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      11.12.2012 13:54
      Very helpful



      Preparation and knowledge is definatley very important for this airport

      I currently work for one of the major UK tour operators that operate from Dalaman airport. I have been working at Dalaman airport for two years now as an airport controller, and have lived in Turkey for a total of three years. As you can imagine when being based at an airport you will encounter many a problem. The purpose of my review is to try and aid anyone that is thinking of travelling to Dalaman airport, mainly through hints and tips. It is very easy to become nervous when in a foreign country, especially when you have no idea where you are going or what you need to do next, but hopefully with the right information it will make for a much less stressful experience.

      **There are many tour operators located at Dalaman airport as it has a full 7 days a week flight programme, with flights landing all throughout the day and night. For example, Thomas Cook, Thompsons, Jet 2 Holidays. You can also purchase international flights with Monarch, Pegasus, Free Bird, Onur Air, just to name a few. Each year these flight programmes and operators do alter due to operational needs, sometimes extra destinations are added, or there may be the need to include flights that are not direct but this is all explained when you make your booking with your travel agent.
      **Prior to 2006 all flights were directed into one terminal, by this I mean both domestic and international flights. However, since 2006 a new terminal has been built to cope with the demand for international flights. The old building remains the same and is solely used for domestic flights now. The new international building is much larger and more modern, probably not as modern in comparison to Uk airports but it is a start.

      **Dalaman airport is also a military airport, there is a military base on site, the entrance of which is just at the bottom of the ramp to departures, marked by a statue of a fighter jet. So if you find yourself wondering why there are more armed police officers than what you are used to seeing, now you know the answer.

      ** Dalaman is used for the holiday resorts of Marmaris, Içmeler, Turunç, Fethiye, Ölüdeniz, Hisaronü, Çalış, Kaş and Kalkan.

      **When landing at Dalaman airport, you can make one of two approaches. Either over the mountains or over the sea. The runway is very close to the coastline, so it can seem as though the airport has snuck up on you when you cross a small beach and then all of a sudden you have touched tarmac.

      **As far as I am aware, all aircraft now have walkway access from the each aircraft, you do not climb down the stairs on the runway. It is a very short walk through arrivals to visa control. Here, if you do not have a residency permit or a Turkish Kimlik card you will need to pay for your visa. For UK citizens the price is 10 pound sterling per person. (TIP: from my experience, ensure that you each have a 10 pound note and that you are not paying with a 20 pound note for two people. This does sound a little double dutch, however, I have come across situations where people have had issues with this. As the police at visa control only allow one person to the window at a time, they can get quite annoyed when you try paying for two people).

      ** The next bank of desks is passport control. The police here will check the visa that you just paid for and then they will stamp you into the contry and send you on your way. Beyond these desk will be escalators to take you down to the luggage carousels. This is quite a speedy process, from my experience of working at this airport, I would expect to see my first guest only a short 30 minutes after the flight has landed.

      ** Inside the baggage hall, there will be airport staff offering you trollies for your suitcases. These trollies are available for one pound, one euro or three turkish lira. The price has never changed, so I can pretty much guarantee it will still be the same when you make your trip.

      **You will also find your last chance duty free shop here in the baggage hall, a little idea whilst your here is to pick up a bottle of Chivas Regal Whisky, I can bet my life on it that there will be at least 5 Turkish men in the coach park willing to buy this from you, which means there will be at least 5 Turkish men willing to give you the best service and the best help in the coach park.

      ** When you leave the baggage hall, and exit the airport there will be no representatives waiting. As I mentioned before Dalaman is a military airport, so the police do not allow anyone to wait outside the entrance, you will find everyone down the ramp in the coach park. Be sure to take care on the ramp as it is very steep and can be quite a task if travelling in heels with a heavy suitcase.

      **Once at the bottom you will see a large semi circle of desks, this is where you will find all tour operators and transfer companies. There are cash machines available in the coach park that provide pounds, euros and turkish lira. You will also find a cafe with an outside seating area, but be warned this is quite expensive, a bottle of water will set you back around two pounds and can of pop can cost around three pounds. (TIP: You will also find that the airport runs on a lower exchange rate, so if you were to pay in lira it would be more expensive than if you paid in pounds). If you are travelling with a UK company you will find that they have water available on the coaches, this is much cheaper and the going price is two bottles for one pound sterling. The only toilet facilities in the coach park are on the side of the cafe, these are not the most pleasant.

      **When deciding on a transfer company, the options are pretty simple. If you have booked a full package holiday with a tour company that had transfers included, you should find your way to the Tour operator desk and the representative will check your name and send you over to your coach. UK tour operators aim to have thier coaches out of the coach park just one hour after the flight has landed so there is no waiting around. The only time these will be slightly delayed is if a passenger unfortunatley has missing luggage and needs to make a report. Other tour companies such as ResortHoppa, United Blue, A2B etc need to be booked online prior to arriving at the airport, these all have a desk. The downside of these private hire companies is that they may have combined your flight with another so they can fill the seats on one coach and save money. So you may find that you have to wait in the coach park for a while to meet the guests from a later flight. UK tour operators also have a limited amount of drop offs as the transfers are quite lengthy, and they will make a short comfort stop along the way. Private companies also have a comfort stop and this depends on how long the driver wants a break for, they also have no limit on how many hotel drop offs they have on one coach. There will also be no representatives with private transfer companies to give you the welcome information that you may want. No transfers can be booked from the airport, if you arrive at Dalaman without having booked transfers your only options are to either take a private taxi, or to wait for the local service. Private taxis at Dalaman airport are very expensive and od not have fixed prices, they charge whatever they feel. The local service is called the Havaş coach. This only arrives 50 minutes after a Turkish flight has landed, and will only take you to the bus station in resort, meaning you will then need to make your own way to your hotel from there.
      **There is a lot to be said for having a rep service at the airport. For instance, if your are having any problems with luggage on arrival you will have a rep waiting for you, that will hold the coach for you and be sure to answer any questions that you may need answering. (TIP: If you were to lose a suitcase on arrival, make sure you report this before leaving the baggage hall, there is a lost and found office in there that will take all your details and print out your relevant documents. If you leave the airport to tell the coach to wait for you it will take you another 15 minutes at least to try and get back inside through security. If you are travelling with a UK tour operator they WILL know that you are inside reporting lost luggage without you having to go outside).

      **When coming back to Dalaman for your departure flight you will find things are run slightly differently, again, due to Dalaman being a military airport. When you arrive at departures and you enter the main doors, you will be met with your first set of security. Here they scan your suitcases as you enter the airport. (TIP: If your suitcase is checked they will take your passport information, do not panic, this is just to make a note that they have opened your suitcase). You CAN take water through this security to drink in the check in queue.

      **Then you will need to make your way to your check in desk. Check in desk 1-31 are to the left and 32-60 on the right, you can find your check in desk numbers on the television screens provided. Above each check in desk is the number and another screen displaying the flight number. Sometimes the queues can get a little muddled as there are very inappropriate pillars placed in the strangest of places which can make it hard to queue sometimes.

      **Check in is very slow at Dalaman airport, not just for one tour operator in particular but all of them. For some reason the system that Dalaman uses takes an age and the wait can be quite long. Do not let this put you off, whilst waiting in the queue it can be a perfect opportunity to pre-weigh your suitcase, as at Dalaman airport they are very strict and will charge for every kilo that you are over. (TIP: The empty check in desk can be used to pre weigh your suitcase so you don't get any nasty surprises).

