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    • Baking / Recipe / 21 Readings / 19 Ratings
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      13.03.2009 22:26
      Very helpful



      Explained for time bakers.

      I am a big fan of booking.. baking things from scratch in particular. One recipe my mama used to bake regularly was a "pear and frangipane" tart. Its one of those recipes that just makes you feel like home.. Just coz your mama baked it :)

      Let's start by making the pastry

      100g flour
      50g Margarine
      10g Caster Sugar
      Several ml of water in a cup

      *Health advice: Personally, I would substitute the flour in this dish for Wholemeal flour to contribute to your daily NSP intake which helps prevent constipation and long term bowel damage in the future. Also, I would use the lowest salt margarine to reduce your daily salt intake and prevent heart disease and high blood pressure.

      Let's do it:

      1. Pre-heat oven to 200 C, Gas Mark 6.
      2. break up margarine into several pieces and sieve the flour into a bowl.
      3. Using the tip of your fingers (avoiding using your palms) rub the butter and flour together by rolling your thumb across your other four fingers from your end finger (pinkie) to first until the mixture resembles fine breadcumbs
      4. Stir in the sugar
      5. By sprinkling just a spoonful of water (you would be surprised by how little you need) roll the mixture together with a knife and keep adding spoonfuls until you have made a stiff dough (avoid making a sticky goo)
      6. Flour your working surface, rolling pins and hands, and roll your pasty out.. After each roll shape it into a circle. Roll the pasty by rolling back and forth, shaping it, turning it around onto the other side to repeat the motion.
      7. Get a "sweet dish" flan ring and place the pasty inside and flatten it against the sides.. Trying not to stretch it. Trip all the extra from the top until the top is smooth.
      8. Scrunch up tin foil to resemble the shape of the flan and place it inside. Now place some pasta inside to weigh it down.
      9. Bake for 10 minutes.
      10. After 10 minutes remove the tin foil, pasta, and flan ring and leave until you have made the filling.

      Now lets make the frangipane

      50g Soft Bled Margarine.
      50g Caster Sugar
      50g Ground almonds
      1 egg
      15g self raising flour
      3 tinned pears
      1 tsp. Apricot jam
      1 tsp. Lemon juice

      * Health advice: You are welcome to reduce the amount of sugar as the lemon juice will provide the taste. Use tinned pears in juice rather than syrup. Use the healthiest alternatives possible to the ingredients above to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

      1. Place the self blend margarine and sugar into a bowl and cream together by taking the back of a wooden spoon and pressing against the margarine/sugar until it resembles ice cream or something fluffy.
      2. Add the almonds and ground well.
      3. Add beaten egg to the mixture a little bit at a time and mix well.
      4. Sieve in the flour and mix well.
      5. Once done add the lemon juice and place inside the flan pastry.
      6. Place the three pears down on a chopping board.
      7. Carefully slit the ends (shortest ends) of the bends but only slit no more than half way up. Don't make the slits to thick/thin.
      8. Now place the pears in the middle of the mixture flat side down, thin side to the middle until the are places in a circular motion.
      10. Turn the temperature down to 170C Gas Mark 3.. Bake for 20-25 minutes.
      11. Once ready paint the pears with the apricot jam.

      Sprinkle some icing sugar or nuts to garnish.

      I really enjoy this as the plan is crispy then suddenly you bite into a soft sponge and then bite into a juicy pear. Perfect combination with a sweet/nutty/spongy taste with the perfect texture combinations. This is a favourite, a favourite I must say. I hope you'll enjoy it too.


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        13.03.2009 19:59
        Very helpful



        it was worth the double price.

        Being a very ugly-skinned person, make-up is an important product in my daily life. I couldn't recall one day where I hadn't applied make-up to my skin since I was 12 years old. I'm not the only one in my situation, Its not an usual thing to be cursed with bulging red spots dirt coloured freckles and inflamed acne scars whilst having chalk white skim. So I look for a make-up which ticks all the boxes of, "covers well".. "works evenly".. "works for my skin tone" and "is low in oils". My usual make-up was Maybelline Matte Mouse, but it was very cheaply priced at the average £6.00. Since the economy isn't being too generous towards us I didn't want to pay too much, so I thought I would find a make-up double price and no more. I was blessed at Glasgow St Enoch Centre "Max factor" section at boots.

        - My Application tips for "Max factor - colour adapt"
        I firstly recommend using 'Olay Beauty fluid' moisturiser before application. Our older ladies may want try an 'age defying' cream from the Olay range and our oily-skinned beauties may want to avoid using Olay at all, although any moisturiser will do. Then apply with a make-up sponge (avoid using anything else) to apply firstly from the nose spreading downwards towards the cheeks, down under the chin and an extra squish for forehead/eye area, and another squish for that 'extra' layer and fixing any missed spots. The great thing about this make-up is that it spreads wonderfully, especially when used after applying moisturiser. Depending on how much coverage you require depends on how well your skin tidies up. However, unlike most make-ups.. not a lot is needed to create a perfect coverage.

        - The product itself
        The foundation is liquid although not runny, once squashed out onto a sponge it more or less stays in the same shape. The 'colour adapt' particles adapts to your own colour when spreading, and since it is available in creamy ivory, warm almond, blushing beige, natural, golden, bronze, caramel, toffee and soft sable its easier than ever to find a tone that matches you perfectly. It gives you an even tone and last for hours, and doesn't brag about it like most make-ups which pisses me off as most of the time the 16 hour foundation only worked for merely 10 minutes.

        It comes in a bottle with a "pump" which I think is just great, although I must add sometimes the pump likes to play games and wont do it's job properly, and when first using you have to play around with the pump several times to get it to work. It comes in a 34 ml bottle, although it looks considerably more as the bottle is about 2/3 full when purchased. Most bottles of makeup have the colour of the make-up pained around the outside, and if not there is traced of foundation remaining around the side so you cant see when its time for a "refill". However, Max Factor Colour adapt has a little un-covered line at the left hand side so you can see how much you actually have, and as it is a pump the foundation moved upwards rather than downwards. All in all I think the packing is great.

        - My experience

        I buy mines out of Lloyds Pharmacy around £12, unfortunately my chemist only has about three shades on offer; creamy ivory, natural, and golden. As I said before I'm chalk skinned so my perfect tone is creamy ivory. However, I'm a freak and would rather look a little darker than my natural skin tone so I don't look half dead! I go for Natural, the name is pretty self explanatory but I think it's a natural colour that would suit most skin tones. At the beginning on the review I mentioned my "make-up check list".. did it meet my requirements?

        "Covers well" - 8/10. This make-up is almost perfect t hiding my flaws, it lost two marks as I have to apply that little bit extra to get it perfect. Wouldn't it be great to find a make-up who gets it right first time round?

        "works evenly" - 10/10. Yes, yes, yes. I never have 'patching problems' or 'uneven bits' it just work magically. Most of that I'd credit the moisturiser for, but im reviewing the foundation here so, yep, full marks, gold star, top of the class!

        "works for my skin tone" - 8/10 - ooer yes it does! Okay, it didn't get top marks like the even test but I'm sure if I actually used the right make-up that matched my skin colour instead of choosing three shades darker, it would be great.

        "low in oils" - 7/10. Hmm, I do find this make-up rather oily, it doesn't result in very many spots, but if it was less oily then maybe I would upper my mark.

        Well what can I say? This make-up is a favourite and will be staying that was for a long time. Cheerio folks.


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      • Room 101 / Discussion / 39 Readings / 36 Ratings
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        08.03.2009 16:40
        Very helpful



        you hate me now, dont ye?

        oh ho ho.. i had never heard of a review where you could bitch all day and night. If anyone knows me on this site, you'll know i am very opinonated and don't keep my thoughts to myself. Im not afraid to pin-point things or people that i don't like.. and im not afraid to give my reasons, publicly! In my opinon its people like us who contribute to making the world a better place, are responsible for the worlds improvements. Well, not really but i like to think like that as i have a huge ego and im hardly modest. I can estimate about 50% of you already hate me from reading this first paragraph, 25% of you hate me from reading the rest of my reviews and the comments ive written on your reviews.. and the other 23% of you will hate me in about 10 minutes. 1% of you will like me and 1% of you arn't actually reading this review.. your just sitting on this page waiting for time to pass so you can rate this review so that ill return it later (im bad at doing that) without causing Dooyoo getting suspitious. So as you can tell i rant alot, shall we get on with it?

        1. Tangerines with white hair.
        Okay, have any of you been to Glasgow City centre? Im sure its just not in Glasgow this happens. You see the 15-17 year old girls who like like theyve "just been tango'd" and die their hair pure white. Why die your hair white? Im sure 70 year olds wish they could have a beautiful natural hair colour and yet these near enough children and wanting granny hair! Its not the fact they dress like this, its their attitude that comes with it. These girls think theyre "hardcore" just because they look like a granny who's father ****ed a wotsit. Okay ill admit.. when i was 12 i literally fake-baked. I was certainly tanerexic. But then i got older and i looked in the mirror and thought, im orange! I think fake tan should be boxed up and sent out at sea, or to room 101.. then we don't have to sit beside tangerines on the train.

        2. Marmaris Fans Forum.
        Have any of you been to Marmaris? I have... i love it there. The beaches, the music, the sand, the sea. Well i started using this forum, right? it was called Marmaris Fans (www.marmarisfans.com) and it was literally a bunch of girls who have love-rat boyfriends and deny it even though the writeen proof is all over the internet. I was a member for a while, okay i was a member for a year. And the site drove me crazy. If you say white.. the whole forum shouts black. All because if one girl disgree's, her mate disagrees, then her mate disagrees, then it turns into the big fight and you have raging cats screaming at your face. Honestly, the site is awful. I got banned for saying what i thought, but hey-ho they were all stupid, stupid little girls anyway.

        3.People who care about revenge rating.
        Right ok children, you should play nice on Dooyoo. Theres no need for revenge rating, we'll all a "community" here right? Well i understand revenge rating is childish and annoying but can i just say something? get over it! if they are revenge rating.. just ignore it.. if there is a "not useful" in amounst 50 usefuls its obviously people are going to know it was a revenge rating therefor the jokes on them! I don't understand these people who go to the lenghs to report it ect. I bet these people were the children in class that no-one spoke to because they'd grass up to the teacher if they passed chewing gum around. If you rate someone's review low.. well expect it returned if the person is immature. Don't post a low rating then act shocked once you get a revenge rating.. you got it coming to you! I do rate low if i think people deserve it.. but if i get a low rating back.. hey-ho thats life. Just, get over it really.

        4. People who smack their children.
        I wrote a review about this once.. i got abuse to up to my ears. People who smack their children ARE SICK. This isn't an opinon guys, this is a fact. They have something wrong in their head and whether you ment it to hurt of not you are basically treating children like animals. People say that its the only way to discipiline a child who doesn't understand.. if you hit a children who is as young as 4... really you should be locked in a house with someone who hits you when you do something theyre not happy with. I would gladly offer the life sentence who anyone who is sick minded enough to smack their children. As for people who smack children over 5.. you have no excuse.. ugh i don't even want to talk about these vile stomach-turning people. next please..

        5. people who care too much about stupid things.
        As the review goes on, you probably think im one of these people. But im talking about even stupider than this. Like spelling, people who go and cry in a corner because someone spelt a word wrong in a review. Ugh just get over yourself really.

