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Member since: 13.06.2005

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    • Acer Aspire 5332-312G32Mn / Laptop / 8 Readings / 7 Ratings
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      20.06.2010 18:40
      Very helpful


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      I would highly recommend the Aspire 5332 to anyone who wants a reasonably priced, up to date lap top

      I bought this lap top as I was fed up with my pc due to the slow speed and I wanted something that was not too expensive as I had just lost my job. I had previously bought the large Aspire One with Blu Ray and lots of extras for my son as a present to replace his Apple Mac Notebook and he is really pleased with it, so this gave me confidence in Aspire as a brand. I researched for a few weeks prior to buying this laptop as £350 was the top price I wanted to pay. I found this one at Tesco Direct for £349, which was the cheapest price I could see, so ordered it on the internet. The day I placed the order, I went into a Tesco branch and found it cost £100 extra instore, so I was really pleased with my saving.

      I have now been using the lap top for about three months and can honestly say there is no downside to it. It took only a few minutes to set up and get going. The wifi found my router immediately and it was quickly connected. The keyboard is easy to use, I find it a lot easier to use than the Aspire One, which due to the size is very cumbersome.

      The only thing I would have liked included on this lap top is a built in webcam which is standard on more expensive models, but I have bought one separately and it works fine with it.

      I would highly recommend the Aspire 5332 to anyone who wants a reasonably priced, up to date lap top, but I would recommend you shop around for the best price before buying; as mentioned above, mine was £100 cheaper at Tesco Direct than buying instore.


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