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    • Space Raiders Spicy / Snacks / 3 Readings / 2 Ratings
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      14.07.2015 19:27
      Very helpful


      • "cheap and tasty"


      • "picking them out of your teeth "

      IS DOOYOO STILL ALIVE ? there has Been no news nor crowns for ages ?

      I have not composed a review in ages..so today im reviewing "Space raiders Spicey"

      ====what are they====
      Well these are cheap corn snacks that come in a range of different flavours some alot more tasty than others. Personally i like the Spicey one, hense im reviewing it today.

      ====Whats in it and whats the packet====
      When i was younger i always remember these being 10p lol , they are now 20p, im convinced tho that unlike most products the size of the packet has got bigger.
      ONLY 20P ! is stamped aross the top all proud with "space raiders" logo and a strange looking alien on the front of the pack that looks like graphics from an old atari st game lol/
      Each 20g pack of these contains
      99 kcal
      4.6g fat
      of saturates 0.4
      sugars come in at 0.9
      and the salt content is 0.50g
      All in all for the size of the pack its not the worst in the world in terms of nasties

      Maize, sunflower oil (22%). spicy flavour which is sugar salt acidity regulator, sodium diacetate, dried glucose syrup. lactose. and GOOD OLE monosoduim glutamate lol urgh that was the let down for me. and other less strange ingredients like onion powder etc

      ===taste test===
      i dont think these are too bad actually ...walkers sensations these are not yet strangely when i see them on the shelf i often pick up a bag , it reminds me of my youth and the taste has never changed, the bbq flavour is nice also
      These space raiders pride themselves in bold letters that they are baked and not fried , i imagine that amounts to the lack of calories in each pack.

      Well these are in no way "gormet crisps" and i dont think they are ment to be , If you have never tried them get them a go, for 20p its not alot to lose if you find them rancid

      Thankyou for reading :) xxx


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      20.01.2015 18:50
      Very helpful


      • "ok quality not too watery"
      • "Can you find any cheaper than 16 pence ??!!??"


      • "a neon un-natural colour !"
      • "each can seems to be different from the last in terms of quality"

      Yeah for 16 pence. good snack on Toast

      Today im reviewing "adsa Smartprice Spaghetti hoops"....I really did live to tell the tail !!!!

      I have not had spaghetti hoops in years, I always remember them from school and they kind of vanished from my field of vision when i left. Until the other week when i saw them lurking in the tin isle of Asda and thought for 16 pence it could well bring my memories of school dinners back...

      Well like any other Smartprice product it is very similar in the looks department. I have noticed not so long ago that Asda have changed there product containers to not looking so barbarically cheap and nasty, and that most smartprice products have pictures on and different colours instead of the "green".
      The tin is informative and states what it is and it contains no artifical colours or flavours (hmm).

      ::::whats inside::::
      Cooked spaghetti hoops (40%), Tomato puree, water, sugar, modified maize starch, Salt, onion powder, perservative (abscorbic acid), iron, B3, thaimin , cheese powder (from milk), capsicum extract (very little of that as i added my own pepper)and rapeseed oil.
      So all in all nothing too nasty in there at all actually !

      per cooked 100gs (i tin serves 2 and is 395g.
      very little salt at 0.3 so joy there

      ::::Taste Test::::
      Well i had mine on buttered Toast ironically Marks and spensers thick white (i know i could have ruined decent bread).
      Heating up the hoops is not a chore you simply open can, throw in saucepan and heat over a medium heat for a about 3 mins, about the time it takes for the toaster to do its work,
      I was surprised by these Hoops they was of ok quality and to be honest i was not expecting much for 16 pence. The colour looked a bit neon and fake but on the taste test it scored well, nice soft pasta with tasty sauce and you could taste tomatos i did add my own pepper as i can imagine after 5 or so mouthfuls they could get a bit tedious. I ate the lot and really that says it all.

      Would i buy these again ? Yeah i would as for 16 pence a couple shoved to the pack of the cupboard can be forgotten and found at anytime of need. I wouldnt pine for them but i wouldnt rubbish them either. Im yet today to find a cheaper smartprice product.
      Give them a whirl

      :::::thankyou for reading::::: xxx


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      07.01.2015 21:07
      Very helpful
      1 Comment


      • "50p in asda at the moment GET IN THERE QUICK !"
      • "a wicked pot noodle"


      • "any pot noodle at the full price is a rip off i think "
      • "there is no need to add the sauce it is brutal "

      its the SLAG of all snacks this one , well done pot noodle !

