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      10.07.2012 01:32
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      Pefkos is great for romantic getaways or family holidays. I would recommend it.

      Introduction - Now I understand that there are several reviews here already on dooyoo about Pefkos Greece, but I thought an update during this time of trouble may be nice for anyone looking to go there in the near future.

      To put this into context I went to Rhodes in 2006 and again this year coming home on the 5/7/12 (5th July 2012). Now it was lovely the first time in which I stayed near the capital and yet Pefkos or Pefki as it is referred to in Rhodes is absolutely amazing. It is generally for a romantic holiday for a couple or a family holiday as there is little nightlife in Pefkos and it truly is a lovely place to relax and have a fun holiday.

      Has the crisis made Rhodes a bad place to visit?
      No, Rhodes is not a bad place to visit at all. In fact it was the most amazing holiday I could ever have wished for. The trouble in Greece as far as I am aware from news or reading blogs by Greek people is in mainland Greece and even then is only near the government buildings. The entire time I was there, there was no mention of the crisis and people did not seem bothered by what was happening. Of course this could be due to the fact that I do not speak Greek and why would they mention this to a tourist. However, at the end of the day it doesn't matter what these people are like at home or what else goes on in their lives in the aspect of your holiday. The only thing that you will see on your holiday is the great service and lovely people of Rhodes being truly helpful in any way they can.

      Travel - To get to Pefkos is a bit of a long journey from the airport. It takes around an hour by taxi or an hour and a half by bus. If you can hire a car it shouldn't take much longer than the taxi, except for getting lost of course. There is however a motorway that goes almost straight from the airport to Pefkos and Lindos (a nearby town which is definitely worth going to). The bus services in Rhodes are quite poor, as a lot of eastern European countries, the laid back attitude means they can be hours late and probably shouldn't be relied upon for travel throughout your time there. Taxis are great though. They are all run by the government and at each taxi rank is a board telling you the prices to all the main towns and you can easily find the prices to the others. There are also many tours done by agencies which you can book through your hotel or if you are on a package holiday with your estate agent or whoever you booked with. There are also other islands that you can travel to such as Symi or even to mainland turkey to visit a Bazaar.

      People - The people there are the friendliest people I have ever met. In one restaurant in particular called Kavos, they made us feel more like family than customers. I would thoroughly love to go back to see these people and this place for a weekend in the near future if I could, that is how amazing I thought it was. Throughout the entire island of Rhodes I found that the people were very helpful and even if they could not understand you properly they would find a way to provide you with a service or even just give you directions. They were happy to see tourists due to the wealth that it has brought to the island which is very enjoyable as it is welcoming. There can be some problems with people trying to sell you things in the capital of Rodos, however, this is minimal and if you just say no they leave you alone. Haggling is a common thing on the island of Rhodes and if you don't like it then just let them do it themselves. A little hint is to just say you are going to look around to see if you like anything else and then you will come back. I found the shopkeepers bring their prices down a lot to try and make the sale.

      Food - The food is fresh. That is the best word to describe it. Everything is freshly picked, caught and prepared. The salads were crisp in the right places and juicy almost to perfection. Obviously this depended upon the bar or restaurant but in general the food is so much better than in England or anywhere else I have been I truly miss it since I have come home. If going to Pefkos a place I would recommend is called Kavos, the service is brilliant and friendly, the food is the best I have ever eaten and the drinks well I can only say you have to try them yourself. The cocktails or punches or even just a juice are all made and served to perfection just as the food is. There are also many other bars which were very nice and again a lot better than I have eaten in England but Kavos is a place I will never forget and again I cannot stress enough that you should try it if you are going to Pefkos.

      Views - The view from the top of the hill in which I stayed (Ziakis Studio's) was amazing. If you would like to see a picture of the balcony I'm pretty sure you could just Google it, but if you want one specifically from last week as of when I write this if you send me your email in a message I would be happy to send you a picture. The views from all around the island are amazing but Pefkos is a very beautiful place indeed.

      Sea - The Sea is a very busy place in Pefkos due to the temperatures. Depending on what you want it for you can find pretty much what you are looking for though. The sand is very soft and kept cool by the water, and due to the tide being a difference of around 30 centimetres it is available all day. My preference in the sea is to be a little away from people but that is just a personal thing and I found a few spots which are lovely for this. On the main beach in Pefkos the sea is crowded by the two main beaches however, if you are willing to swim a little away from the main beach (along the coast) there is a lovely spot between the two beaches which is basically free all the time I was there. The sea is warm and cold in patches but it is a lovely mix due to the heat of the sun in midday.