        6. people who judge people by age.
        Oh look at that girl, shes far too young to be wearing that short-cut dress. Oh look at that young boy, how could his mother let him get that fat. Right okay, im my opinon young people are humans too. Omg, i cant believe i just said that im going to get AXED! Okay sometimes people don't like seing a pregnant 14 year old.. and a young boy smoking in the street, are you their parents? no? well why open your kisser then? I think its the parents choice/responsibilty when it comes to things like these.. actually in most cases the things young people do are nothing to do with their parents. They dont even know! And when i say age.. i mean older people too. When people look at an old man/woman and assume they are loopy in they head. What do you know about their life?

        7. people who want rules change that don't even affect them
        People want the law to require children stay on at school until the age of 18? does it affect you whether these people chose to work in mcdonalds or a doctors surgery. Jesus, its their life. A-levels are something that show the world that a person took the effort to stay on at school and work at their education, thats what distincts them from those walking out with Grade D's in English. When you make them all stay on it takes away the whole point of showing those with A-levels are commited to their work. This is only an example.. but when im writing one of these paragraphs then i can no longer see the title, i know ive written too much.

        8. Ive written too much now, but thats not the end of it :)


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        • Love Actually (DVD) / DVD / 29 Readings / 29 Ratings
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          01.01.2009 22:48
          Very helpful



          Actually wonderful.

          I would say maybe about three in four people have that classic Christmas film that gets them in the mood every year. On of those movie you don't have to buy on DVD - because you know its going to be on telly the second it hits December. I'm sure we all have our movies, some may even substitute the "movie" with a song or maybe even a book (strange one), we all have our little Christmas "thing". I probably wasn't born early enough to enjoy the usual Christmas classics that some may enjoy. However, I do have my little Christmas movie.

          Love actually is a British movie made in 2003 about several different plots about several different couples/situations having trouble during the period of Christmas. Each couple are originally from London, also some plots involve storylines elsewhere, Portugal for example. The people involved in each little plot know someone in another little plot, who know someone in a another little plot. So basically, they all are connected to each other, it may take watching it a few times to recognise this. The little plots involve a problem, for example cheating, death, love shyness, language barrier, fear, publicity, unsure of sexuality, haha! The plot is slightly bazaar but if you have a logical mind you can put all the pieces of this movies "puzzle" together and gather the true meaning of the stories combined.

          Love vs. Publicity -
          One of the plots, and a personal favourite of mine is the relationship between David(hugh grant), the countries new priminister and Natalie, his catering manager. A strange relationship props up as Natalie screws up her first meeting with the new priminister by first of all, addressing him by his first name, then swearing three times in his presence. However, the kind and funny David sees the funny side to Natalie's minor first-day nerves and falls for her! The relationship grows slowly. However, David is unsure about his actions as he does not want to cause bad publicity as he is already under uncertainty of how to deal with the president of the USA. His love for Natalie may be strong enough to turn against the whole of the united states, but is it strong enough to face the whole of the United Kingdom?

          Housewife vs. the "hot" secretary.
          The priminster's sister is also having her own love problems. Proud housewife and mother of two, Karen (Emma Thompson) lives in the usual "perfect household" life. Her husband ,Harry (Alan Rickman), is the "boss" of an office of some sort. As the company comes close to throwing a Christmas party, his secretary Mia (Heike Makatsch), the office "slut" as we would say, begins to catch an eye for Harry. When he gives the job of planning the party to Mia, he has enough time to concentrate on his own work. However, it may seem like Mia is doing him a favour, but at the party Mia uses this as an excuse to ask him for a dance in return, whispering in his ear implicitly exploiting her desire for him, Harry becomes vulnerable to her beautiful and young looks and starts to get unsure feeling about her too. Even though Karen is already suspicious at the way her husband and the "hot" secretary danced at the Christmas party, things get more serious as she finds he has bought a gold necklace for someone, but it was not given to her. What could Harry be playing at?

          Love vs. Popularity.
          Karen's friend Daniel (Liam Neeson), recently lost his wife to breast cancer. Not only does he have to put up with the struggle of putting his life back together, he also has to support his wife's 10 year old son, Sam (Thomas Sangster). Sam's mourning of his mother soon fades, so is this one less job for Daniel? Of course not! young Sam tells his step dad that he has another problem - he has fallen in love. As keen as Daniel is to play as a father figure to Sam he does all in his power to help Sam. It may seem like the easiest task but the biggest dilemma is, American girl Joanna (Olivia Olson), the girl he loves, is the most beautiful and popular girl in school, and Sam, is love shy. Whilst Sam and Daniel both try hard to aid Sam's confidence to tell popular Joanna how he feels - he realises it isn't enough and tries to figure out a plan to catch her attention at the Christmas school concert before she jets back home to America. How far will Sam go to get to her, will he not eat for a week? Learn to do something he's never done before? Face the l.aw?.. Will he ever get to the beautiful girl when she doesn't even know his name, or does she?

          Relationships vs. family
          Employee at Harry's office, Sarah (Laura Linney), has had an obsessive crush on workmate Karl (Rodrigo Santoro), for years. When Harry tells Sarah that Karl is aware of her feels, he suggests that she should do something about it. At the Christmas party Karl asks Sarah to dance; is it her dream come true? As they begin dancing to an up-beat pop tune, the music suddenly stops and plays a really slow dance tune. Feeling awkward Karl take her hands and slowly dances with her, rubbing her hand and playing with her hair. Sarah has found herself in heaven. After driving her home Karl hints that he does not need to rush out, Sarah invites him upstairs. As they begin passionately removing each others clothes Sarah's phone rings. Its her mentally-ill brother, whom she feels she has a responsibility for, who occasionally phones her to talk non-sense to her. As she listens to his gibberish, politely agrees then hangs up as usual, Karl decides to forget about her interruption and continues to passionately remove the rest of her clothing. However, as the phone rings a second time, Sarah realises she has a choice. To continue with her long-awaited fantasy which could turn into something special, by switching off her phone? Or forgetting about what she has dreamt of for so long to listen to her brother, by answering?

          The girl vs. the best man.
          Juliet (Keira Knightley) and Peter (Chiwetel Ejiofor) are two very happy newlyweds. Peters best man and best friend Mark (Andrew Lincoln) has been known to be bitter and cold towards Peter's fiancée Juliet, Juliet assumes it is because Mark couldn't really take to her, but Juliet couldn't be more wrong. As Mark videotapes his best man's wedding, he sends a tape Juliet, which is "wiggly" and "fussy". This was no "mistake". As Mark claims he has no idea where the original tape is, Juliet talks her way in to his house then finds the tape in a very-easy-to-spot location. In his video shelf. As Juliet begins watching the video she seems very pleased, the videos begin all of close ups of her and she happy about how close he stayed to her. However, after a few minutes Juliet realised the camera was following her trial.. The whole day, the whole night. Not one moment was focused elsewhere, it then seemed obvious that Mark had his eyes on her the whole night, also it became apparent that Mark has feelings for her, which were in reality strong feelings. As Mark walks out the house in embarrassment leaving a confused Juliet sitting on the chair... we think this may be last Juliet sees of Mark. However, as Mark turns up at the newlywed's house, will he fight for her? Or let the couple be?

          Emotions vs. language barriers
          Even though its not my favourite.. A very romantic relation grows between Peter and Mark's friend Jamie (Colin Firth) and his Portuguese housekeeper Aurelia (Lucia Moniz) who can only speak her native language. After Colin returns from Juliet and Peters wedding he comes home to find his girlfriend home alone with his brother, as he walks in the door, he can hear his girlfriend calling his brother into the room in a sexual manner. After this Jamie escapes to his cottage house in France to write, here, he hires Aurelia to help him around the house. In the film Aurelia only speaks in Portuguese, however, the conversations they have to each other seem as if they have a lot in common, as we see what Aurelia says in English subtitles. Behind the language barriers love starts to grow between the two, unable to verbally tell each other how they feel, it seems like a lost cause, they may love each other, however they both have no idea how the other feels back. As Jamie drives Aurelia home for the very last time, they both tell each other they will miss them, of course none of them having a clue what each other are saying. Just before walking away Aurelia kisses Jamie, making Jamie realise how she feels for him. When Jamie returns home he still has feeling for Aurelia. However, being miles apart, not speaking a word of each others language, Auriela having no idea how Jamie feels, is it worth Jamie bothering?

          Shyness vs. feelings
          John (Martin Freeman) and Judy (Joanna Page), are both stand-ins for porn movies,. Whilst miming sexual content, completely naked, the both manage to build a friendship, as they talk about rather normal situations like traffic and politics whilst miming sex with each other in front of a camera. Having completely normal conversations and appearing to have no sexual attraction to each other despite seeing each other naked everyday, John is still unsure whether to ask Judy out as he is very shy, and Judy appears to be too. Will the fact that they are both porn stand-ins affect how they're future develops?

          Other stories -
          Two non-main streem stories more about friendship and sex than love are the following:

          Billy Mac, his manager, and his Christmas no.1
          Dirty rock star Billy Mac is not scared to admit is cover of "love is all around" is load of rubbish live on Radio. Constantly complaining about his stupid cover, his fat manager Billy Mac seems to be the love life as you go sort of guy. When Billy Mac promises to sing naked for the ladies on live TV if he reaches no.1, he beats boy band Blue to no.1 and celebrates by going to Elton Johns (what more could you ask for at Christmas), but does Billy Mac feel like he's celebrating Christmas with the right guy?

          Colin and the U.S ladies
          Colin, a flirty young guy dying for some loving gets sick of British girls being fussy about who they sleep with. He thinks that if he travels to the USA the girls will fall for his British accent and sleep with him. His best friend thinks he is stupid and should not go ahead with it. But as Colin buys his ticket, packs "a bag full of condoms" and heads off to the airport, will he come back "a broken man" as his friend claims?, or a "man with a broken back ....from too much sex" as he claims?

          Love actually is a classic film. All the little plots nicely blend together to make a beautiful story and it makes me cry every year. I love the film, it is an all time favourite and I will never get bored of watching it. A wonder story, 9 wonder plots, and in the end, one wonderful message. Watch it and see

          Happy Holidays everybody.


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            21.12.2008 20:55
            Very helpful



            A good review is a review that puts a smile on a face, even if its only your own!

            When it comes close to New Year, you begin to think. You begin to recall memories of the good, the not-so-good, memories that up will always remember, and memories you'd rather forget. Now that it's coming to the end of, in my opinion, a rotten 2008, I'm beginning to think of my progress on Dooyoo, what makes my last review better than the one I wrote 4 months ago? What were my strongest reviews, and what reviews could I have done better with? As I went through every review I had ever written, I took a close look at how I wrote it, how I structured it, what I included, what I forgot to include, and most importantly, what did people think of it? After all you have to write to satisfy the reader, don't you? But the problem is, there's more than one reader, and each reader has an opinion. So if you were to ask me, who's criticism do you take into account?.. who's criticism really matters?.. and most importantly, the question of the topic.. how do you write a good review?.. here is how I would answer.

            - Planning & Organisation.

            When writing a review, the planning is essential. The best thing to do is to write the review away from the Dooyoo site, on "MS word" or "wordpad", because that way you are more in control about what your going to write. Everyone has their own way of planning their review, and that's why reviews turn out differently, but there's a basic planning principal that everyone must follow to write a successful review and it goes by something like this:
            - What are you writing about?
            - How are you going to open the review?
            - What are you going to talk about first
            - What are you going to talk about next
            - What are you going to talk about last
            - How are you going to end the review?
            To be honest, it's not that much of a complicated structure to follow, it actually seems like quite an obvious plan, but it's so easy to get distracted half way through and start talking about something completely different. A review must be planned to be successful, however you chose to plan it, is how you you should plan it. Planning 100% successful, it can't fail you, but it can only work if you plan in your "comfort zone". If you were to follow someone else's planning structure, there is a chance of failure because you are writing a review the way someone else wants you to. In conclusion, the idea is to plan and organise, but only the way you that you feel comfortable with.