      Have not created a review in a while so i thought i would be first to review POT NOODLE CHILLI BEEF FLAVOUR !!!!!!!!!!

      I went in my local Asda the other day and was overjoyed to see pot noodles at 50p. im doing a college course at the moment and lunch breaks are so short so a couple of these a week is quick and easy !!!

      Packaging: Well its a standard pot noodle affair, this pot in question is a kinda orange colour and on the front it says in no uncertain terms it is POT NOODLE chilli beef flavour with a sachet of hot chilli sauce. It states : Noodles in a beef, tomato and chilli flavour sauce with vegetables and a little sachet of hot chilli sauce !. What on earth could go wrong with that ???

      Ingredients: noodles (52%) water m vegetables, tomato , onion powder, garlic powder, maltodextrin, flour, yeast, flavourings, and the standard that you expect from pot noodle good ole MSG (monosodium glutimate)

      each pot gives you 433Kcal

      on opening i can smell the aroma of spice and thats even before adding the chilli sauce. in fact i will admit i have never tried adding the sauce because this bad boy is just the right heat naked as it is. i licked a bit of a sauce once and it wasnt at all nice, sour strong and so over spicey it hurt, so my thinking is , if you want to ruin a perfect pot noodle add the sauce.

      Verdict: To be fair this is a killer pot noodle i loved it, i love the way it shouts at me without the sauce and is in no way bland, I have taken to adding a bit of soy sauce instead of that vile sauce that it comes with. i just wish they brought back the advert as "the slag of all snack" because this is one hell of a slag
      GO AND BUY tell dooyoo what you think

      Thankyou for reading :o) xxx


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        25.08.2014 17:53
        Very helpful


        • "clever packaging"
        • "Actually taste like some fast food places"
        • "Quick and easy"


        • "its lazy stuff eating these"
        • "a little over the time and they dry out"
        • "Over cook them and they burn rapidly"

        Expensive for what they are. but surprisingly tasty and not one bit soggy

        Having been away from writing reviews for some time, i really couldnt wait to come back to this site to read other peoples reviews, and to compose some of my own, in the hope it will help others make informed choices.
        Todays review is "ORIGINAL fries to go" !

        I have been meaning to try these for ages, because having read the reviews here most people rated them quite highly for a microwavable product, and another being that you cant walk down any frozen isle anywhere without coming across them.
        I brought these when i was in my local iceland because they was at a special price of 89p for 2 cartons.

        These come shrink wrapped in multipacks and each cardboard container states they are "original fries to go" surprisingly crispy and can be nuked in just under 3 mins. On further inspection there is the nutritional information along with ingredients and storage instructions. Also stamped on the box is the companies details if your not over joyed by your fries !

        *****Nutritional Information*****
        Per 100g Microwaved (a box of these is 90g)
        Energy: 281 kcal
        Fat: 8.2g
        of which saturates 0.9g
        Carbohydrates: 46.1g
        of which sugars: 1.4g
        Fibre: 4.2g
        Protein: 3.3g
        Salt: 0.4g
        Ingredients are as follows: Potatoes, Sunflower oil, Dehydrated Potato, Emulsifier,Salt and Dextrose.
        These should be cooked from frozen, with a scare story of they might over heat and burn if left to thaw.

        *****To cook*****
        Cooking these is dead simple, unwrap the plastic wrapper, lay flat in the microwave then heat on full power for 3 mins depending on the wattage of your microwave.

        *****The fries to go experience****
        After having suffered at the hands of micro chips back in the day when any microwave food was horrendous compared to now, i was quite scared about trying these. But i listened to what others on here said and took the plunge.
        After cooking mine for dead on 3 mins (i have a cheap microwave) i was greeted by warm nice smell of fries, that did actually smell genuine. Each of these fries are individually housed in compartments and i think thats how they don't go soggy because when i bit into one of these from my plate it was like an oven chip !. amazing really it actually tasted like it hadnt just come out of a nuke machine. They have crunch and bite and taste like potato, and to be honest didnt taste fake in the slightest. I do think however they would be bland if you didnt add salt and pepper or have ketchup with them etc. but i was surprised they tasted they way they do. i had mine in between slices of bread and butter dipped in sauce.

