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Brolene Eye Drops

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Dosage Form: Drops / Contents/Size: 10ml / Type: Ear & Eye Care

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    4 Reviews
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      17.04.2011 23:08
      Very helpful
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      Performs well at treating my eye infections - recommended.

      On a not too recent visit to my local Boots store I were on the lookout for some eye drops. I knew I were starting to get an eye infection as I had developed a little more than just an itch in the corner of my right eye. Rubbing eyes is probably the worst thing to do and can obviously cause a lot more irritation and potentially spread the infection to the other eye.

      Boots sell Brolene 0.1% eye drops which come in a 10ml pack. The bottle allows for easy application directly into ones eye and the product has been developed for the treatment of minor eye infections. I felt this would be the perfect product to try as I have had one or two bad experiences with leading brands of eye treatment products in the past.

      Coming in at quite a hefty £4.80 on the Boots website right now I paid quite a bit of money for such a product. When it comes to my eyes, though, I don't take any chances and only the best brands will do. I wouldn't scrimp and save on a home branded eye product unless really left with no other option as sight is very precious!

      The instructions suggest that you apply one or two drops into the eye, this can be done upto four times a day. It is also advised not to use this product with hard or soft contact lenses. I never really went into great detail with the ingredients but this product does contain Propamidine Isethionate 0.1% which is the active ingredient which treats the infection.

      Brolene eye drops are very easy to apply, although some people do have real problems putting drops into their eyes. I used to get a parent to do it because I couldn't keep my hand still enough and concentrate at the same time. Over time I have adapted to tolerate such products, but the simplicity of the Brolene eye drops is such that it makes it as easy as is humanly possible. I have to take one star away for price, but overall I were impressed that my infections always cleared up within a few days and I no longer felt the urge to itch away!


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        27.09.2010 15:44
        Very helpful
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        Good when you are suffering with infections

        ~~What Brolene Can Be Used For ~~

        Brolene can be used to treat mild infections of the eye, such as mild conjunctivitis or blepharitis. It can also be used if you have scratched your eye or irritated it, and it's taking a long time to calm down.

        I had never heard of blepharitis before and I doubt that many other people have either! This all changed about 5 years ago. I woke up with that horrible feeling you get when you have an eyelash in your eye. Everytime I blinked I would feel like something was there scratching on the surface of my eye. I tried washing it out, rubbing my eye like crazy, I was pulling out my eyelids and getting someone to see if there was anything that was trapped there... Nothing! My eyes were both extremely red and sore, very irritated indeed.

        After it had been there for 24 hours I decided that it was probably something worse than just a simple scratch of my eye, and I popped down to the local chemist to get the pharmacist to have a look. He immediately diagnosed me with blepharitis and told me to buy some Brolene.

        ~~What is blepharitis?~~

        It is basically a condition where your eyelid gets very inflamed and swollen. Once you get it once, it does tend to reoccur quite often, and I suffer with it about once a year or so. The most common symptom of blepharitis is itching, irritation and burning of your eye, along with the feeling that you have something in there that you can't get rid of! It's mainly caused by bacteria entering your eye and causing a mild infection and irritation of your eye.

        ~~The eye drops~~

        Brolene contains the active ingredient propamidine isetionate which is an antibacterial agent. It works by preventing the bacteria causing the infection to grow and spread. The bacteria left over will eventually die or will be killed by your antibodies, therefore removing the infection.

        I bought the bottle from boots for £4, it's an over the counter item so you will have to ask the pharmacist for it. The bottle of eye drops lasts for approximately 28 days, so make sure to throw it away after this amount of time.

        ~~Directions for use~~

        It's quite easy to use, especially if you have used eye drops before, it's just common sense. You should wash your hands beforehand, and then simply tip your head back and gently squeeze one to two drops into your eye. Make sure not to let the bottle touch your eyeball, as the infection could spread to the bottle and you could reinfect yourself with each dose!

        The typical dosage for this is 4 times a day for 2-3 days or as long as it takes for the infection to go away. You should not use these for over 3 days. If your infection hasn't cleared up in this time then you should go to the doctor and get some antibiotics.

        Once you have taken your dosage you should make sure you store the bottle in the fridge. This helps to keep the eye drops fresh... (It also makes them feel nicer if they are really cold, but maybe that's just because I'm weird!)

        ~~Did it help?~~

        I have to say, it really did! My infections of blepharitis always seem to clear up within about 24 hours using them, and I've never had to visit the doctor because of this. As soon as I get an irritation in my eye, and I can feel that an infection is coming on I nip straight down to the chemists and crisis averted!

        ~~Side Effects~~

        i haven't experienced any side effects whilst using Brolene, but as with all medicines there is always a danger of having an undesirable reaction. The instruction leaflets states that these are rare and that the only reported reaction is a bit of sensitivity or stinging when the drops are applied.