      *Burger King, McDonalds, KFC - be expected to pay around 15 pounds for a standard meal. Dalaman is quite possibly the most expensive airport in the entire world.
      *Cafe Turka - Still very expensive, however, it has a very nice seating area, and considering there is only one bench for the whole of the check in hall it may be worth splashing out on a cup of tea to be able to sit on thier luxury leather sofas.
      *Telephones - There are telephones at either end of the check in hall, however these are not coin operated and you will need a phone card to use them. If you do not already have one, then you would be able to purchase these from a UK representative.
      *Escalators - The escalators at Dalaman are motion sensitive. If the sensors are not activated then the escalators do not move. You need to step onto the escalators for these to move, make sure you hold on because sometimes it can be a little unusual and send you into a little bit of a wobble.
      *Tax Return - If you have purchased any gold, or leather in resort and have a certificate of authenticity, then you can claim your tax back at the airport. After you have checked in, but before you go through passprt control and into departures there is a Tax returns office you can visit. You will need to take your reciept and ID and they will refund the tax you paid on your items.
      *Smoking - Up until this year there were no smoking areas at Dalaman, but since October 2012 they have opened up smoking areas. There is one next to check in desk 60 and one next to departure gate 27.

      I really hope that these tips will help anyone thinking of using Dalaman airport to get to thier holiday destination. Sometimes an airport experience can make or break someones holiday memories. An excellent first impression when arriving at the airport can set the stead for an excellent holiday, and a well informed departure can finish a holiday perfectly. The key is preperation, so hopefully if you were to read my review you now know what to use and what to avoid, or sometimes it is just nice to know what options you have so you can make your own journey.

      Happy holidaying!

      Thank you for reading my review, and maybe if any of you are travelling through Dalaman airport summer 2013, we may even meet :)


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        11.12.2012 00:08
        Very helpful



        Well worth a try if you are going to treat yourself

        I love getting ready to go out, as I am sure most girls....and guys....will probably agree.
        The usual routine of carefully straightening the hair this way and that, applying just the right amount of hairspray, just enough to keep it natural but not so much that you look like your wearing a motorbike helmet. You check the mirror once, twice, maybe even a third time before you leave the house and everything is looking great, then diaster strikes. I know others share my pain and will appreciate my following explanation. Everytime I am feeling good and ready to go there is a particle of moisture in the air, that turns my perfectly coiffeured bonce into what I can only describe as an old sofa with the spring poking out, that has then been back combed and its strength tested in a wind tunnel. Much to my frustration that I then feel the need to smooth it between my fingers all day/night, or if that is no help I tie it in a scruffy bun on the top of my head with my emergency bobble. And god forbid anyone attempts to take a photograph of me in this state, I find myself jumping into contortionist mode and going to any extremes to hide my hair, whether it be a strategic arm wrapped around my head, or a moving shot that makes me look like an out of place rocker. Needless to say my hair causes quite the unwanted drama.

        So when my step-mum introduced me to L'oreal Studio Silk & Gloss Hot Straight Cream, I was all for it. She was obviously trying to give me a subtle hint that whatever I was doing wasn't quite working. And after a few, 'ooo love, you definatley inherited your dads hair' and a 'you kind of look like that time your brother grabbed you by the ears and rubbed your head on the leather sofa making your hair stick up' thrown in for good measure, what the hell, right? So at 24 years of age I was getting a hair styling lesson from my step-mum.

        I began by washing my hair, and patting it dry with a towel. I brushed out any leftover tangles from my shower and put a pea-sized splodge of the syrum in the palm of my hand. Rubbed my hands together and went in for the kill. I began with the underneath of my hair just to avoid adding too much to the roots and making my hair look greasy. I spread it out evenly using my fingers first and then combed my hair through. I left the syrum in my hair for around 20 minutes and then blow dried it straight, I also used another brand of heat protection spray when I then straightened my hair. I looked lovely, then came the test of heading outside and letting mother nature do the real test. It did hold for a while but not for aslong as I would have liked and with 48hour anti frizz advertised on the bottle, I was a little disappointed.

        However, I didn't want to finish it there and considering I considering I aquired the product for free, courtesy of step-mummy, i tried again. After a little trial and error, I discovered that if I still added the syrum after just towel drying but waited for my hair to almost completley dry naturally before blow drying, then not using another products whilst straightening, that in actual fact the product worked like a dream. My hair held out, it was perfectly straight even after being battered about by the wind.
        The 'glossy shine' which is also stated on the bottle is also achieved by adding the syrum to the underneath of the hair first and then making your way to the top layers, I also found that as my hair got longer, I added a little extra to the ends of my hair to ensure they don't go whispy. The product has never left my hair looking or feeling greasy and in my opinion is well worth trying.
        If you don't usually spend a lot of money on products then this can seem quite pricey, as depending on where you shop a 200ml bottle can cost you between 5-6 pounds. But if you suffer from the same issues I did, with a little experimenting with your hair type, you will get the desired effect. I am happy to say that in terms of quantity that this product is excellent value for money as one bottle lasted me around 4 months, that is with me washing my hair and using the product every 2 days.


        Thank you for reading my review :)


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      • My Name Is Khan / Music Album / 8 Readings / 8 Ratings
        More +
        10.12.2012 23:08
        Very helpful



        When asked what is your favourite movie.....there is no contest.


        This movie is an Indian movie, and uses a grand total of three different languages Hindi, Urdu and English. The version I watched had English subtitles throughout making it very easy to follow, eventhough listening to English and reading English subtitles at the same time can come a little strange at first. The total runtime for the movie is approx 165 minutes, this does seem quite lengthy but I will mention this again later in my review. The movie is rated a 'PG' and stars Kajol as Mandira Khan and Shah Rukh Khan as Risvan Khan.

        ***Plot***(contains plot details)

        The story is based around a man named Rizvan Khan, beginning when he was a young boy living with his family in Mumbai. Rizvan who had been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome and who had major difficulties with communicating and socialising is also an extremely intelligent young man; shocking most of his community with his talents. We follow Rizvan learning life lessons from his mother, helping her and caring for her, to him becoming somewhat of a minor celebrity in his small community. His circumstances change dramatically; sending him on the start of his new journey to America. Once there, he begins working for his brother as a cosmetics sales representative. Whilst out and about around San Fransico he comes across the woman that was to change his life. Mandira, who is a Hindi woman, and a single mother, captures the attention of Rizvan. Much to the dismay of his brother, eventually leading Rizvan to become estranged from the only family he has left. He, again, begins to lead a new life, a romantic life with his new family, until disaster strikes on the fateful day 9/11. The plot then takes a devastating turn, telling the story of all the innocent people who fell victim of prejudice and racial abuse, which then leads to the murder of someone very dear to Rizvan and very close to his heart. Rizvan finds the strength to then go on his own mission to have his voice heard.

        ***My Thoughts***

        Before this movie my knowledge of international cinema didn't move beyond 'Battle Royale'. However, since watching 'My Name Is Khan', I don't seem to be able to stop seeking out something that will make such an impact as this movie did. I was a little sceptical at first as this would not usually be my cup of tea. And after over a week of having this DVD, I finally decided to grab a cushion and settle in. I didn't know much about the content of the film itself but wanted to watch a movie that was different to the usual horror genre I love so much. I was not disappointed. After the first 30 minutes or so, I shed my first tear at the lovely tale being told, and I didn't stop crying for the rest of the movie. Before I knew it, I had been sat there for 2 and a half hours, it felt like the story had been told in 5 minutes. At no point did the movie drag or lose point, which considering the length is pretty impressive. It was fantastic and is really no surprise that in the first weekend of the movies release it brought in a massive $1,944,027 and grossed $42,345,360 worldwide. This movie has everything, from romance, to tragedy, managing to both make you laugh ad cry. I was very surprised at how this movie sent me away thinking, for the rest of the day and even the following day I was not able to take my mind from it. It was very powerful with a very strong message, and really does give another side to the devastating effects that 9/11 had on the world.


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      • Orangina / Soft Drink / 42 Readings / 40 Ratings
        More +
        23.09.2010 10:17
        Very helpful



        Love It, Recommend It.

        I am sure we all remember Orangina.......

        I hadn't had it since I was a kid, and last week a friend of mine brought a few cans into work. Getting a little giddy about not having had any for a quite some time I didn't mind helping myself to a can. Orangina has a great mediterranean taste created by the use of real orange pieces. It is a great drink to quench your thirst and really wakes you up when your having a repetitive day at the office. I am getting thirsty just thinking about it and looking at the empty can still floating about on my desk.

