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      20.02.2013 17:38
      Very helpful
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      Good cheap salt but shame about flaking off printing ink and lack of pour control, Tesco.

      I would not normally think to do a review of salt. Because, really, what is there to say but that it is salty?! As you will see, I ended up eating my words somewhat. Yes, of course with a dash of salt.

      The somewhat ordinary white plastic container with dark blue printing also did not seem like anything to write about, yet the fact that flakes of the dark blue ink printed onto the outside of the white plastic container keep falling off definitely prompted me to do so!

      At first I noticed there were bits of blue on my fingertips, I guess from where I had been holding the container, and I was unable to work out where they had come from. Then I noticed a flake or two in something I was cooking, again wondering what the heck. The recipe had not called for adding a dash of dark blue, yet as I was still none the wiser I shook my head in puzzlement and just fished them out.

      Then I happened to notice some of the printing on the outside had gone as well as there being some more on my fingertips. Ooh dear, I thought, as the penny dropped (cue rather hollow sound). So I thought I had better write a review about it.

      And in the process I learned there is much more to salt than just its being salty. As a matter of fact it was so interesting that I could have written thousands of words in this review, but thought that would be a bit verbose. Some of the very interesting facts about salt which I did find included Mahatma Ghandi having led a protest of at least 100,000 people on what was referred to as the "Salt Satyagraha". India under British rule had a salt tax and it was illegal to make your own salt as doing so avoided the paying of this tax so as part of their protest the protesters made their own salt from the sea, a civil disobedience which inspired millions of the common people and also elevated the Indian independence movement from being purely just an elitist struggle to a national struggle.

      I also assumed the 'free running' on the packaging - yes, this has not yet flaked off! - referred to the iodine often added to salt, the practice of adding this to try to prevent iodine deficiencies including mental retardation (or whatever the PC name for this is now) and thyroid problems such as gout having began in the late 1920s. But instead it refers to the extremely small amound of magnesium carbonate - about 1% usually according to what I have read as this HAS flaked off! - used as an anti-caking agent.

      I chose this particular salt because of its being very cheap when those pennies I mentioned above were not very forthcoming. From memory, as I purchased this salt quite a while back and did not make much of a note of the cost, this salt cost less than half a pound. A quick search for it on the internet proves it to be almost half of this again as it is currently for sale at 29p.

      I guess I had better also write to Tesco and let them know about the flaky printing ink. I don't have the docket anymore though, so have continued to use this perfectly good cheap salt which is... well, salty... by sticking some bubble wrap I happened to have on hand around the container.

      Although this salt is so cheap so what else does one expect (though certainly not ink flaking off!), the re-design of the pouring area would be a good idea as the current one makes it a bit hard to control how much salt comes out. So I keep having to toss salt over my left shoulder. By the way, in case you were wondering... which I had been for many years so now have finally looked up (yep, I Googled it!)... this is an ancient superstition where you are throwing salt at the devil who has apparently snuck up on your left side.

      And, yes, it is not good to have too much salt in the diet yet some is required for the good functioning of our electrical neural network.


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      • surveyhead.com / Internet Site / 41 Readings / 40 Ratings
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        20.01.2013 15:57
        Very helpful



        I've seen mixed reviews on this survey site & this is my own experience of it: Not good!

        I joined this survey site back in March 2011. As far as I can tell, membership is open to quite a number of countries and earnings are shown in your currency with the USD amount in brackets next to it, which I take to mean they are a US based company. I will give all amounts in USD in this review to simplify things.

        It seemed good at first, almost too good to be true what with their giving USD$5 for just registering. Plus they were paying, just small amounts (eg.USD$0.11), for profile updates with separate payment for updating each of the various sections of this. Instead of just one lump sum for updating all to 100% like some sites do, if they pay at all for profile updating that is.