        *****Overall Verdict*****
        Well if im honest i do think they are overpriced for what they are, but most microwavable products do have a price tag for what they are. I blame the high cost on how convenient they are.
        Could be seen as a little dry on their own. but if im honest heaps heaps heaps better than microchips, no comparison really.
        I dont know if i would buy them again tho now i have tried them. when i big back of frozen fries cost a pound. and that would do 5 or so dinners.

        Give them a go for the novelty factor, Other than that they dont fill you up nor would make a part of a meal, there isnt enough in one box you would need two , which would make for an expensive part of a meal.

        That was the first review i have done in a long time, so if im rusty please let me know where i could improve.
        Thankyou for reading :) x


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        10.11.2013 20:48
        Very helpful




        Now my Review today is on a visit (quite a few times) to my local KFC branch and i totally understand that not every resturant is going to be the same,,, but the last few times this has been my experience.
        KFC is a major distributor of chicken based products throughout the united kingdom and the world and is very popular with a hell of alot of people.
        Its all about the renowned "secret recipe of different herbs and spices" and they claim they like things to be fresh. there is quite alot to offer on the menu to be honest !

        ========The resturant========
        Most KFC resturants are the same, typical of the lay out of a burger king or a mcdonalds, with seating areas and a "bar" type area to que up and wait for a member of staff to take your order. my local establishment also has a drive thru, which wont let you pass and make an order on a bike but at the same time wont let you take your bike in,,, strange as riding a bike you would think "well he is on wheels", anyway the resturant is bright and airy and quite spacious. with toilet facilities and the like.

        =========the food============
        The menu has quite a selection of chicken based products, for example different pieces of the chicken be it the thigh, breast, leg, chicken poppers and an array of burgers to choose from (chicken of course) oh and the part of the chicken called the keel (not sure what that is to be honest), along with a mixture of side orders such as corn on the cob. bbq beans, fries and gravy , along with deserts including icecreams, cakes and choclate based deserts.

        =========my KFC experiences===========
        A few years ago i used to like a piece of chicken from KFC i especially loved the Zinger tower burger which consisted of a fillet of spicy chicken coated in their recipe, the burger contains lettice a really hot sauce onion rings and a hash brown along with mayo.
        i have noticed over the last few months my local store has gone down hill and i really believe that is due to franchising !.
        Wheres before the meal always tasted fresh now its limp, tastes old, stone cold and generally sad looking and tasting ! and to be frank KFC is not the cheapest of fast food resturants to eat out of,
        What i have also noticed is they have closed down 2 of the resturants in my area (not sure why) so what this means is the ques on a friday evening are out of this world , i remember a couple of months ago seeing the ques out the door litrally !!!!!! and one couple coming out of the store talking amongst themselves saying "can you believe we waited an hour and half to get served" LOL i walked away in disbelief that someone would wait an hour and half to get served with a piece of chicken. honestly i laughed out loud in the street.

        Well i would have loved to say something nice about this store but im really fighting to find something.
        The chicken (pieces) used to be so succulent and juicy now its just plain greasy, its awful and its not the only KFC around that i have had this problem with. old stale greasy and the skin you drink about 8th of a pint of fat,,, well at least thats how it felt.,
        i wont be going back to KFC anytime in a hurry thats for sure,
        i Took back my Zinger tower burger the other week due to it being practically unediable

        Shame on you KFC sort it out because this is not the only resturant of yours i have had the same experience, oh and my bbq beans was 2 years out of date, yet the manager was trying to convince me thats the time it went out yet the actual time was two hours (number wise) to what it said on the container

        SHOCKING KFC !!!!!!

        Thankyou for reading xx


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        10.11.2013 17:53
        Very helpful



        try them honestly lol 20pence

        ========Asda Smartprice Mushy peas========
        When I think about it im convinced I never used to like mushy peas, one because of the look of them and two I hate peas anyway as a rule !
        Then at some point I must of had them and loved them because now Im rather fond of mushy peas with things like fish, fish fingers or really with alot of things, as something to dip chips or wedges in I find lovely.
        So one evening i was scouting thru my local Asda and needed some mushy peas to have with my fish fingers and wedges, and stumbled across "Asda Smartprice mushy peas" at 20 pence a tin as opposed to nearly 80 pence for harry ramsdens, so I thought i would give it a go with little hope that these would turn out any good !.

