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Optrex Sore Eyes Eye Drops

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5 Reviews

Brand: Optrex / Lens Type: Drops / Dosage Form: Drops / Contents/Size: 10ml / Type: Ear & Eye Care

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    5 Reviews
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      09.10.2011 14:02
      Very helpful



      A good product but on the pricey side.


      I tend to suffer from dry eyes quite a lot and though my preferred choice of eye treatment is Viscotears, this isn't always readily available near where I live. As my home is less than a 10 minute walk to a Superdrug store I decided to buy whatever I could get my hands on a few days ago as recently my eyes have been not only dry but very sore to boot (having used the last of my Viscotears the week before).

      Though I'm sure that Superdrug's own brand of eye drops would have sufficed just as well, I was drawn to these Optrex for sore eyes drops as they seemed to surmise exactly what I was after, though costing £3.99 I did have reservations as the shops own brand was less than half this price.

      Optrex is the first name that springs to mind when thinking of eye care but it doesn't necessarily mean it is the best so I was open minded when I purchased these deciding if they weren't up to scratch then I would take a trip into town to where I buy my Viscotears from.

      *~*Price, Packaging & Availability*~*

      The packaging is in the same form as most eye drop containers and has a very generic look and feel to it being in a small upright container with a pointed screw top lid. The bottle is small and compact and comes in one size which is 10 ml, this may not sound like a lot but as with most eye treatments they only have a 'life' of 28 days once opened and this amount normally suffices for that amount of time (from my own experience anyway).

      As mentioned this cost me £3.99 from Superdrug and after a quick look online this seems to be the RRP for most shops/ chemists give or take the odd 5p.

      *~*What is it?*~*

      These eye drops are aimed at people who suffer the discomfort of dry and sore eyes. This can be caused by a range of things such as eyes that are tired, spending time in dry atmospheres (central heating/ air conditioning etc), or from prolonged use of a computer - anything really that causes the eyes to become sore and overly dry.

      The blurb on the packaging informed me that this product will "..give relief from day to day strains.." due to the medicated ingredients and when I have looked the key ingredient here is witch hazel which is commonly used in eye drops/washes,
      and also used is distilled water which again is a key ingredient. I won't be printing the entire list on my review as if you so wish, it can be read in the directions contained within the packaging.


      There is no rocket science involved here as they are eye drops so therefor yo apply to the eye area. The *official* instructions advise to make sure hands are clean and that the bottle's seal is intact when bought. Then to apply either add 1 or 2 drops to each eye whilst your head is tilted back, or if easier close the eyes completely and add the drops to the corner then open and blink to cause the drops to enter the eye.

      *~*My own experience of using these*~*

      As mentioned I suffer from dry eyes on a regular basis and my optician recommended using Viscotears (which I was already familiar with as I was once given a tube from the hospital following an operation, and also my dad uses these so was aware of the product). As this item is only available from certain Chemists near to where I live I often have to buy products that are available in my local Superdrug store (which doesn't have a pharmacy) and is situated nearby my home.

      As there was a plethora of eye products to choose from I found myself being drawn to the Optrex brand purely for the branded name only I'm ashamed to admit, knowing that Optrex is a renowned and well respected brand.
      I picked this particular eye treatment as I liked the fact none of the other eye drops available mentioned they catered for sore eyes as well, so Optrex really had the upper hand here as far as I'm concerned with the adding of one single word to their title.

      On my return home I proceeded to open the small cardboard packaging the drops comes encased in and after unscrewing the sealed lid I applied two drops to the corner of each eye whilst holding my head slightly back to avoid the drops running in the opposite direction.


      It would be such an easy review to say these were standard eye drops but actually they did make my eyes feel *slightly* better than when I just use standard drops. On contact with each eye the drops felt refreshingly cool and seemed to coat each eyeball thoroughly enough for my eyes to feel instantly soothed. I wear glasses for distance and admit to being lazy and wearing them all day even for close up work (which isn't necessary but I can't be bothered taking them off constantly) and whilst this may seem the 'easy' option my eyes do sometimes feel slightly drawn and I do get slight eye strain, especially when I'm using my computer for a length of time.

