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    • Samsung Galaxy S / Mobile Phone / 28 Readings / 25 Ratings
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      24.06.2013 18:43
      1 Comment



      great phone, better for work than games, same basic features as up to date phones.

      This phone is simply amazing, There may an Samsung galaxy S4 out already but that doesn't mean it is rubbish because it defiantly is not.
      When i bought my Samsung Galaxy S1 two years ago, it only came in black, they might have released the white phone a little bit later after that but i prefer the white one.
      the white phones are more visible when it comes to scratches but then again it might just be better to put a case on the phone if you don't want it to scratch.

      works well even after dropped in water and on the floor. doesn't scratch much.
      i would not use this as a phone for a child because it is not good with games as it lags and crashes but it fine other wise.

      love the shape, comfy in hand.

      has got all the main features, email, music, note pad, just everything that you need.


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        24.06.2013 18:27
        Very helpful
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        super ranges of color, quick drying, easy to remove, cheap and simply fantastic.

        Miss Sporty have a fantastic range of colors, from electric blue to sunset peach.
        I am obsessed with the pinks, there are coral pinks, florescent pinks and baby pinks ( lots more pinks as well).
        The colors look really bright and bold when put together. I tried putting on dark blue with light blue at the end of my nails. they looked fantastic.

        The brush is average nothing special, easy to apply also very neat.
        I always put two or three coats on because it is thin but quick drying.
        It does chip over time but nail polish is not made to last.

        They are cheap and easy to find in beauty stores.
        Nice unique shape of bottle.

        probably the easiest nail polish to remove.

        I would highly recommend this nail polish to anyone who wants outstanding colors, cheap and easy to use. Perfect for a night out or a one day/night thing. have fun using this nail polish.

        I really love this and i hope you love it too. Your missing out if you haven't tried it, go out now and buy it!


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          04.12.2009 22:57
          Very helpful



          It maybe a case of no pain no gain , and a few moments of discomfort to days of stinking cold..

          I thought I would write a review about this wonder product. I was in town today and started to sniff so thought i would give it a go as everyone raved about it.
          I went back to the car in the carpark to try it... so glad I did.

          The claim its " fights cold germs before they can take hold"...micor-gel spray.

          When to use?
          Start to use when at trik of catching a cold or in the early stages before you cold has fully developed...

          (yes just started today, so I think that means I qualify...)

          Directions for use.
          Without tilting you head apply 2-3 sprays per nostril 4 times a day and avoid inhaling deeply...

          (yes 3 squirts per nostril... seen the advert.... doesn't look to bad...)

          How does First Defence work?
          First defence nasal spray targes thes the area deep inside the nasal cavity where the cold germs first take hold and multiply.

          WELL.... the moment I squirted it, tears were rolling down my face. It was so sore... my nose started to run even more... and I wanted to sneeze. But I tried not to just in case...
          So glad I had gone back to the car... had to reapply my make up.

          I must admit that after a few hours I wasn't sniffing as much.. Took another few squirts... same senario... streaming eyes and nipping nose.

          But it does wear off after a few minutes, then it seems to trickle down the back of you throat and tastes fowl.

          But it claim to rid you of a cold.... a few moments of inconvience cant be all that bad, for days of snorting and sniffing.

          I don't know if it will work but at the moment it seems to be going ok.
          Will definately be updating this review as i progress either way.

          I would say the actual product was really awquard to use. I think using one hand to hold the bottle and squirt the liquid/gel. The white lid slids down which ejects the liquid. I hurt my nose the second time i did it because I used 2 hands.


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          21.11.2009 21:53
          Very helpful



          Great all round ice cream well worth the money.

          This is the one of the best ice creams around.

          Found in the freezer with all the other ice creams. It has the destintive blue and red label and in a white box with lid.

          Box contains 2 litres of ice cream and cost £0.70

          Cal Calories: 54kcal, 3% of your GDA per serving

          Reconstituted Whey Protein Concentrate, Sugar, Vegetable Oil, Water, Whey Powder, Dextrose, Emulsifier (Mono- and Di-Glycerides of Fatty Acids), Natural Flavouring, Stabilisers (Guar Gum, Sodium Alginate)

          ~Storage and Use~
          Stored in the freezer it freezes well and isnt too hard, although it is soft scoop it only needs a few minutes to soften up, Any good ice cream scoop will cope with this. I would say that it you couldn't take it straight from the freezer and scoop. It does take a few minutes.. but you could be getting the plates out while waiting.