        You should seek medical advice if you have any problems with your vision or if your symptoms get worse whilst using the drops.

        This product should not be used if you know you are sensitive or allergic to any of the ingredients.

        ~~Who is it suitable for?~~

        If you are pregnant or breastfeeding then you should seek approval from your doctor before using these drops.

        If you wear contact lenses then you should note that you cannot wear them whilst you are using Brolene. Having said that, you shouldn't really wear them when you have an eye infection in general as this can aggravate it and make the symptoms worse.

        It does sometimes make your eyes a bit blurry when you have applied the drops so if you are planning on driving or operating machinery then you should not do so straight after using the drops.

        You should inform your pharmacist if you are taking any other medications as they can advice whether it is safe to take them together.

        ~~Would I recommend it?~~

        I would definitely recommend it! Whilst it is quite a lot of money to spend £4 on something that I will use for 2 days, it helps to clear up the beginnings of my infection without me having to make a trip down to my doctor's surgery. The eye drops are soothing and help with the symptoms immediately, and clear up my problems in no time at all!

        Thank you for reading!


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          05.08.2009 18:34
          Very helpful
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          Useful for minor eye infections.

          Mild conjunctivitis can be more of an annoyance that anything else. The whites of my eyes turn pale pink, my eyes become itchy and sometimes one of them will weep a little.
          Of course looking after our eyes is extremely important and I am a great believer in the saying `Our eyes are a window to our general state of health`.
          If I stop to weigh things up I always seem to contract mild conjunctivitis ( or Pink Eye) when I have been under pressure.
          But there are many ways that you can contract conjunctivitis, bacteria and germs on towels and face flannels are a major culprit, it is vital to ensure that these are kept scrupulously clean.

          If the conjunctivitis is mild and is not causing any discomfort then I pop along to Boots the chemist and buy a small bottle of the Brolene Eye Drops, if my eye infection is severe then I would always go straight to the Doctor and seek advice straightaway.

          The Brolene Eye Drops are priced at around £4.50 for a 10 ml bottle, the small white plastic bottle has a dropper attached to one end which ensures that you can administer the drops yourself.
          It is possible to buy a little gadget called a self-dropper. This is a small oval shield which fits over the eye and you aim the bottle dropper into the hole that sits at the top of the shield, thus the eye drops shoot into the infected eye without having to aim dead accurately.

          I think before we move onto the ease of application and effectiveness we should take a moment to look at the pros and cons of Brolene Eye Drops.
          The drops are only recommended for children over 12.
          They are only to be used for MILD eye infections, if you are in any doubt then you must see your GP straight away.
          The eye drops sometimes cause blurred vision so bear this in mind if you are going to operate any machinery or you are going to drive.
          The eye drops should only be used for a maximum of two days.
          Brolene eye drops cannot be worn in conjunction with contact lenses.
          Anyone under 16 will not be able to purchase the eye drops.

          The small bottle of Brolene Eye drops must be kept sterile, when you open the bottle it is extremely important to make sure that you give your hands a good scrub first. When you have finished using the drops then make sure that you wash your hands thoroughly before replacing the cap, if your fingers have been touching your infected eyes then the infection will then be relayed to the cap of the bottle.

          It is easier to just wash both your face and hands before you attempt to use the Brolene eye drops. Then shake the bottle lightly and remove the cap. Sit in a chair and tilt your head back.
          Then gently pull the bottom eyelid down and apply just one or two drops to the inner eye. The Brolene drops feel cool and comforting, the drops do not sting and it would be hard to describe the process as uncomfortable.
          The whole thing takes a couple of minutes from start to finish and once you have applied the drops a few times you will be able to do it very easily. I can do it without using a mirror but you may find it easier to use a mirror.

          Once the drops have been applied to your eye then just keep your head tilted back for a few seconds longer to let the drops sink right into the eye.
          That is the job finished.
          The Brolene Drops stop the bacteria that have caused the minor infection from spreading any further and all being well that brings any mild infection to a swift end.

          The bottle of eye drops must be kept sterile, I always keep mine in the fridge. Once the bottle has been opened then it can only be stored for four weeks, after that the bottle needs to be disposed of.

          Years ago when I was a child my Mother used to bathe our infected eyes using a few boracic crystal in a basin of boiled/cooled water. The boracic crystals worked well but I think modern medicine has taken over now. Boracic crystals have become a thing of the past.

          The Brolene Eye Drops do fight minor eye infections and in my case they manage to see them off.
          I find eye drops easy to use and if needs be I could always buy myself a self- dropper.
          Usually a twenty four hour period of using the eye drops is sufficient. The drops can be used up to four times in any one 24 hour period ( either one or two drops in each infected eye)
          An excellent remedy for a mild eye infection.


