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    • Cadbury's Roses / Chocolate / 20 Readings / 20 Ratings
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      29.05.2013 04:16
      Very helpful



      Good Quality Treats, not my favorite personally however i do like to have them as treat once awhile.

      Remember the days when you was a kid at Christmas and you just finished your amazing Christmas dinner and you and your other siblings would gather as your parents would pop open a tin of Roses!

      Well i do, well back when i was a kid my favorite flavor was coffee creme, my god! it had that amazing peculiar taste of a rich and unique taste of coffee that was seriously addicting; till this day i still do not understand why they got rid of the amazing coffee flavor! I remember battling my siblings for the delicious creamy centered coffee ones!

      Back to the review; in terms of its value for money i would recommend getting a big tin, as whenever i purchase a small box it leads to a big heap of disappointment as many of the 'average' flavors are stuffed in. The tin however tends to carry more of our favorite creamy treats; the only down side to that is they only seem to be around for the festive season!!

      The contents of the roses are pretty self-explanatory if you live in the UK or any of the commonwealth countries i.e (Australia, New Zealand) nevertheless i will share my opinion and recommendations of which are the best flavors and my overall rating in terms of it's value for money and overall quality of the chocolates.

      Here's the breakdown of the chocolates that will await you upon opening a Roses Box/Tin and my own personal account with these treats:

      Brazilian Darkness 4/10- Don't get me wrong, i love dark chocolate always been a big fan; however chewy toffees and I do not mix well!! I'm not a huge fan of toffee, however to toffee lovers this is one of the flavors for you.

      Mini Cadbury dairy milk 7/10- Who doesn't like the taste of an old traditional flavor that is the face of Cadbury's. I thoroughly enjoy the dairy milk full chocolaty goodness; nevertheless after eating about 3-4 of Dairy milk ones the taste becomes rather bland and sickly very quickly.

      Golden Barrel 9/10- Now we are talking!! this one bursts with caramel joy once eaten, when they say it's a barrel it really is a barrel of caramel. The flavor is extremely yummy; the reason i can't quite give this a 10/10 is because of how easy it breaks in the foil cover so sometimes you end up opening up to a nasty sticky surprise!

      Cadbury's caramel 8/10- Not quite as good as the Golden Barrel but what i don't understand is WHY DO WE HAVE TWO OF THE EXACT SAME FLAVOR! The world will never know. This is where the coffee creme should be to add more variety!

      The 'Purple one' (Hazelnut in Caramel) 7/10- OH god! Remember that awful advert of this purple treat? either way this is pretty much the same as the two above; i don't understand why Cadbury's love their cadbury's so much! The purple one is very exquisite flavor however as the hazelnut works well with the caramel and I'm a huge fan of nuts in chocolate despite absolutely loathing nuts in chocolate as a kid.

      Hazel Whirl 4/10- This bugger seems to be everywhere in the boxes of roses; this is my worst flavor in my opinion, its bland and just simply a chocolate smothered Hazelnut.

      Strawberry dream 10/10- Strawberry Creme dream!! This flavor is now my all time favorite, it is just the center cream really tickles your taste buds! I love strawberries and chocolate now their is a mix that everyone goes crazy for!

      Orange cream 10/10- This tangy treat is just simply amazing likewise to the strawberry cream the treat explodes with flavor and the dark chocolate works really well with the tangy taste that keeps satisfying customers.

      Country Fudge 9/10- I love fudge, this is very good flavor; however it tends to get mix reviews as it has a love/hate relationship with the majority of the UK customers. It's soft and very tasty, definitely a friendly flavor within the bunch.

      Overall most of the flavors are great! but seriously three different caramel flavors: come on Cadbury's you have to work harder than that!

      Value for Money 5/10
      In terms of Roses in general, prices vary. If you can get a small box on offer for about £1 then it's a bargain, however the contents of the boxes and tins are at total random and most of the boxes I've had, led to disappointment; an invasion of Hazel whirls! The tins are very good though; in terms of flavor variety. If i had to choose between Roses now to Heroes; i would probably choose Heroes because there is just simply more choice and i miss my coffee creams but in terms of price Heroes aren't particularly cheap either!!

      Quality of Chocolate 8/10
      Cadbury's are the best mass-producing chocolate company going in my opinion; they make some of the best chocolate in the UK. I give Cadbury's an 8 out of 10 because they aren't exactly atThornton's standard level but Thornton's is a completely different price range. Roses i think is consistent with the quality that Cadbury's provides.

      Overall i give Cadbury's effort on this one a 3 out of 5 Dooyoo stars!!