            - Structuring

            Structuring, I feel is different from planning & organisation. When planning, you are planning the content you will put into your review, structuring, is how you will set it out for others to read. No matter how you like to structure, it must always have a "start", "middle", and an "end". In that order, of course. There is no point writing a review about a product and starting the review by saying how the product works, then ¾ into the review stating what the product it. Because the whole way through your review your reader won't be taking in your information on the product, their brain will be wondering "what the hell is this?", meaning they won't really be taking in the information your writing until after you say what the product is, meaning its a good idea to put it at the start. A good method that's popular throughout Dooyoo is "sectioning". Sectioning is basically setting out your review into "mini-headings", so they know what they are going to read about before they start. I think this is a good idea as if the reader doesn't want to read about the "price" of a product but wants to read about the "different uses" of a product, they are free to skip sections to read only what they are looking for. The only problem with this is, if you write about something in the wrong section, not only will a few of our good old "Dooyoo moaners", under rate you for putting something in the wrong section, but it may confuse the readers. No matter how you structure, you must do it in the way you feel comfortable, and in the way that makes your review and easy to read. Even doing something as simple as splitting your review into paragraphs makes your review much more enjoyable to read.

            - Inspiration.

            Your review should be 100% your own, that HAS to be the secret to review success. If everybody wrote a review that was exactly the same, how would potential product consumers get a real view of what the product is like. You should never copy a review just because they have got good ratings, apart from the fact you are only cheating yourself, when you write your review the other person's ideas may not go well with your own, causing your review to sound messy and rather silly. However, "inspiration", is important in review writing. Having a good read at others reviews before you write your own, can ensure you don't go writing something completely bazaar that has nothing to do with the topic. In nearly every story written, song sung, picture painted, product made, inspiration has been the key behind it, the inspiration has to come from somewhere, and as long as you have that little bit of inspiration behind you, your review will just be that fraction better.

            - Personality

            A review must contain important information. What makes information on a product different from a review of a product? A review is a personal account of a product, the word "personal" gives you a clue to what makes a successful review... personality! A lot of good reviews include little sparks of humour, that is a sign of personality. You must talk the way you talk rather normally. A review has to be formal so globally, people understand what you are trying to say, but if including a few words here and there of your city's "slag/lingo" makes a review your own, go for it! Anyone can write a review full of information, but it's boring and no-one wants to read it. A bit of fun here and there makes all the difference, and in most cases its what gets you that little "very useful" you were hoping for the second you began typing.

            - Feedback

            Feedback is important. That's why people "comment and rate" your review, to let you know, generally, what everyone's thinking. To be honest there's three types of people on Dooyoo, those who honestly care about giving you the right advice, those who enjoy picking out people's bad points, and those who don't care. Its important to spot the difference between these kind of people, but its hard to know who's advice to listen to. Those who like to pick out peoples bad points are usually pretty abrupt about it. They will pick out your bad point's without giving you any good points. Those who actually care will be very nice in their comments and let out their constructive criticism gently, most of the time offering to change their rating if you decide to edit your review. Those who don't care will click "very useful" no matter how bad it is. If several people say the same thing, that is what you should work on. However, if one person out the blue starts talking about several faults in your review, tell them to shut up and piss off! You may not want to be as nasty as that, but if they are being rude about it, then go nuts! Only listen to feedback if you have heard it several times, listen to the majority, not the minority. Guides are there to help (apparently), I have my own thoughts on guides but here's not the place to unleash them. However, you must not allow a stupid little meaningless name cause you think differently about the advice they give you, if they are not part of the "majority", don't listen to them for a second! Everybody has their own views on how reviews should be written, you can't listen to all of them, so who's do you listen to, your own!

            - The secret!

            Okay, I don't have hundreds of crowns. Why? Because I speak my mind and don't suck up anyone's arse, that's why! But a "successful" review is a review when you can say "I am happy with my work", and then receive at least a "very useful" at the end of the day. And this is usually the case with me. If you want to write a "good" review, do it YOUR way. Writing a god review isn't about making everyone happy, its about speaking your mind, and whether it ends up your left with a "not useful" in the end, if a review is completely your own, and you happy with it, then well done my friend, you've written a "good" review.


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              02.12.2008 20:25
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              Marmaris is truely the spark of Turkey.

              The word "Marmaris", was originally Greek meaning "glittering and shining", and it does fit it's description. Once a sleepy fishing village Marmaris flourished into a beautiful resort which is becoming very popular with British, Russian, Swedish, and Dutch tourists, although the resort still remains British-based. Marmaris holds Turkey's biggest Yacht Marina, there are even arguments that it is the second biggest, many still believe that the capital city "Ankara", holds the biggest. Located at the bottom of Turkey, directly on the Turquoise Coast, it holds a beautiful, blue, glittering sea where the Mediterranean and Aegean sea beautifully meets. If there is one thing Turkey is famous for many would say "sweet-making and cooking", of course the famous Turkish delight and apple tea has spread worldwide and become very popular in places, but generally, Turks are famous for their warm welcome and hospitality, two qualities you will always find in Marmaris. The Turks mean it from the heart when they say "Hos Geldiniz".

              Here is the guide you need for travelling to Marmaris!

              *~ Facilities ~*:
              If there is one thing you could praise the resort for, is that no matter what age you are, no matter what your interests are, there is always a facility that suits you! Come with me as we take a look and what Marmaris has to offer.

              *~ History ~*:
              Marmaris is full of history, one of Marmaris strong points. There are many monuments, buildings, old evidence and terrific sighs that remain of the time of the Ottoman's empire. It is a time in history that is more known by people of the Muslim culture, but becomes a great fascination to even people of the British culture. Some of these remains lye directly inside the resorts, but many more surround the resorts, an excuse to leave the resort for a day to go exploring. As Turkey has been ruled by the likes of he Egyptians, Syrians, Romans, Byzantines and the Ottomans, there are countless numbers of places to explore. And what makes theses places all the more interesting, is that they are not well known by us of British culture, they are new, and exciting, and something really worth exploring!
              There is a legend that "Suleyman the Magnificent", ruler of Turkey at the time was unhappy with the size of his castle, he travelled to Greece and demanded it was enlarged by the time of his return. However, the leader was not happy with the size of his castle and screamed "Mirmari", at the top of the castle, meaning "hang the architect". Some believe this is how the town was named. The castle can still be seen today at the fee of 40p. It has lots of translated information inside the castle of what lies beneath and there are some very pretty sites. It was once said on a documentary on a "Travel channel", that Turkey proudly holds more historic sites than many European countries such as Italy or France. And what's the difference between France & Tukey, In France, you know the sites, you know the stories, you know what's there, but In Turkey, its a whole new world, everything is completely new!

              *~ Watersports ~*:
              If you like Watersports, fishing, sailing, Marmaris is what you shall call heaven. Being famous for its large Marina and beautiful waters there is nothing you would rather do other than rent a yacht for a day and travel to its MANY beautiful surrounds which holds past secrets, stories, and wonderful little islands such as "Dolphin Island" and "Turtle beach". But even with all these beautiful little treasures to explore, there are some water activities you just can't resist. Have you ever been para sailing? Flying at the top of the sea, mountains and beaches with the blue sky? Well, in Marmaris you have the chance. Para sailing is a popular sport in Marmaris, and all those who have tried, love it! If perhaps your not brave enough to go high into the skies, you can try something that's a bit lower, but just as fun. Water sport agencies lie the whole way down the beach offering activities such as speed boats, pedal boats, banana boat, and giant floating chairs ties to the end of a speedboat.. woohoo or what?! Watersports are there to entertain the explorers, thrill-seekers, and adventurer. Prices can vary as different companies advertise them.. just take a walk down the end of the beach.. you will have people screaming their prices.. just like the market!

              *~ Relaxation ~*:
              Now, before thinking, god, Marmaris sounds like a place for young-ones where they have the energy to walk hours round monuments and zoom on speedboats in sicking circles, think once again! As said once before, Turkey is a place of "Hospitality", the word hospitality is somewhat related to the word "relaxation and comfort,", right?! Marmaris is suited for everyone, as promised! Hotels vary from cheap hotels to accommodate drunken teens on a Saturday night, but Marmaris also holds mini-resort hotels for those wishing to relax by the pool with a glass of champagne. These come at a slightly more expensive price, as do they everywhere. But it is not only in the enclosure of the hotel you will find relaxation, but everywhere around Marmaris, at possibly more reasonable prices than a 5* hotel, there are plenty of relaxing activities. A popular one is Turkish Baths. If you ever visit Turkey, Turkish bath is a must. The idea is to cleanse the body of dead skin cells, to give a good base for tanning. Do NOT have one of these late-on in the holiday if you are intending on building up a tan, it will only strip it away. Turkish baths and extremely relaxing and most even follow a massage afterwards. Now, you've heard about Turkey's wonderful, glittering blue seas, now imagine sailing through these glittering seas, lying on the top deck of a boat, feeling the very warm breeze through your hair as you pass by the wonderfully shaped mountains and islands. Boat trips are great ideas, you have the option of two, ones that are all-inclusive alcohol trips with blasting music with a total sun party.. or ones that are sensuously relaxing and play soft. gentle music whilst swiftly bouncing off the gentle waves taking you to exotic hidden beaches & islands. They are usually about £10... this includes entry to all the islands, lunch, on many boats drinks (but not all), and any excursions you are taken to during the trip. But of course they vary.. some reaching £18. On all boats you have several chances to jump into the crystal blue waters for a swim break, the idea is great as it is so refreshing! So, although Marmaris may seem like a total explore and go adventure.. it can be a place of relaxation and winding down too!

              *~ Culture ~*:
              Why travel if your not willing to go explore some culture? As British citizens (most), the majority of us are from a Christian cultural background. Places such as Germany, Spain, France, Italy, as different their culture may be, they still all have a Christian background, so even though you may be exploring some culture, your just exploring your own, just a different version. Turkey, on the other hand, comes from an Islamic cultural background, making everything, just that little bit more exciting. Everyone loves to go to Italy and Spain and take a look at the huge cathedrals, and beautiful churches. But ever took a step inside a mosque?! You would be surprised how beautiful they are, they are a perfect place to visit on your travels to Turkey. Of course we know Culture isn't all about religion, but many traditions in Turkey are completely fascinating, any cultural explorer MUST visit Marmaris. In Scotland, our idea of a Scottish night would be to drink whiskey, eat shortbread, a bit of haggis, some Irn bru for the kids, and to dance around to a Scottish medley cheering as us Scots do. Of course not, its about getting dressed up, phoning a Taxi to the nearest club and getting so pished out pals have to carry us home! But cultural wise, the Scottish would drink whiskey and eat haggis. But what about the Turks? Well, in Marmaris I'm sure they would possibly hit a club too, but a Turkish celebration? Now these would be slightly different. In Marmaris you can book (most of the time through your hotel) a Turkish night. It gives you a little taste of Turkish Culture at cheap prices. Usually £10 for the night. It begins by your dinner, there is rows of Turkish foods set out right in front of your eyes, you can try loads of different Turkish recipes which you are bound to enjoy, Turkey is famous for their food making. And then of course you have belly dancing, in every Turkish night a belly dancer will come and perform for you, as Belly Dancing is an art of the middle east. Also you may see extra shows, all related to a Turkish Cultural theme. If I could recommend a Turkish night I say you should try the "Kervansaray", it has possibly the best Turkish nights around, ask your holiday representative when you arrive. You can even book Trips which show you the ways of Turkish life. Completely fascinating for any cultural explorer. A Turkish culture known by many is the eye of Fatama. The eye of Fatama is a symbol, usualy carved onto necklaces, jewellery, clothing and pins which holds a fascinating story. The most popular Eye of Fatama product is the gigantic eye attacked to ribbon which is placed over a baby's cradle. The story goes that a woman called Fatama was the most beautiful woman in the village, so beautiful that woman envied her. The jealously became so bad, that during Fatama's sleep the woman ripped her eye out, making her hideous looking. Now the tradition carries on as they eye is used to protect people from jealousy and evil. The baby's cradle ornament works in the same way. Middle east has to have the most interesting culture in the world, and being so different from ours, your guaranteed complete satisfaction in the department of Culture here in Marmaris.

