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Member since: 20.05.2001

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    • Fujifilm MX-1700 / Digital Camera / 0 Readings / 9 Ratings
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      21.05.2001 04:58
      Very helpful



      The Fujifilm MX-1700 Zoom is the best digital camera I have seen, let alone used. I have a reputation for being a gadget freak and not easily impressed, but this camera had me speachless, for a few minutes anyway. Most cameras, 35mm, APS and digital, can be difficult to get used to, complex instruction and numerous capture modes, leaving many people confused and not at all confident. However, this camera is so easy to use it was almost too simple. The LCD panel has superb resolution, making it easy to decide if you want to keep the picture or not, it also makes the digital zoom useful rather than just a gimmick to sell the thing. The only criticism I have is the battery. I used the camera for the first time in the USA, and found it difficult to recharge the thing. Most cameras can use an alternative power cell, usually AA batteries, this camera cannot be used with anything but the supplied rechargeable. Otherwise, the ease of use, quality of frames, power of zoom and general performance make this an excellent camera.


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