        Their site includes a pretty detailed account section where you can look at your survey history with all the survey transaction numbers, dates, reward amounts, and their status - earned, pending, and...dd-duh...sound the error gong... invalid, which I have one of for hitting the wrong key when typing my postcode once. Oops. Less haste more speed!

        There is also a fairly good account snapshot where you can see your totals earned, pending, and available, as well as what the redemption threshold is, how much more you need to earn to redeem, your total redemptions, and your sweepstakes entries. There are also little question marks beside each that give you more info when you hover over them.

        You can redeem by choosing between two categories:
        - Rewards
        - Donations

        The rewards choices are:
        - Rixty Online Entertainment Card
        - Paypal

        As per the description provided on Surveyhead, Rixty is a universal prepaid card for over 1,000 multiplayer & downloadable games, virtual worlds, and mobile games & ringtones.

        Paypal, which most know about but just in case I'll include an excerpt from their blurb; "...allows anyone to pay in any way they prefer, including through credit cards, bank accounts, buyer credit or account balances, without sharing financial information", This is my preferred way of being paid as I usually need cash rather than goods.

        The donation choices are:
        - Keep A Child Alive
        - Trees For The Future
        - Doctors Without Borders
        - American National Red Cross
        - Special Olympics
        - American Cancer Society
        - Feed the Children
        - Make A Wish Foundation
        - Susan G Koman (breast cancer charity)
        - Hope for Haiti
        - World Wildlife Fund
        - A-T Children's Project
        - Pink Link (breast cancer charity)
        - PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)

        I think the donations section is really excellent, with some good causes there. Although usually those signing up to survey sites are rather in need of money - I know I am in that category - hopefully some manage to spare some of their earnings to support some of these (if they CAN redeem that is... but more on that below). Again, there is a US focus in the charity choices, which strengthens my opinion that this is an American based site which is active internationally.

        Anyway, in my experience of the site, for a while the surveys rolled in, paying between USD$0.75 to even USD$5.00 for one, and now and then there was a profile updating survey available, these also paying a small amound as I stated above.

        My first moment of concern was when at one point, in a blink and you missed it moment, I was sure that I had reached the threshold for being paid via Paypal yet when I checked the threshold amount seemed to have increased. I sat there looking at it thinking "Is it me? Didn't that used to be...? " but there was no way of checking this so I shrugged, thought perhaps I had it wrong, and continued answering surveys.

        Then, back in August 2012, when I was only USD$0.81 away from being able to redeem for cash via Paypal, I started getting the message "Survey closed" each time I clicked on the link to a survey in my email. The surveys also started coming less frequently.

        To check whether it really was a case of my missing out on the surveys, perhaps because the email invitation delivery was being delayed or something, I started loggng in on a regular basis... sometimes several times a day... but there were no surveys.

        I then emailed Surveyhead. I try to ask questions first before I shoot, so my initial email was to let them know the difficulties I was having and ask them about these. I got an email back asking me to continue trying, and to log in regularly... which I was doing.

        I continued to try to do surveys but they were all closed even though I was clicking on the link immediately after they got into my inbox and also checking the website regularly.

        I then emailed them again, a little bit more annoyed this time. I received yet another keep trying email.

        On top of this I did some profile updates some months back yet was not paid for them, even though there was the usual payment amounts offered next to each of them. To rub this in even more there is a feed on the Dashboard showing all the people (logged in via social networking etc) who are earning this and that for doing profile updates.

        So the next time I emailed them I was pretty annoyed and stated suspicions that they were a scam company who let people approach the threshold and then stopped them from reaching it, and also stopped paying them for updating their profiles. Again I received a short email telling me to keep trying and... need I say... it is really trying!! Especially as I have just realized as I wrote this that the Paypal reward I was so close to getting has now been changed so I am not so close to reaching it and I can only get the Rixty reward - which I do not want.

        Grrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! And hence my writing this to warn others to avoid like the plague. At least that is the way I feel. There are also much better and easier survey sites out there than this one has proved in my opinion to be.