        As I was so excited to have the can of Orangina I didn't read the can. Not that this is really a must when drinking a can of pop. However, in this case there are little notes all over the Orangina can telling you 'shake it to wake it'. As I popped the lid and practically inhaled the contents I wasn't particulary happy when I was greeted with a load of chunks in the bottom of the can. Freaking out thinking I had a can that was off or something I put it straight down. Complaining to my friend and being met with giggles, I soon realised that I hadn't followed the direct instructions on how to drink this particular pop. My second can however, I was more cautious with.

        Orangina, as mentioned before is made with real orange pieces. If your a bit like me and don't like drinks that contain bits then there is no need to be put off Orangina. Once the can is shaken well the bits do not seem to make an appearance. You do not have any nasty suprises and it doesn't feel like you have to chew your refreshment either.

        The can advises you to give your Orangina a good shake. As you normally find with cans of pop, should you give it a good shake it ends up everywhere. You lose half your pop and end up a sticky mess. Well, not Orangina. This gives the fizz noise after shaking, but when opened slowly there is no mess and no spray. It doesn't fizz out of the can as you would expect.

        I think Orangina is an excellent refreshing drink. It is very fruity, and is not at all sickly as you may find with other fizzy drinks. I find that Orangina reminds me a little of Lilt. Just an orange version. I would definatley recommend this drink, and think I will be investing in some more come 12 o'clock dinner time. I would say this a drink best served chilled. So let it sit in the fridge for half an hour to really cool down and really get the effects of your Orangina.

        For the environmentally concious - This can is fully recyclable so we can do our part in being green and saving the world.

        For the mothers buying this product - Do not worry about your little cherubs running round at a 100mph faster than normal as Orangina contains no artificial colours, flavours or sweetners.

        Contents Information : per 330ml can of Orangina

        Calories : 139kcal
        Sugar : 33.7g
        Fat : 0g
        Saturates : 0g
        Sodium : 0g

        At the moment on a large yellow banner circling the top of the can is a price offer of 49p per can. I think this is great value for this product. However, my friend informs me that she picked up 3 cans for 98p at our local Wilkinsons store. Which is even better. I can imagine that this will be no dearer than your usual cans of pop, so it totally worth a try. I highly recommend this product. Can't wait for my dinner :D


        Thank you for reading my review :)


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        • Apple iPod touch 8 GB / MP3 Player / 42 Readings / 40 Ratings
          More +
          22.09.2010 13:12
          Very helpful


          • Reliability


          It Is All In The Review.

          The first story in itself is how I actually acquired the Ipod Touch 8G 4th Generation. I will be leaving the country for a lengthy period of time and didn't think it was a sensible idea to heave my laptop everywhere, so I wanted something light, and easy to carry around that had a lot of features and would allow me to access the internet. I don't betlieve there are any other options as suitable as the ipod touch. A little put off by the price, which I will get to in a moment, I wondered if there were any other options to be able to aquire one. I know my younger brother had been bought one as a gift last Christmas. So, I offered him my ipod shuffle, 20 pound and a CD filled with over a 100 top tunes mixed by a friend of mine who is a DJ. My brother seemed happy with this trade, as was I.

          Where Can I Get All The Techy Information?

          My idea for this review was to keep it really simple and leave all the technical jargon for the website. I wanted to give my opinion of the features, appearance and quality without having to provide measurements and GB's. I suggest before purchasing this particular ipod you do look at all the requirements and that you have the facilities to accomodate Ipod Touch 8G 4th Generation. If you wish to visit www.apple.com, this holds all the technical specifications for every ipod that has been released, including the Ipod Touch 8G 4th Generation.

          Are There Any Special Requirements?

          One bit of technical information I will mention is that there are some system requirements for the Ipod Touch 8G 4th Generation. If you cannot meet these requirements then it would be pointless spending your hard earned cash on this product as you will not be able to use it. I firstly thought that this was a downside to the product, that the Ipod Touch 8G 4th Generation cost enough in the first place without having to make sure you met all these other requirements also. However, for such a sophisticated technological product it does make sense that it would require up to date software to work. These specifications include :
          **USB 2.0.
          **Itunes 10 or later.
          **Mac: Mac OS X v10.5.8 or later.
          **PC: Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP Home or Professional (SP3) or later.
          **Broadband Internet access required.

          How Much Can I Expect to Pay?

          I thought I would mention the price of this product before continuing into what features are available and my thoughts on the Ipod Touch 8G 4th Generation as it is quite steep and does cost a pretty penny. I did a little research on the internet and found that the Ipod Touch 8G 4th Generation is available from Asda for around £135, Amazon for between £135 - £169 and for the latest generation of Ipod touch on www.apple.com for £189. This does seem a lot of money but I believe for the quality of product you are getting it is worth it. I think these prices push it to the limits, and anymore than these prices would be ridiculous. I think if you are spending so much money it is worth reading a few reviews on the product itself and having a good shop around for the best deals, and maybe if you can get any freebies!

          What Is In The Box?

          If you are like me and like to actually see in front of you what you have bought, and can se where you money has gone, then I wouldn't say you will be left amazed by this purchase.
          **Obviously, you recieve your Ipod Touch 8G 4th Generation, which in itself is very impressive.
          **You will also recieve, your standard issue Ipod earphones, which I will say are the best earphones I have used. They are extremely durable and good quality. The downside to these earphones are that they come in white, and after a lot of use can become 'off-coloured'. If you are looking to replace the earphones, Ipod earphones can get quite expensive, your looking at around £20 for standard issue earphones.
          **You will also recieve a dock connector to USB cable, this is so you can plug you Ipod into your computer and dock to Itunes for your media transfer. The little niggle I have with this is, it isn't particullary convenient for charging your Ipod. As you will need to connect to a computer any time you need to charge rather than simply plug into the mains. To solve this problem I had already purchased a USB converter for my Ipod Shuffle. With this you are able to plug the USB end of your connector into a plug and connect directly to the mains socket to charge. After paying so much money, should you really be expected to then buy a USB converter to charge from the mains? I thought a product like this should be included or given as a freebie considering the low cost. I got my converter for around £2.50 from eBay.
          **Included will be your quick start guide, please be warned this is very 'quick-start', and if you are not very IT swavvy you may need some help in getting started.
          I would also like to point out that the whole package is a very small clear plastic container, so you may be left feeling like you didn't get much for your money.

          Does The Ipod Touch 8G 4th Generation Look Good?

          The Ipod Touch 8G 4th Generation is very sleek and slim. It looks very modern, which you would expect. The front is black, and the back of mine is silver. The back can become scratched and worn very easily if not properly protected. This is a shame as you would like to keep looking as good as you can for as long as you can. It is a very attractive product and does look expensive. The Ferrari of MP3 players. The Ipod Touch 8G 4th Generation has a large screen with excellent resolution, you are able to view everything clearly and with a crisp image. There are no unsightly buttons on this product as with many other MP3 players. There is one simple menu button, and as the product name suggests everything else is touch screen. An excellent feature!

          Is It A Good Quality MP3 Player?

          You expect for this kind of price that it would be an excellent quality MP3 Player. And I find it to be no less than that. The sound quality of the Ipod Touch 8G 4th Generation is brilliant, the music is played very clearly with excellent levels of base etc. The volume control works very well, it doesn't just have two settings, mute and loud, you can manage the volume easily either with the volume buttons on the side of the Ipod or by the touch screen slide bar. It is very easy to select songs, and to find the track you are wishing to listen to. You can search on Artist, Track, Album etc. It also has the shuffle function so that the Ipod will flick through your tunes and select at random for you. My favourite part is being able to view the album covers as the songs play. If you turn your Ipod horizontal the screen with auto correct and you are then able to flick through the album covers. Because there are many ways to search through your music, it makes it very easy and enjoyable. Especially if you have a lot of music on there it would become very tedious to search if you did not have the option that are provided.

          How Do I Add Music To My Ipod?

