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Member since: 05.06.2012

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      05.06.2012 20:04
      Very helpful



      Good scrub for everyday use and with great results.

      Being prone to both oily and dry skin (Yes, very confusing!), i've found that its tough to find a face wash which works for me. Some face washes dry out my skin and leave it flaky whilst others make my face far too greasy which means more spots.
      Daily facial scrub works perfectly. I thought i'd give it a try when i saw it on offer for just £2 (It's normally only £2.50). It said it was effective for spot prone skin and helps prevent blackheads which i get a lot of, especially around my nose. When i first used the scrub I noticed that it was pleasantly exfoliating without being too abrasive unlike some scrubs.
      The results were obvious from the first use, it removed the shine from my skin and it didn't dry it out. After weeks of using it I've noticed a definite decrease in spots and blackheads.
      The product comes in 150ml tubes, its thick and white with blue microbeads and is slightly grainy. It lathers up well on the face and i've found it also removes make up very well. It has antibacterial ingredients which is another reason it prevents spots.
      As a student I find that the price is ideal and also the other products from the same line are brilliant and not too expensive either.


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    • Dove Soap Dove Cream Bar / Soaps / 18 Readings / 15 Ratings
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      05.06.2012 19:19



      Dove cream bar is an excellent soap for use by all the family. Would recommend for everyone.

      For years I've used Dove cream bar soap. It's brilliant; it's creamy, has a gorgeous scent and doesn't dry out your skin. As a student, I've found that a bar last for a long time and i can use it for everything and so I don't have to spend more precious money on shower gels. I've found that you can use it on your face too, if you have oily skin it takes the shine away without drying it out and also removes make up. Dove soap is also excellent for lathering up for shaving , so no need for shaving cream, the razor glides so easily over skin and leaves it soft and supple. It's great for washing hands, i find that many soap brands dry out palms easily, especially when used every time you wash your hands but this product is moisturizing and i don't have to regularly use hand lotions. I'd never change soap brands when this one is perfect, affordable and excellent for the whole family!


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