      I know I keep mentioning my beloved Viscotears but there really is no comparison between the both as the latter would win hands down as it is far more soothing being of a gel consistency.
      Though these are just eye drops (of the watery consistency variety) they do seem to be quite effective at reducing the discomfort of sore eyes. I have been using these just short of one week now and have applied when needed and each time they have offered instant relief by coating my eye and making it less uncomfortable. The eye drops can be fiddly when applying but no more than any other brand so as long as you tip your head at an angle then there should be little wastage.

      I would say the results are definitely beneficial and though my eyes have felt 'better' for up to 2 hours after sing each time, I feel the slightly expensive price of £4 is unjustifiable so this product loses one star for that reason only.


      As far as eye drops are concerned then these certainly do what they are supposed to and because of the small compactness of the bottle they fit neatly into bags and even pockets when out and about without being in the way. I personally store my eye drops in the fridge when at home for that added touch of refreshment when applying to strained and tired eyes.

      Because of the price I am going to deduct one star but as for the actual product then it is a winner with me and it is something I will use again in the future, but more so if the price was lower.

      *It's worth just pointing out that these can be used by contact wearers but obviously remove lenses before using and then wait 15 minutes before putting the lenses back in.


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        24.09.2011 10:41
        Very helpful



        Didn't do much for me at all, so wouldn't buy them again.

        I have recently had trouble sleeping which is not a particularly unusual occurrence for me unfortunately. My insomnia often means that I have a few 'side-effects' to deal with as a result of a complete lack of sleep and one of these is unfortunately very sore, tired eyes.

        As I spend a lot of time using the internet and staring at a computer screen - usually for hours at a time - this only really worsens the sore, delicate tired feeling that my eyes suffer from on a regular basis. I find that in times like this the use of some delicate eye drops in my eyes can help to 'perk them up' a little bit and make them feel a bit more awake and refreshed.

        I recently visited a local branch of Boots, with the intention of buying one of their own-branded eye drop products to help my sore peepers feel a bit better. Unfortunately, on the day that I visited the store their own-branded range was a bit scarce and I therefore opted for a more well-known (and of course more expensive!) brand, namely the 'Optrex' brand.

        There is a whole range of eye care products available to buy from the Optrex brand that are designed to suit a variety of eye problems and complaints, so I had to take a moment to consider which product would suit me best. In the end I decided to buy the 'Optrex Sore Eye Drops' and the main reason for this purchase was the confident claims on the outer packaging; this product was apparently going to "Soothe and Cleanse to provide relief" which was like music to my ears. I quickly swallowed the grumble that had been forming in my throat at the slightly high price tag for the item, and hastily handed over my £4.09 for the drops.

        Once I returned home, I read the full product information which comprised of several warnings as to how the product should be stored, when it should be discarded (28 days after it has been opened) and who should and should not use the product. I certainly didn't have any doubt that the product was suitable for me to use and felt that sufficient information was provided for consumers to make an informed choice.

        When it came to using the drops, this was very easy to do. I am familiar with using products such as this as I am a bit of an insomniac and am regularly troubled with tired eyes. I have bought many eye drop products over the years and so am very used to dropping liquid into my eyes but if it is a new practice to you then you will probably find that it takes a little bit of time to get used to it. I find that most - if not all - eye drop products are really quite cold feeling when used, so the dropping of freezing cold liquid into ones eye really does need a bit of getting used to!

        Anyway, I found the process was fairly easy to do. I thought that the small plastic bottle of Optrex Sore Eye Drops was made of a flexible enough plastic material that I could 'squeeze' the bottle fairly easily which is NOT something that I can say of every eye drop product that I have purchased in the past. I have had lots of problems with the bottles of some bottles being so rigid that it is very difficult to squeeze the bottle gently to dispense a single droplet of liquid at a time, so I was pleased that this was not an issue with the Optrex Sore Eye drops as it is a real bugbear of mine.

        The liquid is a clear colour and is very thin in its consistency - in actual fact it looks similar to water. I found that there was no smell or fragrance that I could detect from the drops when I was dropping them. I also found that the liquid felt extremely cold when it was dropped into my poor peeper, but this was to be expected given my past experience with products like this. I found that the drops were easy to dispense into my eyes with the help of the slightly 'slim line' nozzle design on the end of the plastic bottle.