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          29.12.2012 20:37
          Very helpful



          A really lovely candle, which creates a nice ambience and also smells really nice.

          My lil Sis and her new hubby (they just got married in South Africa) did an order online for us on Tesco.com this year for our Christmas gift, which was really sweet of them. In with all the edible goodies was an Airwick Colour Changing Candle in the Pink Sweet Pea scent. I could smell it as soon as I opened the shopping bag and it really did smell like sweet peas, which was a nice burst of spring scent in the middle of winter.

          I have noticed these Colour Changing Candles also seem to come in a pack of three, yet the one sent to us is a single candle. The pack is made of cardboard, with a picture of the candle and a pink floral type image behind it. It was very easy to open and also quite recyclable. The candle is in a tallish frosted glass, the candle itself being a creamy white. Again, the lovely scent of sweet peas wafted up, even before I lit the candle.

          I have never had one of these colour changing candles before, so I was amazed when I lit it at the way it immediately started changing colour. It really was magical looking, and the colours rather beautiful. They were in soft flourescent colours, shifting from blue to green to orange to pink and to purple. The frosted glass container makes the candle quite safe, even the bottom of it staying cool, and I placed it on the coffee table in our lounge room where it cast a soft colour changing glow around the room. We want to know how it works too, as you cannot see the mechanics of it through the glass even though it is only frosted.

          This product seems pretty widely available, both online and in-store, at various supermarkets and even on Amazon. The single candle sells for around the £6.99 mark and I have also seen them on sale at half the price. The candle contains essential oils and will burn for up to 30 hours. There is also a Black Edition which comes in a black container with a variety of colourful floral type designs on the front which glow and change colour, and come in three wintery scents.

          The other scents available are:
          White Vanilla Bean
          Cocoa Truffle &
          Mulled Wine & Cinnamon Apple (Black Edition)
          Purple Blackberry Fig (Black Edition)
          Golden Winter Woods (Black Edition)

          We are trying to make our candle last until New Year's Eve, for when a few friends pop by, as it really adds to the ambience in our lounge room. Enjoy!


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            20.11.2012 22:36
            Very helpful



            Really nice and nutritional vegetarian sausages.

            These vegetarian sausages may look a bit strange when pulled out of the box as they are a bit white looking because of being frozen, yet they sure are quite tasty when cooked.

            There are six in the packet, which is a simple cardboard box with no plastic inner packaging - something that is quite pleasing to folk like me who care about such things and our planet.

            They are suitable for both vegetarians and vegans. Plus I have also tried them on meat eaters who pooh pooh about vegetarian food and they quite enjoyed them. They can be cooked in the oven, or under the grill, or in a fry pan.

            Here are some nutritional facts about them, and as you can see the are quite nutritional, as well as the list of ingredients:

            Calories: 101
            Kilojoules: 425
            Protein: 11.3g
            Carbohydrate: 4.1g (of which sugars): 1.3g
            Fat: 4.4g (of which saturates): 1.8g
            Fibre: 0.8g
            Salt: 0.9g (of which sodium): 0.3g

            Rehydrated textured wheat protein, vegetable oil, water, pea & wheat protein, dextrose, salt, onion, yeast extract, hydroxy propyl methyl cellulose, wheat starch, red iron oxide

            They contain wheat, gluten and sulphur dioxide/sulphites
            They are free from genetically modified ingredients (Yayyyyyy!!!)

            COOKING & SERVING
            These sausages can be cooked in the oven, grilled, shallow fried, or even on the barbeque. The latter may help some vegetarians enjoy a BBQ, though perhaps not those who don't like their vegetarian food to be near any meat products or items it has been cooked on. Myself, I am not that strict as I choose to eat mainly vegetarian for health purposes. I haven't tried cooking them under the grill or on the barbeque myself, yet will share a bit about my own experience cooking them in the oven or shallow frying in a fry pan.