          ~Colour and Texture~
          The ice cream is white and not bright yellow like some ice creams. As there are no colourings it is maybe a good thing.
          Texture is similar to any of the top brand products. Looks appitising enough in the box.

          Has a very acceptable taste and would definately compliment any dessert or equally delicious on its own. I would say that it isn't as smooth as some of the top brands but this maybe due to fact there isn't as much fat.
          It has a slightly icey texture and a bit rougher than the more expensive variety. I actually prefer it.
          It is not as sweet and sickly as some of the flavoured ones. It is just plain icecream.

          ~Value for Money~
          Definately recommend you give it a try. It is a great accompaniment to any dessert whether it is hot or cold. It's taste wont over power an apple crumble but compliments it well.

          This is a grea product to have in your freezer as it can be used in cones, or on its own or with a hot sticky toffee pudding...

          Definately try it you wont be disappointed.


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            21.11.2009 21:16
            Very helpful



            Playing the lottery means you at least have a chance

            What would I do if I won the lottery...MMMM let me see..
            First off I never win anything so the chances are pretty slim and secondly I only play it occassionally when I remember...LOL

            But if I played and the numbers were lucky...

            I would probably pay off the rest of the morgage and all the bills etc.
            Then I would pay off my families morgages etc.

            Then I would buy a new house, plus new house for son and also for family members.

            Then I think I would go to New York and go shopping taking my friends and family.

            Would probably travel the world and see lots of exciting places.

            I would also open up a lovely shop selling lots of pretty things.

            I would set up accounts for my children so they had money, but I would make sure they finished off their education and didn't come to expect everything handed to them on a plate.

            I would make sure they were taken care of.

            I know money cant change my life

            But it would help in lots of ways


            But saying all that I should really play the lottery as not playing it means you definately wont win.. at least one ticket give you a small/minute chance..


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              17.11.2009 17:43
              Very helpful



              Franchise so menu will be the same through out, promotion available if you look

              Went to Frankie and Benny's today for lunch in Perth. Having never been there before wasn't sure what to expect. I only went there because I had a spree voucher so it was buy one get one free meal offer.

              I suspect every single one is exactly the same as being part of a large franchise chain. The main style is very retro with lots of old pictures and decor around. (although all modern). Seating is both booth and table and chairs. There is a bar area and a grill area where you can see into the kitchen.

              We were greeted when we arrived and shown to a table. Asked immediately what we wanted to drink and handed 3 menus each.
              We were shown to a booth which would be a tight squeeze if you were of larger build. Table was set with the usual salt, pepper, mustard, tomato sauce and vingar. Plus display advertsing for Christmas meal and special offer Mondays.

              We looked at the menus to choose our meal.. my menu was really grubby and covered in sauce. One menu was the lunchtime special, the other menu was their normal day menu and the other was a specail menu if you wanted to include starter and dessert.. there was a premotional price which i don't remember off the top of my head but I seem to remember it being an extra £2 for starter and another £2 for dessert.

              As we had a voucher we went for the 6oz steak and chips with mustard for £9.50 each.
              The waitress arrived eventually took our order and asked how we would like our steaks and then said it would be about 20minutes, she asked if would we like a starter while we wait.

              The meal arrived less than 20 minutes but probably due to the fact they werent too busy. I imagine that when they are busy there would be a long wait for things.

              The steak arrived and we had chips and steak and little paper pot with mustard.... that was it... no salad or veg.. which was a bit disappointing.

              The chips were fab and really tastey.. which probably means they were really bad for you..lol The steak was pretty rubbish to be honost.

              It looked and tasted like it had been tenderised with a mallet as it was easy to cut and a bit crumbly and dry. We were given steak knives to help. Mine had a wooden handle which was pretty loose so imagine it is probably pretty germ ridden. When I tried to use the pepper the pepper granules were too big to fit through the holes so it didn't work.

