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    • Progress Live (DVD) / DVD / 35 Readings / 34 Ratings
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      06.05.2012 20:05
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      Definitely recommend this to anyone I know because it is utterly amazing.

      Take That, back again, re-united and just as incredible as ever. Progress live is a music DVD showing their massive concert in Manchester as part of their UK stadium tour. They sang to over 1.8 million viewers at 29 different locations and their tour was one of the fastest sold out tours in British history.

      For those who don't know who Take That are, (Personally I don't know how that is possible because I have to say that they are probably one of the biggest groups of all time) they are a group of 5 singers, Gary Barlow, Howard Donald, Jason Orange, Mark Owen and Robbie Williams. They started out in 1990 and were massive for the rest of the 90s. They won many BRIT Awards and had many top singles and albums! In 1995 Robbie Williams left the band before the rest of them splitting up in 1996. The band got back together in 2005 and have been working together since. Take That have had 27 top 40 singles and 16 top 5 singles and also they have had seven number 1 albums and that is only in the UK :O.

      So now you know who they are let's get back to the DVD. Progress live is an amazing DVD for those who couldn't make it to see the concert tour. I went to the live tour in Manchester and I have to say that it was one of the best days of my life. One of the only problems was that I was not close to the main stage and was up on the sit down seats. Which meant that the view wasn't as good it could have been. But this DVD means that I can re-live the memories of being there as well as having a much better view of everything that happens.

      This tour is not just your average group performances, it is more like a whole theatrical sensation at the same time. Not to give too much away if you are planning to watch the DVD but Gary and his team have some unreal moment, and you will be lost for words throughout. Not only do you get the Take That boys performance but you also get special performances from Robbie alone.

      The DVD contains 2 discs, the first containing 22 hits some new and some old and the second showing the making of Progress live:

      Disc 1
      1. Rule The World
      2. Greatest Day
      3. Hold Up A Light
      4. Patience
      5. Shine
      6. Let Me Entertain You
      7. Rock DJ
      8. Come Undone
      9. Feel
      10. Angels
      11. The Flood
      12. SOS
      13. Underground Machine
      14. Kidz
      15. Pretty Things
      16. When They Were Young Medley*
      17. Back For Good
      18. Pray
      19. Love Love
      20. Never Forget
      21. No Regrets/Relight My Fire
      22. Eight Letters

      *includes A Million Love Songs, Babe, Everything Changes

      Disc 2
      1. Making Progress Live

      These performances are ones that are not to be missed and I would recommend this DVD to anyone who is a avid fan of the group or anyone who just likes their music in general.


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        02.04.2012 17:34
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        • Reliability
        • Reliability


        Cheap small and easy to use camera.

        This is the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FP2 Digital Camera slim, it was my second and best camera I have had. My first camera was the Samsung Digimax 202 which these days sells on Amazon for about £10 but back then was a really good one.

        This Lumix camera is such a small, compact digital camera. It is small enough to just fit into your pocket and carry around with you wherever you go and also has a hard casing so would be hard to break. It is a 14 mega pixel camera, has optical image stabilisation, has a 4x optical zoom and would cost approximately £80 - £90 off Amazon.

        The camera has two main settings on it, firstly there is the normal, this is where you choose what you want the picture quality to be like and what settings you would like it on. Secondly is the Ai mode, this is where the camera chooses what it thinks are the best settings for you. In this mode you will usually get better pictures as the image quality will probably be better.

        The digital screen is 69mm (2.7-inch) which is plenty big enough. It has a 2 or 10 second timer mode and the flash can be turned on and off, also it has a macro mode so you can take pictures of objects up close. The camera is made by Panasonic which are obviously a very reliable and well known brand so any problems should be soon sorted out if within warranty still.

        I would advise young people who maybe use this camera out and about with friends or at parties because is quite durable and small. But also is fine for older people who just want an easy to use camera that takes good photos.

        The camera has many extra features including; different light modes, different scenes and different colours eg. Sepia or black and white. The zoom is easy to use but is dependent on which settings you are on (Normal or Ai) because it can zoom in further when not on Ai mode. The camera also takes video footage which can last until your memory is full. usually you will not get a memory card with the camera, and you can only save around 10 photos onto this. I would recommend the Sandisk 8/16GB Secure Digital Card dependant on how many videos and photos you are going to take at a time. The 8 GB will hold over 1750 photos at one time.

        I had this camera for 3 years, in the third year I had a party at a local club, up to now I had no problems with the camera at all. Near the end of the night one of my very drunk friends came up to me and accidently knocked it out of my hand and it hit the concrete floor very hard. This did break my camera, nothing smashed but it just stopped working and by this time I was way out of my warranty. I took it to a camera shop and they said that I could send it away for £10 and see what the problem was but if it was something to do with the mother board or had drive then it would be cheaper to buy a whole new camera.

