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Optrex Red Eyes Drops

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Brand: Optrex / Type: Red Eyes / Eye Drops / Dosage Form: Drops / Type: Ear & Eye Care

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    3 Reviews
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      31.07.2012 01:07
      Very helpful




      I have used Optrex drops many times when I've needed to, and one product from the range that I have tried most recently is Optrex Red Eyes Drops. These drops were recommended to me when I was suffering from red and gritty eyes that I was suffering from mostly through tiredness. The drops contained 10 mls of the solution and it cost me £4.29 from Boots. I think this is a fairly expensive price considering the ingredients are fairly inexpensive when bought individually, but for convenience I thought it was worth spending the money on.

      The Optrex Red Eyes Drops comes in a small plastic bottle inside a box which contains a patient and product information leaflet which clearly gives details such as ingredients, directions, usage, side effects etc. This information is comprehensive and really did tell me everything that I wanted to know. The bottle has a long shelf life, but once opened it should be stored in a cool dry place and must be discarded after 28 days.

      The bottle has a screw lid which, once unscrewed, reveals an eye-dropper applicator. The applicator makes it as easy as possible to apply the drops to the eyeball, but I think it is still easier if you have someone to put the eye drops in for you. The solution contains witch-hazel and Naphazoline Hydrochloride, both of which have been proven to be effective in the relief of minor eye irritations and inflammation. I would generally apply 2 drops to each eye when my eyes feel red and gritty, and I would then reapply about 4 hours later. The recommendation is that the drops are not reapplied more than 4 times in 24 hours, but I have to say that usually 2 applications is all I need and this seems to relieve any minor irritation.

      When the eye drops are first applied, my eyes do feel initially a bit stingy. However, after about 30 seconds the stingy goes and actually my eyes feel much better almost immediately. They eye drops are soothing and they definitely relieves any feel of grittiness. When my eyes are bloodshot, the eye drops also reduce the redness although this can take longer and generally only tends to disappear after a good nights sleep.

      Overall, I would recommend the Optrex Red Eyes Drops for minor eye irritations.


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      17.11.2011 12:35
      Very helpful
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      Probably wouldn't buy them again..!

      I have recently had trouble sleeping which is not a particularly unusual occurrence for me unfortunately. My insomnia often means that I have a few 'side-effects' to deal with as a result of a complete lack of sleep and one of these is unfortunately very sore, tired eyes.

      As I spend a lot of time using the internet and staring at a computer screen - usually for hours at a time - this only really worsens the sore, delicate tired feeling that my eyes suffer from on a regular basis. I find that in times like this the use of some delicate eye drops in my eyes can help to 'perk them up' a little bit and make them feel a bit more awake and refreshed.

      I have recently tried out several different brands of eye drops and assorted products claiming to 'soothe' my eyes whilst others promised to sort out the red 'bleary' look of them. I have not really found that any of the products that I have tried have made that much difference to the sore, irritated feeling that I've been feeling in my poor peepers recently. I got so fed up with spending a small fortune on useless products that didn't seem to live up to their claims that I ended up going into a local pharmacy to speak to a pharmacist about it. She examined my eyes quickly and commented that they looked quite red. I mentioned that I suffered from hay fever and she suggested trying out a product that might help soothe my eyes whilst reducing the redness in them as I might be suffering from a bout of hay fever which would be contributing to the irritation I was feeling in my eyes. She had two products available on offer on this particular day, and I have to confess that my heart sank slightly when I saw that both products were from the 'Optrex' brand. I only say this because it is a brand that had proved pretty fruitless to me in my quest for a soothed peeper thus far.

      Anyway, I decided I may as well give the recommended products a try out and I ended up buying them both. One of the items was called "Optrex Bloodshot Red Eyes Eye Drops" and I paid around £4 for the tiny 10ml bottle of solution.

      There is a whole range of drops and eye care products available from the Optrex brand which can be found in all good pharmacies such as Boots, as well as drugstores like Superdrug. Some of the products I had recently tried out from the Optrex brand didn't really live up to my expectations, so I was understandably dubious about the results I could expect to achieve from using the Optrex Red Eye Drops. As I was beginning to feel pretty desperate however, I decided to give them a go.

      Once I returned home, I read the full product information which comprised of several warnings as to how the product should be stored, when it should be discarded (28 days after it has been opened) and who should and should not use the product. I certainly didn't have any doubt that the product was suitable for me to use and felt that sufficient information was provided for consumers to make an informed choice. There were clear instructions given about the required application and the dosage restrictions, and there was absolutely no confusion regarding either of these points.