          You will need to install Itunes 10 or a later version to be able to use you Ipod Touch 8G 4th Generation. This is free and easy to download from the website. (www.apple.com/itunes/ ) you will be able to download it from here. It is really simple to download, and you can set it to automatically update with any music you add to your laptop. So if you wanted to put on all the albums you have at home you are able to do this and add the album artwork, all using iTunes. iTunes also offers the online store where you can purchase music for your collection. iTunes also allows you to arrange playlists for your iPod so you can listen to your music according to your mood etc. You can also add videos and photos to your iPod to set as your background. It is a perfect application to arrange your music, remove and add what you wish, view how much memory you have left and any other features you may like to play around with.

          What Features Does The Ipod Touch 8G 4th Generation Have?

          Before adding any application to your Ipod Touch 8G 4th Generation it comes with alot of features as standard. This is where the Ipod Touch 8G 4th Generation becomes more of a portable computer/mobile phone/MP3 player.
          **You can set a password to your Ipod so that no one else can unlock it and access your information and applications.
          **You can set your own background using one of your photos in your album. Please note, that the Ipod Touch 8G 4th Generation does not have a camera built in to it so you will need to add your photos via Itunes or download from the internet once you have your applications set up.
          **You are able to group your downloaded applications within the start menu to ensure it is much easier to search for what you need. You can create little folders for similar applications and title it so you can go direct to the application rather than route through pages and pages of menus.
          **If you are needing to hold your Ipod in landscape to view a picture properly or if you prefer a wider screen to a longer one when viewing the internet you are able to turn the Ipod Touch 8G 4th Generation and it will auto correct to make your viewing easier.
          **When using the keyboard feature on the Ipod Touch 8G 4th Generation, I find that the keys are extremely small. this will become difficult for people with larger fingers. I have small fingers and frequently touch the wrong keys, which can become quite frustrating. It can seem very fiddly at first until you get used to how to manoever the Ipod.
          **The app store comes as standard with the Ipod Touch 8G 4th Generation where you can go through lists upon lists of applications to add to your ipod.
          **Like a mobile phone you also have video albums, a calendar, a phonebook, notes and settings where you can find out all the information about your ipod.

          What Is An Application?

          One of the main attraction to the iPhone and the Ipod Touch 8G 4th Generation is that you can download appications from the app store. These vary in price from 50p to a couple of punds, and there is a massive range of free applications. It is true when they advertise there is an application for everything! Squeezing spots, online shopping, eBay, PayPal, Yahoo, Facebook, a million and one different games, just to name a few. Using the applications you can download books and read directly from your ipod, bus journeys and car journeys will never be the same again. You can download applications to edit your photos and videos. Downloads sat nav and maps for all your navigational needs, you can run your life pretty much from the palm of your hand. A very impressive feature. Now if only the made an application that would win the lottery for me??!!! We can only dream.
          To be able to use the app store you are required to creat and online account, this again is very simple to do and isn't time consuming. It does seem a bit of a farse having to create so many accounts but as some of the applications are chargable you need to be able to authorise the transactions and pay just as you would buying any other product over the internet.

          Can I Access The Internet From The Ipod Touch 8G 4th Generation?

          Yes you can. The Ipod Touch 8G 4th Generation has the Safari web browser which is very easy to use. As you would expect you have the address bar at the top of the page, can go back to previous pages and refresh the screen. You can view your pages in a smaller view so that you can flick through easier. Similar to the tab functions when using Windows Explorer. By brushing your fingers along the screen you are able to enlarge and minimise the webpage to make easier viewing. The Ipod Touch 8G 4th Generation connects via wifi and doesnt having roaming capability. You can download applications to search for local wifi hotspots, or when trying to access Safari it will bring up a list of available wireless networks.

          Is 8G A Lot Of Memory?

          In simple terms 8G is a very sufficient amount to have for your Ipod Touch 8G 4th Generation. That will allow your plenty of memory for music, applications, videos and music. To give you an idea on the amount of songs and applications etc, here are my Ipod stats at this moment.
          I currently have 349 songs, 15 photos and 32 applications, this takes up 6.8GB, so I have used just over half the memory. Which I would say is ample.

          The More You Add The Slower It Runs?

          I find that my Ipod Touch 8G 4th Generation rund perfectly fine once it is tured on and running. With a computer, if it was filled to the brim with information you would expect it to become sluggish and take a while to open things. Well, I find that this doesn't happen with the Ipod Touch 8G 4th Generation, so far anyway. In the previous section you can see how much memory I have used and my Ipod runs fine. However, the only thing I will say is that it takes 43 seconds to load when first switching to getting to the password screen, this can become quite a pain. But I don't think 43 seconds is anything to worry about when the Ipod carries that much information.

          What Accessories Can I Get?

          Whilst having a look on the internet for useful information I could include in my review, I discovered on apple.com you can have your Ipod engraved for FREE. I thin this would be a lovely feature when giving this as a gift. Really would make someones day.
          There are thousands of casing choices to purchase for the Ipod to keep it protected, these are available all over the internet at very little costs. You can also get screen protectors to keep your Ipod as pristine as you can.
          If you do not take a fancy to the Ipod earphones then you are able to buy alternative earphones that will connect into your Ipod, I would recommend checking they work before buying however.
          I had a look on www.iwantoneofthose.com and come across a really clever idea for the Ipod. They sell fake envelopes for your bag, that is a protective case for your Ipod, should anyone have a nosey in your bag it just looks like a letter and no one is any the wiser that it is keeping your Ipod safe. Worth the few pounds it is advertised for I thought.

          My Thoughts.....

          Well, to cut a long story short :P
          I think that the Ipod Touch 8G 4th Generation is an excellent product, I spend hours a day using it. By day, I use it as an MP3 player walking to and from work. By night, I am chatting with friends and playing on games, watching videos on youtube and reading my emails or arranging nights out with the girls. There are always new things to update it with so it never becomes boring. Out with the old and in with the new. The price of the product is a little scary, but you can always try a second hand purchase. I highly recommend this product but do warn of how much you will be out of pocket. Though I was lucky enough to get a good trade on mine. I would say that may it is justified if you forego a night out on the tiles and put the money towards the Ipod Touch 8G 4th Generation. I am very happy with my deal and really enjoy having one of these.

          Apologies for the length, Thank you for taking your time to read my review. :)


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          • Sunsilk Passionately Red / Hair Care / 43 Readings / 41 Ratings
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            20.09.2010 14:05
            Very helpful



            A Good Product To Try If On Offer.

            As you can tell by my profile photo, I am not a natural red head but infact completely pillar box red. I adore this colour, unfortuantley it is soon to be reverted back to my natural dark brown, details of the funeral will follow :'( A colour such as mine is tremendously difficult to keep up with. I am quite lucky in that I manage to keep my hair fade free for a few weeks before drastically needing to re-dye. One way I maintain the effect of my hair is by using the Sunsilk Passionatley Red range.

            I wouldn't say that I am entirely satisfied with this product, but find that it is the product most effective for my hair type and colour. I do not think that there seems to be a lot contained within each tube both with the shampoo and conditioner. I wash my hair once every two days as to not unnecessarily cause my hair to fade. The shampoo and conditioner do not last as long as I would like. Also, as with many products, not just Sunsilk, I find that the conditioner frustratingly runs out before the shampoo.

            The consistency of the shampoo is not as thick as I would like, and can be quite runny. So I find sometimes I use too much. However, the shampoo has a wonderful smell of cinnamon. It is the best smelling shampoo I have come across, and it is long lasting. I find my hair smells lovely for a good day after washing.

            The conditioner does seem to be a little more run of the mill, it doesn't have the cinnamon smell, so could be repackaged to fall in line with any of the other ranges. However, it is a good conditioner. It does not leave my hair feeling greasy. It leaves it with a nice shine, and my hair feels like it has had a really good clean. I tend to use a good sized dollop of this conditioner as it seems when using a small amount you do not get the desired effect.

            Even though I would not give these products top scores, I do continue to use them as they do the job that I require. There are obviously better products available but they may not be suitable for my hair. The shampoo and conditioner both lather well so you feel as though you can have a real good scrub!

