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Ovex Treatment Threadworms Family Pack

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Convenient and easy to use, Ovex is an effective treatment against threadworms. It is quick acting and recommended by pharmacists.

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    2 Reviews
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      17.11.2009 12:46
      Very helpful



      Treats the problem of threadworms for the whole family

      Many parents face dealing with threadworms and find it a distressing and disturbing subject. Ovex is just one of the many products on the market designed to deal with the problem effectively and quickly.

      Threadworms are tiny parasites which live near the end of the lower intestines. During night time when it is warm and we are relatively still during sleep the female threadworms makes a journey down to the anal canal to lay her eggs which causes itching and irritation. This causes the need to scratch and loosening of the eggs which can end up under finger nails and being passed around the family or at school. Although fairly harmless no one wants these little boogers around so the best thing to do if you suspect they are present is to treat the whole family. Ovex comes in a single dose pack or a family pack of four or in a suspension form. It is a simple solution recommended by pharmacists and is quick acting. A great product for the whole family.


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        04.03.2009 21:29
        Very helpful



        See review.

        If it isn't nits it is some other sort of infestation, this time my darling daughter is suffering with another childhood complaint...... threadworm, and if what the chemist said to me earlier when actually purchasing the product I will now review, there are quite a substantial number of other children suffering with the same condition.

        The product I will now review is - "Ovex family pack, tablet treatment for threadworm".

        I will start with a few of the symptoms that are associated with this distressing condition. The first is the continual itching. Now anyone who has young children will be aware of the constant "fiddling" that kids indulge in, so if in any doubt the second symptom is the one to go for, and be warned it ain't gonna be pretty!
        The second symptom is when the female worms actually leave the body to lay their eggs, this is usually always at night and it is always just on the outside of the child's anus. So if any doubt of this condition the best thing to do is have a quick look, preferably when they are asleep.
        If the child has got threadworm they will be more than visible when you check them, and please be aware that this is not a nice sight, in fact the first time I saw these tiny little things I was nearly sick! The worms are around ½" long and look, as there name suggests like a piece of thread, except this thread wiggles!

        Now when I was child, or so my mother reliably informs me, I had this condition a few times, the result of chewing my nails.
        The one thing I remember is the treatment available then, the tablets that were prescribed had to be either swallowed whole (not an option for a 7 year old), or crushed up into some milk. The medicine tasted of strawberry milkshake, reasonably nice going down, not so nice when I was projectile vomiting and going through the eye of a needle if you catch my drift! So I was a little apprehensive of the course of treatment available for my children to have, and by god has it changed!

        After explaining to the chemist my daughters, and by the time I went to get the medication, my son's symptoms, the chemist advised the Ovex tablets immediately.
        I explained that whilst I obviously wanted the infestation cleared and got rid of, I also didn't really want anything that would give too many side effects, and trust me the medication I took as a child still makes me heave every time I make my kids a milkshake!

        The tablets are about as easy as it can get. In the family pack there are four tablets, which is ideal for me as there are four of us, and it is advised that you treat the entire family due to just how infectious it is.
        The tablets are a bit smaller than a bog standard paracetamol tablet and orange in colour. To take you can either swallow whole, very easy due to the size of them or chew as you would a vitamin tablet. The chewing was a little worrying for me, as the chemist advised that if my children spat it out due to the taste I would have to wait the recommended two weeks before trying them with a second dose so as not to overdose them. I was more than surprised when after eating the first tablet both of my kids asked for another "sweet", bonus!
        The tablet has a slightly chalky taste and texture to it, but the very pleasant orange flavour makes it taste very similar to a love heart sweet, no wonder they asked for more!

        And that is it medication wise, the rest of the treatment is precautionary and in fairness self explanatory. All bedding must be removed and boil washed, (not burnt in a pile in the garden like my mum used to say, yes she was obsessed with these and nits when we were kids too!), for a few days after taking the tablet there will still be live worms and lots of eggs present, though due to the fact the eggs are invisible to the naked eye, you will just have to persevere and make sure the bottom is cleaned thoroughly morning and night, but especially the morning as due to the warmth in a bed this seems to draw the little buggars out!

        The instructions for use states that he worms start to die out after a few days, so don't do what I did and check the next night and panic like crazy when the worms are still so visibly there.
        The thing that I did, which some may find strange is make my children "go" in a potty, once they have the "motherload" you will be able to see when the amount of worms starts to decrease in numbers, the worst was with my son who got them from my daughter when he was still in nappies, that was the most upsetting thing I have ever seen.

        After the child has been clear for a few days it is entirely up to you whether or not you second dose them. It is recommended for a second tablet to be taken two weeks to the day after the first dose, this is to kill of any babies that may have hatched from any remaining eggs, though we have never had an issue with re-infestation, just with someone in Kaitlins class who seems to pass them around once a year!

        Can I please state at this point that having worms should never be anything to be embarrassed about, due to nature of children these sort of things will always be readily passed from child to child, you know the thing one child has a scratch then touches a table, then another child touches the table then bites a nail, it really is that simple and in so being not a sign of dirt as such, the one thing the pack does recommend is promoting a better sense of hand hygiene to your child, not always an easy thing to do!

        These tablets can be got with a prescription from the doctors, but are also readily available over the counter for the price of £6.99.
        There are a few restrictions on taking these tablets, these being no pregnant women or breast feeding women should take them and no-one under the age of two also. It is also at the discretion of the chemist whether they will recommend these for your child this usual relies on any other medication they may be taking.

        For more information visit - www.mcneilhealth.co.uk

        These are the simple and effective solution to one of life's many problems, recommended!

        Thanks for reading x


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      • Product Details

        A medication that is used to treat certain types of parasitic worm infections.

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