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      23.07.2006 00:32
      Very helpful



      Lemmings is back for the PSP and great for on-the-move fun!

      (Written on my website - www.ps2-central.co.uk)

      I have received the game and I must admit the game is absolutely brilliant!

      Not just that the classic levels from previous Lemmings games on different consoles in the past have made an arrival for the PSP version, but new ones have been created and I must say that these are excellent.

      The aim of the game is to get as many Lemmings to safety from various levels from the entrance hatch to the exit. Each level needs a lemming to be assigned to a command, maybe even more than one. These are climbing, floating (with an umbrella parachute), bomber (self destruct), blocker (stops lemmings going where they should not go either at all or not as yet till other lemmings complete their tasks), builder, basher (goes through walls to create a passage), digger (digs to lower level) and a miner.

      The levels are excellently designed for the PSP and sort of 3D but in 2D style like in previous games to stay true to the classic gameplay.

      Not only you play the original levels, but also "Special" levels, "User" levels and "Extra" levels. "Special" levels are there made by the game developers and gives more of a challenge and these are uniquely done and steadily increases difficulty, "User" levels are levels that you create, meaning you can create your very own levels. How cool is that? Challenge yourself in many ways and this also makes this a game that you cannot put down and complete in short time. There is also "Extra" levels which means that you can download exclusively official levels via www.yourpsp.com (should see some new ones up on the site soon, possibly on release date!).

      The sweetist thing about this game is that there is full-on Infrastructure mode but not as you know it. Instead of playing against each other as you'd probably expect from online games, there is a Ladder-type mode which you play to become the best at various levels available on the online mode! I have already made the top 5 in two levels on there! The other bit you can do on the game is that you can share your levels with each other. Imagine how challenging it will be to complete each level made by gamers.

      Not only you can play on Infrastructure, you can also Game Share some levels with your mates who haven't got the game. There are 4 game levels to share and each with their difficulties but most probably 1 is easiest and 4 is hardest.

      More into the level editor then. The level editor is as detailed as the actual levels that you play first. You can make it as challenging or as little challenging and simple as you want to. But if you find that you want to try out people's levels via Infrastructure, some may be absolutely impossible, but thankfully, there's an option to report them for that as it ain't really fair for us gamers to try out levels like that and not being able to... bet ya some can't do it either!

      The downside to the game is basically the use of the pause function when playing. I think this makes it less challenging and makes it less likely to panic before time runs out or you start to lose lemmings. This removes the whole tension of this game as it was known for back in the Amiga / Megadrive days.

      So, if you liked the classic game of Lemmings back in the early 90s, then expect this to be as brilliant as the game you probably have played! This is a must have game, either for short burst gaming or for a good session. Not much new offered apart from the new Infrastructure and Game Share modes and the new levels but it more than makes up for it! Recommended to all!


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        15.09.2005 10:36
        Very helpful



        The 6th Clubland album and it's great!!

        Thinking of what to get for your teenagers this Christmas? Are they into dance music? Then look no further then this fantastic album.

        Clubland 6 brings all the latest and greatest dance tunes of the year onto 3 CDs, which includes a Mashed CD which comes extra with the usual 2CD album.

        Clubland is a compilation album of the best dance anthems. Clubland started in 2002 and since then has grown to become one of the best dance compilation albums around with the likes of Ministry of Sound and Euphoria.


        Disc: 1
        1. Eyeopener - Hungry Eyes
        Loved the Eric Carmen version? Then you'll love this remix. A fantastic tune to start off with. So good that I loved the idea of including it again after its appearance of Clubland 5.

        2. Flip & Fill - Pacific Sun (Lullaby)
        Yet another great tune from Flip & Fill after the great "Discoland" track.

        3. FNP vs Gabrielle - Dreams (Bootleg Mix)
        Fantastic tune with the vocals of Gabrielle included.

        4. Khia - My Neck, My Back (FNP Remix)
        Fantastic tune. FNP's remix brings it to the top of the class.

        5. RIP - Shut Up
        A dance remix of the Black Eyed Peas version, this appeared on Clubland 5. Again, a great idea to include it on this alum again since this is one of the best tunes I've heard all year.

        6. Scooter - Shake Your Booty (CJ Stone Remix)
        Scooter's new track "Shake Your Booty" is unforgettable. Very catchy and will make you sing along to it.

        7. Kelly Llorenna - B4 You Love Me (CJ Stone Remix)
        Kelly Llorenna makes a return. A great tune which is catchy and gets you dancing.

        8. Dance Assassins feat Karen Parry - Here I Am (Voodoo & Serano Remix)
        Heard this on radio - couldn't get enough of it. A great tune.

        9. United In Dance feat Jenna - Shining Down (Rezonance Q Remix)
        A fantastic remix from Rezonance Q. Very good and I play it every time I listen to Clubland 6.

        10. Full Force feat Sam Noon - Just The Way It Is (Flip & Fill Remix)
        Another great tune. Flip & Fill makes the absolute best remixes of dance tunes you can imagine and this is no exception.

        11. Styles & Breeze - You're My Angel (Hixxy Remix)
        Styles & Breeze's previous track " You're Shining" was great, but this is even better.

        12. Escape - Flying Away
        Excellent track which also featured on the previous album. However, this doesn't really seem to deserve another spot on this album as too many tracks are appearing from last album.

        13. Tabu feat. Siobhan - Mr Friday Night (Dizzy Deejays Remix)
        A good song with good beats. Good to listen to and a good track to play in clubs.

        14. Tina Cousins - Hymn (CJ Stone Remix)
        Another track featured from Clubland 5 but this time with a new mix. A legendary DJ, CJ Stone remixes this time. Out of the this and the clubstar remix from the previous album, there isn't any competition but CJ Stone's remix rocks compared to the Clubstar one.

        15. Northern Heightz - Fly To You
        After the successful "Look At Me Now" track, this one is a great tune to hear.

        16. Da Buzz - Let Me Love You Tonight (DJ Ectic Remix)
        Fantastic mix from DJ Ectic, who I have not known since he made this mix. A fantastic mix and would love to hear his future mixes.

        17. Special D - Nothing I Won't Do (Lee S Remix)
        A successful remake of Corona's original version of the song, Special D makes this a fantastic song. Lee S deserves a praise for this remix as I absolutely loved it compared to the radio edit version I have heard.

        18. Praise Cats - Shined On Me (Friday Night Posse Remix)
        One of the weakest songs I've heard but a good tune thanks to FNP's remix which more than makes up for the weak song.

        19. Men From Mars feat Shocking Blue - Venus (Dancing DJ's Remix)
        Good tune to end on for the first CD.

        Disc: 2
        1. Dannii Minogue vs Flower Power - You Won't Forget About Me
        A great new song from Dannii Minogue and the collaboration with Flower Power is a great idea. A fun tune to dance to.

        2. Michael Gray - The Weekend
        Cool tune. Catchy and fun to dance to.

        3. Shapeshifters - Lola's Theme
        Another track that I simply love. I was surprised that it didn't appear on Clubland 5 instead but I simply love it now it is on this album. A great song.

        4. Chosen Few vs Tears For Fears - Everybody Wants To Rule The World
        A great song to hear. Simple.

        5. Narcotic Thrust - When The Dawn Breaks (Dub Mix)
        After the success of "I Like It" comes the new tune, "When The Dawn Breaks". Again, very catchy and very good.

        6. Stonebridge feat Therese - Put 'Em High
        I can't get enough of this track. Catchy as it can possibly be and to put it more simpler, very good tune.

        7. Rachel Stevens - More, More, More (Sharp Boys Mix)
        Clubland albums always mix a few pop songs and this is no exception. Rachel Stevens has done an excellent cover of this tune and with a remix to fit this album is great.

        8. Armand Van Helden - MyMyMy
        "MyMyMy" is a great tune. Not as good as "Hear My Name" but I still love this. A good inclusion to the album.

        9. Mirabeau - Back From Outta Space
        "Back From Outta Space" is a good song to hear. Never heard of Mirabeau before but I must say this a good track.

        10. Richard F - Let The Sunshine Thru (Adhesive Remix)
        Two words - kick ass! Listen to it now!

        11. Coco Bongo - Burning Sunshine
        A good tune. Keeps the album going in the right direction and I love the rhythm.

        12. DJ Casper feat. The Gap Band - Oops Upside Your Head
        After the huge success of "Cha Cha Slide" comes a remake of the classic "Oops Upside Your Head". Better than the original? You must hear it to decide.

        13. Colours feat Domino - Hold Me And Kiss Me (A T Mendoza vs Tibet Trumpet Mix)
        Weak but somewhat good.

        14. Flash Brothers - Amen (Don't Be Afraid)
        Amazing tune. Cannot believe this made it here and it fully deserves the spot.

        15. Minimal Chic feat. Matt Goss - I Need The Key (Highpass Remix)
        Matt Goss did well in Hell's Kitchen and now starting his singing career again after this and the split of Bros. "I Need The Key" is a great song and Highpass' remix makes it even better.