            My favourite way of cooking and eating them is to cook them in the oven as I like the outer skin to not be too soft and a good tanned sausage colour - like 'normal' sausages - instead of pale (hmm, I sound like I am reviewing a suntan product now!). Cooked in an oven preheated to 200ºC/400ºF/Gas Mark 6. For a fan forced oven, which mine isn't, reduce the cooking temperature to 180ºC/350ºF/Gas Mark 4. For 1-2 sausages cook for approximately 15 mins turning once until golden brown. For 6 sausages cook for approximately 18-20 mins. I then serve them either with mash potato, onion and tomato gravy, and vegetables or with yorkshire puddings, gravy, boiled or mashed potato, and vegetables.

            My second favourite way of cooking these sausages - especially if I want to make a quick casserole, with vegetables and gravy, to serve over mashed potato yet don't want to do in the oven because of trying to keep our power bills down - is to shallow fry them. In our case this is over a gas flame. I don't like a lot of grease or fat in my cooking so I use a non-stick pan, a wee bit of olive oil which I heat a little bit (yet not too much!) before adding the sausages, then I quickly coat the sausages in this heated oil to seal them, cook a bit longer now and then lifting lid to turn them. I lower the heat a bit more and add the vegetables needing a bit more cooking (carrots etc) with some water, cover again and cook a bit more. Uncover and add the vegetables needing less cooking (broccoli etc), with some herbs, spices and seasonings. Then, just before these are fully cooked I add a bit more water and some gravy granules, lower the heat right down and cover with lid again. A bit of tomato paste is lovely in this. Before serving over mashed potato I cut the sausages up into pieces within my 'casserole'.

            I don't know about you but this is making me hungry! Anyway, do try them. I think they are really good.


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              20.11.2012 22:15
              Very helpful
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              A great book on how to live off your local landscape by foraging

              I managed to get a marked down copy of this excellent book on food foraging, reduced from £16.99 to £4.99 in The Works. Bargain!!

              While being extremely informative, including lots of pictures, advice and recipes, Alys Fowler also manages to write in a very down to earth, girl next door, and quite often humorous style. The letter to her husband at the beginning of the book is a good example of this humour. I have typed it out so everyone can see what I mean.


              I have something to admit.

              I've been lying to you.

              Every time I've served you up spinach, be it in soup, pies, or risotto, I've actually been feeding you wild things. You've had stinging nettles, dead nettles, purslanes and oraches; I've fed you fat hen, good King Henry and goosegrass. You've eaten dandelions and thistle. They've come from the side of he train tracks, along the river, in the parks, and sometimes my garden.

              You've gone back for seconds and had it the following day, so I guess you've liked some of it. Actually I think, by now, you must know that spinach is a pretty loose term in our kitchen. I hope you don't mind, but I don't inten to sart growing it anytime soon.

              Lots of love,


              The contents include chapters on the safety of foraging and how to work out what to eat, the law on foraging, a great plant directory with illustrations and photographs which explains botanical descriptions, and wild food case studies including Todmorden a village in the UK where food is being grown freely in public. She also encourages the spitting out of seeds in order to get more wild plants growing. This is much more than a book on foraging though. It is an invitation to get to know your local landscape.

              I have always wanted to know more about wild foods and am so pleased I managed to get this book, and so cheaply too. I found the amount of information, description, and pictures, as well as the recipes extremely useful and helpful as they are also a guide to how these wild foods can be used.

              The recipes include:

              Rose Petal Jam
              Plum Tarte
              Spicy Siberian Crab Apple Jelly
              Quince Jelly
              Salsa Verde
              Fruit Leathers
              Castagnaccio (Italian recipe using chestnuts)
              Nettle Risotto
              Nettle Potato Cake
              Rowan Jellly
              Elderflower Champagne
              Elderflower and Grapefruit Cordial
              Raspberry Vodka

              I am looking forward to getting out there and getting picking, as well as to trying the recipes!