              *~ Excursions ~*:
              Excursions are the trips which you can book through mini-travel agents, which are situated in every street of Marmaris (almost). You may notice them by people standing up and shouting hilarious and cheeky comments to drag you into their excursion stall, that is one thing about the Turks, you never have a dull moment. You may also see Turks handing out their companies cards on the street -(((~*WARNING*~ Please smell the cards before taking them, even if it means holding them by the rim to smell them, if it smells funny at all, drop the card immediately and report to a rest room and thoroughly SCRUB the fingers that touched the card ensuring the two fingers do not touch everywhere else on the body. This is due to a one-off incident that happened to a girl in Marmaris where she was drugged by a substance on a card that she accepted from a man in a garage, even though it is an unlikely case, just be cautious: click here to read the story http://marmarisfans.com/index.php?showtopic=3077&st=0&p=68352&#entry68352 ))) - Either way cards & leaflets are very useful and they can give you a good idea of prices from different suppliers, also how useful it is. Be sure to ask if insurance is provided! Some excursions you can take part in are:

              -Jeep safari:
              Jeep safari is a popular one, if you enjoy being wet & dirty, then you will enjoy. The Jeeps take you up into the mountains, through ponds, slopes and scary hills and an action-packed adventure for everyone! Zooming at high speeds you have to endure the funnest part, being soaked! The main part of the Jeep Safari. You MUST take a water gun, because this is the whole point of the ride. Lunch is usually include din the price and you are free to purchase the DVD that is made of the Jeep safari to keep as a memory forever.

              -Boat Trips
              I have already spent some good time speaking of Boat trips, if you missed it, you will find it in the "relaxation" page. Boat trips are popular because you taken our for the whole day, shown many fantastic places, and given Lunch. You should really look around the boats which are found at the "Marina".. each Dolmus (their mode of transport), stops at a bus stop near somewhere called "Tansas", walk to the end of that rode and you have the beginning of the boats. Although boat trips can also be booked from Travel Agents, still I recommend you go directly to the boats for a better price and better booking. Some Boat trip advice then: always arrive early, some offer free transport, but DONT ACCEPT IT. Sometimes you are picked up late and unable to get a sun bed on the boat, make your own arrangements and get on the boat early! Reserve your sun bed with a towel as sometimes they can be stolen. Please do not ever use the "Orca" boat, I tried this not long ago and it was over crowed, the lunch plated were piled on top of each other squashing the food, there was no room for us at dinner time, and it was just a catastrophe. Also I do recommend the larger, white boats.

              -Horse riding
              A popular one for for children. The horses take you around the mountains of Turkey, showing you pretty places and you enjoy the run of riding a horse! There are special tours for children which gives the adults the chance to do their own exploring. A recommendation!

              Pammakule is the place of hot waters. The waters are known to cure illnesses, and they are very pretty too. As it is a tour I have not taken yet, It would be unfair to judge.

              - Ephesus
              Ephesus is an exploring adventure taking you round many sites of ancient fascination, instead of trailing round all the boring ones, let's the excursion show you the best bits! Also an excursion not taken yet.

              Other excursions include:
              -Quad Safari
              -Mud baths
              -Turkish baths
              -Turkish nights
              -Village tours
              -Paint balling
              -and others..

              *~ Night-life ~*
              Ibiza! Where? Night-life is immense in Marmaris, possibly the reason most young girls pay all their hard earned wages to go get drunk in Marmaris. Of course, turkey is a wonderful place, but I will raise my hands and say I only visit Turkey for the night-life. Not the sun, not the sea, but the night-life! Of course Ibiza is the king of Clubbing resorts, but Marmaris is close on its tail, miles and miles of bouncing clubs open till 4 am in the morning. Right on the doorstep off the beach. The clubs play all the current music in the UK, but the best part of Marmaris' night-life, is Bar street. Just on a side street off the Marina lies the clubs with the biggest tunes, the wildest parties, bar street certainly owns Marmaris with clubs from Dance, Techno, R&B, and rock!
              Marmaris is also over crowded with bars & fun pubs, everything to ensure that no matter who your inner-party self is, they will certainly be satisfied!

              *~ Prices & Currency ~*
              Turkey may be geographically classed as Europe, but really it is part of the middle east. Therefore, Euro is not Turkeys main Currency.. However you are free to use Euro, but the national currency "Lira" is reccomended. The Exchange rate is usually £1 = 2.00/3.00 ytl. It changes going up ad down frantically. One week it could be 2.40, other weeks, its 3.10. Its simply unpredictable.
              Here is my guide for roughly working out currencies.
              1YTL = 40p
              2YTL = 80p
              5YTL = £2.00
              10 YTL = £4.00
              20 YTL = £8.00
              50YTL = £20.00
              100YTL = £40.00

              And you can estimate the rest.
              Prices usually go as follows
              Soft drinks: 3YTL
              Beers: 4YTL
              Cocktails/Alcholic drinks: 10YTL
              Decent meal: 10YTL/20YTL (£4-£8)
              Bottled Water: 50 Kurus (20p)
              Turkey is no where near as cheap as it used to be in the past, but neither is anywhere!

              *~ Language phrases of use ~*
              Workers in Marmaris all speak English, even though some may lack of it.
              Here are some phrases just incase.

              Hello = Merhaba

              Goodbye = Hoscakal

              Please = Lutfen

              Thanks = Tesekkurler

              Yes = Evet

              No = Hayir

              Sorry! = Pardon

              Excuse me = Afedersiniz

              Do you speak English? = Ingillizce biliyor musunuz?
              (een-gee-leez-dje bee-lee-yor moo-soo-nooz)

              I dont understand = Anlamyorum

              Do you sell (item) = (item) satiyor musunuz?
              ((item) sa-tuh-yor moo-soo-nooz)

              Where is (place) = (place) nerede?
              ((place) ne-re-de)

              *~ Airlines & Travel Agencies ~*
              Have I convinced you? Yes, well take a read at the airlines that can get you there. If not you best rate the review and leave because this will be one long, boring list for you!
              Marmaris' main airport is Dalaman, although you can fly to a sister airport, Dalaman is much more convenient.

              -Astraeus (Manchester)
              -bmi (Glasgow-International, Manchester)
              -Condor Airlines (Berlin-Schönefeld, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hanover, Munich, Stuttgart)
              -Cyprus Turkish Airlines (Birmingham, Ercan, London-Gatwick, London-Stansted, Manchester)
              -easyJet (London-Gatwick)
              -First Choice Airways (Belfast-International, Birmingham, Bristol, -East Midlands, Exeter, Glasgow-International, London-Gatwick, London-Stansted, Manchester)
              -Flyglobespan (Aberdeen [begins 7 May 2009], Edinburgh [begins 25 April 2009], Glasgow-International [begins 2 April 2009])
              -Freebird Airlines (Aberdeen, Glasgow-International, Glasgow-Prestwick, London-Gatwick, Manchester, Newcastle)
              -Jat Airways (Belgrade)
              -Jettime (Copenhagen)
              -LatCharter (Riga)
              -Lviv Airlines (Lviv)
              -Martinair (Amsterdam)
              -Monarch Airlines (Birmingham, Glasgow-International, London-Gatwick, Manchester)
              -Onur Air (Amsterdam, Belfast, Birmingham, Cardiff, Durham Tees Valley, Exeter, Glasgow-International, Istanbul-Atatürk, Leeds/Bradford, Liverpool [seasonal], London-Gatwick, London Stansted [Summer charters only], Manchester, Newcastle)
              -Pegasus Airlines (Amsterdam, Berlin-Tegel)
              -Rossiya (St. Petersburg-Pulkovo)
              -SunExpress (Antalya, Berlin-Schönefeld, Cologne/Bonn, Leipzig)
              -Thomas Cook Airlines (Belfast-International, Birmingham, Cardiff, Doncaster/Sheffield, East Midlands, Glasgow-International, Leeds/Bradford, London-Gatwick, London-Stansted, Manchester, Newcastle)
              -Thomas Cook Airlines (Belgium) (Amsterdam, Brussels, Maastricht)
              -Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia (Billund, Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm)
              -Thomsonfly (Birmingham, Bournemouth, Cardiff, Doncaster/Sheffield, East Midlands, Glasgow-International, London-Gatwick, London-Luton, London-Stansted [Starts 4 May 2009], Manchester, Newcastle)
              -transavia.com (Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Groningen, Rotterdam)
              -TUIfly (Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart)
              -Turkish Airlines (Ankara, Istanbul-Atatürk, Istanbul-Sabiha Gokcen)
              -Ukraine International Airlines (Kiev-Boryspil)
              -VIM Airlines (Moscow)
              A few on-line travel agents you may want to try are:

              For great package deals, flights, car rental, and everything you need!

              *~ Personal view ~*
              I have been visiting Marmaris for so many years. I have just retuned from my 16th visit to the place and I never get sick of it. I remember as a child, Marmaris was the place for me. I had taken my Gran, taken my party-animal cousin, my hard-to-amuse brother, and every single one of them, loved the place. There's so much to do, and 16 visits still hasn't covered it. In my opinion, its the best place in the world, you get a taster of everything, in a nutshell. There is nothing you can't get in Marmaris that you can get elsewhere in Europe. It is cheap and definitely a star buy! If I can say anything, is that I 100% recommend Marmaris, to everyone!


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                26.11.2008 21:23
                Very helpful



                Marriage is certainly not as precious as it used to be.

                Marriage?! Lets start with the word. Marriage is basically when man and woman commit to each other to the rest of their life's. It really should be "when two people of any gender commit to each other for the rest of their life's", but people just like to be awkward and and re-name that "civil partnership", I've already previously had my Dooyoo say on that one so ill give it miss for now. Many people see marriage in different lights, from different angles some don't see it at all. I'm sure your only here for one of two reasons, to rate my review so I can rate yours, or to find out my view on marriage. If it was for the first reason, rate it and beat it, ill return it, don't worry! If your here for the second reason.. then come... comeee with mee to exploreee the world of "Mariagee". Okay that was pretty dramatic, basically move to the next paragraph:

                I am a catholic girl, so as you can imagine I feel very strongly towards the sacredness and holiness of two people (of any gender), joining in marriage. No, don't worry I'm not gonna start bible bashing and reading quotes from the bible which probably make less sense than Shakespeare, this is just a personal opinion, ill try keeping my religious views to a minimum. Although it may be pretty hard as that's what many of my opinions are based on. Hey, religious or not its how I feel isn't it?