      Yours Truly

      BryanMCritic! - putting the 'tic' in critic!


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        28.05.2013 06:24
        Very helpful



        Overall fantastic game , i would recommend it to all Batman lovers!!

        The Title speaks for itself; the game does a lot justice to its prequel Arkham Asylum.

        Why is it that amazing you ask?

        Well the answer is everything, the game's mixture of intense action sequences and a outstanding thrilling/Bone-chilling storyline serves Justice for all Die-hard Batman fans out there.

        As a basic overview of the game; during the campaign you play as both the Master-thieving, seductive and highly attractive anti-hero we know to love as Catwoman and Last and not least the legendary superhero and DC comic icon Batman! The advantage with the game of the year edition is the additional features that allow us gamers to play as Batman's trusty sidekick Robin, in an attempt to stop Harley Quinn from getting Revenge in the expansion known as 'Harley's Revenge' and additional content. So getting this version of the game is a must to get the best crime-fighting experience.

        In terms of the scoring this masterpiece; this is my review breakdown:

        Storyline 10/10

        The reason for this is solely because of the in-depth story-telling within the game; its phenomenal. It got to a point that i thought i was watching a Oscar-winning movie, it is just out of this world. I won't talk that much about the storyline itself as i don't like to spoil the game for the audience; but lets just say it blew me away from start to finish.

        It carries on from the ending of Arkham Asylum; Hugo Strange is the first character you come across from the beginning and the voice acting is just precise and really got the hairs on the back of my neck shooting up. Very dark and scary voice from one very sinister character. Likewise to its predecessor Arkham Asylum the list of enemies such as thugs and super-villains is almost entirely limitless. We have our all time favorites making an appearance Two-face,Penguin,Joker,Harley Quinn,Riddler and many many more!! The likes of Mark Hamill as we all know as Luke Skywalker from the original star wars trilogy produces another mind blowing performance as the Joker; who is one of the greatest characters within the game. Nevertheless when has the joker ever disappointed us Batman fans!

        Overall the storyline grows onto the player, you start to feel for the characters. The feelings of despair, anger, love and jealousy really gives this game a very dark but compelling storyline full with both passion and pain.

        Gameplay 9/10

        In terms of it's game playability there are some minor flaws denying it a full 10/10; in terms of the fighting sequences and the combos; its very close to the same style as Batman Arkham Asylum, however controls have improved immensely. The controls are simple but also fun to use; the fighting combos run so smoothly. Using Square to repeatedly pummel batman's adversaries unconscious and triangle to counter any incoming attacks and various other controls to defeat an enemy. If you want to see Batman and Catwoman both take out numerous thugs with their different devastating and unique techniques, then this is the game for you. In terms of uniqueness both catwoman and batman have there very own gadgets and fighting advantages and disadvantages that will allow players to use different strategies to beat up foes and solve puzzles and environmental challenges within the game.

        The game also uses a free-roaming 'do what you like' feel to it, there is a lot more freedom in Arkham city than there ever was in Asylum. This allows the player to do other things besides the main campaign with their character; they can complete side missions, collect the hidden riddler trophies, fly and glide around aimlessly for secrets within the game. The Game play is limitless!
        Arkham city's game play is also quite demanding in terms of dodging obstacles and quick efficient problem solving techniques making Arkham city a relatively hard game for kids to play. So i reckon this game should be played for the more mature gamers in terms of difficulty, however their is an 'easy' option for players that are not confident with tackling the task at a normal difficulty apart from that the game isn't too hard to complete.

        In terms of movement batman can walk,run,crouch,slide,climb up ladders, hide into crates, use his grapnel gun to shoot up tall buildings and glide across the crime-ridden city. Most of these controls are relatively easy, however some techniques take some time get used and sometimes trying to get batman to glide into the correct place a little tedious what unfortunately stops the game play from being a 10/10.

        In terms of online gameplay; i don't honestly think the game's overall intent was to create a long lasting online mode; however the game does consists of a riddler's revenge mode of which has downloadable online content and provides all the great features above but with multiple playable characters!

        Overall the gameplay is one of the best ever with a batman game, the gadgets are fun to use, the reactions from enemies and the beat em up style that really does suit a batman game. What more fun could you have than flying around from building to building cleaning the city of bad guys and saving the day!

        Arkham City Game of the Year edition i give you a outrageous 5 Dooyou stars out of 5 congratulations to the creators of this wonderful form of art that will have me playing for many years to come.

        Yours Truly

        Bryan McRitic- The man who puts the 'tic' in Critic!


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