        16. Lucid - I Can't Help Myself (Mark Lucid vs Kenny Hayes Remix)
        Loved the original version back in 1998? Then get ready for the remix by Mark Lucid and Kenny Hayes as this is very much one of the best mixes I have heard on the album.

        17. Slinky Minx - Summer Rain (Alex K Remix)
        One new song I have never heard before must be good sign. This is a great song by Slinky Minx.

        18. Maximum Lush - You & I (Nitro M Remix)
        Again, never heard this before until I bought Clubland 6. Fantastic mix of "You & I" and would say Nitro M could be featured on Clubland albums of the future with more mixes.

        19. Fatboy Slim - Slash Dot Dash
        Of course, Fatboy Slim cannot be forgotten on this album. Another great song with "Slash Dot Dash".

        Disc: 3 (Mashed CD)
        1. Special D - Home Alone
        2. Rachel McFarlane - Lover (CJ Stone Remix)
        3. Trick Babies vs LMC - Little Bird
        4. Groove Coverage - Poison
        5. Flip & Fill feat Karen Parry - Discoland
        6. Ashley Jade - Let Me Be Your Fantasy
        7. Porn Kings vs Mix Factory - Take Me Away
        8. BCD Project - All I Think About Is You (Lee S Remix)
        9. Hackett - So Emotional
        10. Quango & Zunie feat Niki Belle - Music Is My Life
        11. Karen Danzig - One Day
        12. M&C feat. Rebecca Rudd - Do You Want It Right Now
        13. DJ Milano - Sweet Child Of Mine
        14. Styles & Breeze feat Karen Danzig - Heartbeatz
        15. Enlighten - Born Again (Cheeky Trax Remix)
        16. Aquagen - Girl (Uhh Uhh Yeah Yeah) (FNP Remix)
        17. Ultrabeat - Frankie's Lead

        Mashed CD contains a live mix from the Mashed event. A great extra CD to keep the clubbing going in your very home.

        The whole album overall has excellent tunes and mixes and this is certainly guaranteed to keep you happy at home or if you play it while driving or even anywhere! Probably you would skip some songs on the album but most of them are fantastic.


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        • faceparty.com / Internet Site / 23 Readings / 16 Ratings
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          12.09.2005 12:38



          Website where you make new friends!

          If you are looking for a way to make new friends, then check out Faceparty.

          Here you can make a profile of yourself. Let everyone know what you are like, your interests, where you live and other things.

          You can also upload pictures onto your profile to give visitors to your profile an idea of what you look like.

          People will message you or send you a private chat request to talk to each other. If you want to, you can join a chat room.

          Faceparty caters to those of ages 16+. Why 16 and over? Well, they have done this to prevent anyone younger being abused by horrible people (paedophiles an example) of finding out where they are and to stop them being lured to the paedos. But the problem is that under 16s tend to lie about their age to get into Faceparty.

          Profiles are easy to create and fill out and it is also very easy to change and update it. Uploading pictures is also easy so you can also change, add or delete pictures uploaded.

          Faceparty has over 2 million users joined so far, which means it's one of the most popular websites to meet new people. Faceparty can also be used to find youselves new boyfriends / girlfriends to date with.

          Searching for members is easy too. All you need to do is select the gender you are looking for, the age range, sexuality and the area you want to find people in. The areas cover everywhere in the world so you can easily find people in your area.

          You can rate members too. You can rate them from gimp to supermodel or honey to foxy. IT's easy to rate them!

          The only downside to this website is that you have to purchase Cool Tools to be able to use some of it's features, such as viewing who rated you, police identikit, who visited your profile and adding a logo on your profile.

          I recommend everyone to go and visit Faceparty as this is one of the best website to visit and to make loads of new friends.


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          • Epson Stylus C86 / Inkjet Printer / 8 Readings / 6 Ratings
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            12.09.2005 12:21
            Very helpful


            • Reliability


            The best quality pronter from Epson available so far!

            When my old printer, the Epson Stylus Colour 440, was on it's last legs, I instanly looked for an excellent quality printer.

            After I looked for one, I found this Epson Stylus C66.

            This is one of the best printers that you can buy. Costing around £60, it is seriously worth your money.

            The Epson Stylus C66 is an inkjet printer. It can be used for any purpose so it is useful for both home and/or office. It has the most advanced technologies in a printer to print perfect black and white or colour prints than any other printer available.

            Not only that, the printer uses separate inks to make the printing optimised quality and to also save you money on constantly buying cartridges every month or so.

            Epson Stylus C66 is a high performance and efficient printer which is built to combine quality with effiency and this means it's the only printer to use separate ink cartridges.

            What i like about the printer is that it uses DURABrite inks which creates excellent printing quality for printing out text, images and graphics up to a class-leading 5760 optimised dpi (dots per inch).

            KEY FEATURES:

            The Epson Stylus C66 has a great number of features. These are:-

            USB connectivity - Forget the old serial/parallel port connection for your printer. USB is now used to make printing jobs print out in faster time than the old Epson 440 and other old Epson printers.

            Excellent printing quality - This printer uses up to 5760 dpi, enhanced quality with the Epson Variable Sized Droplet technology and 4 picolitre Micro Dot technolgy to give printing jobs an excellent quality of printing.

            The printer can print up to 17 pages a minute which is very fast, depending on the print jobs.

            The printer is very easy to set up and use by using the installation disc to install the drivers and to set up the printer for use. The instructions on setup are very clear to understand and read.

            Excellent PhotoQuicker software to print photos easily and for fun editing images.

            The design of the printer is very stylish with its smooth and curvy silver and black look.

            The printer can hold 120 pieces of paper in its tray and not only it does that, but it prints from one edge of the paper to the other edge to limit waste space on each print.

            If you have a network set up, you can easily set this printer to be shared for the users on each computer within the network with the Windows file and print sharing setup.

            If you have an old printer which has packed up or are looking for a more up-to-date printer, than this is the one for you. The printing quality is absolutely superb and you would easily want to get it and use it. Definitely worth he money and definitely recommend to buy it.


            Maximum resolution horizontal: 5760 dpi
            Maximum resolution vertical: 1440 dpi
            Pages per minute in black: 17
            Pages per minute in colour: 9
            Built in LCD Screen: No
            Digital Camera Card Readers: None
            Maximum Print Size: A4
            Edge to Edge Printing: Yes
            Separate Ink Tanks: Yes
            Compatible Cartridge - Black T0441
            Colour Printing: Yes
            Compatible Cartridge - Colour CYAN T0452
            Compatible Cartridge - Colour1 MAGENTA T0453
            Compatible Cartridge - Colour2 YELLOW T0454
            Paper tray capacity: 120
            Connectivity: USB 1.1
            Operating system: WINDOWS 98/ME/2000/XP
            Software included: Yes
            Product height: 198 mm
            Product depth: 242 mm
            Product width: 460 mm

            For more information, go to www.epson.com


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            09.08.2005 23:17
            Very helpful



            The latest Now album to the long running series

            Now Thats What I Call Music 61 is the latest addition to the Now album. This is aimed at the summer by the looks of the album cover here.

            This latest album has more recognisable songs than the previous album and I am surprised that this one does not have any Asian singers or bands in, which makes it a good change.

            Both CDs are great with singles from James Blunt, 2Pac, Coldplay, Gorillaz, Audio Bullys, Oasis, Bodyrockers, Caesars, The Killers, Kaiser Chiefs, U2, Akon and many more.

            The first CD in the album is tended to be a pop, rap, and rock music theme. The second CD is tended to be pop and dance music.

            So let's do a breakdown of all the tracks on the album:-

            CD 1:

            James Blunt - Beautiful

            Think of this as a modern classic of "Your Song" by Elton John and then you get the idea how it is like. This song is my favoruite in this album and it is no wonder why I like it...it's a big hit!! James Blunt's debut album has already racked up over half a million copies.

            2Pac feat. Elton John - Ghetto Gospel

            Since the death of tupac, he has achieved more chart success. Eminem has provided with the beats to this single and also included the vocals of Elton joh n singing "Indian Sunset". the video is a big impact as it shows how his incident leading to his death happened.

            Coldplay - Speed Of Sound

            This latest single from Coldplay is in my opinion their best yet. From June 2005, they racked up over 450,000 copies of their latest album, "X & Y". They recently been backing Richard Ashcroft at Live 8 and also covered Kylie's Can't Get You Out Of My Head at Glastonbury.

            Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc.

            This single is their first from the new album, Demon Days. I first heard this track from the ipod advert on TV and this has stook in my head since I heard it on there. This came up at No.2 in the charts in May 2005.

            Black Eyed Peas - Don't Phunk With My Heart

            A brilliant song and it reached the top 3 in the charts in May 2005. They apparently wrote the songs on airplanes, in bathrooms and also in museums and hotels.

            Audio Bullys feat. Nancy Sinatra -Shot You Down

            Audio bullys mix up exisiting singles and place them into a house style tune with beats and basslines added to it which creates their very own unique tune. What a smash it was too as it came to the top 3 in Summer 2005.