              We didn't have anything else and i am glad that we had the voucher as I wouldn't have happy paying £9.50 for the meal each...

              Over all the staff were friendly, the decor was pleasing enough and the musci from Frank Senatra was great. The cleanliness was a bit lax. The food was poor for the price.

              I can't comment on any of the other dishes so it maybe that the steak isnt the best thing to choose on the menu.

              I would only recommend going there if you have a voucher or if they have a promotion on.

              Thanks for reading.x


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                16.11.2009 23:25
                Very helpful



                Great treat at any time..

                I thought I would write about Magnum classic. I know it is November, but it doesn't just have to be a summer delight.

                Found in the freezer section in just about every supermarket around. I got a pack of 3 on special offer in my local Lidl for £1.. yes 3 for a one pound.. great.

                I suspect this is due to it being winter and the ice lolly sales are down.

                The box is brown with Magnum logo and available in milk choc or white choc.

                The box has 3 individually foil wrapped lolly/icecreams. They packaging is easy enough to get into..

                Once inside you will find an almost tear drop shape of chocolate coated icecream. The chocolate coats all the icecream and I must say it does also cover some of the stick.

                The stick is at the bottom of the tear drop icecream, making it easier to hold whilst scoffing.

                You really need to start at the top and work you way down, not advisable to eat half way down or start at the bottom as the chocolate coating tends to fall off in large chunks..
                So if you start at the top this seems to help limit the loss of the choc...

                The chocolate is very sweet and will delight most chocolate lovers. I myself prefer dark choc and this coating is not a fav with me, but does go well with the ice cream so it can be forgiven.

                The ice cream is very smooth and creamy and contains tiny almost minute little flecks of choc through it,.they are so tiny you almost miss them.

                The ice-cream does melt fairly quickly so you do need to be quick. The coating of chocolate helps to minimise the excess drip of a slower eater.

                Once the icecream lolly is nearly finish the last bit of chocolate that is attached to the stick can be a little tricky to get off.. so you do need to bite it a bit..

                I find them to be quite sickly and can't manage a whole one.. to my husbands delight..

                Thanks for reading


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                • Children Safety Tips / Discussion / 63 Readings / 61 Ratings
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                  10.11.2009 19:18
                  Very helpful



                  Parents shouldnt buy games that are not suitable, parents play the games and see for yourself

                  I thought I would write a review about Child safety in respect to video/computer games.

                  Call of Duty has just been released today 10/11/09 and my son is getting teased at school because he hasn't got it..

                  This game is an xbox 360 game. I am not against games in the slightest.. I am a partial to a bit of "gaming" myself to my oldest sons disgust..LOL he says mums don't play xbox... Well this one does...

                  Anyway. The reason I want to discuss safety is related to Gaming. Games all come with a rating similar to fims etc.

                  Call of Duty has been rated 18.

                  My son has been teased all day today and yesterday and was very upset in the car coming home and we had an argument because basically I wasn't going to buy the game for him as it is too old for him.

                  He is only 11.

                  The safety issue here is that the pressure upon me to purchase this game is immense but I am NOT going to buy a game that is not designed for his age group.

                  I am upset that other parents have purchased this game for their child just to keep them quiet or because it is a game and they WANT it. I suspect they haven't even played any games and seen what they are like.
                  It has put me in a very awquard situation as I am saying NO and his friends are all talking about it. I am not blaming the children I am blaming the parents for buy a 18 game for 11 year olds, as the child can not buy the game themselves.

                  We had discussed this and he does understand, but also feels a bit left out and I feel bad. But I must stand by my principles and what is right.

                  Children grow up so quickly and their niavity is taken away so young. I feel sorry for the children that are getting the 18 games before their time.

                  Another game which of course joins this debate is GTA.. Grand Theft Auto.. yeh great car chase etc... but mindless violence, swearing rapes and murders along with drunk taking.... and is this what you want you kids to see..???

                  I am not anti games at all, I think they are great but don't think that games should be bought for children that are not age appropriate...


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                    10.11.2009 14:55
                    Very helpful



                    Dont waste your money stick with good old Cif...

                    Bought this as I am a bit of sucker for trying new cleaning product.. to see if they do actually do the job the claim to do.

