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Potters Allerclear Eye Drops

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Brand: Potters / Type: Eye Drops / Dosage Form: Drops / Type: Ear & Eye Care

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    4 Reviews
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      25.09.2013 12:55
      Very helpful



      An alterante way of buying eye drops than do a good job on my eyes

      Potter's Allerclear eye drops

      I suffer from hay fever and various other pollen or pet induced allergies so I always have eye drops in my medical drawer. I do get fed up though with having to throw out half used bottle as once opened you have to use them within a month or six weeks. I don't want to risk giving myself an eye infection or damaging my eyes any more than old age is already doing so I am very conscientious about throwing older eye drops out.

      I was quite excited ( sad I know) when I spotted these eye drops on my bargain internet chemist site where I buy all my generic hay fever pills. These are eye drops but they come in little plastic individual mini applicators, hence you don't have the issue with throwing out opened and half used bottles of the stuff.

      These are also really handy for travelling as you can take only the number you think you will need for the trip and then the little plastic mini applicators are then thrown away with whatever plastic recycling scheme you have.

      The amount of liquid in each mini applicator is enough for four eyes so I keep the left overs covered and safe and use them at night if I have opened it in the morning or I donate the other half to my husband in which case I have to apply them as he is pathetic about putting eye drops in his own eyes. I have been doing it for so long that I have no problem doing my own drops but he can't do his so it is up to me but I would rather his eyes benefited than they went to waste. Once opened the little applicator's contents ar okay to use for up to twelve hours. These drops can also be applied more than once or twice a day depending on your needs. Sometimes I have had to put more in at around lunch time when really suffering badly.

      These eye drops are designed to help with allergies and irritated eyes so they can be used when your are very tired, such as after a long haul flight or after doing dusty DIY jobs or any time your eyes are sore and uncomfortable. They also help with eyes affected by light sensitivity which again I have issues with. What is even more handy is that they are safe to use with contact lenses which many are not. I often find that when I have had a big onion peeling and chopping seesion that applying these can really help sooth my poor crying eyes.

      These drops have no preservatives in them but they have a pretty long shelf life if not opened. The little mini applicator is re closable so if I don't use it all and want to save the rest for up to twelve hours this little seal keeps the contents clean and safe for me.

      The eye drops contain camomile , euphrasy or eye bright, cornflower ( not corn flour!) and witch hazel so all pretty natural healing stuff.. The box does say do not use if allergic to any of the ingredients and if your problem persist or becomes worse then see your doctor or pharmacist.

      My only issues with this box of eye drops is firstly that you only get 10 little applicators so it does actually work out more expensive than using a bottle. So if it is hay fever season I am better off using a bottle as I would use most of a bottle in six weeks where this would only give me ten days supply for the same price.

      Secondly there is a lot of plastic waste and packing which is never good but this is a balance with wasting half a bottle of drops so if you only need the every now and then these are better but if you use eyed drops regularly then the bottles may actually be more economical and better re waste.

      Thirdly the little applicators are quite tricky to get off the plastic strip that holds five together and you have to twist the applicator in a certain way. This is okay once you get the hang of it but if you suffer from arthritis or anything it could be an issue.

      The drops in the box have to be kept at under 25º C which is not an issue usually here but if going somewhere hot keep them out of the sun. they are safe to use on children but should be kept out of reach of children and should NOT be swallowed .

      They are safe to use with any contact lenses and are also safe to use when pregnant or breast feeding but if you are suffering from prolonged eye soreness when preganant or breast feeding and you don't usually then check with your doctor.

      So I would say these do a good job of helping my sore irritated eyes and the effect is almost immediate. They don't do a better job than others and are a more expensive option than buying a bottle of drops so are really best to keep for if you only need to use drops occasionally rather than regularly.

      I buy botle for use when my hay fever is bad and keep these in for times when I only need to use drops now and again.

      Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.



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      16.05.2012 21:14
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      See Review


      After suffering from desperate hayfever year upon year and spending more and more time through the summer months snivvling into a tissue and mopping up my running, red, blearey eyes, I was desperate to try anything to help me out. I had been prescribed eyedrops from the Doctor's, several types in fact but none of them seemed to help at all. Having read an article in a Sunday paper free magazine which suggested Potter' AllerClear eye drops (a herbal alternative), I decided absolutely anything was worth a shot even if it sounded a little bit hippy at the time.


      You get 10 in each pack, they are individual plastic 'sachets' (difficult to explain, see the photo). You twist off the top and drop them into the eye. I like that they are individual as it reduces the chance of bacteria build up in the dropper. One 'sachet' is more than enough for both eyes. The best positive however is THEY ACTUALLY WORK! My eyes really start to calm down immediately, I try to keep my itchy fingers away from my eyes too, but the Allerclear eyedrops really soothe the itching and make the burn go away. The herbal remedy within them is called 'eyebright'. They are also suitable for contact lens wearers and pregnant/breastfeeding ladies (according to the website).