            Jem - They

            Jem started singing and writing songs when she was 13. This is one of the songs that this album had put which should have been on Now 60 because this was released back in March 2005 and reached the top 10.

            Natalie Imbruglia - Shiver

            Yet another song that should have been on Now 60. This track is sensational and is the best from Natalie Imbruglia since the track, "Torn". her new album "Counting Down The Days" apparently taken 3 years to make and this track is the first from it.

            KT Tunstall - Other Side Of The World

            A catchy pop tune which made it her second hit single. She apparently likes David Bowie.

            Oasis - Lyla

            God oh mighty! I haven't heard from Oasis for ages and this track shows that they still got the talent even it was a while since their last single, which was for the World Cup back in 2002. Lyla stormed to the top spot, making it their 7th No.1 single.

            Razorlight - Somewhere Else

            This track was Razorlight's biggest hit to date and it stormed to No.2 in the charts back in April 2005 and Razorlight were one of the successes which took part in Live 8.

            Bodyrockers - I Like The Way

            I always thought this sounded like a dance tune than pop or rock but it has a suitable place on this CD as it has guitars in the track. It was a top 3 hit in April 2005 and still in the top 20 in June. The tune was also recently used for the latest big Diet Coke ad campaign.

            Kaiser Chiefs - Everyday I Love You Less And Less

            This is a top tune to hear. kaiser Chiefs are seriously making a mark on the music scene and this latest track is no exception. You'll guarantee to love this. Kaiser Chiefs was brought up as the band's name from the South African Football Team.

            Caesars - Jerk it Out

            I first heard this from the PS2 games FIFA 2004 and SSX 3 and I seriously loved the track. They have now finally released the track and I must say that it has become a big success in the charts. This song means to let out some steam, freak out, let yourself go and get crazy.

            The Killers - Smile Like You Mean It

            The next single after Somebody Told Me, The Killers have also made a mark in the music industry. They have now sold over 3 million copies of their album, Hot Fuss. They were also a band that appeared for Live 8 in July 2005 and the crowd rocked to "All These Things That I've Done".

            Hard-Fi - Hard To Beat

            Hard-Fi are a new band and theit debut single is a great start. It became their first top 10 hit in June 2005. The band are influenced from bands like Dexy's Midnight Runners, The Clash and Happy Mondays.

            Weezer - Beverly Hills

            Long time since Weezer appeared in the charts and they're back with Beverly Hills and this reached at No.9 in the charts in May 2005.

            Rob Thomas - Lonely No More

            This is the frontman from Matchbox Twenty's first solo single and this has gave him a big it in May 2005.

            The Magic Numbers - Forever Lost

            Forever Lost is their first single and made it to No.13 in the charts. Great start for the band.

            Jack Johnson - Good People

            Jack Johnson is highly successful in music and I have to say the latest single from him is brilliant.

            U2 - Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own

            This is the latest single from U2's album "How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb". This tune made it to No.1 in the charts and they recently opened up Live 8 with Paul McCartney with their version of Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club.

            CD 2

            Akon - Lonely

            This track stormed to the top of the charts for two weeks in May 2005 and this was the second hit. This track sampled Bobby Vinton's "Mr Lonely".

            Mario - Let Me Love You

            Mario was successful in talent shows when he was a teenager and he first hit the charts in 2003 with "Just A Friend". Let Me Love You is the biggest hit in his career when it reached No.2 in March 2005.

            Gwen Stefani feat. Eve - Rich Girl

            I first heard this on hoiday in Centerparcs back in April and I simply thought WOW! The single is a follow-up to the massive hit "What You Waiting For" and reached the top 5 in March 2005.

            Will Smith -Switch

            Switch was the 10th top 5 hit for Will Smith and he was known as the Fresh Prince back in 1986. He fronted Live 8 in America from his home town of Philadelphia.

            M.V.P. (Most Valuable Playas) - Roc Ya Body "Mic Check 1,2"

            MVP are a hip-hop crew who are trying to take rap back to the dancefloor and it certainly looks like their heading in the right direction with this track. It reached the top 5 in June 2005.

            Mariah Carey - It's Like That

            Mariah has sold over 120 million albums worldwide since 1990 and her latest single returned her to the top 5 in April 2005 and she also performed at Live 8 with her single "We Belong Together".

            Nelly - N Dey Say

            This track uses a sample from Spandau Ballet's track True. This is another top 10 hit for him in June 2005. Nelly has now sold over 20 million albums.

            Bobby Valentino - Slow Down

            Bobby valention picked this alias because of his birthdate, which he was born on Valentine's Day and his latest single has become a top 3 hit in June 2005.

            Faith Evans - Again

            The retro feel groove of this track made Faith Evan's biggest hit to date when it reached No.12 in May 2005.

            Joss Stone - Don't Cha Wanna Ride

            Joss Sotne was another performer at Live 8 and she released this track in July 2005 and samples the 60s classic Soulful Strut.

            Roll Deep - The Avenue

            This track is based on the 1983 hit Heartbreak Avenue and was released in mid July. Roll Deep are crew behind Dizzee Rascal which have branched out on their own.

            Charlotte Church - Crazy Chick

            Known back in 2003 as CMC as guest vocalist for Jurgen Vries' big dance hit, Opera Song, she has now gone and released Crazy Chick, her first single. It made to the charts at No.2 in July 2005.

            Rachel Stevens - So Good

            Released in July 2005, So Good is the new single. A great single from her new album.

            Inaya Day - Nasty Girl

            A big track in the clubbing scene and it has been successful in the charts. All clubbers and dance music fans should give this a listen.

            Deep Dish - Say hello

            The new single after the successful Flashdance. This aimed to be following the top 3 success of the follow-up and it certainly looks like it to me.

            Freeloaders vs The Real Thing - So Much Love To Give

            This is a song that was a cover from Daft Punk's version. When it was released in April, it became a top 10 hit and is still being played in clubs and radio stations. A very uplifting track.

            Kylie Minogue - Giving You Up

            Kylie was to headline Glastonbury but after finding out that she had breast cancer, she had to cancel it. This new single is her 33rd chart hit and sold over 40 million albums worldwide. Good luck to her with her recovery.

            Girls Aloud - Wake Me Up

            Girls Aloud never seem to stop as this is their 8th consecutive appearance on the Now albums and this new single is a brilliant one and matches the brilliant Sound Of The Underground.

            Crazy Frog - Axel F

            I'm sorry but WHY is this here? Many people find this annoying and I don't think it deserves a place on the album. Anyway, this track was released in May/June 2005 and stayed in the top of the charts for 4 weeks. What were you all thinking? Get a life as this is an annoying tune. Let's just hope that Now 62 will include the remix of Popcorn.

            Tony Christie - Avenues & Alleyways

            Tony Christie is releasing another old single of his in August 2005 and this was originally the theme for the TV programme, The Protectors' back in 1973.

            McFly - You Got A Friend

            This a cover from Carole King's version of the song and also a big hit for James Taylor back in 1971. This was the Comic Relief single and reached No.1

            Heather Small - Proud

            Ah, one of my favourite singles on the album. After hearing that London won the Olympics back in July, I just put this song on no end of times. I am pleased to se this here. this was orginally a top 20 hit in summer 2000 for Heather Small, who she was part of the successful M People.

            This album has a lot of good tracks this time and there are only the two problems which I have stated above. I must admit that this is a great album and should be purchased by all.


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              09.08.2005 19:48
              Very helpful



              Online Carnage On Wheels!! Recommended For All PS2 Online Gamers!

              Those who have read my review of Twisted Metal: Black have been told what the game was like. The review got five stars because I found it an addictive game.

              Now that I have the other game, Twisted Metal: Black Online, I am very pleased to say you must buy this game if you have your PS2 online.

              Before you start to play over the net or LAN, you must make an account to play the game.

              When the account is set up, you have a choice of either playing the world on the Internet mode or if you have a friend or a brother/sister that has a PS2 and also has it connected online, you can play a LAN game.

              What the game offers is what you find in the offline version of the game but you'll find it much more fun when playing online so you thought that the offline mode was addictive, just wait till you see this game!

              Twisted Metal: Black Online offers you some great game modes for you to set up or join online. These are:-

              Deathmatch - The classic free-for-all mode which you would find on the offline mode but now able to take on the world and destroy the opponents. Players have to battle until their car is destroyed and then will regenerate at any location to start the battles again.

              Last Man Standing is an elimination type game which you battle opponents like in the Deathmatch mode but with only a limited number of lives. The winner will be the last player left alive and all the players will be forced to join and enter the game at the same time when the game starts. Players joining in during the game will have to wait for the next round.

              Collector is an objective game which gets players to try and become the first to pick up all the artifacts scattered in an environment selected by the host. There are two ways of stealing these artifiacts from players- Deliver enough damage to kill them and losing the artifact(s) and the other way is to kill and to take all the artifacts they had in their possession. The player who has all artifacts or has the most wins the game.