              Here is a further review I found on Permaculture UK's site, in case you are wanting a further opinion and some more information, whille at the same time finding out about permaculture!


              Also, perhaps if you are interested in such things as foraging, growing food, creating better environments for all lifeforms to live in you may also be interested in finding out about Transition Towns. There may even be one near you. Check Transition Towns out at:




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              • Cookworks 4-Slice Toaster / Toaster / 12 Readings / 11 Ratings
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                18.11.2012 20:47
                Very helpful



                Nice cheap toaster with lots of helpful settings, but with a few things which may brown you off.

                We bought this 4 slice Cookworks KT223 toaster from Argos. It has some great features for the price we paid, of £16.99. We have also seen it cheaper than that, at £14.99 elsewhere, including in another review I found of this toaster.

                This toaster only seems to come in white, which was fine with us as our kettle is white so it was a good match, yet this perhaps wouldn't be much good for those who want it in another colour to match other appliances or decor.

                It is a four slice toaster, with individual settings for each 2 slice half of the toaster. There are Defrost, Cancel, and Reheat buttons, at the top on both the left half and the right half of this toaster, which light up - in a nice warm orange colour - when one has pushed the lever down which starts the bread toasting.

                Perhaps we were unlucky, but the Cancel button on the original toaster we purchased stopped lighting up after about two weeks. As it was still under warranty, we took it back and got a replacement. It did occur to us that if this kept happening within warranty we could keep taking it back, and we would always have a newish toaster!!

                HIGH LIFT
                There is a high lift feature on both halves, to lift the toast up so it can be got out of the toaster easily once it has finished toasting. This works fairly well.

                The Defrost button is for when you want to defrost frozen bread slices. It works well, although it does not leave you with a nice moist slice of bread for making a sandwich but instead a rather dry sided one.

                The Cancel button cancels the toasting and pops the lever and the bread back up. This works very efficiently.

                The Reheat button is for moments such as those when you forget about the toast and it has popped up and then gone cold, or it has popped up before the rest of what you are cooking is ready for it. So you can use Reheat to heat it up again, without burning it. I think this is an extremely handy feature - and (looking sheepish) I myself use it quite a bit and it works well.

                CRUMB TRAYS
                There are neat little crumbs trays on the bottom of the back side of the toaster, one for each 2 slice half. This collects the crumbs and ensures the counter is not always covered in toast crumbs. It is easy to empty out and put back in place.

                TOASTING SETTINGS
                Grades of toasting range from 1 to 7 and are on easy to turn knobs, one towards the bottom of each 2 slice half of the toaster. I find that I have to turn the knob right up to at least 5 to get a decent browning of the toast. Our previous toaster only needed to be turned up to 3 to get this degree of browning.

                It toasts both thick and thin slices, although I have had a bit of difficulty fitting taller slices in but they do squish in.

                In summary, this is a nice cheap toaster with plenty of good features, however long it lasts. At the price we bought it for it is cheap enough to not worry if it doesn't last, and there is a one year guarantee to cover this which is quite a good long period of guarantee for something that has the wear and tear of a toaster and is so cheap in the first place. Yet in saying this there is both the inconvenience of having to take it back to get a replacement as well as the fact that this increases the amount of usage of the planet's resources.

                I hope you found this review helpful! :-)


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                18.11.2012 19:08



                Hi,There seem to be a lot of categories missing in the product suggestion choices. For instance, there are reviews of some products in Fashion and Beauty. Yet, when I wanted to suggest a particular Nicky Clarke clipper model because it was missing, I was unable to as Fashion and Beauty are not in the list of categories that can be chosen from. This is a bit frustrating. Do you think it could be widened a bit to include more categories? Apart from that, I enjoy being a Dooyoo member and keep up the good work Dooyoo!!!