        As per usual its Asda smartprice so the packaging is the same across the range, green and white tin with minimal colours and a rather crude looking tin to be honest,
        On the front it says "contains no artificial colours or flavours" and "a source of fibre one of five a day", nutritional information on the back, along with being drummed into my head "TRY ME LOVE ME" and I will get a refund if not happy with the product. for 20 pence I wonder if I would bother and just put it down to a bad experience lol,

        ===========To pea or not to pea that is the question !=========
        This Product Per half a can contains the following:
        138 calories
        9 grams of protein
        21 grams of carbs of which 2.6 is sugars
        1.1 grams of fat
        0,6 grams of salt
        On the ingredents list it states that its Rehydrated marrowfat peas (90%) Water, Salt, Sugar and "flavourings" (not sure what they mean by that lol !.

        And each can says it contains 2 servings , so not bad at 10 pence a pop !

        On opening the can im greeted by a clumpy green mass that has obviously been packed tight as its like one solid mass. I do notice that unlike the leading brands of mushy peas (which are normally bright in green colour) these look rather grey and quite off putting to be honest !, but I grit my teeth and shove them in a pan to heat up, These can be nuked as well but i couldnt see the point because all you have to do is heat them up.
        I had mine with fish fingers and wedges and i must say when they was heating up that clumpy mass of grey does loosen up and you can clearly see peas, its just for me the colour is off putting.
        On the plate it still doesnt look great but i brace myself and take a mouthful with a piece of fish finger and am quite plesently surprised they (in my opinion) are rather tasty and taste not to different from the leading brands although I did find it quite a bit saltyer. Nice soft peas that did heat thru well in all honesty. i found it a million times better when i added a dash of vinagar to the mix/

        Yeah i would say this is another Smartprice product that has nothing really wrong with it, its economical, easy to heat up and quite tasty, its just for me the colour is rather dull bland and doesnt look like something you should digest lol, but once i got over that i ate the lot with my fish fingers,
        Would I buy them again ? well that depends on the situation, if i was having family or friends round of dinner i would rather the dearer brands thru choice, not because of snobbyness its the look of it , and you might of read in past reviews of mine that I believe with eat with our eyes, For me on my own yes i would use them over the expensive brands anyday as there is nothing wrong with them. Good one Mr Asda another product that is soooo much cheaper, if only you could improve your crumpets lol.

        Wicked mushy peas shame about the colour and apperence !

        Thankyou for reading xx


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        10.11.2013 15:44
        Very helpful



        Yeah lovely tuna that makes my mouth water shame about the price

        ==========Princes Tuna chunks in brine===========
        I love fish of almost any variety and if im honest never eat enough of it, Fish is so good for us most of it is high in omega 3 oils and high in protein and more importantly to me tastes yummy !
        I brought a tin of Princes tuna while prowling the isles of asda the other day , and normally i refuse to buy this brand because i just cant believe how must the price has hiked up over the past couple of years, i might be away with the fairies but im convinced tuna was seen as a cheap meal a couple of years ago , now i only ever see a 4 pack of this brand (mini tins) for £4 !!!!

        As i live on my own i just brought the small tin for a pound on special offer so i thought i would treat myself to a tin,
        Its a good quality tin the only snag is no ring pull on the top, i cant work out in this day and age of the ring pull we STILL need to get out a tin opener, just seems really behind the times to me ! even with budget brands i would think it doesnt cost that much to place a pully on top ?
        On the front of my tin says in red letters Princes Tuna in Brine with a picture of what looks like tuna wraps with a spig of something green but unidentifiable lol !
        A nice can that looks good in the cupboard. On the side tells you the nutritional infomation along with the quality promice.