                What do we see a wedding as? Big dresses, huge church, petals flying everywhere, huge bouquets, 8 identical bridesmaids and a huge, fancy, hotel reception? Maybe in some eyes, eyes of whom hear "marriage" and think: wedding! And not hear "marriage" and think: life long commitment, devotion, vows, living together, end of late-night parties, nappy changing? A marriage is a lot harder than looking gorgeous for one day, its about starting a whole new life, not as two people, but as Mr & Mrs, together in everything, being there for each other, understanding each others wants and needs, appreciating their dreams and ambitions, recognising their hard works and achievements. Its simple that many woman, (mostly only woman), just get so excited at the thought of a man on his knee offering a diamond ring, and think about walking about announcing that you are an "engaged woman", then having a fabulous big party where your the envy of the whole room, and after spending the whole night showing less public affection, jetting off to a tropical country to enjoy a week or two of the three "S", Sun, Sea, and ... (You can guess the last one - and its NOT sand). But some people forget, once the dress is off, once you've stepped off the plane, once the tan has faded, that's what you call the beginning of your new life. People mistaken "marriage" for "wedding" and are so comforted with love & excitement they forget what the real purpose of getting married is.

                "Why are you getting married?" she asked.
                "Because im in love!".. said the bride.

                What is the main reason that makes people want to marry? They are in love. Sometimes, someone will find someone that makes them so happy and they love so much that they say yep, "he's the one". But is him.. (or her) being "the one", or being "the best thing that ever happened to you", enough to hold a marriage? Some may say yes, some would say no, but what do I say? Yes, for a while anyway. Let's get real, your love for someone rarely feels the same 10 years on in comparison to that one night you spent, half naked listening to the waves and watching the stars. And your love for someone rarely feels the same 10 years after you say "I do". Of course, I am not doubting that you wont still love the person, but a lot of love and passion is sucked out of the relationship. So, perhaps there's some questions you may want to ask yourself before you say "I do", other than "do I really love this person". Getting married isn't only about how much you love someone, its about asking yourself "Will the person be a suitable life companion?", "Do we get on well enough to last a relationship?", "Do we want the same things in life?", "Can I trust themm??". You have to be sure there's something worth fighting for once all the feelings have sinked away, that there is a reason to live your life together, and that you are not only getting married because of your romantic feelings, but getting married because you know that there is a life for you together outside the love bubble.

                Marriage is a beautiful thing, a wonderful joining of two people, gay or straight, that commitment between two people to dedicate their whole life's to each other is powerful, beautiful, and sacred. Yes, the bride may look sensational,. Yes, it may be a wonderful day! But the strong connections between the vows and sometimes that power is often ignored, not only by many bored and hungry guests waiting to get out and get to the reception party, but by the bride and groom. It is simply missed out, the "I do" isn't just something that is said to make the priest happy, it something you are promising, like a permanent signature on a contract, and it is a promise you can't get out of, a marriage is a connection of the soul, a spiritual and holy one, and one that a silly signature of a piece of paper can't break the promise you made under the observation of the witness, God. Yes, I am aware that you don't always make this promise under the observation of God, but having a wedding alternative to a church one doesn't make vows any less powerful.

                Although I am aware not every marriage is happy family, oh were so in love and going to spend the rest of our lives together. There are some who marry for reasons that are ridiculous, false, and offensive to all those who who say "I do". The first reason is money, some woman find a rich man, and not only do they want to enjoy is riches & dimes for a while, they want a subscription, they want it all day everyday, and how else would you ensure that will happen, other than tying the knot? This is an abuse of the wonderful life transformation many coupled choose to take today. Although, don't let me fool you, men can be at it too. For a man with a great job, great house, great car, what puts a cherry on top better that a beautiful wife in your arm, yes, many marry for the image, for the pleasure of annoying you have a "husband" or "wife". Also there is a higher rate than ever of men from middle eastern countries joining in marriage with one in order to travel to a better country, these men are usually picked up by single female tourists from holiday resorts, Turkey is a famous one. There are other European destination resorts when these Casanova flatter richer women with their Medditarian charm and which soon results in marriage. What horrible use of the wonderful gift god granted us, marriage.

                As said many times, marriage is a wonderful thing. As shown by my review, marriage is certainly still common, and not outdated. However, there are so many wrong reasons for people getting married, that people forget the real purpose of marriage, to spend the rest of your days with the one you love. Therefore, the true meaning of marriage, is certainly starting to become outdated.


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                • Gay Marriage / Discussion / 37 Readings / 30 Ratings
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                  24.11.2008 19:04
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                  Have respect!

                  If you know me on Dooyoo, I stick up for peoples rights. I get in so many arguments on this site because I believe that everyone has the right to live their life as they wish. If you are not causing harm to others around you, then your actions are not wrong. I also believe that if two by choice are participating in a certain action, then it is the action of two, even if one is taking advantage slightly. Is this relevant to the issue of Gay Marriages? Only slightly, but the link between this and the issue comes later. I think that my views of life are important in this situation, so people can grasp a better understanding of my opinion.

                  I'm a practising Catholic, admittedly, I am not certain with the situation of what the bible agrees or disagrees with, although I don't think it's approved of. I could hide my head behind the bible and let the bible give my opinions for me, which I think many do. As committed as I am to my prayers and to the Lord's wishes, Its time I place the bible on the table and start having dignity, start sticking up for what I believe - everyone, old or young, has the right to live their own life.

                  I am not gay, so maybe my opinions on the matter may seem pretty empty and meaningless to some, but its the opinions of the straight that affects the rights of the gay. Its true, but is this justified? Is it fair that straight people, just because their life is more conventional, have the right to be "married", and call one their husband or wife, whilst gay have to use the term "civil partnership"? Gay people are NOT second class citizens in society. Did we not have this same problem many years ago, where white people had the right to do things that black people couldn't? Nowadays we would see this as a horrible, dark, period of history that was unjustified and has now came to a revolution. In my opinion time is repeating itself, just perhaps not as severe, but purely as cruel.

                  I really, really, wonder what is the deal with people not wishing gay people to be married? Does it affect their way of life? Does it cause harm to their society. There are many unwanted children being adopted by gay couples, do these couples who are rescuing these unwanted children and giving them a loving caring home not deserve to be a proper married couple? Yet, after this some would still say no.

                  Now think of this, what is the difference between a straight couple, and a gay couple. There are two of the same sexual organs involved? Is this one little difference really enough to say gay people should not be allowed marriage? But honestly, for those who think gays should not be allowed to marry: where is your respect? Why is it so hard so accept gay relationships when most of/if not ALL of the time it has nothing to do with us? It does not affect straight people in any way, shape, or form so why be such a b**** about the situation and let them be!

                  I say people who disagree with gay marriages are extremely disrespectful towards gays and should sit back and allow people to live their own lives. Its sick!!

                  Although one day I do think gays will be able to marry like straights all over the world, returning to the issue of blacks & discrimination, we all said there would never be a black president? God bless Barack Obama! I truly believe if changes like this can happen in America, maybe the UK can come to its senses, and start accepting people for their differences. One day, one day.


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                    24.11.2008 17:42
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                    Chuck the pearl drops, buy Arm & Hammer.

                    When I was younger, I had severe bowel problems. At early stages of my life, doctors assumed that I would possibly require using a bag in later life. Fortunately, that is not the case now, it was simply a youth problem. (This possibly seems a little disturbing for readers, so I apologise, but this leads onto Arm & Hammer Whitening baking soda toothpaste, I promise!) So I was prescribed medicine, this was a black-coloured medicine, and tasted quite good! They warned us that this contained colourings, but was okay for my teeth. It wasn't until 7 years after taking the medicine, dentists realised my teeth were starting to yellow, I had been given a toothpaste, but I was told that the toothpaste I should have been used should have been MUCH stronger.

                    As a result of this, I had yellow-tinted teeth, which was unattractive and unpleasant. For years I suffered with this, whitening never came to mind to be honest. I was heading off on holiday. I bought two toothpastes. One was Pearl drops, and the other White & Hammer.
                    I knew pearl drops were supposed to be very good, but I had read a review on Arm & Hammers products which seriously convinced me to try the product.

                    They were both £1.99 from my local Morrison's supermarket. I thought I would try the supposedly better toothpaste first, to start to me off, this was the Pearl Drops. In all honesty, I used the toothpaste for weeks, I saw a difference, but not what I thought it would have been. I seriously didn't want to open the Arm & Hammers toothpaste that early, but I was curios and wanted to give it a go.

                    I found Pearl Drops was very runny, as if it sunk into the bottom of your toothbrush, and you couldn't get It to your teeth. But Arm & Hammer was different, it was like an actual paste. Arm & Hammer products contain baking soda, which is supposed to help the cleaning of teeth. The toothpaste had a stoney texture, perhaps that is not the best way to describe it, but when it entered your mouth, it felt as if it had bits of sugar scraping against your teeth, in a very pleasant way, I must ass. Don't panic, of course this isn't actually sugar! The best part, (well, second best really), is that it tastes so good. It has a more sweet than minty taste, I find a lot of toothpastes are drowned in mint, and make me shiver. I had no problem slowing the little remaining in my mouth, I assure you!

                    But the real question, how does it compare with Pearl Drops, one of the leading brands?
                    As mentioned before, I used pearl drops for several weeks. And I won't deny the fact there was a difference, but it wasn't immense! I opened up my Arm & Hammer, it had no annoying little foily bit at the top of the tube the you need a pin or something pointy to burst through. I had a good few minutes, enduring the lovely texture and taste, and swallowed the remaining. I know you shouldn't really do that, but its so good! I gave my teeth, as usual a wipe with tissue, I hate the extra feeling on your teeth after brushing. Yeah, so what it wipes away your enamel or something, but it feels better than having the squeaky feeling on your teeth. I went and had a look in the mirror. I couldn't believe it. It was so emotional with all the trouble I had been through in the past with my yellow teeth, but I really saw a difference. It was great. I loved it! I bought 10 tubes. So, how does it compare with Pearl Drops, well the evidence is in the text, really.

                    I recommend Arm & Hammer whitening toothpaste as it is a great toothpaste and it only £1.99 a tube!


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                    • Frustration with dooyoo / Discussion / 66 Readings / 55 Ratings
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                      23.11.2008 14:33
                      Very helpful



                      Stop crying and start enjoying Dooyoo!

                      Well, what can I say about Dooyoo? Its a great site, a fantastic site. I have 100% no problem with it. So, why am I posting in "frustration with Dooyoo", if I have there's no problem? Ill tell you why! Some of our beloved members of the "Dooyoo community" really **** me off! I must warn you, this review is full of strong opinions, I often enough respect other peoples, now I am asking the same.

                      I really don't know where to start with this one, so my complains are in no particular order, just whatever comes to mind.

                      * Ratings *
                      Personally, I am not at all bothered about ratings. Dooyoo is practice for me with things such as spelling, punctuation, vocabulary, for my "Highers". (Known in England as "A-levels"). All this "Dooyoo miles" rubbish really doesn't bother me in the slightest. I am not asking people to rate my reviews! Well, it does help me magnificently as the standard of my work can only be improved with other member's feedback. Actually, when I think about it, ratings are vital for me. Nevertheless, I do not make a huge fuss about it. So, as you can imagine, the thing that really grinds my bones is when other complains about it. This whole situation began when I first joined the site. I am a hard-studying girl, also my mother works full-time so I am left to take care of my house, the ironing, my fathers house (as he is permanently ill), his ironing, his cooking. So I don't exactly have all the free time in the world to "return ratings". I remembered I received a message from a young girl member, the message said "I recommend you start returning people's ratings, look how many people have rated you, and look how many you have returned". Ooh, the little B***** got what was coming to her! And the annoying thing is, I gave her double the ratings she gave me! Really but, why do people make such a big fuss over ratings, if someone doesn't return your rating, well, you learned a lesson therefor don't rate them again. And don't complain about it. And just incase you think I purposely don't return ratings, I do, I usually return double the ratings people give me so I can catch up.