              Manhunt - The game sets a player being a prey and the others as hunters. Hunters will get points for killing the prey and the prey will gain points for killing the hunters. if a hunter kills a prey, then that hunter will become the prey.

              If you decide to host or join a game, you may be finding that there are some game modifiers in place. These can include only having single weapons throughout a game or even a single vehicle meaning all players have to be a vehicle that the host has chosen. There is also a Power Relics mod which will ge the game to scatter power relics across a map during the game which brings different powers to the person who collects a relic. The Unlimited Weapons mod is basically what it says on the tin - unlimited supply of weapons. The last mod on the game is the Head Up Display Mods which can mean that the host can select no health to be shown on the screen, no pointers or no radar.

              There are a few downsides to the game though. First, the server's lobby is often empty. If you lucky enought to find a few games when you sign on, then there are usually about 30 players on at one day. Where has everyone gone? This is a great game and they desert this game??
              The only other problem I found is that the game hasn't got a community feel, meaning there's no ways of communicating to people. Lobbies and playing a game do not have a chat facility or voice chat. This is disappointing for those who want to have a community feel to this game.

              Overall, the game is mighty addictive online like the offline version was and it is fun...when there are people on and that's a few people every night. However, this is recommended purrely because it is an addictive game and it is well executed. Come on! Let's see you all on there when you get it! And it's only around a tenner these days! Bargain!


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                22.07.2005 02:11
                Very helpful



                Best Mortal Kombat game ever!

                Mortal Kombat: Deception follows up from MK: Deadly Alliance where Raiden fought the two sorcerers, Quan Chi and Shang Tsung.

                After the last game, Raiden was fighting with Shang Tsung and Quan Chi to give Earthrealm the freedom. He sacrificed his status of the Elder Gods to do this. In another part of Eathrealm, Shujinko (who you play as in Konquest Adventure) grew up wanted to be the next best Mortal Kombat and has become the champion of the Elder Gods, who was helped by Bo Rai Cho and a mysterious thing that pops up in front of him known to Shujinko as Damashi. Shujinko foolishly followed Damashi's orders to become the Champion of the Elder Gods because Damashi was really the Dragon King, Onaga, who is trying to make the realms see fit to his purpose by ordering Shujinko to collect six Kamidogu and then place it in The Nexus.

                Back to Earthrealm, Raiden fought well against Quan Chi and Shang Tsung but they combined together and defeated Raiden. The Dealy Alliance have won but then got jealous of the power each of them have and started to turn against each other. Quan Chi defeated Shang Tsung but was distracted by the fact Onaga arrived back and tried to stop him. Then, Raiden and Shang tsung joined in to make a new alliance to stop this threat but Raiden realised that it won't work so he tried to make a blast that'll stop him but he sacrificed himself to do this. When it happened, the blast had little effect on the Dragon King. He now has what he needs to see the realms as he sees fit and the only person who can stop this from happening is Shujinko born of deception.

                In Mortal Kombat: Deception, there are a number of modes to play on. Most are new to the game but soem have reappeared.

                Kombat - This is where you fight in Arcade mode on your own, with a friend or practice your moves. Arcade mode will allow your chosen fighter to travel to many locations to fight various characters controlled by the CPU, but also a friend can join in. As you play Arcade, you will gain Koins for defeating the opponents and winning many matches will help you unlock stuff in The Krypt later on. Versus is where you fight with a friend on a chosen arena by pressing R1 to view the available arenas. The Practice mode is where you practice your moves on a fighter. Theres' no time limit or health limit and you are able to practice until you feel comfortable to fight with the CPU, your friends or even the world when going online. You'll play with a number of new characters, some have returned from the old MK games, such as Baraka and Sindel - great classic characters. You'll also fight on multi-tiered arenas and also each arena comes complete with it's own stage death trap such as Falling Cliff's spikes when you push an opponent over the edge. These are great new additions and I love it.

                Chess Kombat - This is a new mode to the Mortal Kombat games. You and a friend or CPU can play with a chosen team of five fighters which are grunts, shifters, sorcerers, champions and the leader. Chess Kombat is like normal chess but with a Mortal Kombat twist to it and has different rules and legal moves. When you start, you can set traps and some fake ones. This will only work when placed on your own side of the board but don't worry as these traps won't hurt your side. Players take turns of moving their fighters and arrows appear to show which squares are available to move to. When two opposed fighters occupy the same square, it will be a Kombat fight to see who can survive the fight. The best bit about the chess mode is the spells that you can use to put off the opponent's chances of winning. However, the spells are only able to be used once in a chess game so choose wisely. There are spells such as kill, teleport, imprison, exchange, resurrect and protect with more available to use. On the chess board, you will see two green cells. These are power cells which will give the fighter on that cell a +100 health and +25 health for other players.When it comes to fighting against the leader, if you defeat him, you will be treated with a fatality and this means you won the game and check-mated him.

                Puzzle Kombat - This is a Tetris-style puzzle game but again with the MK style. Two puzzle fighters will apear at the bottom and these fight as you build up blocks and then trying to get rid of them with the breakerss appearing. You will need to keep the blocks below the red Kaution banner to stay in the game and the player over that banner loses the game. Breakers will help get rid of blocks in the same colour. This helps boost your super meter. You will see bombs suring the game and placing this on a block will get rid of all the blocks in the same colour or if you place it on an empty space, you'll receive a 'Bomb Bonus' and this will also increase your super meter. The super meter helps you get the sprecial move and when this is filled, you are able to use the special by pressing Square but you'll need to use it within 20 seconds of being able to use it. The super meter gets filled differently depending on what fighter you choose so if you pick a character which has a special wth a great effect, it will take longer to fill it.

                Konquest Adventure - The mode that you'll really learn the fighting moves of each character. As Shujinko, you'll face loads of instructiosn and challenges in order to progress in this mode. You'll find throughout the game treasure chests which will contain koin rewards or even keys for some of the koffins in The Krypt to unlock. These can unlock characters and new arenas.

                MK Online - This is where you will be able to take on the world. You'll need the network adapter and broadband stuff to be able to play this online. When you connect to MK Online, you'll be able to chat to other players in a lobby, challenge them to a Kombat, puzzle or chess game to help you go up the rankings, or if you lose, you'll go down the rankings. You can join in a lobby or create your own to lure players in. There is a buddy list to keep your in touch with your friends. Keep an eye on the Hall of Fame every so often to see what who you are up against. The online mode is fantastic when you play here as most of the player you'll meet are great to play with and communicate if you have a USB headset.

                The Krypt - The Krypt is back with more stuff for you to unlock. You can unlock koffins AA up to TT, each with something for you to unlock. There are no more empty koffins which MK: Deadly Alliance had. Here, you can unlock photos, videos, soundtracks, concept art, arenas, characters and much more. Some koffins require krypt keys and these are only found in the Konquest Adventure mode so look aroudn each realms to find a key.

                Kontent - This is where all your content that you unlock from the Krypt is kept in. You can view these at any time and this will how things such as Characters, Arenas, Endings, Production Art, Movies, Photos, Soundtracks and credits.

                I have to say that this game has improved a lot since MK Deadly Alliance and I can recommend you to buying this game. You'll guaranteed to love this game, even if you're not a Mortal Kombat fan. Get it now!


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                • Kill Zone (PS2) / Playstation 2 Game / 15 Readings / 10 Ratings
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                  22.07.2005 02:09
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                  Killzone does to PS2 what Halo did for Xbox

                  Want a game that is only for PS2 that you think will beat Halo 2? Then Killzone is your answer...

                  Undercover Field Operatives have just uncovered the first images and transcripts of a rally call made by Visari, who is the leader of the Helghast. He has made a speech that helghast is no longer "a broken nation" and have "rebuilt the pride".

                  When the Helghast have begun to travel to Vekta, the SD platform was supposed to defend the planet from the Helghast, but as officials called for its shield and use of its weapon to destroy the Helghast ships, it failed, letting the Helghast land on Vekta. So was it just a mechanical failure or was the people on the SD platform deliberatly malfunctioned the defense system?

                  You will be able to find this out when you play throughout the Campaign mode. Campaign mode will take you through around 10 levels with sublevels included for each mission. You will be able to play as four characters in the game: Templar, Luger, Rico and Hakha. When you start the campaign mode for the first time, you are only able to play as Templar but as the Campaign mode goes on, you'll meet up with the other three characters. Each character has their own mission style and weapons.

                  In Battlefield mode, you are able to pick an online game or offline game. If you have got your PS2 connected to the Internet, then you'll able to play against Europe in the Central Station universe that is created for the game, since this was a Sony / Guerilla product.

                  The Battlefield mode has a number of game types available:-

                  Deathmatch - An all against all mode to get the most kills within the time limit.

                  Team Deathmatch - Same as above but you are able to play as teams - ISA or Helghast. The team that kills the most wins.