        ==========is something fishy about it ?===========
        What i like about food products like this is they are simple no need for extra hiden nasties, chemicals or anything like that , all thats in this tin is Tuna water and salt ! and to me that makes me breathe a sigh of relief as everything today seems to have chemicals impreganated into the products.
        Per Drained 100g's this Tuna provides:
        105 calories
        25 grams of protein
        no sugars
        0.5 grams of fat
        and nearly half a gram of salt

        Looking at it like this the tuna itself can make and amazingly healthy meal !

        ============Taste test and contents===========
        On opening the tin i was plently surprised (which i expected to be) to be greeted by lovely big chunks of tuna covered in brine, what i like about the brine is once drained you dont really have to add any salt to taste as its salty enough.
        I normally have my tuna on a jacket potato with mayo and a side salad and thats what i had on that day.
        a quick and easy healthy meal:
        1) put potato in the microwave for around 8 mins (stabing it first so it dont explode lol !)
        2) while its cooking open can of tuna drain and place into a bowl and mix with either salad cream or mayo pepper and vinegar and some garlic seasoning
        3) chop up any salad you have in your fridge i personally like chopping up radish into little pieces and adding it with the tuna mix with red and green peppers.
        4) take jacket out of microwave stab it till it feels soft and throw it in a preheated oven for around 15 mins to get the skin nice and crispy
        5) take out of oven put on plate cut in half and fill it with the tuna mix,
        6) garlic bread optional but i love garlic bread with a tuna jacket
        and job done a simple cheap meal which is so good for you !!!!

        I find although its pricey compaired to other cheaper brands it is quality tuna, all the same colour and texture and no nasty looking bits of iffyness that you sometimes tend to find in the less well known brands,
        I remember buying ONLY ONCE lol this poundshop tuna "flakes" and i couldnt believe it was 4 small tins for a quid, opened one up and it looked like cat sick ! it was awful. and i truely believe humans eat with their eyes, and i certainly did that day, tried to give it to the neighbourhood cat but even she turned her nose up at it , i think that speaks volumes !
        I would buy princes tuna again defo , but only when it is on special, it has lovely taste lovely texture and you can tell by inspection the quality.
        If money is no object then go for it , so much you can do with tuna :o)

        Thankyou for reading xx


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        10.11.2013 14:43
        Very helpful



        Not for me but perfect for people who cant handle hot curries and people who want a cheap meal :o)

        =============Asda "chosen by you chicken curry==========
        Last night i was in Asda mooching about for something quick and tasty as i had been on my feet all day and knackered. Alot of the chosen by you ready meals i have tried i have been pretty inpressed with and to be fair have never actually shuddered with fear and disgust with a product from this range, I hadnt tried the chosen by you curry and rice so i thought i would get it a whirl !!

        with any of the chosen by you range i so much prefer the style colour and the quality of the packaging that any SmartPrice product out there, and if i think about it with this range alot of the products are not "that" much dearer than smartprice, As i noticed the other week Asda smartprice sad excuse for a crumpet are 37 pence and the chosen by you which are fluffy and bigger are 65 pence !
        Anyway (lol) The packaging has all the nutritional information needed with a picture of a hearty looking plate of food. Also says 9 mins from frozen in the microwave.

        The meal itself looks rather sad if im honest on opening, but then i find alot of ready meals seem this way when frozen,
        The meal contains :
        593 calories (which i thought was quite high really)
        19.6 grams of fat
        8.4 grams of saturated fat
        9.2 grams of sugar (what a shocker lol)
        1.9 grams of salt (not to sad for a meal of this kind)
        And if im honest on inspection of the ingredients list, there doesnt seem to be that many nasties in there which is a bonus i guess.

        ============deli belly ?============
        I chose to microwave mine and would suggest the same to anyone wanting to try this curry as for one its quicker but i find that if you oven rice in a ready meal you always get crunchy bits that i find kinda ruin the meal, the rice goes a million times more fuffy when nuked.
        all you have to do is pierce the lid in placed whack it in the microwave for 4 mins take it out peel back the film give it a stur add a few drops of water to the rice, pull lid over and whack it in again for another 4 mins and leave to stand for 1 minuite.
        Easy peesy !. On taking it out of the microwave the kitchen had quite a nice mild curry smell which was rather pleasant.
        I left it for a minuite to rest as i was told and in that time put a naan bread under the grill while i plated it up.
        I was surprised at the amount of chicken as i did only expect 3 or 4 lumps but was surprised to count 7 fair sided pieces with just enough sauce to cover them, could have been a tad more sauce for the rice to be honest, but not terrible.,
        Taste wise i cant fault this dish it does basically what it says on the box. its just not really that exciting, its basically mild curry sauce put on chicken with boiled rice. no extras no frills just chicken curry. no exploding taste buds or no really looking forward to the next mouthfull,
        like i say the chicken is plentyful really but sadly quite dry and chewy, not enough to make me not like it, just well bland really to sum it up.
        It did fill me up with a naan to be honest but i wouldnt rush out special to buy this again !