                      * Part 2 - Rating so seriously *
                      Again talking about ratings, why do people rate so seriously?! Jesus, this is Dooyoo, not a classroom. I just HATE people who rate "Somewhat useful", for really gay reasons. For example, I wrote two reviews, one about Airline Pilots, and one about Air Cabin Crew. I would like to be any one of those two, so I decided to write, VERY lengthy reviews giving information, requirements, everything that anybody could need to start. The Airline Pilot review said in the description "this is only for people who have had experience", either way I wrote a review and got nothing but complements and a crown. However, the one about Air Cabin Crew did NOT specify it was only for people with experience, yet I got "useful". Now, that really didn't bother me, useful is a good rating, but then, several people gave "somewhat useful". Now that, was bang out. The review took me 4 hours to write as there was so much information needed and people were saying it was somewhat useful just because I hadn't done the job. I felt like saying to them, forgodsake and go get a life OUTSIDE Dooyoo. (Hence, I didn't actually say it).

                      Now, I've only ever wrote one film review, and I got "very useful" for it, but I hate people that give "not useful", for people who write long reviews and release the ending. Okay, fair enough people should warn you if they are going to release the ending, but even at that, people still give "not useful". If someone gives gives out information on a film, its useful. You should rate on the majority of a person's work, not because they wrote one little line your not happy with. I my opinion, people who do this are childish. How can a review be "not useful", if it contains some form of use?
                      * - Yes, its understandable people dislike hearing the end of books or films. Want a soulution to solve it?! Dont read book or film reviews! Go find the advert, or read the back of the book.

                      * revenge ratings*
                      God, shine your light upon me because I'm about to be controversial and I don't think many people are going to like it. I do NOT support "revenge rating". Okay, its childish and its against the rules, but really I think there are people who rate a review badly for unfair reasons.
                      So, if these people can rate badly for unfair reasons, do they not deserve to be treated in the same way? Okay, many would argue what an unfair reason is, but I think if someone rates badly for a certain reason (and specifies the reason), then the other person can return the exact same rating if it is for the same reason. I don't think its fair that someone can rate a review that's considerably below the average, then if the person re-rated someone's review with a rating that's again, considerably below average, its classed as "revenge rating". I think if your going to rate someone's review at a low rating, you should accept the fact that they may do the same, and not go cry about it to a member of Dooyoo staff. If you do not wish to be rated badly, don't rate other's badly, stay on the safe side and don't complain about it.

                      (PS. I never have/never will revenge rate, I have never rated a "not-useful" and rarely rate "somewhat useful", so I'm not just saying it because I do it, because I don't!)

                      * Short reviews/churning *
                      Right, once again, there's going to be a protest about this one, because its an opinion site, right? Some are here to make money, some are here to write. If someone is here just to make loads of money, what's all the bother about? Leave them to it. They're happy, your happy, I honestly don't see the war on it. I heard a few times, "they should raise the minimum word count", Hey, who's the boss here? If Dooyoo are willing to give out cash for 150 words, then that's their decision, end of, topic closed, no discussion. You can't tell Dooyoo how to run their business, that's like going into a pub and saying "well, I think your beer should be this price". You would be thrown head first out the door by two barmen. If you don't like the fact someone is making more money than you for less work, stop crying, come out of the corner, quit being a spoilt sport, and get on with doing what YOU want to do on this site, and don't worry so much about what other people want to do. Everybody does their own thing on this site and if you are angry at the fact that someone doesn't do enough work, don't read their reviews, don't rate them and shut up about it, really!

                      So, why doesn't everybody just lighten up, start being nice, and stop being like grumpy old teachers, just be nice with the ratings, there's no need to be so harsh. And with churning & revenge rating S*** happens! That's life.

                      Well, everyone's had their turn ranting, I just thought I had the right to mine. Bye :)


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                      • The X Factor / TV Programme / 27 Readings / 27 Ratings
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                        22.11.2008 15:15
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                        What can I say, Diana to win!

                        I always remember me and my dads weekend tradition, watching TV and eating Chinese. I was still young at this point, so there were strict arrangements between my mum and dad that I spend the weekend at his. But I wasn't complaining. Our favourite programme was Pop idol. This was the earlier/less appealing version of the x-factor which I think Simon Cowell still at that point took part in. The singing reality TV habit continued in the family until this very day. Every year your guaranteed hilarious outbursts from the witty Simon Cowell, totally egg-rotten performances from people who think there the best thing since sliced bread, and the usual reality TV tears, drama, and glory. But the X-factor 2008, well, I must say has been a very interesting year. It has become the talk of the nation, and even the British Government!

                        * So what is the X-factor? *
                        The X-factor is a UK singing competition, which purposely takes part during the Christmas period, (So that the winner can make its single in time for x-mas no#1). The winner is given a record contact, and the winner is selected by the British Public.

                        * What happens? *
                        It starts of (from TV point of view), from Major UK cities, where the judges travel around and audition thousands of people. Obviously, you don't actually see all the auditions, only the funniest, worse, and best selected. The judges give comment on the singers, (which usually cause many fights & debates), and they are put through to the next round.

                        They then go through to boot camp, where its a bit more simple. Its a case of, your in and your out! No discussion, no disagreement.

                        The remaining contestants are then split into sections, Boys, Girls, 25+, Bands.

                        Each judge becomes a mentor, and then picks their final contestants of the group to sing live on the Saturday nights.

                        On the live nights, each singer sing the song chosen by their mentor and rehearse it privately with professionals. The songs/performances are usually themed, so its a fair play. Once they have finished singing, the judges give their comments on each contestant, and then its up to the public. The public call and vote for the act they want to stay in the competition. The two with the least votes sing a survival song, and the judges decide who they want to keep in the competition.

                        * X-factor 2008... *

                        This years X-factor has been better than ever, even the PM & government have been involved due to many events that have taken place. This year has been so different to the others, due to three constantly discussed topics:
                        Laura White..
                        Diana Vickers..

                        May sound slightly random, but here we go!

                        * Hero *
                        For this years remembrance day, X-factor finalists began to raise money for Help For Heroes & Poppy appeal (equally divided). They did this by recording a cover of Mariah Carey's hero, and promoted it by signing it live at the end of one of the shows. The government recognised X-factors efforts and decided to waive the VAT from the singles. The week immediately after the song was released it shot straight to no#1 it sold over 100,000 copies in its first two days, retailers are struggling to keep up with the demands. This is said to be the "song of the century", exactly quoted from many, and at this point, it is still remaining at no#1 for its 3rd week running. Tonight shall reveal if it will stay on top for its 4th. The affect of this song has caused people from around the UK to constantly speak of the X-Factor.

                        * Laura White *
                        Laura White, 21, was the best contestant on this years' show. There's no doubt about it, even though I wanted her to looose! She had the voice of an angel, and was extremely popular, and why wouldn't she be, she was immense! However, on the Mariah Carey week, Laura, SHOCKINGLY, was put in bottom two. Everyone was devastated! She was forced to sing a survival song rivalling against Spanish señorita Ruth Lorenzo. Laura sung, over the rainbow, which was beautiful, although didn't completely show all of her unlimited ability. Then Ruth blasted out of her little, enclosed, Mediterranean shell by singing the rock ballad, "knocking on heavens door". Even though Laura could have beat Ruth's a** by a mile, Ruth's rock song so passionately and out-going, it made Laura performance seem a little dull. When it came to the 4judges decision time, we all knew they would kick Ruth out of the competition. It began with Simon, who seemed to like Laura, chose Ruth to stay in the competition. Everyone was shocked by his decision, but the voting carried on. Both Cheryl and Danni, voted for their own mentored acts, and the decision came to Louis, whom, if he chose Laura to stay, would have to go back to the public vote. However, Louis chose Ruth to stay, kiking the loved Laura out of the competition/

                        Now, this may just sound like a fan ranting on about her favourite act leaving, but I didn't even like her, it was the afterwards affect that caused the commotion. 4000 fans have currently contact Broadcasting watchdog Ofcom telephone voting procedures on the show. ITV were forced to realese the following statement "There were absolutely no issues with the phone lines or the voting system which is subject to rigorous procedures and protocols. Our viewers vote for the act they want to keep in the competition and last Saturday, Laura White and Ruth Lorenzo received the least number of votes. There are no plans to bring Laura back to The X Factor." The plans of bringing Laura back to the X-factor were thought by many after 50,000 people signed a petition to get her back on the show. Even Culture secretary reckons Laura's departure was 'harsh'. An extract from the X-factors websites says "the Culture Secretary Andy Burnham weigh into the Laura White debate, saying her departure from the show - at the hands of you, the voting public, remember - was 'harsh'.
                        Mr Burnham was talking about the responsibility of broadcasters in the aftermath of the Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand affair - "MPs should resist the temptation to comment on editorial matters," he said. But he clearly couldn't resist offering his own opinion of culture of the most popular kind, as he continued...
                        "...Although the temptation is great in my case, having seen the wonderful and talented Laura White very harshly voted off X Factor on Saturday."
                        "She happens also to be in my constituency so I probably shouldn't say any more on the topic!"
                        Andy Burham, MP for Leigh in Greater Manchester, was one of the peak 11.6 million people who tuned into Saturday's show, when the public votes deposited unlucky Laura in the bottom two."

                        Although Lauras departure caused a lot of commotion and trouble, Laura still rains off the competition, and online, people are still ranting about Lauras departure.

                        Personally, I though she was far too much like last years winner - Leona Lewis. And there is even another top contestant remaining in the show who is even more like her (Alexandra Burke). In my opinion, I COULDNT WAIT for her to go. If you a fan of her, sorry, Dooyoo is full of opinions, and that was mine. Although I thought a tiny fraction of me was shocked and upset of her departure.

                        * Diana Vickers *
                        Diana Vickers is ABSOLUTELY SENSATIONAL! She is a 17 year old girl from Blackburn and she has the most relaxing voice in the world. In the first week of the live shows, Simon quoted "Your the singing version of Marmite, you either love it, or hate it", (Hence he then said he loved it), this quote could not be more true, there are so many that love her, yet so many that hate her. Her voice is beautiful, but very, very unique. Perhaps too unique for some's ears. Diana is popular with the judges, especially with Simon. Her style is very strange, she has a beautiful face, messy, messy frizzy tuggy blonde hair, and sings with no shoes on?! And the thing that nearly everyone hates, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE, is that she makes beautiful conducting hand movements when she sings, strangely touching her face a lot, but it makes her, as a singer, so beautiful to watch. She doesn't stand still like a statue and sing, she uses her hand to actually let her body be involved in the music, which I say is beautiful, I have no idea why so many freaks hate it, so what, she doesn't sing like every other person? Is that not what we need instead of 10,000 Beyonces! She IS IS IS IS the BEST singer in the competition, just not many people see it because they are brainwashed by media and think that good singers are singers that are like very other singer in the chart, degrading their self with low-cut tops and short skirts, high heels and shaking their a** singing uh-oh-uh-oh-uh-oh-oh-oh-oh.. infect im a big Fan of Beyonce, but Diana is x1000000000000000000000 times better.
                        Anyway.. on to the point? Why is Diana such a big deal in the competition.
                        Well, before the night of Laura White's shock departure, poor little Diana was diagnosed with Laryngitis(problem in the vocal cords). Diana was DESPERATE to sing on the night and meet Mariah Carey, but she was told if she sung there was 80% chance she would PERMANETLY damage her vocal cords. Taken from the X factor website Diana quotes

                        ""It's so upsetting to know that I might not be able to sing and there's nothing to do to help myself. This is what I I have always wanted to do. I just wanna sing so much".
                        Keen or not, it transpired that Diana will not be able to sing tonight.

