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Eurax Hydrocortisone cream

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Dosage Form: Cream / Contents/Size: 15g / Type: Skin Conditions

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    3 Reviews
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      03.01.2012 22:31
      Very helpful




      Once again my eczema recently flared up on the palms of my hands. It hasn't done so for quite some time and I had been trying to control it with vaseline as it was just very dry. This worked for a while but then it became very itchy and annoying. So I new I had to do something.

      Eurax HC is something I have used previously and as it does tend to deal more with the itch than other creams I decided to buy a tube.
      It treats mild to moderate eczema irritant and allergic contact dermatitis (caused by substances such as bleaches, soaps and detergents, jewelery etc) and reactions to insect bites.

      Once you take the tube out of the box you will find a small tube of cream (15g) and the cream itself is white.
      This cream soothes inflammation and stops itching but because it contains hydrocortisone it is not to be used for more than 7 days or on under 10's.

      Does it work and why

      Eurax Hc cream contains two active ingredients, hydrocortisone and crotamiton.
      Hydrocortisone which is used to reduce inflammation. Inflammation happens due to irritation of the skin, and is caused by the release of various substances that are important in the immune system. These substances cause blood vessels to widen, resulting in the irritated area becoming red, swollen, itchy and painful.
      Crotamiton is used to treat scabies and to relieve itching and skin irritation. Crotamiton relieves itching and skin irritation by producing counter-irritation. As crotamiton evaporates from the skin, it produces a cooling effect. The cooling effect helps to divert your body's attention away from the itching. It isn't fully understood how it works.

      The combination of both these ingredients helps as the hydrocortisone helps to relieve inflammation and the crotamiton relieves the itching.

      I found this cream to work well for me it did relieve the itching quite quickly and start to calm the skin (I had had to take my rings off as my fingers had swelled due to the eczema). What I found this time is that it has made my skin a little flakey but that is clearing up as the days have gone on. I don't know why this has happened but think maybe it is just shedding the dead skin that was already inflamed.

      The cream isn't really greasy which I like as I find the greasy ones make my hands sweat and I end up itching just as much if not more. Now I put this cream in the fridge to keep it cool. This was a tip I got when I reviewed another hydrocortisone cream.


      Crotamiton 10%
      Hydrocortisone 0.25%
      Stearyl alcohol
      propylene glycol
      white soft paraffin
      polyoxy 40 stearate
      propyl hydroxybenzoate
      methyl hydroxybenzoate,
      PH modifier (sulphuric acid)
      perfume and water

      cost - around £3


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        29.10.2010 17:02
        Very helpful



        A great product for people who suffer from dry, red skin.

        There are a seemingly limitless amount of products on the market that purport to treat or soothe irritated and inflamed skin - in my view, though, this is one of the few that really lives up to its promises. Unfortunately, it´s not a daily cream - as it uses steroids, it´s best to use it fairly sparingly, but it really does make a difference when you use it, and is, I think, perfect for treating flare-ups of red, angry skin or for using on problem areas where you often get irritated skin.

        The tube is pretty small, although it only costs about three pounds for the smallest size, and you get through it slowly - because you only use a little, and don´t use it every day, one of these small tubes will last months. It´s a product which is easy to transport around, and at less than 100g can be transported on a plane, so I take it with me when I travel.

        The cream itself is pleasant to use, as it doesn´t smell especially strong and rubs into the skin without leaving it greasy or oily-looking. It´s perfect for applying before you go out in small amounts, and works well alongside another daily cream to calm down problem skin. It´s quite a thick cream, rather than being watery, but is easy to rub in.

        Although it´s tempting to use it regularly, this poses a couple of problems - firstly, too much use of the mild steroids in the cream can make the skin thinner than it should be, and secondly, it can become ineffective if used too much.

        Overall, I think this is an excellent product for anyone who has problems with their skin - even if you only get the occasional bit of redness or irritation, perhaps in the winter when the weather is harder on the skin, this is a great cream to have around which makes a real difference. The results aren´t immediate, but you´ll normally notice an improvement within a few hours, and a day or so of using the cream should clear up the problem. It´s a great help to me, and I´d definitely recommend it.


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        21.03.2010 19:00
        Very helpful



        Get some now its the best of its kind

        I honestly do not know how I would cope with out this cream, it really has worked wonders for me.

        I suffer from eczema on my back and sometimes on my chest, and after years of trying all different lotions and creams, I finally went to my doctor to get something that would help combat the itching and the rash. She prescribed me with Hydrocortisone. It is a steroid based skin cream, which worried me at first, but the doctor reasured me it was not the type of steroids I was thinking of and this put my mind at rest.

        I felt and noticed a difference from the first use of this cream. My skin stopped itching, and didn't feel so dry and tight as soon as this was rubbed on. I also noticed after a short while, that the skin was smoother, softer and less of a rash was visible. After using this a couple more times, the rash was completley gone, and all that remained was soft, smooth, flawless skin and no itching what so ever! I was truly amazed and now I use this cream twice a week to keep the rash and itching away, and if it does flare up at all, I just pop some of this on and all is well again.

        You can get this cream without prescription, just ask your pharmacist as this can also be used for things like sweat rash and general skin reactions to allergies. My cousin was also prescribed this for dermatitis on his hands.
        You only need to use a small amount of cream each time, even for a large area like the back, and it sinks in nice and quickly. There is a downside to it, if you use this cream quite often over a large period of time, you can have a skin thinning problem, as the steroids in the cream can cause your skin to thin out, so be careful with how much and how often you use this.

        If you do have skin rash, eczema and other allergy rash problems, I recommend this cream whole heartedly, as it has made such a world of difference to me and totally boosted my confidence.

        *This review is also on ciao under the name of Hailee*


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    • Product Details

      This cream two active ingredients, hydrocortisone and crotamiton / Often used in the treatment of inflammatory skin disorders such as eczema and dermatitis.

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