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Cymalon Sachets

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Brand: Cymalon / Type: Cystitis relief / Dosage Form: Sachets / Type: Cystitis

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    2 Reviews
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      21.12.2012 04:11
      Very helpful



      A good aid for clearing cystitis, but not if you're infection is too far gone

      Right, from the offset I shall say that cystitis has been my worst enemy for a long time now, thanks, I believe to having an IUD fitted a couple of months ago. Cue painful sex which then, low and behold, turns into cystitis when I go to the toilet the next morning. A usual bout of this horrible urinary tract infection can last up to a week with me, and multiple times, antibiotics have had to be prescribed to get rid. I've tried various cystitis relief sachets, but they do a fat load of good when I throw them back up after downing them while holding my nose because of the vile taste, and I was losing hope - until I cam across Cymalon. Cue celebration!

      What is Cymalon?

      Cymalon is a medicine used to relieve the symptoms of cystitis. It comes as a 48 hour treatment of six sachets, containing granules which dissolve in water to produce a fizzy, lemon flavoured drink. You take three sachets, evenly spaced, for two days, and that's it! Simple!

      What does it contain?

      The active ingredient in this medicine is sodium citrate (2.82g per sachet), sodium bicarbonate (1.20g), sodium carbonate (0.13g) and citric acid (1.06g). Each sachet also contains caster sugar, sodium saccharin and lemon flavour.

      How does it work?

      Cymalon works by making your urine less acidic, which in turn reduces the burning and irritating caused by inflammation of the bladder.

      Does it work? What are the downsides?

      For me, Cymalon is hit and miss. If I drink it in the morning, followed by a glass of milk (also apparently good for cystitis) and another glass of water, then yes, I do feel better, but I don't really know whether this is because I've drank so much liquid that the urine I'm passing is pure water or whether the sachets have been effective. I am a positive thinker, however, so will persist with these sachets when my body feels like cystitis is about to hit.

      Downsides are that some people won't appreciate the taste, for starters. As I previously mentioned, I've tried various other brands, which are usually cranberry flavour, and downing them just leads to me being sick straight after - they are vile. Cymalon is the first brand I've come across that is lemon flavoured, and it's instantly more palatable, but imagine it to be like overly salty lemonade - not very sweet, and a funny aftertaste. It's not the greatest of things, but then, it is a form of medicine.
      Other side effects are the constant need to pee - you already get this with cystitis, but when you're downing a drink three times a day, the urge can be unbearable. I've (quite embarrassingly) had a few accidents in the past, which is never good. But at least when I had these accidents, it didn't burn!

      Anything else?

      Like all medicines, certain people can't take them - people on lithium for manic depression, or methenamine for urinary infections. Cymalon shouldn't be used during pregnancy either. There is a leaflet inside the box which tells you everything you need to know.


      All in all, I have a positive outcome with Cymalon. It seems to do what it says it will, with barely any side effects, and not too bad a taste either, compared to other brands. It only cost me £3.50 from Superdrug, so it's relatively cheap, and easy to use. The box is compact enough to store in my medicine cabinet, so I can always have some on hand, and the sachets are discreet enough that if I need to take one whilst I'm out and about, I can simply tear it ope, pop it in my drink and voila! Instant relief!

      Overall rating = 7/10


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      06.10.2011 12:45
      Very helpful



      A painless way to relieve your cystitis symptoms

      A few weeks ago I was in the unfortunate position of experiencing some discomfort caused by cystitis. I've had it before, so I recognised it after a few days of constantly going to the toilet to pass water, a burning sensation when doing so, and just general discomfort in "that area".

      Cystitis is an infection of the bladder which is predominantly occurs in women, although men can also from it (so can cats as I once discovered during an annual vet visit with my mog). The main symptoms as described above are a frequent need to urinate, and a burning sensation when doing so. It can affect anyone at any age, and can be a more serious condition for men so it's worth checking out if it's recurring or particularly uncomfortable, or if symptoms persist after a course of over the counter treatment.

      Having had cystitis before, I recognised the symptoms and headed off to the pharmacy where I knew I'd find over the counter sachets to relieve the symptoms. I went to Superdrug, where there were about three brands on offer (including Superdrug's own brand), but in all honesty there wasn't a big enough difference in price to make me want to risk getting a product which wasn't as effective as the branded one, so I bought these Cymalon sachets.

      The sachets cost me around £4 for a pack of 6, which is one course of treatment. It comes in a colourful box, with purple coloured edges and a splash of blue on the front. It has 'Cymalon' written across the front in quite large purple font which isn't overly discreet but I wasn't planning on waving them round the office so this didn't bother me too much.

      The idea is that the sachets offer fast, effective relief from the symptoms of cystitis, by neutralising the urine acidity during an attack. It contains sodium citrate if anyone is interested in the science part! You should take all the sachets, three per day for two days, even if your symptoms get better after taking the first sachet. It's only by completing the entire course that your bout of cystitis will clear so be sure to take them all.

      The sachets are diluted in water so you can take them as a normal drink. The sachets themselves are white with no writing on them, so they are quite discreet. The drink itself isn't, however, because if you dissolve the powder into a glass, it makes a white coloured liquid which will probably attract the attention of your colleagues! To avoid anyone asking what I was drinking, I used to take one at home before going to work, had one after lunch in a mug in the staffroom when nobody was around, and then the final one of the day at home. Luckily, I mainly work with women so I wasn't too worried about anyone asking questions, but it could have been embarrassing if a male colleague asked "That looks interesting, what is it?"!

      The drink doesn't taste powdery, although you do have to keep stirring it occasionally because the powder doesn't dissolve too well and sinks to the bottom giving you a nasty surprise on your final sip. I was expecting it to taste of cranberry for some reason (maybe because of the purple colours on the box), but instead it just tasted 'fruity' and I couldn't put my finger on what it tasted of. I've since looked on the box and apparently it should taste of lemons. It wasn't too unpleasant to taste but it wasn't something I'd choose to drink if I didn't have to.

      After the first day of taking the sachets, I felt my symptoms ease a little. The second day I was back to normal, but I continued with the treatment to make sure. The symptoms then disappeared completely so I was happy that it was £4 well spent!

      Although this isn't the nicest tasting medicine, nor is it the most discreet, I think the most important thing is that it works, so for that it gets four stars and comes highly recommended.


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    • Product Details

      Cymalon sachets contain granules to dissolve in water / They treat the symptoms of cystitis in women / Cystitis is an inflammation of the bladder which may be caused by an infection / This causes stinging and burning pain when you pass water / The ingredients in Cymalon make the urine lass acid and help reduce the stinging and burning sensation.

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