      When it came to using the Optrex Red Eyes drops, I found that this was easy to do. I found that the specially-shaped bottle allowed me to maintain a steady grip whilst aiming the drop at my eye. I also found that the shaped nozzle on this particular bottle was quite well made in that it allowed a perfectly-shaped droplet to be dispensed into my eyelid perfectly, and with ease, without a great puddle of liquid being squirted into each eye, which is something I have found can happen quite easily with other brands of eye drops.

      The Optrex Red Eyes Drops are clear coloured and have a runny consistency. In actual fact the liquid resembles water. There is no scent or fragrance that I can detect from these particular drops.

      The Optrex Bloodshot Red Eyes Drops are actually quite medicated, and contain active ingredients to help soothe the eye, one of which is distilled witch hazel. As this is a type of astringent, I was slightly worried that the Optrex Red Eyes Drops would sting or feel uncomfortable in my already uncomfortable-feeling, sensitive eyes - but I really needn't have worried. Instead, I found that the Optrex Red Eyes Drops had a lovely calming, cooling effect on my eyes almost immediately after they were dropped into my eye. I chose to use only one drop in each of my eyes to begin with, but I could have opted to drop two droplets of the Optrex product into each eye if I had chosen to. I actually found that one drop was more than enough to allow my tired and aggravated eyes become cooler and more comfortable almost immediately.

      As for the appearance of my eyes, I did find a marked improvement in the noticeable redness that had been present on each of my poor eye 'whites'. I couldn't say that the red appearance disappeared altogether, but I definitely noticed that the aggressive-looking red 'speckled' look that had been evident on each of my eyes diminished quite significantly. I was also impressed that this improvement happened very quickly, and after around half an hour from the time of administering the Optrex Red Eye drops, the redness had been reduced. I think I had been expecting the change and improvement to take quite a bit longer than this to materialise, so I was pleasantly surprised.

      The initial feeling of relief and coolness that I had experienced with the Red Eyes drops didn't last very long, which is something I have come to expect with products such as this unfortunately. I found that some two hours after the drops had been put in my eyes, they felt as tired and uncomfortable as they had prior to using the drops. On the plus side however, the red appearance seemed to be 'quashed' more effectively than the uncomfortable feeling I had been suffering from, and this stayed away for most of the day, even after only one application.

      I continued to use the Optrex Red Eyes Drops for around a week after I first bought them and during that time I found that the results achieved didn't really change much. I found that they were quite effective at reducing the redness and horrible 'speckled' appearance I had been aware of in my eyes. When it came to soothing or helping the way my tired eyes actually felt however, I didn't find that the initial 'soothing' sensation I experienced at the time of application lasted for a significant period of time.

      I have therefore come to the conclusion that the Optrex Red Eyes Drops live up their name in that they certainly help to reduce the redness associated with eye problems and allergies. If you are looking for a product to help soothe your eyes or give them a bit of a 'perk' however, then I would suggest that you buy a different product altogether. I'd award the drops three marks out of five, based on my findings and experience of the product.

      There is a whole range of eye care products available in the Optrex range, many of which can be found in Boots stores, as well as some supermarkets and drugstores. Many of the products are available to buy from the Boots website which can be found at www.boots.com


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        14.12.2010 03:36
        Very helpful



        A great product that will clear up bloodshot eyes quickly.

        Now and then I suffer with bloodshot eyes, usually in connection with hayfever or other allergy triggers. Blood shot eyes can be caused by many things, polluted atmosphere, chlorine, exam deadlines, and getting a paw in the eye when a hungry cat tries to wake you at five in the morning. When that happens it's nice to have the option to restore your eyes to normal.

        Most eye drops sooth and moisturise or deal with allergic reactions but they don't usually have an instant effect on the redness caused by irritated membranes and dilated capillaries. These drops are not meant to treat allergy or infection and are primarily cosmetic. Although if my allergy is sufficiently stroppy and remains bloodshot even once I have deployed the anti allergy missile, then this can be enough to feel irritating and cause a vicious cycle of re-reddening. So using these drops does sometimes have a comforting aspect on inflamed eyes in addition to the aesthetic effect.

        The clear liquid comes in an attractive, distinctive blue box, and the bottle itself is shaped like a softened triangle, which I find nice and easy to handle, and less fiddly than the little cylindrical bottles drops often come in. The applicator nozzle is a little thicker than many other brands and types of eye drops, and is an opaque white. I like this as with a translucent nozzle I have been know to poke myself in the eye, or even suck when I should be droppering and hurt my eyeball (having lost track of where the nozzle is and got all confused . . . It doesn't take a lot to bamboozle me). The cap screws soundly on to the bottle, the thread is nicely formed giving less chance of the cross threading I seem to be so good at with simple screw lids.