                        Cheryl said on Di behalf, "She want to say a big, big 'thank you' to the other finalists for being so understanding"." (Cheryl being Dianas mentor).

                        Even though Diana could not take part in the competition, she was automatically sent through to the next round, X-factor executives said it was "exceptional circumstances". Many say Diana should have got kicked off the competition, but really, shes 17, she is a minor and she was intending on going on the stage and singing with Laryngitis, do you not think the X-factor did the right thing by saying "look, don't sing and we'll let you through". She is still legally a KID, they had to think of her welfare before their show.
                        Still, the night that Diana couldn't perform, was the night that Laura was kicked off, you could just see the havoc this caused. Laura fans constantly blamed Diana for Laura's misfortune, now really, we are talking about ADULTS here, they take their anger of their favourite singer losing the competition out on a sick child, medically & legally, that's what she was. Really people need to grow up! Also there were accusations of Diana screaming at a bonfire night, funnily enough this was BEFORE Diana knew she had Laryngitis, so, because of this people say the competition was fixed in her favour, and she's a cheat. Does suffering from laryngitis make you a cheater?! Is it possible to give yourself a severe through infection and even convince a specialist that her condition could give her permanent vocal damage, even through she was dying to sing? Lets ask a doctor about that one shall we? Jesus, people nowadays! Diana to win!

                        * Laura & Diana *
                        Even though all the contestants AND Laura were supporting Diana because she was ill, the contestants' fans were furious at Diana's absence on the Saturday night. They called her a "cheat", and argued that the "little brat" was to be kicked off the show. Childish much? Laura reported that she does not have any hard feelings against Diana, and in her X-factor interview she said she thinks that giving Diana a chance to sit this week out due to ill-health was FAIR.
                        Extracted from the OFFICIAL X-factor website Laura quoted""There was nothing unfair about the decision to let Diana go through to next week. Anyone who thinks that it was, is wrong.""

                        She also added.. ""Diana was ill, and it just was a co-incidence that it happened the week I went out."

                        And..""My only upset was that she wasn't there comfort me when I heard the result!""

                        The article states that Laura & Diana were inseparable when they first moved in the house, and even though they've made other friends.. they've remained close.

                        The article ends with "Said an appreciative Laura, "Diana was there waiting for me at the front door when I arrived back at the house last night"."

                        So, there we go, why are Laura fans so hostile towards Diana, when Laura, herself, is supportive of Diana? No body knows, I guess. That's just media for you.

                        Well, ladies and gentlemen, we could possibly all agree that this year is so far, the most exciting year ever. So if you don't watch the X-factor, tune in tonight because it's getting close to the finals, and that's when the real drama starts. Yes, if this wasn't enough Drama, wait to see what's to come! The contestant's left are:
                        Diana Vickers, 17. (Personal favourite)
                        Ruth Lorenzo, 26. (Lilly Allen's personal favourite)
                        JLS, young band.
                        Eoghan Quigg, 16. (Amy Winehouse's personal favourite)
                        Rachel Hilton, 26. (Ermmm....)

                        You can tune into x-factor on ITV (England) or STV (Scotland) at 7:20..


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                        • bmibaby / Airline / 21 Readings / 19 Ratings
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                          11.11.2008 20:17
                          Very helpful
                          1 Comment



                          Want an easy way to fly? dont go easyjet, go bmi! (little rhyme for you, there)

                          With all the rising fuel prices this summer, finding a return flight from our holiday was hell! The only airline appearing to be flying from Dalaman - Glasgow, were Thomas Cook. We were overjoyed when we saw they were operating flights - but we were crushed when we say the prices. £500 for a one way flight? I thought, "They have to be having a giraffe!". After stupidly booking our one way flight with a company which has a strict no-refunds policy, we knew we had to get back some way!

                          After hours of thinking, we cracked it! We would fly to a different airport. We searched Thomas Cook again for our flights, trying every airport possible. The cheapest flights were to Gatwick, but finding our way through a London airport, too much of a mission for me and my crew! We thought we would try another airport, somewhere slightly close to home, and not x10 the size of our local airport! At last, we found it, Birmingham! Okay, not exactly what we had in mind, but we were left with very few options. The flights were £175 one way, seemed a bit more reasonable than £500! We were all overjoyed with our flight, until the smartest one of us, (which just happened to be a 7 year old girl) said, "how are we getting back?!". I looked at my mother, my mother looked at my gran, my gran looked at my aunty, and my aunty looked at the dog, the dog lay on his back and fell asleep! I thought "Oh crap!"

                          I almost cried thinking about a 9 hour bus journey back to Glasgow, so we tried the alternative, the train! The train were asking for £80pp, that was including our cheapskate family rail card. If we paid £80 each for a train journey, that would completely take away the whole logic of flying to Birmingham. We burrowed our heads in our hands, "bus it is then!". Then, the 7 year old t the rescue again, "can't we just get another aeroplane". Once again, we were outsmarted by a child! We tried every flight company we could, flybe, ryanair, ba connect, easyjet, everything. They were all either too expensive for didnt have the right times. I turned to look at my 7 year old neice, I just saw by the evil cheeky eye and KNEW she was going to pop out with another suggestion that made me sound stupid! She took the carton of juice out her mouth, "BMI!". That was it! BMI baby! I got straight onto the website and what do you know, they had the exact time I was looking for, and for only £40! Well it was £15.99 to begin with, but them you had taxes, charges, seats, baggage, all that extra crap. I really wish they tell you that you have to pay for baggage BEFORE you go to book it.

                          The flight:
                          It was 5 in the morning, I was cold, hungry, frightened, and alone!

                          Nah, that was a lie, I was really hungry though! We got off the flight and waited for our baggage to come through. I just glanced at the "oh the sun shines out our a**" air hostesses with their little roller bags and high heels, and their ridiculous hats! That sounded pretty nasty but you'll find out why!: They were talking about Scotland becoming an independent country. Just then one of the little cows came out with "You think people from Glasgow would get their act together", Oh I would have ragdolled her if my bag hadn't come round the baggage reclaim belt!

                          Okay, enough with the Thomas Cook flight attendant, we searched around for our flight desk, there wern't many flight desks open for a small domestic flight at 9 in the morning, only TEN CHECK IN DESKS open! And it was really hard to find them all, they only had their own huge Bmibaby section totally barocaded off with blue bmibaby logo'ed belts! Check in was really fast, and the check in assistants were really friendly, they didnt even ask to weigh our hand luggage. We got 20kg of baggage, and 10kg of hand luggage, not bad eh?

                          We went straight through to security after check-in, hense we were given very pretty BMI baby blue boarding cards, customised with the little baby(logo), usually your paped with the crappy Servisair boarding cards! We waited for the flight, it was pretty frustrating waiting, actually. The board gave you a countdown of how many minutes were to go, something like this:
                          50 minutes to go
                          45 minutes to go
                          40 minutes to go
                          35 minutes to go
                          30 minutes to go
                          Then it got to:
                          5 minutes to go

                          By then we had already picked up our bags and got prepared to go.. then the board said:
                          Delay: 30 minutes to go!

                          Grrrrr anything more frustrating please?!
                          Then of course I jinxed it, because the board then changed to
                          Delay: 60 minutes to go!

                          You may be wondering, did we ever get on the bmibaby flight?
                          Yes, we did. We got on the very small, in a cute way, aircraft. We had a choice of window seat (for free) at check in! So we sat down on the, in my opinion, very comfortable seats and got ready for take off. The cabin crew were three very friendly girls. That's a lie, one was pretty moany. The aircraft was full of drunk guys, they were all singing, and shouting, but I enjoyed the show! The offered, on the flight, drinks and snacks, they took a few orders before take-off. Im surprised the guys managed to keep the alcohol down, it was a VERY bumpy take-off. I was crapping myself! But the flight was okay after that.

                          Usually, on a flight, I spend a good amount of time, simply looking down at the lovely view, but often that only worls for ¼ of the flight until I got bored. But really, I did'nt have any time to get bored, the flight was too quick for words. I did get a good peak in at the magazine, it was called "Yeah, baby". How cute! Then it was time for landing, it was really smooth, and for the first time ever, I got to see my own, my dads, and my best friends house. Wow!

                          I know there isnt much to say about the flight, it was pretty uneventful, I mean, it was 50 minutes, not much to say, eh?! But in a nutshell, the aircraft was nice (very clean), it was a simple flight, no annoying tannnoys, nice cabin crew, and very enjoyable. So, if your looking for a no-frills flight, ust fly Bmi.. baby!


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                            21.10.2008 18:48
                            Very helpful



                            What can I say?!, I got my money's worth.

                            British Midland airways (BMI) are a London Heathrow/Manchester based airport flying their modern fleet of aircrafts to Europe, North America, Carribean, Middle East, Africa & Central Asia.

                            I always love knowing a bit about what aircraft I'll be flying on, so heres a bit of info on their modern fleet.

                            Airbus A319-100 - 11 in fleet
                            (Short haul routes)

                            Airbus A320-200 - 13 in fleet
                            (Short haul and short haul plus routes)

                            Airbus A321-200 - 8 in fleet (note, they have ordered another 4)
                            (Short haul and short haul plus routes)

                            Airbus A330-200 - 3 in fleet
                            (long haul)

                            Boeing 757-200 - 2 in fleet
                            (long haul)

                            Embraer ERJ 135 - 4 in fleet
                            (short haul/domestic)

                            Embraer ERJ 145 - 13 in fleet
                            (short haul/domestic)

                            On my flight, I had the plasure of flying on the A320 - 200.

                            A bit of personal expeirence.

                            Finding an October flight from Glasgow to Dalaman was absolute chaos ! With all the rising flight prices, we through there would be no chance for getting away. When using our beloved "Aegeanflights.co.uk", we couldn't get any results for flights.. which we though was pretty strange as they were always the best for finding cheap Turkish flights. I decided to try one way only, just to see if we got any results.. and we did! There was a flight for £90 with the flight code starting with "BD".. I assumed this was some cheap & tatty Turkish airline that was running charter flights.. which we weren't too bothered about. A lot of people expect a lot from airlines.. like velvet seats, personal TVs, a jazz dance with five men in stripy waistcoats and ties throwing their top hats in the air whilst serving the finest champagne...

                            But for me, Im happy with at LEAST a wing or engine on each side of the aircraft and a wheel. Perhaps, a seatbelt if i'm being fussy, or maybe even a safety card if i'm really really fussy. But I don't care as long as I get there. Still, I was sure I knew every Turkish airline in the sky, and BD was NOT one of them. I done a sneaky search on Google, and found that "BD" stood for British Midland. I was quite surprised, really. I never knew British Midland would do a flight so cheap. Although, I had never known British Midland to fly to Dalaman, especially from Glasgow. So I searched it on the Glasgow Airport's website. There was no record. I searched it on BMI's website. There was no record. Eventually, I gave up. I though hey, if it's not BMI, big deal!

                            We arrived at the airport, Saturday night, 19:40. Not the most ideal flight time, but it beats an early morning flight, eh? We arrived nice and early as the rest of our party were from Perth, a 2 hour drive away. We didn't want to be late for them after all that travelling. After about half an hour of waiting, there was a screen, facing directly at us, saying "BMI" "BD7469". I was so relieved to find out we were not travelling by some tatty one-wheel aircraft airline. Check in was pretty straight forward, we were near the front of the queue, no over-weight charges. (We were given 20kg luggage, not bad considering its usually 15kg). After that, we did what we did best, hit the bar! We had a few drinks, had a laugh, the usual friends-going-on-holiday routine. After a couple of drinks and a few red bulls, we sat waiting in the lounge. Were very used to extreme delays with airlines such as Freebird and the terrible Onur air, but we were only given a 20 minute delay. With BMI.