            I have only ever used one tube of the leave in conditioner and found it to be a good little product. I used it whilst I was living in Greece, and felt it kept my hair lovely and fresh. One thing I would warn though, if you hair is quite thin you may not want to consider this, as the product may be too heavy for your hair and cause it to look greasy. I have quite thick hair and it took me some time to get the measurements right. If you are not used to applying leave in conditioner to your hair then I would probably steer clear of the leave in conditioner.

            I currently find this product to be very good value for money as it is available in my local pound store at buy one get one free. Making each tube a trivial 50p each. I am quite happy to spend this amount of money on the product, as like I say it works great for my hair. I find it revitalises my red tresses, and gives it a natural shine. Well, as natural as pillar box red can get. Generally, in supermarkets you are looking to pay between £1.50 and £2.00 for a 250ml tube. I do not think I would spend this on the Passionatley Red range unless it was on offer.

            Thank you for reading my review.


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            • Nothing To Lose (DVD) / DVD / 22 Readings / 21 Ratings
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              20.09.2010 12:35
              Very helpful




              'Nothing To Lose' is a fantastically written comedy, penned by Steve Oedekerk. Without a doubt this is the funniest film I have ever seen. I have watched many comedies but cannot think of one movie old or new that I have found as side splitting as this one. Telling the tale of Nick Beam (Tim Robbins) who comes home from work one day thinking he is being robbed only to discover his wife having 'relations' with his boss. In a daze, he just walks away and gets in his car. As if his bad couldn't get any worse he is then car jacked by Terrance (Martin Lawrence) a young man, desperate to make money for his family. Feeling things couldn't get worse than this Nick slams his foot to the ground driving off with the criminal in his passenger seat. After some hilarious scenes at a diner in ther middle of the desert, Nick and Terrance decide to team together, in robbing Nick's company. Not only will Terrance get the money he needs for his family but Nick will be able to get revenge on his boss. And so begins, a tale of friendship, drama and lots and lots of laughs.

              Everyone has their favourite part of a movie and in 'Nothing To Lose' there are just too many to chose from, but here is an example. At one point in the movie, Nick, whilst day-dreaming about his wife manages to get petrol all over his shoes. Later, Terrance tries to stay calm whilst telling Nick he has a huge spider on his head, thinking Terrance is speaking in some sort of street slang Nick doesn't realise he actually has a tarantular on his head until it slips down in front of his face. He flies out of the car and starts racing around to the sountrack 'I'm a Scatman'. Terrance gets out the video camera and is filming Nick while almost collapsing on the floor laughing. Then, with perfect comic timing a book of matches hits the floor from Nick's pocket, combined with the petrol covered shoes, his feet burst into flames, causing Terrance to laugh even more. And in return, usually knocking me off the setee in hystericals. Followed by the rewind button, and just having to watch it again.

              The movie isn't for family viewing as it contains quite a lot of swearing, slap stick violence and a couple of scenes with sexual references. However, as a late night movie when the kids are in bed it is just perfect. I can imagine it is a good laugh to watch with friends. Filled with comedy armed robberies, where they get tips on how to be scary from an elderly till operator, and all singing all dancing security guard, and Terrance having his life hung over a balcony with a bed sheet. Not forgetting to mention a serious case of missing mustard, that has drastic consequences. This film is not to be missed.

              The movie is perfectly relevant to todays cinema, and I find it is a film that just will not go out of date. With perfect comedy timing, and a great storyline, it can be watched time and time again. Robbins and Lawrence work amazing together, with the total cliche of the young black criminal and the white straight talking business man. There is an undertone within the film surrounding these particular issues, subtly mentioning prejudice and rights, but it is very light hearted.

              Not only is this film an amazing comedy, but it also has a lovely story of friendship. How we can all help each other. How just one small change can make such a big difference to someone eles life, without having to get too gushy.

              The soundtrack to this film is equally as incredible. It matches perfectly to the tone of the film, with the track list including :
              Scatman John - Scatman
              Master P - Hit 'Em Up, Get 'Em Up (Stick 'Em Up)
              Michael Jackson - Wanna Be Startin' Something

              I highly recommend this film, it is a real feel good film and is guaranteed to make you laugh. I would even go so far as to say that it is at least a giggle a minute. A great investment on DVD and will definatley be worth your money as I can also guarantee that this will be watched more than once. After seeing the likes of Robbins and Lawrence in more serious roles, it is refreshing, to see them in this type of movie. They really did the script justice and couldn't have seen the characters played by any other two actors. If I have more hands, then all my thumbs would be up.

              On amazon.co.uk, 'Nothing To Lose' is advertised between £1.50 and £5.50, for old and new dvd's, this is brilliant value for money. And a worthy investment.
              'Nothing To Lose' is rated a 15 in the UK due to the content.

              Highly Recommended.

              Thank you for reading my review :)


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              16.09.2010 12:37
              Very helpful



              Book Beats The TV Series.

              "Everyday middle-class London is caught with its trousers down" (Good Book Guide)

              Get you attention?? Not Really??

              "The first thing you should know is that I am a whore".

              Now?? Thought so. That was exactly what caught me too.
              The very opening line of 'Intimate Diaries of a London Call Girl : Belle De Jour'. I stumbled across this book one day in HMV when trying to find something interesting to occupy me on the 12 hour flight to America. 17 years old at the time obviously this line was bound to intrigue me. Funnily enough, I didn't even read anymore, it was bought. At, if my memory serves me well, around £8.00 at that time I was satisfied with my purchase. Just to clarify, I purchased this book before the TV series was produced and released, so I am more biased towards to the book. And felt I had some sort of exclusivity as I knew the story before everyone got hooked on the TV series. But that, I guess, is the child in me.

              This novel was penned by Brook Magnanti pulling from her own experiences and chequered past. Brook is a UK writer and a scientific researcher. This has not always been the case. As Brook developed 'Belle' and her persona to be able to tell her own story so she could remain anonymous. That she did until around 2009. As you can probably tell from the title, if you have not already heard about the TV series or previously read the book, Brook/Belle was a high paid escort.

              The story is told from the point of view of Belle the diarist, with such an impact for the first line you can imagine how the rest of the story unfolds. It is a no-holds-barred account of Belle's contrasting lives. A post-grad through the day and an experienced earner in the high class sex trade by night. We are told of the prostitute being paid for her services as a dominatrix, to take part in parties, and even being hired by females. The book gives you enough insight in to the life and the tricks of the trade to keep you hooked throughout. Belle is so witty and matter of fact, she tells these stories with no shame or regret and you find yourself respecting her and her life choices. Belle is a very interesting person, unique in her ways. Obviously, we know that she is not entirely unique as this is a booming trade, but this story is unique in the insight we are given. The first I have personally come across anyway. It is not uncommon for sex stories and scandals to be read about, however I thought this book was the first of its kind and have not heard of any since that are as well written and captivating as Belle De Jour.

              The accounts of Belle De Jour can be quite explicit at time, but I think after the opening line I was expecting a little more than I actually recieved. (No pun intended). I was expecting steamy descriptions of mass orgies that went on for pages, but this is not what the book was about. Don't get me wrong there was some hot under the collar moments, which complemented the story of Belle alot more that if it had have been XXX rated. Throughout the story you begin to empathise with Belle, and I dont think it would have been this type of story had the explicit element have been....well...more explicit. When reading you feel the raw emotion from Belle, the real Belle not the character she takes on when she is at work, we get to know the person. This book is very intimate in more than one sense of the word. Intimate in that we hear of exactly what being a call girl and working in the sex trade industry involves from a working girls point of vew. A true depiction from someone who has lived it. And intimacy in that we get to know the person, and feel what she feels, hear her thoughts, not just what she is paid to say.
              I think it is safe to say that 'Intimate Diaries of a London Call Girl' takes you right out of your comfort zone, and is really quite an eye opener in to what really goes on.

              As much as I enjoyed the honesty, I felt the story could have been even more grittier. Tested us a little more, I felt like something was missing. The book is so honest and truthful throughout but I felt as though there was more being held back. This didn't alter how much I enjoyed it, however I didn't find myself shocked at all. As part of such a scandalous trade I expected to be gob-smacked at parts, but this didn't happen. We are given insight into the life, but not completely let in. In my opinion there is a lot more to be heard from Belle.