        Optrex Red Eyes Eye Drops are available at Boots for £4.09 for 10ml and £3.60 from Amazon at the moment. The can be bough readily in most chemists on the high street.

        Blood shot eyes are caused by abnormally increased blood flow and dilated capillaries in the eye. These drops work to normalise the blood flow in the capillaries and they are mildly astringent. Apply one or two drops in to the affected eye/eyes by pulling the lower lid gently down and dropping into this 'pocket'. Close your eye/s and move them from side to side or around to make sure the product gets to all areas. You may aware of a mild burning or stinging sensation on application, which in my case usually makes the eyes water more. If I'm going to be wearing make up I try to use these drops before application or have tissue ready to blot if I'm already wearing mascara. The uncomfortable sensation passes quite quickly, but initially the eyes can look a little redder than they were before use. This eases very quickly leaving your eyes feeling relieved and looking refreshed and 'normal'.

        If the redness is caused by an irritant which isn't 'washed' away by the drops, or an allergy the eyes can redden again, so obviously treat the cause first as these drops (and other similar products) only treat the symptom. For example they will clear redness caused by one too many drinks, or tiredness, but an allergy will need to be treated with antihistamines too.

        The active ingredients in these drops are Naphazoline Hydrochloride PhEur 0.01 w/v, which is a medical component called a sympathomimetic (naphazoline details taken from netdoctor). It acts on receptors in the walls of blood vessels. This makes the blood vessels narrow and restricts the flow of blood through them. This reduces the redness in the eyes. The other active ingredient is Distilled Witch Hazel BPC 12.5v/v. Witch hazel has been used for hundreds of years for its astringent properties, it helps to shrink and contract blood vessels to normal dimensions, and is used in many products which normalise or reduce blood flow for example in styptic products to stop blood flow quickly after a shaving cut.

        Optrex offers many varieties of eye drops and two of their brands have a similar effect and pretty much the same ingredients as Red Eyes Eye Drops. These are Eye Dew Dazzling eyes, which has a blue component which is meant to make the whites of the eyes 'whiter' temporarily, and the Eye Dew Sparkling Eyes, which has no 'white' enhancing properties. I have used all three and can say that the Red Eyes Eye Drops are most effective for getting rid of truly blood shot eyes. The other products do work well but seem to have a slightly weaker effect on the redness. If your eyes are sensitive the Eye Dew is not quite as sharply astringent feeling as the product I'm reviewing. The Witch Hazel in the Eye Dew Sparkling is listed after the other active ingredient and the concentration is not mentioned which makes me think that it is weaker; this may be why I don't find them quite as effective as the Red Eyes drops.

        If you find the redness in your eyes keeps returning to the extent that you feel that you need to use these drops every day, or any soreness or itchiness occurs then you should stop using the drops and check with your doctor. You may have an underlying medical problem which needs addressing, for example an eye infection, allergy to any of the ingredients (or general allergy which would be better treated with specific anti-histamine drops).

        These drops return bloodshot eyes to a normal appearance; they don't have any 'enhancing' properties, as some of the eye dew products mentioned above. You are simply left with your normal wide awake, pre attack of the red eyed monster eyes. A great product, I wouldn't be without.

        Some more information:
        Other ingredients:
        Purified Water, Glycerin, Benzalkonium Chloride, Borax, Boric Acid and Disodium Edetate.

        Instructions for use and contra indications taken from Boots website

         Wash hands before use
         Gently squeeze one or two drops into each eye. Repeat as necessary, Do not use more than 4 times in 24 hours
         Apply 1 or 2 drops into the pocket formed by your lower eyelid, but don't allow the tip to touch your eye

        Do not use Optrex Red Eyes Eye Drops:
        * If you are sensitive to any of the ingredients
        * Whilst or just before wearing soft contact lenses
        * If you have glaucoma, other eye disease or have had eye surgery
        * if you are under 12 years old
        * Do not use more than 4 times in 24 hours


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      • Product Details

        For adults and children over 12, Optrex Red Eyes Drops quickly relieve red, bloodshot eyes caused by swimming pool chlorine, smoky environments, eye strain, and more / Its cooling formulation soothes the irritation and calms the redness of bloodshot eyes, restoring normal blood flow.

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