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Member since: 30.04.2003

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    • TVR Chimaera / Car / 2 Readings / 8 Ratings
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      01.05.2003 01:38
      Very helpful



      Where do I start ?? Been looking for a TVR for about 9 months, searching t'internet, M.O.D., Autotrader et al and managed to find the perfect car (touch wood) 8 miles away. My Blue Chimaera 450 is a 99 model, 1 owner can with full TVR history. It has the Griffith 500 alloys, PAS, leven switches and knobs and the very rare, factory Air Con. I read all the reports about build quality and reliability before buying, but didn't let that put me off. I have been driving the car daily since January (the test drive was fun in the snow), and have had no problems what-so-ever. On my car, the only problem is between the windows and the centre roof panel. The gap is large enough for rain to enter when the roof is on in exactly the right place, when slightly off, the gap can be 5 mm. This is due to be fixed shortly with some after market rubber seals which are cut to size. Otherwise, everything seems to be ok. There is nothing better than dropping a gear in a tunnel or built up area and listening to the noise of the V8 burble and watching the heads turn. I still can't stop grinning when finding a flowing bend, or long straight when I can just press on the accelerator and watch the surroundings disapear into the distance. And here lies the secret to Chim and TVR ownership. Don't be agressive, be smooth and steady. There is no need to just drop the clutch at every set of traffic lights, to try and get the back end out on every roundabout. Being smooth and steady is not boring, but very rewarding when you get it right. I cannot remember cornering at such high speeds, or accelerating so quickly, and my right foot hardly ever reaches the floor. Anyone thinking of buying a Chim, or any sports car should go into it with their eyes open. Servicing needs to be done by the dealer, or a specialist only. This means higher costs, but greater piece of mind and resale value. The benefits far outway the drawbacks............ In my opin
      ion, TVR ownership should be a must for everyone. It should be written into the constitution..........there is nothing better, and I look forward to my continued bliss.


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