                    So purhased this to give it a whirl, Cost about £2.95.. but I think it was on special offer in Asda. (the only reason I bought it as £4.95 is a bit steep.)

                    Doktor Power Mulit-Task foam action cleaner.... claims to be Bleach free and biodegradable formula.

                    Tub is a bright luminous yellow with destinctive pink writing. The paper label on the lid and round the sides has a list of items this product claims to clean.
                    Oven, HObs, pots, pans, worktops, sinks, baths,taps, tiles, glass, chrome, brass, silver, stainless steel, plastics, motor bike, bike wheels, upvc window frames, doors, plastic garden furniture,floors, car allyos and trainers...

                    So it claims just about anything.. but I suppose you could say the same about lots of other products eg.. Cif... and right a massive list of all the uses it can be used for.

                    Product is sealed with a paper tamperproof strip, which rips when you twist off the lid.

                    Inside you find a white sponge, one side is rough and the other is even rougher this sits on top of the white paste.


                    Wet the special Dokotor Power sponge thoroughly with cold water. Rub the sponge into paste and squeeze to activate the cleaning foam. Use smooht side of the sponge for normal cleaning and the textured side for toughter jobs. Clean disired area then rinse with cold water....
                    It then has the Warnings.
                    Alwyas test on an inconspicious areaq before use. Not suitable for painted surfaces. After use, allow sponge to dry before storing. Store in a cool dry place away from moisture, heat and direst sunlight.

                    There is no ingredients list so have no idea what is in the product.. I suppose it is a trade secret...

                    Well..time to try this amazing product that will revolutionalize my life... I won't need a cupboard full of stuff just this one bright yellow tub...

                    Hob was needing a good clean, usually tackle that with a bit of elbow grease and some bleach cif.. only takes a moment.. (have also used Sodium bicarbonate... that is a wonderful thing for cleaning.. you should give it a try..)

                    Took the sponge out of the container, run under cold tap as instructed, applied the paste... squeezed the sponge to activate...??? not sure what is meant to happen.. but as far as I could see ... nothing.

                    Applied to hob.. to be honost it was rubbish. It didn't do any wonder jobs on it. The only good thing is the textured sponge, which is very similar to any plasic weave scourer you get in any supermarket.

                    I still had to scrub at the hob..(unlike the advert.. when one sweep remove all the caked on burnt food... yehhh right..)
                    It didnt remove it, I still had to scrub furiously at it. I then rinsed the sponge with cold water... and then tried again. Still the same .. nothing,.

                    There was a very chalky residue left which I had to remove with a damp cloth as there was no way you could clean anything with the scrubber sponge.

                    I haven't tried it on anything else yet, but to be honst it is pretty rubbish on the hob which is really what I bought it for. The fact it left a chalky mess actually means it make a bit more mess and there is no way I would use it on a window....

                    The sponge has to be put aways try and as there is no seperate compartment for the sponge you have to leave it out or it will make the paste all wet and probably ruin it.

                    A bit of a nosnsense really. Wouldn't recommned it. Waste of money. I am sure it maybe handy for cleaning stuff out side where you can hose off the white residue... ie you bike or you garden furniture or motor bike..(would like to see someone get oil off the sponge...)

                    I maybe haven't found its true wonder yet, but will keep using it to find out...

                    Thanks for reading this and if you want to borrow it let me know, because I would say don't bother buying it....


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                    • What's In Your Bag? / Discussion / 37 Readings / 35 Ratings
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                      09.11.2009 23:32
                      Very helpful



                      Bag are a girls best friend.. you can tell a lot by a bag

                      Well this has to be one of my favourite subjects... Handbags...
                      I have lots and I am also selling handbags...

                      I chop and change my handbag to suit what I am wearing. So todays outfit was jeans, lovely high black patent shoes, black polo neck and a black cape coat... so choice of handbag was a Kelly style with wild print of pink, blues and greens with patent handle... gorgeous.

                      Contents of Todays bag..

                      Purse.. containing the usual bank cards.. plus I have this massive collection of point collection card. I dont' know why they dont just come up with one card that does it all. A card with a smart chip in it so you can just register the stores that you want to collect points from...
                      (you heard it from ME first if that idea every comes about...)
                      Anyway.,, purse also contains, money off coupons and stamps.