        To be honest Mr Asda aint done a bad job of this mild chicken curry its ediable and ok the only thing that lets it down is the chewy chicken and the blandness. for a pound its a bargin because they sell garlic and corriander naans in asda for a mare 30p !!! so thats curry rice and a naan for one pound thirty and i dont think you can fault that.
        I would buy chosen by you curries again just not this one thru choice, the korma one is so much better in my humble opinion !

        Thankyou for reading :o) xx


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      • Rustlers BBQ Rib / Meat / Fish / 11 Readings / 10 Ratings
        More +
        11.08.2013 21:04
        Very helpful



        yeah ok but not amazing, but you wouldnt expect that

        im here today to review rustlers bbq rib burger,,,,,,i was scared when i first brought this lol

        on inspection the product looks of reasonable quality, im told its rustlers bbq rib and the pork can be traced back to the origin of the farmer which i very much doubt but there you go ,
        On the back has the nutritional chart stating how much fat etc is in the product, how to cook it and their guarantee.

        As with all rustlers products this is done in the microwave as their slogan states "0 to tasty in 90 seconds" that with alot of their products can be debatable lol

        Placing my strange looking rib in the microwave i decided not to nuke my bread as i have found nuking bread never works so i put my rib on a place for 90 seconds and place my bun in the toaster after removing the packet of sauce they provide you with, the bun was lovely and toasted and in the 90 seconds my kitchen smelt lovely of pork and didnt smell strange in the slightest (which i have had with there quarter pounder that was just rancid).
        i took my rib out the microwave to be greeted with it swimming in fat (which i did expect) and i drained it on a piece of kitchen towel. my bun was done and i constructed the burger together first putting the rib in then the sauce ontop (which is actually really nice) then adding the lid.
        if im honest i think its one of the best rustlers burgers out there , yeah it tastes fake yeah we all know its not proper pork but it actually tastes nice and on a busy day they are quite handy to buy for a quid !
        As i say my only advice to anyone wanting one is DONT nuke ya bun it just doesnt work ,,, well ,,,, not to my liking anyway.
        I have always wondered what it would be like if i grilled the rib but im not that brave to try lol if im honest !

        All in All its not rancid but its not delish, yeah if your on the run and you need something quick then its about the best on in the rustlers range but i wont be rushing back, only when i need too

        Thankyou for reading: all in all ediable IF you toast the bun ,,, if not then dont bother


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      • Smiths Bacon Flavoured Fries / Snacks / 6 Readings / 6 Ratings
        More +
        11.08.2013 17:36
        Very helpful



        yum nuff said lol

        I hadnt tried these for ages and brought a mixed bag of smiths scampy flavoured fries and bacon flavour fries while i was in the poundshop, which i thought was a bargin as i remember both from my youth :)

        This review (obviously) is aout the bacon flavour fries
        basically they either come as multipacks at a bargin price or you can get robbed in a corner shop and sometimes pay over 50pence for a bag, they come in little bags with a picture of what looks like a bar with a pint glass in the front and tells me they are "smiths" bacon flavoured fries "cereal snack with that extra crunchy bacon taste, if im honest they are alot much crunchy now than i remember as a child , which i must add fills me with joy as i love a good crunch lol ,
        on the back we have the ingredients along with the nutritional information, how to contact them and a brief decription of what the crisps are all about ,

        I have to confess i love these, prob not as much as the scampy fries but they are safer to eat if your about to have human contact than the scampy lol .
        As i said the crunchyness as defo changed and i like that because before they used to get stuck in your teeth and it was a nightmare trying to suck it out at the end of the packet, now they dont disolve in your mouth like they used to and actually hold there crispyness, they bacon flavour tastes nice and smokey and on apperience has an imatation streak along the middle of the crisp prob trying to make it authentic.