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              • Packard Bell Dot sr UK/031 / Netbook / 20 Readings / 20 Ratings
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                08.11.2012 18:42
                Very helpful
                1 Comment



                This netbook works a dream and is very easy to transport.

                Please keep in mind that this is a review from a computer user who is proficient using computers yet, although not a technophone at all, not hugely technically minded. So this is from that point of view.


                You may be able to tell from the title of this review that I am pretty happy with my Packard Bell Netbook.

                To be honest, when I bought it I thought Packard Bell had something to do with Hewlett Packard.

                Apparently this is a common misconception. My more technical-minded friends sucked in their breath and told me my choice hadn't been very wise. Yet I have been very pleased with it. So pleased I even gave it a name: Ruby, and she is a good girl.

                I have found it a blessing for when I have been travelling, as it is both compact and light. I have even sometimes been on Skype talking to someone and have had to answer the door, so I have simply balanced it on my inner forearm holding onto the battery area and walked to the door with it.
                That is how light and easy it is.

                I find it very easy to type on. Some think the screen is a bit small yet I find it find and have watched films, TV shows, and Youtube videos on it fine.

                A down side is not having a CD/DVD drive. I am intending to get an external one of these as well as an external hard drive. I wish they made a combo of these so that I could just buy one unit instead of two.

                The soundcard is a really good one on mine. If listening to music or to talking to someone on Skype and using a headset, the quality of sound is extremely good. Listening via the in-built speakers is not so good though and a bit tinny.

                I haven't come anywhere near using up all the space, but then I don't download a large amount of film or music. Mine has the Starter 7 platform.

                A bit of an annoyance is that this version 'thinks' a little too much for me, deciding how I want to do and put things. It also took me a while to get used to the features in Word. After over twenty years experience in word processing it isn't very nice to feel like a novice because you can't find anything!

                Another great feature is OneNote which seemed to come already loaded onto my computer. I find this brilliant, with no need to save and you can paste in stuff from websites and it loads the info about the site on also. It is very easy to use and most useful.

                I did have a bit of a problem getting a replacement battery. I checked on Packard Bell's website and was unable to see a battery for my particular model and when I wrote in I found the customer service a bit lacking. In the end I lodged a complaint and finally got some assistance and satisfaction. Yet this was following an extremely frustrating period.

                Yet the machine itself is brilliant and I do recommend it.


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                  06.11.2012 19:30
                  Very helpful



                  Ecover washing up liquid. Better for the environment, gets dishes clean well, and smells good.

                  Ecover washing up liquids not only smell great, they are also good for the skin - especially the Lemon & Aloe Vera one - plus... last but not least - they are better for the environment!

                  They don't have quite as much lather as other dishwashing liquids but this does not affect their performance.They work really well, getting dishes really sparkling clean and cutting through grease very effectively.

                  Ecover utilize plant based and mineral ingredients as well as clever science in all their products (check out their other products, including their laundry powder) to give great results without the unnecessary and harmful to the environment and therefore harmful to life itself chemicals in many other cleaning products.

                  Their products are also suitable for septic tanks. Plus the plastic bottle they come in is Plantastic! It is 100% recyclable.

                  They are also sold in most supermarkets, though if you prefer not to shop at these you can go direct to their website http://www.ecover.com/gb/en/ and buy them there or at local health food shops or bulk wholefood suppliers if you get together a few people to buy with.

                  Here are the varieties of scent available in their washing up liquid:

                  Lemon and Aloe Vera
                  Grapefruit and Green Tea
                  Chamomile and Marigold


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                  06.11.2012 17:32



                  Moisturizing liquid handwash, with a nice smell, and not tested on animals.

                  My partner bought this handwash from Lidl as it was fairly cheap. It would not have been my choice as I usually steer clear of products which have anti-bacterial on them. I don't think it is a good idea to wipe out all germs. I think exposure to some are required to build our immune system.