        After dropping the eye drop solution into each eye (I just used one drop per eye to start with) my eyes instantly felt very wet as you would imagine, and they begun to water slightly, but this is not a particularly unusual occurrence given the coldness of the drops. After the watering subsided a little, I could feel that my eyes did feel very slightly refreshed but to me the sort of irritated, tired, 'scratchy' feeling was still evident.

        After a little time, I found that the tight sore feeling I had been experiencing in my eyes had returned altogether, as if the first slightly refreshing effects of the eye drops had subsided. I certainly felt that any benefit from using the drops was extremely short-lived and only actually lasted around an hour or so. At first I put this down to only having used one drop, so the next couple of times I used them I put two or three drops into each eye but to be honest I didn't find that it made the slightest bit of difference.

        Anybody who regularly places a hot wet flannel gently on their sore eyes to give them a sort of 'pick me up' will understand what I mean if I explain about the instantaneous soothing effect that this has. Well, if this feeling is familiar to you then you will know how nice it can feel to have your tired sore eyes feel soothed and freshened gently. To be quite frank, I would have been better saving my money and sticking with the hot flannel technique as I found the results from the Optrex drops didn't do much extra at all to ease the soreness of my poor peepers.

        I did continue to use the drops for around five days before finally giving up and throwing them in the bin. It has put me off from trying other items from the brand slightly, as I feel for the money spent I should have experienced more than a short-term relief. I didn't think that the product worked particularly effectively, nor did the initial, slightly refreshing feeling hang around long enough to be worthwhile. All in all, I was highly disappointed with the Optrex drops and would not recommend them, nor will I buy them in future.

        In case it is relevant to consumers, the Optrex Sore Eye drops are suitable for use by contact lens wearers.

        There is a whole range of eye care products available in the Optrex range, many of which can be found in Boots stores. Many of the products are also available to buy from the Boots website which can be found at www.boots.com.


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          26.06.2011 23:48
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          A nice relief

          ==Optrex Sore Eye Drops==

          Optrex really is the leading name when it comes to eye care products and more often than not the brand that I reach for when I am in need of some optic lubrication. The brand do a whole range od different products in the eye drops range as well as eye washes which I often buy. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul so I want to be keeping mine squeaky clean!

          This bottle of Sore Eye Drop solution can be bought in a lot of different supermarkets and chemists. I picked mine up as usual in Boots and paid around the £4 for the bottle which is slightly larger than most eye drops at 10 ml. This price is a little expensive when comparing to the shops own brand but you really are buying into the high quality of the brand.

          The product comes in a sealed screw capped plastic bottle which has a small pointed nib in which to dispense the eye drops out from. It is of a dump size and stands up easy but it still of a small enough size to be able to fit in a hand bag and it not get in the way too much. The design is a good one and with this I really can see no faults whatsoever. The drops are suitable for use with contact lenses so there is no worry there although if I have really sore eyes I tend not to have my contacts in at all.

          The eye drops are specially designed for people suffering with sore eyes whether that be from smoky atmospheres, long days looking at the computer screen or general fatigue this is the eye drop for you. The packaging stated that the product can give fast effective relief from day to day strains on the eyes because of its medicated ingredients. The main ingredient really being witch hazel along with the distilled and purified water added together with a few chemicals such as borax and bezalkonium chloride.

          Using the drop sis simple and you need to hold the bottle in the corner of your eye without actually touching the eye itself and drop the solution into the eyes while keeping your eyes open. I remember this taking me a good while to get the hang of when I very first started using drops and I know some people will always struggle with this but now it has become second nature to me.

          You only really need one drop in one eye at a time unless you feel a good wash out is in order then two drops will probably run out of the other corner of the eye as its generally a little too much. The instant cooling affects that this eye drop solution has is really lovely and does help so much towards bringing back to life sore old eyes and the hot feeling that will make them bloodshot and want to close is lifted and I can start to look a little bit more human.