                            As we got on the aircraft, you were faced with the basic amities of a charter flight, nothing more, nothing less. Someone didn't arrive for the flight, so we had to wait for their luggage to be offloaded before we flew. I think the leg room was a bit better than most airlines, but I don't pay much attention to it, my legs usually don't even touch the seat in front! Even though they were pretty generous with their leg room, I was kinda annoyed with the leather/rubber seats they had. I hate them! I prefer the fabric seats. After all the trouble with the missing passenger, we were off in the air in no time.

                            After take off, there was no in-flight entertainment, which kinda sucked. We decided to get a small bottle of wine, priced £2.50. Not too much to complain about. But after the wine, I had a horrible acidy stomach. I didn't want to bother the cabin crew for milk, even though they were ever so nice. It was nice to hear we were given a meal on the flight even though we didn't purchase one.

                            They issued the meals not to far into the flight, I must say, even though the appearance wasn't to appealing, it was very nice. We were given an Italian pasta dish, with the usual cheese, crackers, milk, water etc. Even after the meal my stomach felt so acidy, I really needed some milk. I open up my little tub of milk given to us with the meal.. but it was like a watery, milky goo. I though enough is enough and complain to the cabin crew, she seemed really embarrassed with it, and gave me a pint of milk for my stomach. I was shocked, didn't even charge me for the stuff. I checked the rest of my party's milk, they didn't have any gooey milky water. After time, I drunk the whole pint of milk and went back to drinking wine. Silly, silly girl, eh?

                            After a pint of milk and two small bottles of wine, guess where you would be needing to take a trip to? I must admit, for someone who wants to take flying as a career, I am sh*t scared of aeroplane toilets. I always fear that ill be stuck in the toilet and face cabin decompression, and ill be trapped in this little space gasping for air through a yellow mask. Silly fear, yes. But you can't be too cautious. I decided to brave and give the aircraft toilets a go, I'm a total lightweight so two glasses of wine gives me confidence to face fears. I took a trip to the loo, but I kept the door unlocked, no way would I risk being trapped in that small cupboard of a toilet. The toilets were surprisingly clean for half way through a flight! I also faced my second fear of flushing the toilet flush. Usually, the toilet flush scares the crap out of me. But I hate leaving the job for the next passenger.

                            It then came close to landing, we were tired, the cabin lights were dimmed, and we all fell for a cosy little sleep. Unfortunately, we had no turbulence, the rocking of the plane usually puts me to sleep. The rest of the flight went in peacefully, with no horrible P.A announcements.

                            After no time, it was landing time, it sounds like a strange thing to say, but it was a really smooth landing. Very professional. I must say, it wasn't the best flight I've ever been on, but it was sure a fair experience.


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                            • McCain Pizza Fingers / Snacks / 46 Readings / 41 Ratings
                              More +
                              26.08.2008 17:33
                              Very helpful



                              Great pizza.

                              I first tried Pizza Fingers as a young girl - my mother made them for us! I could always remember my mother slowely bringing out the warm, steamy square-shaped pizza, then slicing them into delicous bite-size little fingers. She used various toppings, like four cheeses, pepperoni, ham and pineapple, and my favourite.. smoked sausage!

                              That was what I had exactly on my mind as I stolled up and down the frosty frozen foods isle, searching for a quick dinner for the troublesome nephews. I could have got down to work on making a four course roast and mash potato dinner, but who goes to their auntys house to eat "granny" food? I thought of several soulutions, like pasta, burgers, fish fingers, crispy pancakes. Until, I asked myself the external question.. "What do children actually like eating, nowaways?!"

                              And then BANG! it hit me.. What did I love as a child? My mothers home made pizza fingers. Of course, I have no idea how to cook pizza from scratch, so I decided to cheet and look for frozen pizza. And there, shining brightly before my eyes "McCains pizza fingers". I thought it would be a bit tacky using pizza fingers in a box, but Im sure it was the same idea. the only seemed to have one flavour, cheese! But those kids would just pick off any unique toppings anyway! There was 10 pizza fingers.. at £1.50 each. Since there was three kida, I thought they could had 3 each, spaghetti and chips. Not bad, eh?!

                              There was only two instructed ways to cook them, in the oven, or in the grill. I decided to choose the oven since I think the grill burns them a little. I placed them both in, for 8 minutes, whilts I fried one some chips and cooked some spaghetti shapes. I hates cooked cheese products in the oven, usually. The cheese starts to melt and sticks EVERYWHERE! Grr, what a pain and a half.
                              But to my surprise, I didnt encounter that pain in a half whilst cooking McCain pizza fingers. The cheese of course melted, but remained neat and tidy. One less job for me!

                              8 minutes, and chips were served, speghetti was out and fingers were ready. I set three out on each of the little grubbers plates, and they seemed perfectly contect with their Pizza Fingers.
                              Of course there was 10 in a pack, and three children with 3 pizzas each, so I was left with the last one. I thought, why not? The diets been going not bad so far, I should treat myself.

                              As I bit a finger the cheese started to melt in my mouth, the soft sponge bouced around, and the creamy tomato sause swriled round and round. I was so shocked at how AMAZING these things tasted! They were better than my mothers! In all honesty I was hoping one of the boys would leave a finger so I could have another taste, but who would leave a pizza finger tasting like that on a plate!

                              So, everytime the newphews come to the house, you can guess what they pick up when parading down the frozen foods isle, and naughtily, I buy some for myself sometimes.

                              I bought mines from Morrisons, although I should think they do them elsewhere too! They are about £1.50-£2.00 a box with 10 in a box.

                              My other serving sugestions

                              McCain pizza fingers have now become my #1 at parties.
                              At parties, sometimes the pressure can be on highest mark for time and orginiseation. I find putting McCains pizza fingers in the micro for a few minutes, gives just a good effect as grilling or oven cooking.

                              If you want to serve at an adult's party, simply chop each finger into 4 peices, serve on a coctail stick with a sqaure of cheese or smoked sausage. they are a huge hit and I get a contant "do you have anymore of those pizzas on a stick?"

                              They work wonders at childrens parties too, cooked the same way, from the micro, and set 20 on a plate, at last years haloween party, they were more popular than the cholocate multeesers, and most of the sweetie bowls were left almost untouched! But they kids wernt scared to ask for seconds on the Pizza Fingers.

                              Also I love using pizza fingers on the side of pasta, on a chicken dish, wth soup, with beef, they are like a bread side dish! and you just gotta love em.

                              Sorry mother, but nothing can comare to McCains Pizza Fingers


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                                30.06.2008 15:37
                                Very helpful



                                Another must-read by the great Jaqueline Wilson.

                                "Secrects"... Is a children's book (although, it thoroughly appealed to me), about neglect in the home, abusive step-parents, seeing past stereotypes and most importantly, the consequences and hardships of keeping secrets.

                                The story is basically personal accounts from two teenagers. Working out as one chapter per teenager, writing their own view of the story. One, is Treasure. Treasure is a cool, laid-back, tomboy with the "I really don't care what people think of me" attitude, who lives with her glamorous, young, and fun grandmother who is a line-dancing teacher. Treasure, her grandmother, and her Aunty Patsy who (who is younger than her), live in the rough and tough Latmier Estate, known to be the home of the lower-classes drug abusers and gangs. Treasure was made to live here by her Grandmother, after her drink-abusing stepfather aggressively slashed her across the face with a belt, after Treasures mean step-sister showed Treasure's step-dad her private book, where she had drawn "Terry torture machines", (Terry being her step-father). However, Treasure settled in well with her Grandmother and her school, although she struggled to make friends. Treasure wasn't the type to really be bothered about not having friends, but to her luck, she befriended with an usually posh-looking girl walking through her dirty and rotten estate.

                                This girl was India, the second girl in the story. Living in a posh luxury complex and attending the areas best school with pupils of the highest ability, did not make India a happy child. Being a large girl, with frizzy ginger hair, hardly made India an attractive and popular girl. India, was having a lot of problems in school, as she was the "smartest" in her class, and was having hassle with her former friend, who was pretty, and popular. India's problems continued at home, too. India's mother was a top clothes designer, and was forever pressuring India to become interested her her product's clothes and designs, and was having an on-going battle with India as she was overweight. India felt neglected and unloved by her mother, but even more so by her alcoholic father. India really loved her father, but her father had no time for her, and was always very aggressive towards her because of this alcohol problems. Worst of all, India suspected her father to be having an affair with the family's au pair from Australia. Her father was known to be attracted to their au pairs, so Indias mother purposely hired a less attractive girl to do the job. However, as one day their au pair forgets to pick India up from school, she is forced to walk home, and takes a sneaky short-cut through the forbidden Latmier Estate, where she bumps into Treasure.

                                The two girls become friends. Treasure's grandmother welcomes India into the home with open arms, and India loves the family's lifestyle and strangely, their estate! Although, Treasure doesn't get a chance to meet India's family, as India is afraid of how they will judge Treasure.

                                Everything is going great for the two girls, until Treasure's mother and step-father turn up at the door demanding Treasure back! Treasure gets scared by both of them, so she runs away. Having no-where to go, she runs to India. India is fascinated by the Anne Frank story, as Anne Frank is her heroine. And a sneaky Idea comes to India. India sneaks Treasure into her house and lets her hide in the attic, neither her Grandmother, or parents knowing where she is. As a little secret turns into a huge police investigation, things get a bit more serious than planned.

                                I really enjoyed this book as the plot was great, and it also included some things about the story of Anne Frank. To be quite honest, I think the story is a bit to old for children, and would recommend it for 13+, Jaqueline Wilson has three types of book, books for younger children (Corgi Pup), older children (Corgi yearling), and teenagers (Corgi), I think this book would be more appropriate in Corgi, rather than Corgi Yearling as the book contains some violence and some things which include adult relationships, which can be quite hard for younger readers to understand. The thing that makes Wilson so talented, is her ability to create realistic characters, whom young readers can relate to. The story lines are also focused on real dilemmas faced by children today, such as, making friends, keeping secrets, bullying, bad relationships with parents. But the thing I liked most about the book, was that both girls overcame stereotyping. We all judge people by stereotype, nowadays. We just fail to notice it. India and Treasure's friendship had a touch of sweetness, as both of the characters became friends even though both characters lived different lifestyles.

                                Other's Views and opinons.

                                "A superbly moving novel for the older readers from the prize-winning author of The Illustrated Mum and The Story of Tracy Beaker"

                                "Jaqueline Wilson is an expert interpreter of the typical child victim of our times. Reading her best novels is to go on a journey of discovery about characters written off by others..The Diary of Anne Frank is woven into this story... this could have been a dangerous device for lesser novelists; Wilson carries it off triumphantly. This brilliant writer still provides her fans with reality at it's unvarnished"
                                ~ Independent

                                "Wilson's skilful way with dialogue and plot makes this a moving, funny and uplifting story about friendship"
                                ~ Observer

                                "This is a compelling account of abuse and parental neglect, but above all it is a deeply affecting story of the power of friendship between two otherwise desperate girls"
                                ~ Good Book Guide

                                "Wilson weaves skilful patterns linking the Anne Frank story and the modern day children's difficult relationships with their mothers"
                                ~ The times

                                "Children and young teenagers will love this story, as an author speaks to them with a voice with which they wholly identify"
                                ~ Financial Times

                                "As ever, Wilson pinpoints with surgical precision the dilemma faced by adolescents caught in the crossfire between selfish, childish adults"
                                ~ Glasgow Herald


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