                  Yet I do find that popping the anti-bacterial label on products is a pretty loose thing these days and at times is applied to those with natural anti-bacterial and not because potent bacteria killers have been added.

                  So I didn't start out thinking I would like this handwash. Then I started to notice a nice smell on my hands, like sandalwood, and realized it was the handwash. It also is silky soft, like its name, and the skin on my hands does feel pretty soft after using it. The liquid handwash itself is a pearly white liquid which I think is a good consistency.

                  It comes in a nice bottle and, upon reading the back of this, I realized the handwash was made without any animal testing which is great I think. Also, since then I have bought Astonish's laundry detergent, I have realized that Astonish products all say they use no animal testing.


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                  05.11.2012 17:00


                  • Reliability


                  A good mobile for taking travelling, yet it could do with a camera.

                  I have worked really hard to add a lot more info to this review so it would be great if folk could re-read it and perhaps re-rate, thanks.

                  I think this mobile looks very good. I bought mine in black and it looks pretty shiny and impressive, and like it is an all singing and all dancing type of mobile phone. Yet it isn't quite as impressive as it looks. Read on to see why.

                  This was the first CDMA BlackBerry smartphone capable of roaming globally on GSM/GPRS networks, enabling people to travel the world with full mobile voice and data coverage without having to change smartphones, phone numbers or email addresses. It also has GPRS which is very useful for getting out and about in places you haven't been before without getting too lost!

                  It comes with a trackwheel for menu navigation. While for some this can take a bit of getting used to, once you do so I think it is quite fun scrolling and clicking with it. Myself, I happen to like the feel of that click!

                  I haven't had any problems making calls on it. The sound is very clear, plus there is an easy adjustment of volume control available during the call by rolling the trackwheel up and down. I have never had the dropping out of calls, although really that is to do with the network.

                  The keyboard is like the Blackberry's Curve model, but a wee bit more squishy which is fine for someone with fingers as small as mine yet probably not so good for those with fat fingers. But it texts really well, and has predictive text facility...which I won't use because I hate it. It has SMS, MMS, email, and also Blackberry Instant Messaging. It also has Bluetooth which is helpful for sending files and other information to other users with Bluetooth capability.

                  I got myself a Jabra handsfree unit with earpiece which worked using Bluetooth and enabled me to take calls easily when travelling. I will do a review on this separately.

                  While this phone has a multimedia player with support for MP3 music files, video, and digital photos it does lack a camera which I thought was a bit of a shame, considering what a good phone it is and how many other features it has. So, you can view photographs yet you cannot take them which is I think a bit diisappointing.

                  The battery is very impressing with 5 hours of talk time or an extremely impressive 22 days of standby. Mine came with a unit for recharging the battery yet the plug on it was American so I had to get an adaptor for it.

                  With world coverage, and full access to email (you can use Blackberry Push to push your web based emails through to your mobile), address book, organizer and calendar, as well as GPS map tools, a built-in media player, and other features such as a document viewer for viewing Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDFdocuments, voice dial, a radio, a calculator, and a translation program, I think all in all it is almost the perfect phone for a world traveller. The one thing keeping me from judging it as perfect is the lack of a camera.

                  Oh, and it came with a very useful holster too which clips on the belt or pocket, and has a magnet on the lid to keep it closed and make it more secure. Because losing your phone while travelling is no fun at all.


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                  05.11.2012 16:22



                  A good reliable All-in-One unit which prints, scans, and copies.

                  Now, after a bit more experience in reviewing products, I re-read this review and could see where it was lacking. So I have now improved on the information in it.
                  Please re-read and perhaps re-rate, thanks.

                  We haven't had any problems with this All-in-One Deskjet printer, copier, and scanner, which is compatible with both PC and Mac operating systems.

                  Since buying it we have seen quite a number of negative reviews, saying it jams and is unreliable, yet we haven't had any of these problems.