                      Make up bag... this is actually a little handbag that my dd had when she was little... now she is 9 she is way to big for a Disney princess bag and I didn't want to throw it so... I am now using it for my makeup. It is so cute it has a little bead handle..

                      Keys... Keys for the car and the front door,,, and about 3 keyrings plus a trolley token. Did have my dads front door keys on it, but put it away as the keys were getting to heavy and bulky.

                      Spree Book.. This is a discount book for money off meals and services. It costs £22 but there are hundreds of pounds worth of vouchers in it. I used one to day and treated my mum to lunch..(buy one get one free..)

                      Pink Purse... this contains my I-pod.. this is my most wonderful purchase... It is Pink and I have all Paul Oakenfolds podcast and albums and mixes on it. Plus I have a great music video of Kasabins Fire.. plus I also have episode of Dukes of Hazzard...

                      Phone.. my phone is ancient... but I am hoping that I have dropped enough hints and fingers crossed santa might get me a new one for Christmas. The one I have is of course Pink... so pink replacement would be lovely..

                      Glove... My lovely leather gloves are now back out again because it was freezing cold today... -1C. Winter is here..

                      Packet of Tissues,
                      Anit-bac spray

                      That is it.. the reason that is it is because I change my bag just about every other day. So the clutter gets lost of binned in between handbag switches.
                      Tomorrow... not sure what I will use. I might use a NEW one and use it as advertising..LOL well that is my excuse

                      Sorry there isn't anything to shocking in my bag. I like to keep it easy for the daily shift over. That way I don't lose anything...Having said that.. I need to put my spare folding shopping bag in this is really handy for shops that like to charge you for a carrier bag.. plus I also need to put my glasses in..( have been very lax lately...)

                      You can tell a lot by a persons bag. If they carry what I call an "old lady bag" it is usually a sign that they lack style and they don't really care.Which in turn means they don't really care what they are wearing..

                      Where as someone who has a fab bag cares about themselves and what they are wearing.

                      The bigger the bag the more stuff you carry and cram into, plus if you have kids you can guarantee they will off load a pile of stuff on to you.

                      If I am out with the kids I always take a bigger bag, plus if we are on holiday I have my "holiday bag".. this has everything in it .. first aid kit, sewing kit, anti bac wipes, pen paper, comb, dental floss, hair band, latex gloves, poly bag, sun cream, tweezers, £1, all for just in case...

                      If you managed to get to the end of this well done and big ((HUG)) I know it can't have been that interesting for you..lol

                      Thanks anyway.x


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                    • General / Discussion / 31 Readings / 27 Ratings
                      More +
                      09.11.2009 23:09
                      Very helpful



                      me again and not much to tell you...

                      1-How old are you?
                      42.... but will never admit to it... so say 36 :o)

                      2-What colour are your eyes?

                      3-How tall are you?
                      5' 6",

                      4-Hair Colour
                      Dark Brown

                      5-Do you have any brothers or sisters?
                      I have one brother but he is an idoit.

                      6-Do you prefer cats or dogs?
                      If i had to chose it would have to be cats... but I wouldn't want one.

                      7-What is your job?
                      Housewifey... but just started a new business

                      8-Do you like your job?
                      Of course I am the boss

                      9-What is your favourite dessert?
                      mmm probably every kind...

                      10-Food you loathe that should be banned?
                      That horrible yellow fish this is smoked... it's awful.. oh and pomegrant juice... tried that and it was horrible.

                      11- Are you a savoury or sweet girl?
                      Do like my crisps and chocolate equally...

                      12- Last 3 films you watched?
                      Proof of Life
                      Gran Torino
                      Carry on Abroad

                      13- Song I can't get out of my head at the moment?
                      Black eye peas... not going to right it down or i will start if off again...LOL

                      14-Favourite programme at the moment?
                      Dont have one as I never watch TV... I am a pc girl... but am watching Sex in the City dvd boxset... does that count.

                      15-Where are you going on your next holiday?
                      ??? who knows...

                      16-Favourite Country you have been to?