                  Defend & Destroy - Similar to Assault but both ISA and Helghast have to defend their generators but also to destory the other team's. When both are destroyed on a team, the team who has their generators safe, wins.

                  Assault - This mode allows Helghast to simply go and destroy the ISA generators.

                  Domination - Another team based game to fight and gain control of switches placed around a map.

                  Supply Drop - A team game where the teams must collect supplies and take them back to their base or retrieve from the opponent's base.

                  The online mode is absolutely brilliant. Constant players online in created hubs by Central Station for different European countries. I could not find any faults with the online mode as it is constant killings for everyone when playing on the game. You are also able to chat during the game using a USB headset or keyboard.

                  There are also rankings that you find in the game such as Private, Sergeant and many more. You go up in ranking by killing lots of people and also not getting killed much. Highest ranking is General of the Army.

                  There are 16 weapons to be found in the game including knifes, pistols, grenade launcher, rocket launchers, chaingun and the baddest of them all, the squad cannon. Al the weapons are brilliant.

                  The whole game is amazing. In terms of graphics, the levels/maps, characters and weapons are all amazingly detailed. I truly think that this is pushing the PS2 to its limits.

                  Absolutely amazing. It really feels like being in a warzone. The weapon sounds are amazing with detailed reload and firing sounds as well as great voice overs for the campaign mode.

                  The campaign mode will last you about a few days or even more. But with its both offline and online Battlefield mode, it will last for ages.

                  This is the best bit about Killzone. A free roaming game to find Helghast to kill in both Battlefield and Campaign modes and the online modes with a decent amount of maps but these maps are huge. Put all 16 players on a map, you'll won't get killed within every second.

                  A definite Halo beater for the PS2, it will make you want to play this over and over again. It is also the game that really wants you to get your PS2 online.


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                    22.07.2005 02:04
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                    Timesplitters Future Perfect - The best FPS on PS2 got even better with online play!

                    When I received a copy of this game, I dived straight into the box and inserted into the PS2. I was so excited as to what I am about to unfold.

                    The game is following Cortez this time around and his mission is to find the time crystals and destory them before Jacob Crow destroys and wipes out the whole human race with his invention of the Timesplitters.

                    In the story mode, there are a great number of levels to play and compared to the other two games previously, it now feels more like a proper story mode. One of the best features in the mode is the ability to meet yourself in-game, which means a past and future self of Cortez. This is vital on completion of the game. It will help you solve missions such as puzzles, and fighting enemies. In one level, you'll meet up with all 4 versions of Cortez to try crack the circuit code and also to fight the camera gunner bots. It is hard to do first time but gets easier when you try again.

                    The game has a good variety of weapons, each one you will find in the correct era of the level so you won't really find futuristic guns in a victorian era level. The best weapons are the snipers and the futuristic mag charger whcih allows you to shoot through walls when you press up (default or any button if customised) to change to piercing mode, which means shoot through walls.

                    You will fight against different versions of Jacob Crow throughout the story mode due to being in different eras for each mission you do. First, you'll try and find him in a Victorian castle and then trace where he goes. You won't fight him until the very end where he is eventually a timesplitter. You'll fight him first at his mansion and then you go back in time to go underwater to destory the time crystals. Then, he'll reappear to try and defeat Cortex once and for all.

                    Story mode is a way to unlock new characters. These tend to be ones that you'll encounter throughout the mode.

                    There are other characters that you unlock by doing other modes.

                    League is a mode where you beat targets to earn bronze, silver, gold or platinum trophies if you complete them. This will earn you more characters but it's not the only thing you'll unlock. You will also unlock cheats.

                    Challenge Mode offers a series of unique and insane challenges set in sections of the Sotry mode and Arcade mode. Gain required scores or time to beat the challenge and reap more rewards such as more characters.

                    Now this is the genius part....the online mode!! You can play as any character you have available on your profile and you can play across a number of maps that are available to you. The style of play on here is brilliant as it is fast, frantic and also every second has action!! There are a number of modes to play these maps on such as a created story mode, assault, deathmatch, team deathmatch, virus and bag tag with other modes included.

                    However, you are not limited to the game maps. You can play on customised maps that you or other users create (More on the Mapmaker in detail further down) by simply downloading to your memory card. It seems to me as I downloaded quite a bit of maps, that you can have unlimited maps stored on your memory card, as long as you have at least 1300KB of memory card space free.

                    The online mode is brilliant for supporting clans that are on there. However, I have came across some snags. These include the voice communications being a bit poor in terms of quality and also no settings for room passwords or no small characters to be used in certain games (Should be improved with an update they proposed to release soon however with most of these snags) and also problems with accessing games set up by buddies on your buddy list.

                    The mapmaker is even better this time round with more map space to use and more options to use for creating a map. You'll have the usual lighting effects, weapons placing, health placing etc. but you have also got mutli-tiered map options as well as new map pieces and objects to place on the map.

                    OVERALL VERDICT:

                    The game is the best in its FPS genre and the best Timesplitters game by far. Who knows what can be next in the series of the game but it also certain it's going to be improved more - maybe the next one is to appear on the PS3!!

                    I certainly recommend anyone with a PS2 and connected online to get this game. The offline mode is brilliant but the beauty of the game lies in the online mode which will certainly amaze you. You'll be so addicted that you will want to play it all day without sleep if you could be arsed to do that!! Do not delay in buying this game at all otherwise you'll regret it.


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                    • Your Top 10 / Discussion / 20 Readings / 18 Ratings
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                      13.07.2005 21:27
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                      My best 10 games on the PS2 with online capabilities

                      This review will go into detail of my favourite top 10 online games for the PS2. I have a number of reasons including these and I will now go through my top 10.

                      1. Area 51
                      This game has pushed the PS2 to it's limits with it's gameplay and graphics and this is not only what got me amazed with this game. There are a great variety of maps to play online on and the best thing is that most of them are HUGE!! The auto-sizing options is genius because more of the map is available when a certain number of players are in the game. The modes available on this game are Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture The Flag, Capture and Hold and Infection. My favourite modes are Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Infection. Infection mode is so unique to other FPS games because you start off with being human and eventually one becomes infected with the alien virus and that infected person must go round and kill the remaining humans until all are infected to start a new round. Another thing which is great about the game is the ability to have infinite time and kills and go on as long as you want!! Also, you have the ability to allow a voting system on a new map and/or mode to play on or to kick a person who they think are too good or cheating. IT'S WORLDWIDE CAPABLE!! Take on the world in the ultimate online FPS game...NOW!! Absolutely recommended for everyone as this is brilliant and the best.

                      2. Killzone
                      Futuristic war game with online capabilities and this game is good for realistic gun battles on a number of maps available. There are a good variety of weapons for use. There are a number of modes which are Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Defend & Destroy, Assault, Domination and Supply Drop. Defend & Destroy is a mode where you defend the generators at your own base and also attack the opponent's base's generators at the same time. Assault is the same but only you have to destroy the ISA base's generators. Domination mode is where you go around killing people but also to take control of communication points to gain points quicker. Supply Drop is the mode where you go and find supplies and then bring them back to base to defend them from the opponents but also have to go and raid their base to grab their supplies to gain points quicker. A great game but not worldwide capable as this is part of Sony's Central Station. Recommended.

                      3. FIFA Football 2005
                      This is the ultimate online footy sim for all football fans out there! Challenge anyone, anywhere in the world to a football match to gain your rankings and points or even take part in the tournament! You really do feel like you watch a World Cup football match but you play against another online player by the way you actually react when you score against them. You can choose any team available to use against the opponent and to try win the match. I must say that I have always played this online since buying it and I always come back to it! Every online gamer should have this in their online games collection for their PS2.

                      4. Timesplitters: Future Perfect
                      Yet another great FPS game with online capabilities. Think it's too similar to Killzone and Area 51? Well there are some things different. Not only you able to play on maps that came with the game but also able to create your very own map and then use it to create a match. This game has more modes than Killzone and Area 51. It has the usual Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch. It has also got Capture the Bag which is the same as Capture the Flag, Bag Tag is where you have to grab a bag and hold it as long as you can. Elimination is where each player in the game has a set number of lives and when they have lost all the lives, they are out but you must retain them in oreder to win. Shirnk is the same as the Deathmatch mode but your character will shrink based on rankings. Vampire mode is the same as Deathmatch but you need to kill others to extend your character's life span. Thief is where you go kill opponents and then nick their rewards left by those who died. Virus is where one is infected with a virus and the one with the infection must tag others and the last one who is not infected wins. Zones is where players go for zones in a map and scores when it's in their team's control. Assault is where you attack the enemy base and the Gladiator mode is where a random picked player is a Gladiator and only that person can score. The game is superb and is a fast paced one.