      Temperatures - Now this will vary greatly from time to time however a local guide told me that they often see the sun for about a month at a time. Water isn't in short supply on Rhodes Island though, so don't worry about that. The temperature is often above 30 and can reach 40 in the main months of the year (July and August)

      Things to do - In Pefkos it is mainly bars, beaches, shops, hotels and restaurants. Nearby in the town of Lindos is a lovely fort built by the Romans. It includes a temple to the Goddess Athena. There are also lovely sights in Lindos of a market town and donkey travel up and down the hill. Water sports and other entertainments can also be found in Lindos on the other side of the town by the beach. The capital consists of an old town and a new town. The old town has been made a World Heritage City by UNESCO. This basically means that it is protected to stay the same and will for the foreseeable future. There are also trips to other islands and to the mainland of Turkey as I mentioned earlier.

      A few extras - Extra's in many hotels are safe deposit boxes and air conditioning. These between them cost around 70 Euros or around 63 Pounds. This will vary between hotels but it is something to check out before you go. You may even get it in the price but it is worth looking into before you go.

      Last warning - drink plenty and avoid alcohol at midday. It's the same in any hot countries but it can get to you badly as the area is very hilly. Walking up hill and experiencing dehydration can be terribly painful. Bugs are around like most hot countries but a little repellent or bug plug in works fine and I had no problem with any insects or pests. Coming home is horrible as you will not want to leave. That is however, the reason I love it. You know it's been good when coming home is a chore, especially when you love your home like I do.

      Overall - I would seriously recommend Pefkos as a holiday destination as it truly is an amazing place to go. There are lots of things to do in the nearby areas and it is a lovely town to relax and enjoy yourself. Just be careful of people in the capital market or others and be aware as any country that your pockets are at risk when locals see rich tourists. I had no trouble but it helps to be aware. If you're booking a holiday in Pefkos I hope you thoroughly enjoy it as I did. I hope that this review helped and I wish you all the best on your travels wherever you decide to go. If you have any questions, feel free to message me and I will answer as best and as soon as I can.


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        10.07.2012 00:08
        Very helpful
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        It is an overall great product which in essence really could improve your holiday.

        Last week I went to Greece in which this plug worked brilliantly the entire time. The plug comes with its 2 pin plug which was perfect for where I was. This saved me using one of the two adapters I own on this plug and meant I could use them for other appliances. According to the manual it is suitable for most European holiday destinations. However, I have not personally tested it there, but if it is the same as Greece then it will be fine.

        Practical: Does it work?
        The plug worked brilliantly the entire time. It is only to be used for 12 hours at a time and is then needed to be unplugged and let cool down. This is fine for holiday use as people often are not in their hotels for longer than this anyway. I left it on a little over that every now and then and there were no side effects and the plug is still in good condition. The plug needs turning on 2 hours before it will be effective. The box says it will last for up to 45 days but after a 7 day holiday and using it for about 10 hours a day the bottle is still relatively full. I would think it would last about 30-40 days but at the price of £9 it will last for about 3 - 5 holidays, which is more than enough in my opinion.

        It doesn't only kill mosquito's, at the start of the week there were ants in the apartment and turning the plug on for a few hours for the first day and the problem was gone entirely. I didn't see any more ants for the next 6 days in the holiday. In addition to this all around the apartments that I stayed in were all sorts of flies, bugs and other insects. After using the plug we didn't see any of these within the apartment. It is proven to work, as there were insects inside on the first day.

        Is it easy to use?
        Yes, the instructions are clear in how to assemble and dismantle the product. There is also lots of information of where and when this product works and the places it can or cannot go within a room.

        If you love the environment and are concerned for it, I'd warn you to read the labels and to check anything else. This product has been created to kill insects and should not be placed near any fish or other aquatic life. It also should be kept away from food and drink whether for yourself or a pet.

        This product works wonders and really will get rid of all insects and bugs that would normally bother you. It does cause harm to other life around you, but if you are careful enough and use this product sensibly it can be a great product. It is harmful to the environment but people don't let that stop them flying on the plane. So using a plug in insect killer shouldn't really affect you if you are already going on your holiday.

        I would definitely suggest buying this product if you are going away as it makes the holiday and time of relaxation an easier place to be. It takes away a particular aspect of the holiday in which a lot of people are anxious about. Taking away this irritation which many people are not used to greatly helped reduce one of the down sides to a holiday. This product improved my holiday and I hope that if you too buy this product, it will improve yours also.


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