                      17-Favourite Beach holiday?
                      Well that has to be a club 18-30 holiday I went on back in the 80's ... Ibiza....Great Memories... but very distant now...LOL

                      18-Favourite Hobby?
                      PC... photoshop

                      19-Last thing that made me laugh?
                      U tube clip my daughter found of a cat doing a poo in a toilet then falling into the toilet...

                      20-Favourite Drink?
                      Cofee ~sparkling water...


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                    • General / Discussion / 47 Readings / 44 Ratings
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                      09.11.2009 18:14
                      Very helpful



                      this is me...

                      . What is your middle name?

                      2. Fire or Central Heating?
                      Oil Fired Central Heating and I hate it.

                      3. What are you listening to right now?
                      Podcast ~ Paul Oakenfold

                      4. Clubbing or Romantic Meal?
                      Romantic meal then Clubbing.... I wish...LOL

                      5. What was the last thing you ate?

                      6. Last person you hugged?
                      My son 2 seconds ago

                      7. How is the weather right now?
                      -1C and freezing cold...

                      8. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?

                      9. The first thing you notice about the opposite sex?

                      10. Favourite type of Food?

                      12. Hair colour?
                      Dark Brown

                      13. Do you wear contacts?

                      14. Favourite holiday?
                      Centre Parc

                      15. Favourite Season?

                      16. Have you ever cried over a love lost?
                      No, but cried lots when my daughter died

                      17. Last Movie you watched?
                      Proof of Life.... great movie and out of the bargain section in Asda

                      18. What books are you reading?
                      Just now Photoshop

                      19. Piercing?

                      20. Favourite Movie?
                      Have lots of Favourites it depends on what mood I am in

                      21. Favourite Sports Team?
                      Hate watching sport...

                      22. What were you doing before filling this out?
                      Making the Tea

                      24. Favourite drink?
                      mmm.. alcholic ~ cider or red wine, non alcholic ~ coffee or sparkling water

                      25. Favourite flower?
                      Really exotic stange looking ones and have no idea what they are all called.

                      26. Have you ever loved someone?

                      27. Who would you like to see right now?
                      My angel daughter

                      28. What colour are your bedroom walls?

                      29. Have you ever fired a gun?
                      Yes, Pistol and SLR and another one when i was in the ATC, even got my RAF marksman badge..

                      30. Do you like to travel by plane?
                      Yes love it

                      31. Right-handed or Left-handed?

                      32. If you could go to any place right now where would you go?
                      A lovely beach with white sand and palm trees

                      33. Are you missing someone?

                      34. Do you have tattoo?

                      35. Do you still watch cartoons on Saturday mornings?
                      No, but do love cartoons

                      36. Are you hiding something from someone right now?
                      Yes, Christmas presents

                      37. Are you 18?

                      38. What is the wallpaper on your cell phone?
                      A picture of my angel daughter

                      39. Are you afraid of the dark?

                      40. Favourite Hangout?

                      41. Three things you can't live without?
                      My kids and husband or material things...
                      My computer, washing machine and dishwasher... or

                      42. Favourite songs?
                      Dont have a fav, but love all Oakies remixes...

                      43. What are you afraid of?
                      Nothing apart from losing another child.

                      44. Are you a giver or a taker?

                      46. What is your dad's middle name?

                      47. What do you sleep in?

                      48. Stuck on a deserted island, and can only bring one thing?
                      my kids... would tie them altogher so they were all stuck together

                      49. Favourite TV commercial?

                      50. First thing you'll save in a fire?
                      My photos of my dd and her clothes

                      51. What is your favourite colour?

                      52. What are the things you always bring with you?

                      53. What did you want to be when you were a kid?

                      54. What do you do when the alarm turns on?
                      Lie awake and listen to the news.. then i get up

                      55. What colour is your bed sheet?

                      56. Who do you want to meet?
                      Ewen McGregor.. fellow scot and he would be great fun..

                      57. What do you think about before you go to bed?
                      ??? dont' know never thought about it..LOL


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                      • The Devil Wears Prada (DVD) / DVD / 38 Readings / 35 Ratings
                        More +
                        08.11.2009 20:35
                        Very helpful
                        1 Comment



                        Great Feel good move suitable for all chick flick lovers

                        This is such a fantastic chick flick. Has been out for a while now so easy to pick up a copy in the bargain section.