              When I purchased this book, as mentioned before, it was before the release of the TV series starring Billie Piper. The book has a very classy front cover, in contrast to its contents. It was black with pink writting and a pink shoe on the front in a diamante style text. However, now it appears that only the book covered with the promo's for the TV series are available. This is a shame, as the book should stand fast on its own. I know this doesn't take away from the story inside but it just doesnt look as classy as the original.

              This book is available on Amazon, new and old copies for under £5.00, which is a real bargin. I am going to have to replace mine seems to have been permanantly borrowed by a friend of mine. I have no issues with paying for this book twice. I would absolutley recommend this book to anyone who asked, it is a great read.

              Two thumbs and four stars from me.

              Thank you for reading my review.


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                16.09.2010 10:52
                Very helpful



                A Tingling Fruity Wonderul Hot Shower Sensation.

                Original Source Shower Gel prides itself on using all natural ingredients. In my opinion this adds to the product and exactly how unique it is. In comparison to other shower gels I have used in the past there is just no competition. Original Source Shower Gels are strong in smell and rich in pure and natural essential oils. This creates a wonderful feeling on your skin. Our skin is with us a long time so why not treat it every time you take a shower? Original Source Shower Gel is packed full of wonderful and healthy ingredients for your body, they include fruit extracts, parts of root, trees and leaves. Also, flowers and stems, plants and fruit peels. All natural and all essential for a perfect shower gel if you ask me. Essential oils have been proven to have massive psychological and physiological benefits. We all need a little pick me up first thing on a Monday morning when we know we have to get back to work. As you can imagine when a product is made up entirely of natural ingredients there are going to be a lot to list.

                If you are interested in what each ingredient does and what positive effect it can have on your body then you can visit the Original Source website.
                There they list the benefits of Almonds, Avacado, Chillis, Chocolate, Cranberries, Eucalyptus, Ginger, Honey, Lavender, Lemon, Lime, Mint, Orange, Shea Butter and Tea Tree.

                I have found when using Original Source shower gels that my skin is left feeling very soft and supple. I do not particularly have sensitive skin, but have found some previous shower gels leave my skin dry. Or I have also tried gels that leave my skin feeling greasy. This is certainly not the case with Original Source. The gels themselves are very strong in smell, but it is not over-powering. Once rinsed off from a warm shower there is nothing better than smelling all nice and clean, with these shower gels I find the 'newly clean' smell is longlasting. It clings to your skin and keeps you smelling fresher for longer. Going back to Original Source ensuring all there products are made of all natural ingredients, especially with the Mint and Tea Tree shower gel you are given extreme stimulating effects.

                When using these shower gels, I use a good size dollop of gel to cover my body. This is plenty be able to clean properly. I found that for teo people the normal 250ml bottles lasted us a week. Each of us showering once a day, sometimes twice, I found this extremely good value for money.

                Original Source have an evergrowing range of shower gels. Unlike the normal Strawberry, and boring old soapy smelling shower gels that are available everywhere, Original Source offer a range of very imaginative concoctions. I have personally tried each one and do not have any complaints whatsoever. Each gel is individual and varies in the ingredients used. I have found that I favour some more than others but obviously everyone will have thier own preference. The range that is available from Original Source :
                *Eucalyptus and Lime Basil Oil - this is 'dynamite for drowsy souls' according to the website. It is believed Eucalyptus is used to clear the lungs, it can also relax muscles and rejuvenate your spirits. Mixed with basil that is perfect for fighting stress, what more could you ask for in one shower? May you ever get out of the shower again?
                *Lavender and Tea Tree
                *Lemon and Tea Tree
                *Lime - My personal favourite as I adore the smell of limes, I found this to have the most longlasting smell of all the range. The smell of the Lime shower gel is electrifying. It really gets your senses going, especially first thing on a morning when you are in desperate need of waking up. This is described as the 'green powerhouse' and I understand why. This shower gel is rich in vitamin C. And it also contains 40 limes in every single bottle!
                *Mint and Tea Tree - I think this is the most infamous of the range, the reason behind this is the very strange tingling sensation this combination of ingredients leaves you with. It is a very pleasant feeling however. I used this in the shower with the window open, as soon as this hit my skin, mixed with the slight breeze from the window it felt like I has walked out of an igloo in only my birthday suit. Which can feel quite strange in your delicate areas :S
                *Orange Oil and Ginger
                *Sea Kelp and Rock Salt
                *Shea Butter and Honey
                *A new summer edition has been introduced - Australian Wild Berries
                *White Pepper and Avacado
                *As part of the Mens range - XXX Black Mint - I have not tried this one but I can imagine it has similar effects on the skin to what Mint and Tea Tree has.
                Original Source have also introduced a new range which I have yet to try called the Gourmet Range which includes intriguing shower gels such as Cassis and Cranberry, Chocolate and Mint, Lime and Sweet Chilli. If the other Original Source products are anything to go by then I am sure these will be fantastic on the skin!

                Original Source do offer other ranges of products, I am not as familiar with these as the shower gels but they provide hand wash, hair care, bath care and an entire range designed for men, thier armpits and dirty bits. All details of these products are held on the website. www.originalsource.co.uk

                Original Source Shower Gels is held in a convenient bottle, that is not bulky and is quite attractive when standing in your bathroom. The only negative I would say about the bottle is it has no way of being hung in the shower. Too cool to dangle from your shower head, this needs to be on show on the shelf or the window sill. The bottle is a triangular shaped 250ml bottle. The lid opens from the bottom of the bottle and is easily accessible. It is a squirty bottle typical of what you would expect shower gel to be like. Original Source do also offer another option for those of us who are green and are dedicated to improving the environmental situations. They offer shower gel in a package that is 75% less plastic and that also holds 500ml of shower gel. These packets are easy to use and make no difference to the product but helps you to do your part for the environment. If I am honest I think the environmentally friendly packaging is more attractive than the original bottles. Original Source also supports 'Support Vegan Society' raising money for a good cause to protect the animals. What more could you ask for, a wonderful refreshing shower, and all the time knowing the little animals are being taken care of??

                The average price for the Original Source Shower Gel in the 250ml bottles is £1.99. This is amazing value for money aswell as being a great product. As mentioned before, this lasts two of us a good week, showering at east once a day. I find this well worth the money, especially for how the product leaves you feeling after a lovely hot shower. Original Source Shower Gel is available fr purchase in Morrisons, Boots, Sainsburys, Tesco, Superdrug and Asda, so you will not need to go out of your way to buy this product.

                Would I recommend this product?
                With out a doubt.


                Thank you for taking the time to read my review.


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                • Nightmare Hostel (DVD) / DVD / 26 Readings / 26 Ratings
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                  15.09.2010 13:55
                  Very helpful



                  I Miss My Fiver

                  On a recent trip to Cornwall to see the grandparents I was spurred on to right this review, as I felt I had to stop as many people as possible making the same mistake I had. My brother and I generally have the same taste in DVD's, eventhough he is five years younger than me, he loved his horror films. As we were sharing a portable DVD player and were bored beyond belief in the back on mums car, I decided to buy a DVD from the services. Avoiding the classics like Dirty Dancing and The Notebook, both of which I love, I was directed straight to the horror DVD's. One of which, as it was on offer caught my eye. The Nightmare Hostel (originally titled 'Dr.Rage'). Having already seen film such as Eli Roth's Hostel 1 & 2, I thought this may follow suit, I was intrigued.

                  The movie tells the 'tale' of Michael Dare and how he enrolls in an experimental study for Rage Impulse Disorder at Straun House, which he discovers not to be what it seems. If you noticed I put 'tale' in quotation marks...well, I do not believe that this even constitutes as a tale. I can't really explain anymore of the story as I wasn't entirely sure what had happened during or directly after watching this.