          They work really well at the instant relief and they also have a good lasting result and even if I am having sore eyes when at work using the computer if I pop a couple of these drops in and continue to work on the computer my eyes stay sting free for a good hour or two before I even feel the need to put some more in. I think this is really the only aspect where they are slightly better than the shops own brands because other than this there really isn't much in it.

          For the extra price I don't really think it is worth it but for some reason I always find myself veering toward the Optrex over the non-branded drops. I guess this might be a good but of advertising that has worked wonders on me as really for such a small amount of product the price for even the shops own is fairly steep!

          Overall I do rate these eye drops as they offer a high quality, instant relief and good longevity after use. They are however not that much better than any other drops so I am really going to deduct ne mark for the higher price of purchasing this Optrex name. So I feel a 4 out of 5 stars is in order and a recommendation!

          I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you

          many thanks for taking the time to read.


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            27.05.2010 17:58
            Very helpful



            A great little product

            I first used Optrex Sore Eyes Eye Drops when I was out having lunch and got something in my eye and by the time I got the offending object out of my eye by keep swiping a tissue across it my eye was all red and irritated. I called in Boots and the pharmacist recommended Optrex Sore Eye drops.

            Optrex Sore Eye drops contains the active ingredient witch hazel and is said to soothe, cleanse and improve the symptoms of minor eye irritations. It is also recommended for use for eyes that are irritated by smoky atmospheres, spending a long times staring at the computer, pollution and generally having tired red eyes.

            The drops come in a little bottle with a dropper for easy application. They are very easy to use, tip your head back slightly and gently pull your lower eyelid down, apply 1 or 2 drops and then blink to disperse the liquid.

            In the particular instance that I had originally bought the drops for, I followed the instructions above and the first thing I noticed was that the liquid felt really cool and soothing it did relieve the stinging feeling in my eye, I repeated the application again before bed and in the morning my eye was normal.

            Since then I have used this whenever I feel my eyes stinging usually through staring at the pc too much and especially if I want to go out, it does soothe the eyes, make them look brighter and calm down any redness. They are also very useful for using to remove something from your eye as well the liquid will usually dislodge it and is less messy than using a product that requires an eye bath, you can remove whatever is in your eye without totally destroying your make-up as there is very little liquid escapes from the eye.

            You can use the drops as often as you like and are suitable for both adults and children however there are some precautions to take if you wear contact lenses. Contact lenses must be removed before applying the drops and you must wait 15 minutes after application before wearing them again.

            Optrex Sore Eye drops can be found in most chemists and supermarkets and a 10ml bottle is around £3.99. Any unused liquid must be discarded 28 days after opening.


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              02.02.2009 23:05
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              A great product if you suffer from tired eyes

              I am on the computer most of the day at work and I like to use it at home. I'm also a reader and can't go to sleep without a few chapters of my latest good read so my eyes do get tired. I have to be careful as I suffer from migraine and I find if I let my eyes get tired then it can trigger a migraine. So I'm sure you can imagine how pleased I was to find Optrex Sore Eye Drops.

              This 10ml bottle is a real gem. It costs £3.79 at my local pharmacy and that seems a fairly standard price. The bottle is white and you remove the blue cap, tilt your head back and drop one or two drops in each eye, you can repeat this as often as required. It immediately makes your eyes feel cooler and gets rid of the gritty feeling you get when your eyes are really tired.

              This product isn't intended for infections, you should see a doctor and get some antibiotic drops if you have an infection, but for tired eyes these drops really help.


              Distilled Witch Hazel
              Purified water
              Boric Acid
              Benzalkonium Chloride

              The information leaflet says that side effects are rare but a few people may have an allergic reaction to the ingredients. It also warns not to use the drops when you are wearing soft contact lenses or just before wearing them.

              The drops should be used within 28 days of opening.

              I wouldn't be without these drops in my bathroom cabinet, I hope you like them if you give them a try.


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            • Product Details

              Soothing Optrex Sore Eyes Eye Drops actively relieve sore and irritated eyes that can so easily be aggravated by all kinds of daily problems, like lack of sleep, eye strain or smoky and polluted air. It's gentle and effective for adults and children.

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