                        Dont be mistaken in thinking it is a horror movie as it definately isn't. It is a light chick movie about girls, fashion and fantastic clothes.

                        It is about one girls journey from being a ugly duckling and getting her big break working for a Fashion Magazine... not that she even knew at the time what Runway was.. but she soon got the wake up call when the saw how badly dressed she was.

                        The movie watches her transform from being a mouse to a gorgeous fashion diva.. the best point of the film is when she is taken to the massive wardrobe come stock room where she has a complete fashion makeover.

                        She is so gorgeous and so stylish we ALL want to be her.

                        The movie is a really good feel good film with some emtional rollercoster moments between her and her boyfriend with a few flirtation with other powerful men.

                        I wont spoil the story line as this is a great movie and you wont be disappointed if you like a good chick flick.



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                        • ebay.co.uk / Auction / 47 Readings / 45 Ratings
                          More +
                          08.11.2009 12:49
                          Very helpful



                          not as good as it used to be, but still plenty of bargains and opportunities

                          I know there are lots of reviews about eBay and probably not much else that I can add to it.

                          But wanted to review it as I have used eBay for many years. It can be a stepping stone.

                          I started off by selling my kids clothes and soon got hooked. I then opened up a shop which was easy enough and it was only £6 a month,. The fees were cheap and learning HTML was easy enough.

                          I was soon hooked and I then started to buy things just to sell them on at a profit. I then decided that I wanted my own website. So I then made one. It was great fun and really easy to set up and manage. I was now part of the world wide web dot com community.

                          I could write the HTML and then add links in to my own website. It was another stepping stone.

                          Ebay has such a vast market that you just couldn't get it just with your own website. But it had lots of advantages.

                          But due to family tragidy I had to shut shop and website,. That was 4 years ago.

                          eBay now isn't the same as it used to be. The fees are really high and there just isn't the same market as there used to be. A shop on eBay is now £14.00 a month. Plus they take nearly 10% of your selling price plus listing fee plus paypal fee...

                          So definately not the same easy was it used to be.

                          But having said that don't let that put you off. It is still definately a stepping stone. You can still make money if you sell your item properly. Take good pictures, make an interesting template and sell at the right price.
                          Beware of no payers and scammers. There are plenty of people out their ready to rip you off. If something is too good to be true the answer is it probably is. Stay clear

                          There is still money to be made even in this credit crunch. Do lots of research in to what people are buying and what they are prepared to spend ... some things will surprise you.

                          If you are just starting out, start small and work you way up.

                          Thanks for reading this..x


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                            08.11.2009 12:24
                            Very helpful



                            good refernece book and good for flicking through with a coffee

                            This book came out a while ago. I remember I was so excited about getting my hands on a copy. I love the TV series so was looking forward to seeing it.

                            It was as good as I thought it would be. It is an easy read, very informative book with lots of pictures of clothes, shoes and handbags... just right up my street.

                            All the pictures in the book are photo shots of Trinny and Susannah. They show you what Not to wear and why. (to be honost most of it was pretty obvious) but I suppose if you didn't see it then you maybe wouldn't know.

                            Although as fashion changes so quickly from year to year, most fashion books would be totally out of date by now. The fact this was published 2002 the information is general rules about how to dress and they are definately still relevant.

                            The pages have lovely coloured picutres with easy to follow information. The fact Trinny and Susannah are totally different body shapes ment they could demonstrate the difference between right and wrong.

                            eg. "high neck and sleeveless for big boobs is wrong... wear wide open neckline"
                            "skinny flat chest.. wear high neck and sleeveless and leave the wide open necks on the shelf"

                            They also describe, coats, shoes, coats, dresses, trousers, skirts, and jewellery.

                            This book is a reference book to view if you are looking for an idea of what would look good on your body type.

                            This is the first book in their collection and to be honost some of the newer ones are better.

                            But if you get a copy you will enjoy flicking through it like you would a magazine. You put it down and then not look at it again for a few years. But will enjoy picking it up and having another flick through it.

                            Thanks for taking the time to read this..x


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