                  What I can tell you, which may be a plot spoiler to the non existent plot is that the tale ends with a two headed man that seems to make no sense at all. The fact that this makes no sense is the only thing that is consistent with the rest of the movie. I think this was a total waste of money and time. I could think of a lot of other things where the money would have been put to better use. I do not think this movie is worthy of a B movie title, nor is it worthy of recieving my crisp five pound note. The entire film made no sense, did not have any point to it and was just ridiculous. I did find myself expecting this to get better and improve which it never did. My brother and I exchanged many confusedglances at one another throughout and discussed turning it off a number of times. But unlike with books I am always reluctant to end a DVD.

                  If I have not convinced you already that this is probably one of the worst films that have ever existed then get this. IMDB shockingly has this DVD listed in it's archives, and under memorable quotes, we find one. One quote, yes.

                  Moe Moebius: How do you like your coffee?
                  Michael Dare: Hot.

                  Now if this is the most memorable quote from the entire fim, I definatley agree it sets the precident of what is to be expected. I also noticed that IMDB had no goofs listed for this movie, I can imagine as they were unable to work out what could and couldn't be regarded as a goof, as the whole thing is terrible. I think it is safe to say, and anyone who has watched this movie would agree, the entire thing is a goof.

                  Just incase anyone is interested, I had a look online, this DVD is available on Amazon. Horrifyingly, Amazon have an £11.99 price tag on this. Other suppliers on there are offering this from 37p upwards, which I still think is extortionate!! If anyone is desperate to see this film, I have a copy at home I will willingly pay postage on to get rid of. So first come first serve. Instead of wasting money on this monstrocity that has two heads spend it on something useful.

                  As you can I don't think I would really recommend this DVD. Maybe to the CIA though, as I think it could make a good torture technique, who knows. Something for them to consider. I wouldn't watch this DVD again, probably not even if you offered me and icecream or my fiver back. I feel I wasted enough with the hour and a half of my life it took to watch this.

                  I am only awarding this DVD a one star because it was clever enough to get me to spend a fiver on it.

                  Thank you for reading, select your DVD's wisely.


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                  15.09.2010 11:20
                  Very helpful



                  Would Only Consider Buying If On Offer

                  I was given Avon Foot Works Cherry Ice Cooling Foot Spray as part of my leaving present from work when I was moving to Turkey. The filled the bag with all sorts of trinkets from Turkish Delight (like there wouldn't be enough where I was going), to bracelets, hair care and then a foot spray. A little baffled, I read the bottle to find out why they had put this in the bag. It described how this was a product designed to cool your body down. I knew that cooling your feet lowered your overall body temperature, and in temperatures of 40+ degrees in the day I thought this was a really great idea. We all know there is nothing worse than being over heated and uncomfortable which is inevitable in temperatures like that so anything that may help I was more than open to trying. I do not do very well when too hot, or too cold for that matter.

                  So whilst I was in Turkey, the heat was unbearable and taking 4 cold showers a day still wasn't constantly keeping my cool. However, when using the Avon Foot Works Cherry Ice Cooling Foot Spray, I felt relieved at a temporary and more practical way of cooling myself down. You spray on your feet direct from the bottle, a couple of sprays being sufficient. The spray dries immediatley and does not leave your feet feeling greasy and does not leave behind any residue. However, this does make me ask the question, would a spray bottle with water inside have the same effect? The cooling sensation does only last a few seconds, but again is alot more practical than taking 4 showers a day.

                  Avon Foot Works Cherry Ice Cooling Foot Spray is currently available HALF PRICE at http://avonshop.co.uk for £2.25. Making the usual price £4.50. I would not pay £4.50 for this product at all. At the half price mark I think is acceptable and would recommend it to take on holiday. As the origional price does seem rather steep for this product I would advise of other methods. I was given this product as a gift and was happy with it, however I feel if I had paid £4.50 for it I would not have been so pleased with it.

                  There are many methods of cooling yourself down in uncomfortable temperatures, some again are more practical than others but are worth a try. As Avon Foot Works Cherry Ice Cooling Foot Spray only offers a temporary relief I would think about other ways to help. Such as :

                  *** Try Rinsing a pair of cotton socks in cool water. Wringe them out until they are damp and put them on. I suppose this wouldn't be a very good idea in bed, leaving you with soggy sheets, but might be an idea to sit on your balcony and cool down for ten minutes.
                  ***Chill a pillowcase. If you put your pillowcase in a freezer bag and into the freezer for the day, when you take it out it will have been protected from the water and will be lovely and cool. This has been said to help you fall asleep faster also as it reduces uncomfortable heat. I can't imagine I am the only one forever turning over my pillow to get the cold side.
                  ***Sleep NUDE!! Some people say this works wonders, however others believe that your sweat stays on your bed sheets and makes it more uncomfortable. What a lovely thought??!!

                  Thank you for reading.


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                  15.09.2010 10:07
                  Very helpful



                  Thank You For Reading My Review :)

                  I downloaded 'Hungry Shark' for my iphone to keep me occupied during quiet spells at work....shhhh dont tell the boss. I was a little bit wary of the game at first and wasn't entirely sure if I was going to enjoy playing a shark who has to eat people. However, I thought 'let's not be pathetic it is only a game afterall'.
                  The idea of the game is to keep your shark alive, to do this you must basically eat everything in sight. Eating keeps your health up, which is frequently knocked by attempting to eat prikly blowfish or bumping to mines. On the surface you are able to eat humans that are swimming along, or birds that are on the surface of the water, there is also a large variety of fish to go after. As i do not usually play games like this it took me a while to realise that you could swim deep into the sea and also find a different set of fish and scuba divers to have munch on. You are able to explore the caves for food or you are able to travel to Iceand, to eat penguins and swim amongst icebergs. The more your shark eats the larger you grow which can be difficult if manoeuvring through the caves. I only have version 1 of 'Hungry Shark' and this is as far as I have been able to get so far. There are opportunities to level up, though I do not think I have ever actually realised when this has happened. You are able to do this by finding the little suprises within the sea such as, licence plate, traffic cone, moon on a stick, ancient vase etc. All these really achieve are more point scoring and an apparant 'level up'.

                  The game may vary in loading times from ipod to ipod, iphone to iphone. However, when loading on mine. It takes 11 seconds to open and load to the main menu, a futher 9 seconds to calibrate the screen so it detects when you are trying to move the shark. Then it takes another 8 seconds to begin playing the game. I didn't think this was too bad, as the game needs to calibrate to how you prefer to hold you iphone.

                  The application is quite difficult, not in the gaming sense but really trying to get the shark to go where it is supposed to. Especially as it grows larger, as the calibration isn't great with this game it does sometimes become impossible to manoeuver successfully. You find yourself nearly standing on your head to get the shark to turn around.

                  The graphics of this game are as good as to be accepted for an 'arcade game' type application. The graphics work well for what it is. I think sometimes that old school graphics add to the character of a game, it doesn't always have to be so high tech and look like the shark is about to pop out of my little screen and bite my head off. Some people may not appreciate the blood effects in the game, when eating a human the water becomes louded with blood and you see body parts floating around. I found it rather amusing and lets face it if you can't get over fake eating a human then this game really isn't for you.

                  The sound on this game is optional as is the case with most gaming applications. The music does only consist of a lot of cheesy beats strung together, again as you usually find with these types of games. The added extra would be the munching noises. The sound effects for munching the littles fishes, and right to the screams when you catch a human.

                  I downloaded this application from the app store for FREE. But as I mentioned at the beginning of my review I only have part 1 of 'Hungry Shark'. Part 2 is available on the app store for 59p. So, not a huge investment. The game does become quite addictive, trying to push yourself further and further. Overall not an expensive application but I can imagine there are some more exciting applications available for 59p.

                  I do quite enjoy this game, I have had it for about 2 weeks now and I think my time with 'Hungry Shark' has come to an end and it is time to move on. We have run our course together, and I am not getting out of it what I did in the beggining :P I do not know if I would recommend the game, as it can be addictive but also once you have played once you know what is coming and where to find what you need. Not much of a challenge other than trying to get the shark to go where you know u need to be.