      I can truthfully say that there is not one negative about these eyedrops, they actually truly work and soothe the eyes. I have recommended them to many hayfever sufferers and they found the same, these eyedrops are truly a gift from the hayfever-hating Gods! (Can't say the same for the Allerclear nasal spray though - review forthcoming). They are quite expensive, around 50p per individual sachet but to be perfectly honest if you suffer from itchy eyes as badly as I do, it is worth every penny.

      ==Where to purchase==

      You can purchase these eyedrops in Boots or Tesco. Boot's often do offers where you can buy 3 packs for the price of 2, which means you get 30 sachets for £10 making them slightly cheaper. This is where I usually buy them from.


      Don't delay! If you suffer from hayfeverish eyes, try some of these, I'm positive you won't regret it.


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        26.08.2008 10:16
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Well worth the money. My eyes felt great after use.

        I was sent a sample of this product in the post for some reason. I get very dry eyes at times and so I am always looking for new eye drops to try out.

        It eases your eyes instantly. It was thick enough that it did not ruin down my cheeks, this is also aided by the individual application containers.
        Can be used while wearing contacts, which is great for hay fever sufferers who also like to wear contacts.
        Can be used during pregnancy, which was a big bonus for me.

        Contains Eyebright, an isotonic phospate buffer solution (this means nothing to me but I thought I should include it for those of you who understand these things!) All I know it, whether it is the Eyebright or the other ingredients, my eyes felt less sore and itchy after I has used the product.

        Comes in a individual dose plastic containers. These are great because they mean you can share the drops without worrying about contaminating the bottle.

        Box has a blue background with yellow flowers - in case you are looking out for them in the shops!

        About £5 for ten packets, which seems VERY expensive to me, compared with other eye washes and eye drops I have tried. But these are designed for irritated eyes and so if you have hay fever, you are probably used to racking up a huge bill buying products to try to deal with it.

        Expensive but it works.


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          14.08.2008 12:31
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Soothing eye drops

          A few months ago whilst shopping in Tesco I was attracted to a demonstration of Allerclear eye drops. To be more accurate, it was a lady explaining the benefits and giving out small samples.

          I was particularly interested as the hay fever season was approaching fast and I always seem to have problems with my eyes at this time of the year. Apart from that, I also suffer with light sensitivity and often need eye drops to ease my eyes as a result of this. It isn't surprising that I came away with a sample!

          I have to admit that it was several weeks before I felt the need to use this sample, but I was very impressed when I did. My eyes felt tired and itchy and I felt I should try the sample and find out if it was worth buying more.

          I can say that I was very impressed as it worked quickly and my eyes felt improved immediately so I made up my mind to buy some the next time I went shopping. This, however, was NOT so easy as no-where seemed to sell the product. This includes the large Tesco where I got the sample in the first place! Eventually I visited their website and found that I could buy directly from them although it stated that it was available from most supermarkets. I have since found it in both Morrison's and Tesco's so obviously it took some time to reach the stores!

          The product: Allerclear Eye Drops - are described as a sterile, preservative-free moistening solution for irritated eyes containing the herb Eyebright. The only other ingredient being an isotonic phosphate buffer solution matched to your own tear fluid. They are distributed by Potters Limited of Wigan.

          Each dose is contained in a single dose container - the box contains ten of these small strips each containing enough to treat (in my case) both eyes. They have to be separated, but the general idea is very appealing as there is obviously no contamination as can happen with a bottle. Detailed instructions for use are included in the box.

          Side effects: The information sheet states that none have yet been observed but does warn not to use if you have previously had any bad reaction to any of the ingredients.

          Use: for irritation or discomfort of the eyes caused by small particles,
          to moisten dry eyes caused by contact lenses,
          for tired eyes,
          for light sensitivity.

          The drops are suitable for all contact lens wearers and for children. They can be used during pregnancy and whilst breast feeding.

          Would I recommend? Yes, certainly. I was very pleased with the effect that I had after using these drops. My eyes felt soothed immediately and there was no stinging as you can sometimes feel when using eye drops. I was also impressed by the single dose idea. The only problem I found was locating a stockist but fortunately that is now solved.

          Should you wish to know more their website is: www.allerclear.co.uk

          I do hope that you have found this helpful - and thank you for reading.


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        • Product Details

          Potters Allerclear Eye Drops are a sterile, preservative-free moistening solution for irritated eyes, containing the herb Eyebright. The osmotic pressure of Potters Allerclear Eye Drops is matched to that of your own tear fluid. Regular use will relieve or eliminate irritation and dryness caused by small particles e.g. dust, pollen, and air pollution. The drops are suitable for all contact lens wearers, particularly those with sensitive eyes and for children.

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