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            22.01.2009 17:41
            Very helpful



            A great holiday component of a well prepared first aid kit.

            One of the lesser known pharmacy gems are Brolene eye drops, and for me they represent a really important part of my holiday first aid kit, especially if I am travelling outside the UK. First of all, I must explain I am reviewing the Brolene eye drops you get from the pharmacy, and not the ones called "Cool Eyes" which are off the shelf and just for treating dry/tired eyes.

            Secondly I must explain these are not to be used if you have a serious attack of conjunctivitis where you wake up in the morning and your eyes are glued together with green, and all the white area of your eye is red and inflamed. This condition may require antibiotic treatment which until recently involved a trip to the doctor. Now you can see a pharmacist who will decide if you are in need of antibiotic drops, and you can then proceed to buy them there. Conjunctivitis is very contagious so take care with others in the household and keep your own towel and wash your hands.

            What I am going to talk about is the beginnings of a slight problem which may resolve on its own, or may develop into something worse. That is a slightly sore eye which you are aware of but is not preventing you from going about your daily business.


            This belongs to a group of medicines called anti- fungal and disinfectants and the way these work is to stop the growth of bacteria so that your own body can fight off the infection. Brolene is only to be used for minor infections of the eye (mild conjunctivitis) or the eyelid (mild blepharitis.)

            Who Can Use It?

            Unless you have used the drops before and suffered an allergic reaction they are safe, but contact lens wearers must remove their lenses and not wear them during treatment. Not suitable for pregnant ladies or breastfeeding mums without the approval of a doctor. Shortly after using this it can obviously make your vision slightly blurry, as with any eye drops, so take care with driving or if you operate machinery. Tell the pharmacist if you are taking any other medicines.

            How To Use

            I normally rinse the eye first with some warm sterile saline, as this makes sure any debris which might be causing the irritation is removed.

            You must wash your hands first. Then putting your head back squeeze one or two drops into the eye without touching your eye with the bottle. Repeat this four times a day for at least 2 days, and never give yourself double if you forget. Remember too that Brolene must not be used after 28 days as they it will longer be sterile.

            My Experience

            I cannot tell you how valuable it is to have these with you when you are away from home. I was In the Outer Hebrides a few years ago and one of my eyes became annoyingly sore. It was Saturday and there were no doctors open and it wasn't severe enough to seek advice at casualty so I used these. By the Monday the eye was fine, and I was able to wear my contact lenses again with no problem.

            I see them in the same way as Strepsils are for sore throats, but more effective than these which are often soothing rather than anything. Strepsils are not going to cure a tonsillitis episode but will soothe a mild sore throat, Brolene together with your natural defences won't cure a massive eye infection but they might just nip it in the bud. When going abroad these are really brilliant as sand can be a cause of minor irritations in the eye, especially if it is windy, and a grain passes into the eye and scratches the surface of the cornea. Some of these scratches can be very serious, but many heal quickly and often without comment or pain, and this is where Brolene can help.

            I wouldn't suggest buying them for home as it is so easy to pop to the chemist, unless of course you live somewhere remote. I say this because they cost £4.10 from any good pharmacy, but chances are you will buy them and not need them by the use by date.

            Just a few words of warning. Eyes are precious and sight is paramount so only use these if your eye problem is mild. If irritation continues seek medical advice, and don't wait especially if you are a contact lens wearer. Pop to your optician- someone will always be prepared to check your eyes with special equipment. It is better to be safe than sorry. Not all eye discomfort is simply a matter of infection. I had a serious corneal ulcer in my twenties and needed hospital care so if in doubt get help. They often present with a feeling like something is in your eye and the symptoms are more severe than a simple mild infection. Do not leave it more than two days without seeking advice if it is not improving.

            I have found these invaluable on numerous occasions. My eldest daughter who is a vet student suffers with these minor events from time to time (possibly due to the nature of her job) and she buys these now and in every case has treated it successfully without any problem.

            A final note about conjunctivitis, as with sore throats, many of these are viral, and will clear up on their own without treatment at all, but bacterial ones take longer. If you see the signs of an eye infection, and don't want to buy Brolene you can just bathe the eye in warm saline which has been boiled. This makes it more comfortable and sometimes nature will clear it up in 48 hours, after which if it hasn't medical help must be sought.
            Of course red eyes are often seen in the summer time, and for hay fever sufferers there are some excellent eye drops to treat these- and that's another story!


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          • Product Details

            Brolene Eye Drops is a treatment of minor eye infections such as conjunctivitis and blepharitis / It works by stopping the growth of bacteria, allowing your body to fight off the infection / It is used for minor infections of the eye or eyelid / Signs include sore,red or inflamed eyes,stickiness or a crust on the eyelids.

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