatment which works

        Whilst on a recent holiday, I noticed a circle of round blisters, and having had it confirmed as a cold sore (something I had never had before), the first stop on arriving in the UK the next day was to purchase something to get rid of it. The only ointment I had heard of was Zovirax (I think that’s how it’s spelt), and this is what I duly requested from the pharmacist; this was going to be at a cost of just under £7. The pharmacist pointed me in the direction of this soothelip and assured me that it contained the same ingredients, was equally effective, and at a cost of £3.19, was certainly the better option.

        Packaging and Cream…

        The cream comes in a small 2g tube, which unfortunately is easy to lose if your bag is anything like mine.

        The actual cream is a sort of creamy off white and has no discernible smell.

        How to use it…

        It advises that the cream is applied 5 times a day and the cream in the tube is sufficient to treat one cold sore attack. The instructions suggest that the cream is used as soon as you feel the tingling sensation which is apparently the first sign of a cold sore.

        To apply the cream, wash your hands and apply the cream to the infected area. Do this for 5 days and the cold sore should be gone.


        As with most medicines, there are certain warnings, and this is no exception. The main ingredient, aciclovir, must be fairly potent stuff because the first paragraph of the instructions actually warns that it is present in the cream.

        You must tell your doctor if you are going to use this cream if you are pregnant, allergic to any of the ingredients, have an immune system which is not working properly or taking the medicine probenecid ( I have no idea what this is).

        I suppose if you have never used it before, you wouldn’t know if you were allergic to any of the ingredients, and would have to take your chances as I did.

        Price and Availability…

        I bought mine from the local chemist, so I would assume that it is widely available. I did look on the internet and it was being sold but actually more expensive than what I paid.


        Patheon UK Ltd.,

        What I thought…

        Having never had a cold sore before, I was unaware of the timgling or itching which heralds the onset of a cold sore, so I started using the cream when the cold sore was well established.

        After a day of useage, it had really dried up, was not “weeping” anymore (sounds lovely) and was well on its way to being fully healed.

        By the end of day two, the cold sore looked like a small scab left by a spot, and by day 4 of application, had well and truly gone.

        The instructions are very clear and as well as informing you as to how to use the cream, gave information on what cold sores are, and some advise as to what to do…kissing was a definite no no!

        The cream itself was easy to apply and was absorbed quickly by the skin, so there was no white or chalky residue. The instructions advise that when it is first used, you may experience itching, irritation or dryness, but I certainly didn’t experience any of these.

        I have never used any of the other treatments for cold sores, so have nothing with which to measure the effectiveness of this, but this really did work for me. I assume that if it is applied as soon as a cold sore is felt, then the cold sore will probably not develop into anything further.

        For anyone with a cold sore, I would recommend this cream. It is effective, easy to apply, and about half the price of some of the other treatments, which has got to be a bonus.

        Thanks for reading.

        Daniela xx


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        Soothelip for cold sores.

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