                  We also saw warnings about using generic ink cartridges in it (apparently there were some which exploded inside the machine which sounded like a nice mess) so we stuck to the HP cartridges. This of course has been a bit expensive and is one of the only negative thing in our opinion about the product, the other one being that it doesn't have a fax. I

                  The print, scan, and copy quality is really good, and it is reasonably quick (26 prints per minute apparently). With color print resolution of up to 4800 x 1200 dpi when it is printing on HP photo papers, it does great colour printing. It also does excellent black and white prints, and it prints photos really well too.

                  It also has a scan resolution of up to 1200 x 2400 dpi, and its copy function is able to reduce/enlarge in the range of from 25 to 200 percent.

                  It has an adjustable and versatile paper tray which is able to handle a wide range of paper and other material to print on. This includes plain, inkjet, and photo paper, as well as envelopes and labels in various sizes. It can also take transparencies, cards, and even iron-on transfers.

                  There is also the HP Photosmart software facility for editing and playing around with images on computer.

                  It is pretty stylish looking and, considering it is an all singing all dancing model, also quite compact. Although, what with the lack of a fax it isn't really all singing all dancing.

                  I think it copes well with the casual use we give it and I think it would be a rather expensive printer for heavier use, considering the cartridges are replacement inkjet tanks and rather expensive.

                  Otherwise it is a good quality reliable product.


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                  05.11.2012 15:58


                  • Reliability
                  • Reliability


                  A good little camera which takes really good pictures.

                  I have worked hard to improve this review.
                  So please re-read and perhaps re-rate it, thanks.

                  I bought this camera in Toronto when I was on a trip there and have found it to be a good solid reliable camera. Admittedly I do not have a huge amount of technical know how about digital cameras, yet I have now read up a bit more on its specifications as well as what it can do and am popping these in for the benefit of those who are a bit more technically minded than I am.

                  This camera is nice and compact and very comfortable to hold in the hand. I have really small hands too. It is also very light, so it doesn't make my already painful at times neck hurt when I have it in its case with the long strap around my neck.

                  It is very easy to use. Child's play in fact... literally. As my grandchildren - who ranged from 5 years of age at that time - have taken pics with it very easily. They could just point and shoot. It must be pretty solidly built too as they have dropped it a few times and it was fine. I have also taken some great pics and video of my grandchildren with it and I think it generally takes really good pics and great video.

                  For those a bit more technically minded there are a range of options to keep them amused. I will try to list some of the more technical stuff now.

                  Apparently its image processor uses DIGIC III with iSAPS technology (whatever that is!). Its image sensor is 1/2.5" CCD, approximately 8.0M of effective pixels.

                  It has a zoom of 4x, and has face detection technology, plus red eye correction during both shooting and playback.

                  The shooting modes consist of:
                  - Auto
                  - Program AE
                  - Shutter priority AE
                  - Aperture priority AE
                  - Manual
                  - Easy
                  - Portrait
                  - Landscape
                  - Night Snapshot
                  - Kids & Pets
                  - Indoor
                  - Movie

                  Plus there are the Special Scenes settings, consisting of Night Scene, Sunset, Foliage, Snow, Beach, Fireworks, and Aquarium.

                  There are drive modes of single, self-timer, and continuous at approximately 1.4 shots per second. It also has photo effects, including My Colours/My Colours Off, vivid, neutral, sepia, and black & white, and custom colour.

                  The camera features an image tagging feature, and I am able to choose whether or not I want the flash on or off, and the date/time appearing on my photos.

                  It is also pretty easy to upload the photographs to my computer. I just connect them with the cable provided, switch on the camera, and my computer recognizes the camera and offers me some choices for what I wish to do. Easy peasy. The pictures also print out very well, although this of course is dependant somewhat on what they are printed on.

                  The instructions seem pretty easy to follow and they also come in quite a variety of languages.
                  All in all, I am very pleased with this camera!


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