        I would rate this camera an 8/10.


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          01.04.2012 23:49



          Remake of Queen's Greatest hits II in 2011

          If you are a bit musically challenged, Queen were a rock band from Britain, who formed in London in 1971. The band consisted of the amazing Freddie Mercury, Brian May, John Deacon and Roger Taylor. And in my opinion were one of the greatest bands of all time.

          I am 18 years old and have been brought up by my parents listening to Freddie and Queen all of my life. This album is to celebrate 40 years since the band formed and was remade in 2011 by Bob Ludwig. Never before has the band's music sounded so clear and be such a high quality that you really feel you were there in the studio.

          Queen's Greatest Hits II tracklist ;
          1 A Kind Of Magic
          2 Under Pressure
          3 Radio Ga Ga
          4 I Want It All
          5 I Want To Break Free
          6 Innuendo
          7 It's A Hard Life
          8 Breakthru
          9 Who Wants To Live Forever (My personal favourite)
          10 Headlong
          11 The Miracle
          12 I'm Going Slightly Mad
          13 The Invisible Man
          14 Hammer To Fall
          15 Friends Will Be Friends
          16 The Show Must Go On
          17 One Vision

          This is one of my favourite Queen albums, it doesn't contain all the very popular classics like 'Don't Stop Me Now' or 'Bohemian Rhapsody' but contains what I think are some of their better works. This album, first time around sold over 3.5 million copies in the UK alone. This is one album that I can easily say I love every piece of music on it. Queen are legends in my eyes and will never be forgotten.

          'We hardly need to use our ears, how music changes through the years.' - Queen


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          01.04.2012 16:05
          Very helpful



          Story of Justin's life from childhood to his sold out concert tour.

          It was February of 2011 and Justin Bieber's new film had just come out. My sister is a massive fan and begged me to go! With a little bribery I said that I would go but said the chances were I would be asleep before the end. Our local cinema was really busy and filled with many little girls far too excited over a boy from Canada.

          The next 105 minutes of my life changed my whole perspective on this one little boy. Justin was an incredible lad with that one dream we all have, to be famous. The film is a documentary of Justin's life, but don't let this put you off watching it, from when he was just a boy to where he is now. It follows him on his sold out concert tour and his big build up to one of the most prestigious places to perform, Madison Square Garden, where Bieber sold out the tickets in just 22 minutes.

          The film shows videos and photos of when Justin was just a baby, through to clips on YouTube which Scooter Braun from So So Def record company used to discover him, up to his performances at MSG. It shows the struggles they face but also the sheer determination that Justin and his team have. It also shows how Justin is really just an ordinary teenager with an amazing talent.

          Unlike what many people think, Justin does have some incredible talent. From when he was very young Bieber had a lot of musical talent. He is one of those people everyone envies because he can pick up any instrument and learn it within a few hours. He is an amazing drummer and guitarist and also can belt out a good tune.

          The film includes not only Justin but many other stars as well including; Miley Cyrus, Jaden Smith, Ludacris, Boys II Men and Sean Kingston. But what I found most interesting about the film was that underneath the bubble exterior is an engaging and entertaining look at how a megastar was created by the internet.

          I have to admit that I used to follow the crowd with the dislike of Justin but when it comes down to it how many artists can sell out MSG, how many people have almost 42 million Facebook followers and 20 million twitter followers and a YouTube video with over 722 million hits. This is no ordinary boy with no ordinary story to be told, all you have to do is just give him a chance.

          There's gonna be times when people tell you that you can't live your dreams. This is what I tell them......Never say never. - Justin Bieber


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          • Lenovo G570 4334 / Laptop / 26 Readings / 22 Ratings
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            26.03.2012 23:04
            1 Comment


            • Reliability


            Very good laptop that i would recommend to many people.

            I received the G570 laptop as a present at Christmas and think it is a great laptop! It was bought at quite a reasonable price. On Christmas morning I opened it and could turn it on and start working straight away! The laptop is reliable and always very quick but I would say that if you completely turn off the computer it does take a few minutes to turn back on but if you switch it on to standby it turns on in seconds!

            I use the computer mainly for work but also for browsing the internet and playing on online and offline games. The image quality for games is very good and always works at the high speed that I need. The laptop is a decent size and is not too heavy so would be fine to carry to school or work. The battery life on this computer is very good for a notebook and can last for atleast 4 and a half hours without needing power.

            I would recommend this laptop especially to any student because it is good for playing games on but also is fast and reliable. Also I would recommend it to any office worker because its easy to carry around and has anything that a computer would need!

            Overall i would give this a 4/5 on overall performance!


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