                      5. SOCOM II: US Navy Seals
                      This game is the sequel to the original SOCOM game. It is the most popular online game on the PS2 but it's not as good as I expected but still great! SOCOM II supports clans very well here with an area for them by putting their own news and also to recruit via SOCOM II. That is the only game I have seen do that so far in my collection. You can also speak to the players by USB headset or chat by the USB keyboard in the lobbies. Again, this ain't worldwide compatible as this is another Central Station game. There are two teams that players can choose to be on. They can be on the Seals side or the Terrorists side. Each character on both teams available are unique with the weapons and skills. There are a number of modes available. Breach mode is where the Seals team has to attempt to break through barriers and destroy targets in terrorist strongholds. Terrorists have to prevent them from doing so. Demolition mode is where you have to find the bomb and then blow up the opposition HQ. You have to prevent it being defused by the opponents to guarantee a win. Suppression is the equivalent to Team Deathmatch where Seals and Terrorists fight to the death in a five minute round. Escort is where key personnel need to be moved to a secure location and win when Seals escorts two VIPs to the extraction points or killing all terrorists or if the terrorists kill the VIPs or all Seals. The last mode is Extraction where it is a hostage situation and Seals must escort at least two hostages or kill terrorists. The game is mighty popular and will always be until the next sequel arrives.

                      6. Monster Hunter
                      This is a unique online game. It's not the usual online racer or FPS or sports game. It's basically a RPG online game where you go and do quests. You can then start a quest when you have recruited enough players for setting out a quest and then carry out that quest by following the objectives, whether is collecting things or monster hunting. The maps are massive and there are a great variety of monsters to kill but need to level up before doing that. You can also buy new weapons, armour and have your very own accommodation during the online play. A must have if you want to play a different game online than the usual racing and gun fights.

                      7. Tony Hawk's Underground 2
                      The Hawk is back and the onlie mode is excellent. When you complete the game, you should be able to skate as any character online and also any map, including your very own maps. Not only that, you can upload your very own face via online. This is another worldwide game but there are no communciations apart from chat by using the keyboard.Modes are King of the Hill, Free Skate, Trick Attack, Fire Fight, Graffiti, HORSE, and some other modes too.

                      8. Burnout 3: Takedown
                      Fancy causing chaos online for the world? Then this game is the one to have! Race against opponents around the world with your own car and cause chaos by taking down the opponents when beside them to lose their precious position of the race and also try out crash modes for money and takedown points. You can communicate by either keyboard or headset. Certainly a game not to leave out of your collection.

                      9. Need For Speed Underground 2
                      Liked the movie Fast And The Furious / 2 Fast 2 Furious? Then you can imagine what you can do with this game!! Online, you can race your opponents using your fully modded ride to try and take the winnings and gain respect. There are a number of modes such as Circuit, Sprint, Drag, Drift, URL (Underground Racing League), Street X. basically you can communicate with the opponents and also kick butt in there own hosted games to gain rankings.

                      10. Hardware: Online Arena
                      Think this is old now to still play it? Forget it! Loads of players still turn up to fight to the death on this game and their are hundreds of players. Choose between buggies and tanks to create annhilation to the whole game to gain points and be the winner!! Only really started playing this but it's growing to be one of the best I've played. Basically, think Twisted Metal Black: Online and you have the idea of this game. I personally think it's better because on TMB:O, there's hardly any players on there no more compared to Hardware which still has hundreds on there every day and came out nearly the same time as TMB:O!!


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                        12.07.2005 13:13
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                        FIFA Football 2005 is ahead of the game!

                        As I bought this game for purely fun and going online to challenge the whole world to football matches, I feel this is one of the best FIFA games so far. The only one I thought was close to it within the whole FIFA games was FIFA 99, back in the PSone days. The game now has more official leaguesand team licences than any other football game. It makes Pro Evolution Soccer look like the kid who was picked last in a school football game during lunchtimes. To be exact, FIFA Football 2005 has 18 leagues, 38 national teams and over 11,000 real players.

                        SO WHAT'S NEW WITH THIS GAME?

                        The first thing that's new with this game is the new move, called First Touch. During a match, you now have the ability to control the ball instantly with flick-ons or knocks into any free space by using the analog stick and this will prevent the other team into stealing the ball when you are in possession.

                        The career mode is even better by being more in-depth than previous FIFA games for a drive for success spanning multiple football seasons with numerous challenges to become a five star manager.

                        You can now even assemble the perfect player with complete control over the appearances, abilities and stats.

                        You can now collect FIFA Points for every accomplishment, from small things such as going onto a game mode and then moving onto more big accomplishments such as creating players and then winning football trophies. You can use the FIFA Points to unlock football kits, EA Trax tracks for the jukebox and also options for football games as well as other stuff.

                        WHAT GAME MODES ARE IN THIS GAME?

                        The career mode is back as mentioned above but it allows you to take on a non-league team at the start and then move up to much bigger teams until you get to manage a Premier League or an international team. Winning football trophies and gaining teams promotion in the league will help you build up the career. Not only you help improve your team, but you can also have a chance to improve the efficiency of your staff within the football team which will cost you some FIFA Points.

                        There is the Tournament mode to compete in a tournament with a team of your choice and go through a league or knockout tournament until the tournament / league ends.

                        The practice mode is back again and this will help you and your team to improve your skills on the practice pitch. You can practice in a match, or improve on your corner kicks and indirect or direct free kicks.

                        Got Total Club Manager 2005? Then you can use this with FIFA Football 2005 by the unique Football Fusion mode. With this mode, you can play individual Total Club Manager 2005 matches in FIFA Football 2005, or export teams to FIFA Football 2005 so you can include lower division sides which are not supported with FIFA Football 2005.

                        The best thing I like about the game is the ability to take on the world and blag about who's the best FIFA Football 2005 gamer by going online.You can challenge individual gamers from the lobbies to a ranked or unranked match, or even take part on online events set up by EA or even gamers of the game. There are lots of players to be playing against on the game as this game is worldwide capable. You can chat to people online by using a USB keyboard for the PS2 or if you are in a match or want to talk privately, you can use a USB headset to hear and talk to the gamers. If you want to keep tracks of your buddies, EA has managed to add EA Messenger to the game where you can keep your list of buddies on the game and also challenge them or talk to them. The only problem about the online mode that I have encountered since having it is some matches you play may encoutered lag due to being able to play people around the world but this isn't a big issue to worry about.

                        Want to have your very own elite player to a team? Well, you can with the Create Player mode. Add all the essential elements of a great player into your creation and then you are able to put that player in your chosen team and position you want that player in. You have a possibility to create yourself in the game.

                        OVERALL OPINION

                        GRAPHICS - The best since the previous FIFA games. Very detailed players and stadiums with excellent weather effects.
                        SCORE - 9

                        SOUND - Motson and Ally McCoist returns with more commentary and it's the best yet. Stadium atmosphere make it feel you're actually there. EA Trax has a great selection of tracks for the game which is very suitable with tracks from different countries.
                        SCORE - 9

                        GAMEPLAY - Excellent career mode and the ability to go online and also use Total Club Manager 2005 to export teams to FIFA.
                        SCORE - 9

                        LIFESPAN - No doubt you'll come back to play this game every time you boot up your PS2 with the online mode as well as trying to be the best team in the world to compete for tournaments and promotion to better leagues.
                        SCORE - 10


                        What a brilliant game. Pro Evo Soccer gamers will be green with envy with this and FIFA Football 2005 is ahead of the game here with online mode and the licences for the game. Loads more to do with the game. FIFA Football 2005 is now only £20 quid at GAME so why not get this while you can before the new version is released in the autumn or winter this year. Absolutely brilliant and recommended for all PS2 football gamers.

                        ADDITIONAL INFORMATION -

                        FIFA Official Website - www.FIFA.com
                        FIFA Football 2005 Website - http://easports.co.uk/fifafootball
                        EA Website - www.uk.ea.com

                        Customer Support - 0870 2432435


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                        • Area 51 (PS) / Archive Game / 20 Readings / 13 Ratings
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                          09.07.2005 13:04
                          Very helpful



                          The best FPS game on PS2

                          Quite a few of you may be able to remember the Arcade version light-gun game or even the PS1 game of the same name. Well, it may have been getting average reviews from PS1 magazines but it has now been re-released and it is not a new light-gun game, it has now evolved into a First Person Shooter. So, can this PS2 game be any better than the current best FPS, Killzone? Read on to find out....

                          WHAT IS AREA 51??
                          For those who do not know what Area 51 is, It is a parcel of a US military-controlled land in Southern Nevada. This area of land apparently holds a secret aircraft testing facility. Area 51 is also known with names like Watertown, Dreamland, Paradise Ranch, The Farm, The Box and The Directorate for Development Plans Area, and simply Groom Lake. It is famed as the subject of many UFO conspiracy theories.

                          THE STORY BEHIND THE GAME (Quoted from the game manual)

                          The mysterious Grays have studied humanity for thousands of years. Earth's remote location in the backwaters of the galaxy made it an ideal place for the alien race to conduct research that is too dangerous to perform on any of their homeworlds. Embroiled in an interstellar war with an unknown enemy, the Grays were desperate to develop a super-weapon that would ensure their survival. The natural resources and large population of Earth, combined with the human leadership's corrupt accommodations provide the perfect facility for the Gray's biological warfare development.