        for a pound for a multipack i think these are a proper bargin 6 in a packet from the poundshop you really cant go wrong, only snag is the packets are so small that i can get thru 3 in a sitting but then they dont waste packaging like brands like walkers do and just fill the bag up with air. so least they arnt wasting.
        Yeah yum grab a bag today !!!!! :D

        Thankyou for reading x


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        02.08.2013 20:29
        Very helpful



        na this one is not for me i would rather spend 2.50 on a real meal

        today im reviewing "captin birds eye traditional beef roast dinner".......hmm using traditional loosely !

        I needed something quick and handy the other day as it was too hot to cook and i really just fancied something proper (odd i know). i was in my local asda and i stumbled across this meal at a pricey £2.50, so my head told me the captin has never really let me down before and at this price it should be of reasonable quality........how could i be more wrong !!!!

        On inpection of the box is a lush looking british beef roast dinner which looks very inticing, granted it just actually look small on the box but neither the less did look ediable.
        On the back is the nutritional information along with the ingredients and im told its 100% silverside beef with peas carrots roast potatos and a yorkshire pud ., sounds all very nice dont you think lol ?.
        per cooked meal it says provides 330 calories along side 1.5 grammes of salt which for a ready meal i didnt think was that bad. it was only once i opened it i realised why !

        The "meal"--------------
        Well on opening the lovely looking box i was greeted by a strange looking frozen thing consisting of about 5 so called tiny roast potatoes erm two slices of frozen beef which i thought was well tight of mr birds eye to be honest a hand full of peas which a couple of carrots in a gravy oh and an aunt bessies lookalike yorkie.
        i decided to do mine in the oven as for 2.50 i didnt want to ruining it anymore than it looked. it took 4 its5 mins 10 mins over the cooking time as my spuds were still solid and another couple of mins for the yorkie pud.

        Taste Test---------------
        to be honest its not the worst ready meal i have ever had but i just think its so overpriced for what it is i think it should be more like a pound !, the beef is lovely to be fair the gravy well erm not like what i make at home its oily i dont know how else to sum the gravy up its gloopy and totally ruins the lovely beef. i think mr birds eye should have put more beef in as the slices are very very thin, the potatoes well lol dont bother they are rank. I actually think that icelands frozen packet of beef for a pound is far better value for money and can feed two, with a couple of spuds and veg i think it would be cheaper than this kak

        Its not disgusting dont get me wrong its just a rip off for the price the only reason im giving it two stars is for the beef, would i buy it again ? in a word no lol.
        Save for money and cook fresh if you have the time or get another ready meal there is plenty better in supermarkets priced at a quid not two fifty thats just taking the ,,,,,,,, cough lol

        thankyou for reading :o)


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          31.07.2013 00:38
          Very helpful



          yeah try the cheesey one out its yum

          i aint wrote a review on dooyoo for ages mainly due to life getting in the way but lately i have been having these mugshots for lunch and i have to say this is by far my fave its the mug shot creamy cheese pasta in sauce,,,,,,,

          Whats in it ?----------
          Basically its pasta in a cream cheese sauce im told on the packet that its pasta spiraps in a cheese sauce "the snack you make in a mug"
          the packet looks pretty good to be honest and quite informative with allergy advice containing cows milk wheat and gluten and it is suitable for vegetarians.

          other information contains that it has 268g per made up product and well as being 255kcal and 1.88 salt which i thought was quite high to be honest.

          the taste test--------
          you have to get used to getting this product right as adding too much water there is no going back , so i have learnt its better to add less and add more if needed than to go over the top with the liquid, i love this product its warming yummy and with a crusty roll with butter is just mmmmmm i would really recommend this product as i would their tomato and herb but i dont think the tomato and herb is as tasty and warming as this, once the pasta is dont your met with a lovely smell of cheese and herb not overpowering which i was glad at because im not keen on things like batcherlers cheese pasta as i find it too overbearing this i find for me is just about right

          depends where you go DONT get robbed go to somewhere like home bargins or asda you will get them on offer go to a corner shop or somewhere like the co-op then your robbed big time

          yeah love them cheap and cheerful lunch and all you need is hot water recommended :o)


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          19.08.2012 00:54



          love them

          my last review was for another flavour of McCoys sweet thai chicken which i bigged up to the max cos they are lovely basically lol !
          This time its the McCoys mexican chilli,,, (sings FEELING HOT HOT HOT !!!)