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                    08.09.2010 16:28
                    Very helpful



                    Worth The Pennies For A Once In A While Treat

                    This has to be my favourite perfume of all time. I have never found a perfume that I like as much as this one. You know the saying, if you can't smell it on yourself than it is the perfuma that most compliments you?? Well this is my perfume. It is a wonderful fragrance by Donna Karan New York, and what I believe to be the best one of all the range of perfumes. This is not like the typical flowery, grandma smelling scent you seem to get every time you test a bottle in the store. You all know the smell I am talking about.

                    How does this perfume differ you may ask...well I have never smelt a perfume similar to this one, this one is unique so I have found. Which obviously appeals. It is also very distinctive so usually when wearing the perfume people can recognise it straight away. It is perfect to be worn through the day as a summery fragrance but can be worn on an evening as a more sultry smell.

                    This perfume was supposed to have been inspired by the 'spirit and energy' of New York City. I have never been to New York so cannot rate on if this idea is successful or not but what I can say is that the fantastic smell of vine ripe tomato leaf infused with cool vodka and a hint of blood orange....strange combination.....but it works....wonderfully! Like a little party in your nose :P

                    The only downside I can say about this DKNY perfume is that if you misjudge and spray a little too much it can be quite over facing. I have fallen victim to this once or twice and my mother is always the first to comment on how she feels like she is eating the perfume.

                    The bottle is pretty standard in comparison to some of the other DKNY bottles that have been released. It is a slim and tall glass bottle with frosted glass down one side and a small DKNY logo. I once heard that the bottle was designed to represent the Twin Towers, how true this is I do not know.

                    The bottle comes in a mock mirror type of box. The silver shimmer is a nice touch but again isn't really anything spectacular compared to some of the packaging that has been released for other fragrances. The packaging doesnt really do the product any justice. But its whats on the inside that counts, right? And this perfume is definatley the best by far.

                    I have previously been confused as to what the title of this perfume is. Others such as Be Delicious have obvious name choices. But I have come to realise that this is simply self titled DKNY. May be me having a dizzy moment, but if I wasnt to include this in my review then I would be preventing you from having a giggle at my expense.

                    The price of this purfume does vary as it is available at many low cost perfume stores. However, do watch out for immitations as this perfume is high on the list of fakes and frauds. The price you will be looking to pay for the different sizes are as follows:

                    30ml bottle........................£26
                    50ml bottle........................£35
                    100ml bottle......................£51

                    These prices are somewhat discounted online.
                    The price may seem a little high but for quality goods sometimes you need to dig deep. I find that using once or twice a day the 50ml bottles last me about a month or so. I did purchase one for a 2 week holiday and was using it excessively, this lasted the full 2 weeks and for a following 1 week when I was home. So it is good quality for money. And maybe a good idea for a Birthday or Christmas gift. I know I tend to treat myself to DKNY so I feel like I have something special rather than buy it all the time.


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                    08.09.2010 11:04
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                    Overall Happy With The Product

                    A few months ago I became really quite ill. I started off with a really bad throat infection, everytime I ate or drank it felt like my throat was on fire. This then turned into a chest infection. Because I was quite down in the dumps at the same time I just didnt seem to be getting any better and ended up with migranes and was generally in a lot of pain. I was really struggling to get any sleep as it felt like an elephant was tap dancing on my head and chest and feeding me razor blades. Without sleep I was getting worse and worse and so the list went on. I went to the chemist and they suggested that Nytol one-a-night tablets may aide me in getting a good nights rest. They were fine to take with the painkillers and anti-biotics I was already taking and would cause me no danger.

                    So that night, I put fresh bedding on, had a bath and got into clean jim-jams, no better feeling. I took the one tablet as recommended and waited for the miracle. The tablet was very easy to swallow and left no after taste. I did not take this with food before bed. Should you chose to try these tablets ensure you read the instructions carefully as the packet knows best, this review is just how I found them, I wouldnt like to comment on the guidelines of the product. I found that I did fall to sleep a lot easily and wasnt waking up as much as I had been previously. However, I did still wake you at the crack-of-dawn time I had been.

                    I felt that the Nytol one-a-night may be more mind over matter, as I have never tried any other type of sleeping tablets I wasnt exactly too sure what to expect. However, with my partner was an entirely different story. He works 7 nights a week and really needs his sleep with working so many hours. A few weeks ago he had become very stressed and had gone without sleep for nearly 2 days, I was really concerned for him as with working so many hours his sleep is very important. He is very anti-tablets. And has never taken them before if not perscribed by a doctor. After quite some time I managed toget him to agree to take a Nytol to see if it helped him. To be honest, he was so tired he didnt put up much of a fight. I think maybe the fact that he chooses not to take tablets or it was just the little push he needed to put his head on the pillow but he literally did not move all night. The position he fell asleep in was the position he woke up in. It was quite comical, he didn't make a sound all night, I found myself losing sleep to check on him. Needless to say, he did wake up feeling better, but being a man would never admit that fact.

                    Even if these tablets are more mind over matter I found them really quite effective and did the job I needed them to do. They left no groggy feeling in the morning, no non-alcohol hangover. I woke up feeling refreshed and happy I had managed to sleep through the night. I would recommend this product and will use in future if ever needed.


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                      08.09.2010 10:28
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                      Very Happy With My James Patterson Choice

                      As mentioned in my previous book review I am not the typical reading type. I find it very difficult to get into a tale, and if I haven't been captivated by the first couple of chapters then I tend to but the book down and forget about it. In the very short list of books I have managed to read cover to cover is James Pattersons Mary, Mary. This is an addition to the Alex Cross series, and I was very impressed. I cannot really compare this to the other Alex Cross tales as the only other James Patterson novel I have read is from the Women's Murder Club. Having born after 1987, I am a child of the movies and tend to wait for things to come to DVD. Patience is not my strong point.

                      However, when recently travelling to Turkey I thought I had best take something to keep me occupied should my feet be too sore to party. And I must say, eventually, I was really happy with my choice of literature.

                      What first attracted me to 'Mary, Mary' were the short chapters that seemed to make for an easy read. With the attention span of a gnat, especially in a hot country this was perfect for me. I would be able to pick it up and put it down without having to wait forever to finish a chapter. I have come to realise that this is the style of James Patterson and will definatley be considering reading some of his other novels.

                      Mary, Mary is based on a serial killer murdering and mutilating Hollywood mothers. Due to the nature of the case and the people involved Dr. Alex Cross is called in to investigate. 'Mary' the serial killer sends chilling emails to the Showbiz Editor of a well known newspaper describing the murders in vivid details. All of Hollywood begin to go crazy thinking they are next on the list, and the game of cat and mouse begins. Firstly, looking at an actor out for revenge or a director that didnt quite get the ratings they hoped for, and then on to the more sinister options.

                      So, I have to admit. The first time I picked up Mary, Mary it didn't catch my interest I read a few chapters and did as I always do and put it down and moved on. However, after finding myself completely bored with nothing to do I decided to try again. This time round, I must have paid more attention and was hooked. I could not put the book down, reading at the dinner table, in bed, and whilst sunbathing on the balcony. Before I knew it the book was finished and I found myself hoping for more chapters as I always seem to do when I have really enjoyed a read.

                      I did find this tale really quite chilling and sinister. You know that feeling you get when you turn the downstairs light off and run upstairs really really fast hoping noone will grab you on the way up? Well, this is exactly what Mary, Mary did to me. It was particularly horrifying,but the way the story was told really had the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. One particular evening, I did have to put the book down, turn the big light on and sit with my back to the wall for a while. Sad, yes I know.

                      I would definatley recommend this book and definatley recommend James Pattersons style of writting for those of us who struggle with long chapters. I look forward to reading more of James Pattersons work and would appreciate any suggestions.

                      At the time of writting this review Mary, Mary is available on Amazon for around £5.49. I know I picked my copy up from the charity shop my gran works in for next to nothing. I would say it is worthy of the investment on Amazon.

                      For an insight into James Patterson and his novels visit http://www.jamespatterson.com for more information.

                      Thank you for reading and not putting my review down after the first chapter :)


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