                          In 1947, a Gray research ship experienced a major malfunction resulting in a crash near Roswell, New Mexico. The US Government quickly covered up the truth, sealed off the site and recovered a badly wounded Gray named "Edgar" who was transported to Area 51 for study. In the time that followed major elements of the government we co-opted by the powerful Illumnati, a secret organization of elitists dedictaed to ruling the world from the shadows. The Illumnati used their influence to set a new agenda for Area 51. A major base was built over the initial laboratory that housed the crippled "Edgar", and the Grays established a research facility 3 miles below the desert surface. Since then, this is now the only safe area for all landing Gray vessels.

                          In time the Illumnati formed a Pact with the Grays, granting them needed resources (including humans for experiments) in return for exclusive access to Gray technology.

                          For the last 20 years, human and Gray researchers have worked in tandem to great effect, creating a creature-weapon codenamed "Theta" intended for use in the distant alien conflict. One human scientist, Dr. Winston Cray, is working for the mysterious "Edgar" on perfecting a viral weapon. Cray believes mating this virus with the "Theta" project will yeild the super-weapon the Gray's have long sought for.

                          Tipped off by "Edgar", Cray now struggles to prevent the Grays completing their super-weapon and destroying Earth. Since the Illumnati controls the labs of Area 51, he risks everything by calling for help. He released his viral weapon within subterranean sections of the base with the intention of creating chaos and distraction within the Illumnati, hoping to stall the completion of the Gray's plans and prompt interference from military forces on the surface. The resulting infection spread to the upper sections of the base and military commanders reacted quickly by sealing the area and calling in Military Hazardous Materials Teams. After the initial Hazmat Team Delta wend missing, a second unit was despatched. HazMat Team Bravo must discover the fate of Team Delta and discover the source of the deadly virus.

                          GAME FEATURES

                          Area 51 is a FPS shooter which have a number of features. To play the game, you will need to create a profile to save your progress on. After this you can progress into the game. The main feature is the Campaign mode. This is where you get control of one of the members of the HazMat Team Bravo team and find out the source of the deadly virus. There are 3 difficulties to complete this on but I recommend doing the easy mode first so you get used on what to do. You play as Ethan Cole as you follow the game's storylines throughout many vast levels as you uncover the truth of Area 51. Not only you kill the infected people and aliens, you'll also need to pick up every piece of detail of Area 51 which are scattered around every level. This helps uncover the mystery about Area 51 and also what caused the virus infection. By collecting these pieces of information unlocks secrets and these info will be accessible in the data bank after completion. As you progress in the campaign mode, Ethan Cole will get infected himself from the virus and he manages to survive being killed off from it. He now needs to find the cure from the virus by following "Edgar"'s voice which he uses telekenesis on dead people to talk to Ethan. Ethan must find Cray to get the cure before the infection takes over the control of his body.

                          The other modes are great. You can have deathmatch games with a mate in 2-player split screen mode over a vast amount of maps available.

                          Where the game really comes to being fantastic is the online mode. Not only you get to play deathmatch over a vast amount of maps in the game, you also get to play other modes. These are Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Capture and Hold and Infection. All these are great, but what is quite unique is the Infection mode. This game mode allows players to run around and wait for one of the players joined to become a mutated alien. When one player mutates, the objective is to stay alive for as long as you can. For each second you survive, you will get a point. This helps if you want to win the matches under this mode. I constantly go on this and I just love being the one who survives last or being the mutated alien trying to infect the players trying to survive. While Killzone is restricted to just the European regions to play, Area 51 is world-wide so you can have fun with people from the US, South America, Hong Kong and loads of other countries. Online mode just beats Killzone but the only problem with this game online is that when hosting, players who joined in for ages would get disconnected after a while in your created server. This is somewhat annoying but not a major thing to worry about.


                          With all the FPS game available, you'll get the usual shotgun, pistol, assualt rifle and sniper rifle and grenades but there are unique weapons to the game which allows the players to use the actual alien weapons that the Illumnati and Grays use. You get to use their JB grenades, a BBG gun and also Area 51's very own BFG - the Meson Cannon. The best thing about the use of the weapons in the game is that some allow dual-shooting. Imagine the imapct of using the shotgun secondary fire with dual shotguns.

                          OVERALL OPINION

                          GRAPHICS: Area 51 pushes the graphics on the PS2 to it's very limits and this is been acclaimed on many magazines. 10

                          SOUND: Excellent sound effects, acting by David Duchovny, Marilyn Manson and Powers Boothe and eery background music.

                          GAMEPLAY: Excellent story mode, shooting things and it's done very well. 9

                          LIFESPAN: Very good story and secrets to replay for as well as the online mode to play on. 8

                          So, which is better? Killzone or Area 51? Well, the story mode is much better and longer, online play is much better too. So, in my opinion, Area 51 is the new best FPS on PS2. Very atmospheric, fun, challenging, exciting and gory at times. You'll keep going back to this game and using the online mode. Definately worth your buy!!!

                          FOR FURTHER INFORMATION:-

                          Area 51 Website - www.area51-thegame.com
                          Midway - www.midway.com

                          Hints & Tips Line - 09065 55 88 55
                          Costs of the call are £1 a minute. Callers must be 16 or over.


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                            08.07.2005 13:11
                            Very helpful



                            You are guaranteed to love Ibiza if you book there!

                            I have recently been to Ibiza for the very first time. And boy, was it worth the wait! I am writing this as my personal account of the holiday, even though I went with my family (a big one!).

                            The flight on the way to Ibiza was excellent when flying with First Choice Airways. The entertainment on the way there was great with the TV screens and also the meal which was included with my package hoilday. The views out the window were breathtaking when you see the world below you when flying.

                            About 5 - 10 minutes before landing, I saw Ibiza. The views out of the plane was fantastic as you approach it. Landing there at the airport was smooth. The luggage was easily retreived and was no problems getting into the country. As soon as I got outside the airport, I certainly felt the difference in the climate compared to the UK - much hotter and much better weather than us (they still getting the best of the weather as I type this review out - meaning they still get the summer weather!). I got on the coach around 45 mins later, I arrived at the hotel which was situated in the Santa Eularia area of Ibiza. The hotel that I stayed in was absolutely spotless in terms of cleansiness and tidiness.

                            The hotel I stayed in was called Sirenis Hotel Club Siesta and there was everything that you could have. The room was fantastic and have comfortable beds to sleep in, altough I had air conditioning on throughout the night to cool down. The shower was easy to use and the TV had Spanish channels and also some Uk channels such as Sky News, BBC News and also Eurosport. The hotel offers Breakfast and also Evening Meals. These were done as a buffet. There were something to eat for everyone. I always had a full English Breakfast (egg, bacon, sausages, toast etc.) and the evening meal was done as a cold buffet, but I think it was a hot buffet most times as there was hot meals on offer such as chips.

                            The entertainment in the hotel was excellent. I loved the comedy stage hypnotist, Dave Rawson, the best throughout the stay. He had got my Dad and step-sister hypnotised and did outrageous things, such as being six-year old school children, imagining doing horse racing, imagining winning the lottery and also getting them to look through magic glasses bought from the Hippy Market which makes them see adults in the nude. The show was absolutely hilarious! There were other great shows such as a soul singer, the parrot show, a magician, a tribute act to Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera and many more. The hotel also caters for kids which reps from First Choice organise activities. The activities are great for keeping your kids occupied all holiday and some great ones are darts, polo, snooker tournament, air rifle shooting and much more including a kid's disco every night. Talking about the reps, they are on site always so you are in very good hands if you need to speak to them about anything. The reception in the hotel is always open 24/7 too. The swimming pool at the hotel is very clean and this is great because it is sealed off every night to pour cleaning chemicals to keep the pool clean each day.

                            Opposite the hotel, there are conveniently placed shops for all the essential needs for the holiday including food, drinks, suncream, shades etc. There's also a chemist doen the road from the hotel.

                            Tuesday was fantastic as I went on a once-in-a-lifetime cruise from San Antonio to view around Ibiza. I have seen an aircraft which is underwater and that only crashed about 3 -5 weeks ago. Also, I saw George Michael's villa. The tour guide was fantastic as he gave facts and also played a quiz throughout the cruise. On the cruise, was free drinks but had to buy the snacks. Half-way through the cruise and the cruise stopped at a bar near the GM's villa and had a buffet. It offered a varitey of food for everyone. Then stopped for allowing people to swim further on in the tour to dive for champagne which was thrown in the sea. (The sea was clear compared to the UK!!!)

                            Later on in the week, I went to Es Cana and looked at the Hippy Market there. It was absolutely packed with people and there are quite a good amount of stalls to be found here, although some are repeated around the place. If you go there, you need to think about how you go there because it is not a good idea to go there on a bus as it will be fully packed, and the bus drivers don't care about how full it is and they try cram as many on there, as I have experienced!!