          The packaging is standard McCoys stuff with the front informing me its a McCoys product and the flavour is Mexican Chilli with the calorie, salt , fat content clearly visable on the back its an informative pack which also contains Mr McCoys contact details should you have a complaint.

          The Bad Boy Crisps:
          On opening the pack the spice smell attacks the nasal passages which to me was pure yummmyness. and i couldnt wait to munch on them , i knew just by the smell i would love these little babies,
          I only have one gripe with McCoys and i did mention this in the other review i did. is that you get rouge hard crisps that you risk breaking a tooth with, god knows how they cook them in the factory but every pack seems to have a crisp that could be a mouth hazzard with terrible painful consequences. i must warn people that only eat McCoys with strong healthy teeth because this can be quite a draw back of this brand.

          Me personally i love these crisps and eat them alot (with caution)


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          19.08.2012 00:21
          Very helpful



          yeah worth it if you can be doing with a knife or sissors

          i use clingfilm alot be it for my sarnies or to wrap different things to put back in my fridge, it is a must in my kitchen, i came across asda smart price cling film in my local store and couldnt believe how cheap it was i think just over 40 pence ! so me being me and pinching the pennies i just had to try it out !!!

          The packaging:
          As of late asda have changed the packaging on all the range, and if im honest they did a good job, the products dont look so cheap and nasty anymore and Mr Asda has made its cheapo product actually look kinda smart lol !
          As with all smartprice gear the packaging clearly states the product and what it is used for (bit of an insult telling me that really lol) with a caution about the sharp edges in the box (which i will come to in a bit)
          Tells you how to use it and Mr Asdas contact details

          Cling Cling:
          the clingfilm itself i cant fault it really is clingy and not as thin thin as i thought it would be its defo value for money, my only gripe with this product is the jagged edge used to pull the cling film into a piece the size you need just is NOT sharp lol its a bloody nightmare so you end up pulling clumps out that are totally the size you dont need, i found the best thing to do is pull out what you need and use a pair of sharp sissors OR a sharp kitchen knife, pull out what you need onto a chopping board and slice along the clingfilm with the knife. other than that this product does what its ment to do , and the sissor thing is a little irritating but its a small price to pay for the saving of the pennyies you get from buying this product,.

          I will defo be buying this again :o)


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          18.08.2012 21:38
          Very helpful



          im off to get a pack :)

          I love crisps, maybe a bit to much and im forever on the hunt for different flavours to the mundane ready salted cheese and onion etc, I eat alot of McCoys crisps because i think they have more of a full on heady taste than walkers (which i think can be greasy specially the walkers BBQ flavour)

          The Packet:
          The packet itself is informative and a greeny blue in colour with "The real McCoys ridge cut" stamped on the front with "accept no imitations" it states a 32g pack with the low down on calories salt etc on the bottom left corner,
          On the back it states "Man crisps" which i thought was kinda pointless because i cant quite work out how a crisp can be "manly" lol. to the right of the back of the packet states the usual patronising statement "keep active" and to be eaten as part of a varied diet.

          The yummyness:
          When the packet is opened a waft of sweetness hits the nose and the 32g's seem a rather generous amount unlike walkers that pump their bags full of air, The crisps themselves are ridge cut and thick. To me these crisps are lovely the sweet taste on first bite is replaced by heat which tingles the mouth and burns (which i love lol) These really are hot crisps and find i need to mop my brow when at the end of the packet, I love punishing myself with hot foods so this for me was spot on and i think McCoys came up trumps with this flavour as i tend to eat more than one pack in a sitting.
          The crisps are lovely and crunchy, the only snag is sometimes you get the odd crisp that is far too hard and i dont know why that is but you do have to be careful as you risk breaking a tooth on the odd rogue one that occurs in a pack.

          All in all i think Sweet thai chicken Mccoys are a lovely crisp. powerful flavour , crunchyness and yummyness
          Thankyou for reading im off to get a pack lol :o)


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