                            Talking about buses - I was suppose to go to a place called Cala Llenya to see whats there. Found out it was only a hotel resort, so we had to stay on the bus just to get back to Santa Eularia.

                            Santa Eularia has great places to eat as most of these will be located on the promenade. The best place to go is Mel's Engligh Bar because it has all the English food there and, to my opinion, does the best quality food. The town also has a great variety of shops there with a market every 2 days too but only a small one compared to the Hippy Market. The beach is very clean and so is the sea. You can see the coral at the bottom because it's that clean!!

                            In terms of the weather during the holiday, it was very sunny and hot all week, which is good after all the bad weather we had in the UK all summer! One day during the holiday, the daytime temperature was 35C maximum!!

                            The downside of the holiday was that I and my family was ill for a few days with Spanish Tummy. Spanish Tummy is diarrhoea in their terms and it is very easy to catch there so I woudl advise you to watch what you drink and eat. Do not drink any water from the taps or even suck ice from drinks as they use different quality water compared to ours. Also, do not eat any food from buffets which look like they have been out for a long period of time or tastes cold. This can also bring the Spanish Tummy on.

                            Unfortunately, I was not able to fully explore the whole island of Ibiza, which brings me to recommend anyone who are thinking of booking a holiday to Ibiza to go for a fortnight as a week there will not be long enough. I only explored part of Ibiza within that week I was there for.

                            On the way back, the flight was great also and guess what - the meal on the way back had to be Sausages and Mash - the start of eating English food again! The entertainment on the TV on the way back on the flight was good as there was a film shown.

                            So, that is my review of Ibiza. If you thinking of booking to go Ibiza, I would recommend booking to go with First Choice as they were excellent in the service on the flights, and at the hotel.


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                              01.07.2005 12:31
                              Very helpful



                              The sequel to NFSU with more options and a not so good online mode!

                              "Welcome to Bayview, your destination in Need For Speed Underground 2. In Bayview, the Underground is thriving. With over 125 miles of open road to drive, feast on an almost limitless array of choices. Cruise the freeways for races, comb city streets for secret hotspots or get modded with the latest gear at one of Bayview's numerous car shops. Customise your car with hundreds of accessories and aftermarket parts, including brand-new options like wheel spinners and audio upgrades. Once your ride is up to speed, take it to the streets in one of the all-new racing modes like Street X and Downhill Drift. Think you've got what it takes to make it in the Underground? Here's your chance to prove it!"

                              Need For Speed Underground 2 is the next game to try and beat its predecessor and it does beat it!

                              In this version, you don't have to do story mode by just going through the menus. This time, you do it by roaming round 125 miles of open road to find challenges and progress in the story mode.

                              STORY MODE / CUSTOMISATION

                              To make and gain reputation in this game, you will need to mod up your chosen car from the story mode. Competing in Underground races requires an eye-catching combination of speed and beauty on your ride. You can choose from hundreds of available performance parts such as nitros, turbo boosts, wheel spinners, and audio upgrades and also visual customisation mods such as addition of vinyl, carbon car parts or even paint. All these will make your ride look good. Do this, and you'll be on a winning streak and then complete the story mode. However, you'll start from a basic street model of cars and after winning a number of races, you'll be able to mod them with your winnings you earned and making car dealers unable to recognise your ride. In the story mode, you'll be competing in a number of race types such as single race, drag, drift, street X, downhill drift. Win the races and you'll gain respect and earn lots of money as well as rewards.

                              When you customise your vehicle, you'll find that there are stars at a corner of your screen. These are representing the visual star ratings. Style is in the details so the game leaves the details entirely up to you. What you can do here is customise hoods, rims, body kits, exhausts, spoilers, side mirrors and much more. This is almost unlimited customisation in my view and this is my favourite part of the game. You can mod vehicles however you want it to make it detailed. To get the highest rating in the visual stars, you'll have to make it look smooth and constantly upgrade the performance as to how much earnings you got. Star values increase as you modify your car. These will help your progression in your game by rewarding you with DVD covers and even money...now that's what I call satisfaction!!

                              GAME MODES

                              In the game, you'll find a number of game modes.

                              Career mode - This is the story mode. See above.

                              Quick Race Mode - This is where you can go for a quick race if you have only a small amount of time or want to do races instead of the career mode. You can choose the following races:-

                              Circuit: Traditional lap-style course. Finish first and leave competitors driving in circles.

                              Sprint - Race from points A to B as fast as you can.

                              Drag - The classic drag mode is back with more pedal-mashing and manual speed-shifting action in a race to the finish line on new tracks.

                              Drift - Fancy more drifting on the new NFSU game? You got it right here! More drifting on new tracks to try and master your drift skills.

                              Street X - The new mode where this is a lap-based race on tight and technical closed circuits. You'll need to fight for first place whatever the cost.

                              Underground Racing League - This is another new mode I encountered which is lap-based on dedicated tracks.

                              Free Run - Due to the open road system on this game, there is a free run mode to drive round the whole 125 miles of open road meaning no competition, no time limit and no rules!!

                              2 Player Split Screen - Play against one of your mates in racing in the modes mentioned above.

                              Online - This is a great way to gain recognition on the online world. Race against real online opponents and gain ranking status using your ride to race in a number of modes. The lobby is worse than the previous game which is disappointingas this only shows the games created by users by filters being used so you have to constantly change the filter settings to different race modes. They could have at least thought of adding a filter option saying "None" so it showed all the games. Apart from that the online gaming is good.

                              Customisation - Where you go and mod up a vehcile you have in your garage.

                              OVERALL OPINION

                              The game is great for racing and customising the vehicles but, I feel that this game is not as good as the previous version due to the nature of how they sorted the online gaming out with the messed up filter settings and having to change it every time to find people who made games under different races.

                              GRAPHICS: Even better than the previous version and more detailed on the maps and even vehicles.
                              SCORE - 9

                              SOUND - Great music from EA Trax. Sound effects are great.
                              SCORE - 9

                              LIFESPAN - Great offline story mode but I think it will not be used as much due to what they done in the online mode by messing up the lobby.
                              SCORE - 7

                              GAMEPLAY - Excellent cusotmisation options with even deeper mods to do to your car. Story mode will keep you going but online mode could have been better.
                              SCORE - 8

                              OVERALL RATING - A great game but with online mode not thought out which the previous game had thought about, it's a limited game to play with after completion of the offline story mode.
                              Dooyoo Stars - 4


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                              • Jackass The Movie (DVD) / DVD / 13 Readings / 11 Ratings
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                                26.06.2005 21:18
                                Very helpful



                                When I saw this on DVD, I just laughed like hell at the stunts done by the Jackass crew. This DVD is packed with stunts that you would not even see on the TV series.

                                First off, the movie. The movie is not really a movie. It still feels like you just watching the TV series but approx. 85 minutes instead of the usual 30 minutes. The introduction to the movie is funny with all the Jackass crew being in the trolley and then right at the end going into a grocery market stall.

                                Each of the stunts are not made to be done at home and this is the most insane. The most funniest was the "fatty fall down" when Preston Lacy sits down on the bench and then somehow tips the bench ripping his trousers. Where the rip actually was is funny.

                                The "golf cart antics" had them race around in golf carts being insane but ended up messed up when Knoxville got knocked out unconscious for a few seconds.

                                Bam Margera decides to wake up his parents with the "fireworks wake-up" stunt in the middle of the night. The first was in the parents' bedroom and then the next one was when Phil was going to go work in his car and then Bam set off the fireworks in his van.

                                The one stunt that I won't forget easily was when Knoxville had to do the riot control test. I bet that hurt after being shot with a projectile in his stomach!

                                Fireworks makes the return later on in the movie with the "Ass Rockets" atunt when Steve-O and Party Boy tried to put fireworks in their butts and then set them off.

                                The "Butt X-Ray" stunt had Raab Himself put a toy car in his butt and had to go doctors to get an X-Ray of it. I bet that hurt when he tried to s**t it out of his butt!

                                There were other stunts in between the ones mentioned but I won't mention them because I don't want to spoil it if you haven't watched it before, but all the stunts are funny, shocking and downright crude. Think you can handle watching the film?


                                There are loads of extras in this movie including commentary during movie, cast group commentary, the making of Jackass The Movie (briefly telling you how they did the movie), very funny outtakes, 27 minutes worth of additional footage which has extra Jackass stunts, promotion trailers, the music video to "If You're Gonna Be Dumb" by Roger Alan Wade, the music video to "We Want Fun" by Andrew WK, the cast and crew biographies, gallery of photos, poster gallery, the widescreen version, Dolby Digital Surround sound and English subtitles.

                                All the extras are absolutely brilliant bringing at least 1 to 2 hours extra after watching the movie itself.

                                So overall, I found the movie outrageous, hilarious and obscene. If you are over 18, I would certainly recommend this DVD to you. If you are udner 18, tough because it has some nudity, some strong language, violence and, of course, very crude stunts. I certainly recommend to those who are over 18.


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