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      04.11.2012 15:07
      Very helpful



      Almost totally Lovely

      I personally think Sarah jessica Parker is not a great actress, but her perfume is. I actually hate Sex and the City as it is completely silly and just depicts women obsessing over shoes, handbags and various sex acts perfomed on or by, rather stupid- looking men.
      I don't really have time for too much of this but I do like to smell nice- cheaply.

      The daftly named 'Lovely' is only £20 for 100mls EDP on Amazon. That is che- eap. I just bought Mum some for Christmas. My Mum is 84, but don't let that deter you- she has always had a great style and taste. Except in men, so may that is where Sarah J could help out....

      It has a delicious flowery scent, not unlike the very very expensive Narciso Rodriguez for Her parfums.
      Top notes are lily of the valley, bergamot, narcissus,lavender, possibly violet- middle are gardenia and honeyish notes, base notes vanillin and amber and white musk ( I did not read this off the website, this is my opinion). Thank God there is no horrible ozone tints.
      Sillage is pretty good, lasts 4 hours or so.
      On the lines of Ysatis and other florals.

      The bottle is pink and very pretty, as is the pink and grey packaging which has to be said is not the best box ever, but the bottle is very good and with a ribbed stopper, looks vintage. It is light, fresh, floral looking without being little-girlish. Nice on the dressing table.

      Pulling Power:
      According to base notes, Sarah reckons men could wear this, but she must be a bit touched in the head, needing extra in her bank balance, or know some seriously effeminate gentlemen. My fella would not, and I would readily leave if he did, as he would be definitely batting for the other team, which is unlikely as he is a 6 for 5 inch ex-rugby player who will nothing but super male Versace L'Homme.( mmm- now your'e talking about real scent!)

      There is a slightly sexy dry down to this perfume, a bit like a lady who is going dancing in Paris, that sort of thing. It is definitely a bit sophisticated, a bit gardenia soapy, rather classic and Chanelish. There is something slightly dirty in the scent, something like leaves or grass, a woodsy smell which stops it just short of it becoming cloying. I think most true gentlemen would appreciate a ladylike scent.
      If you don't want a gentleman, best stick to Impulse.

      When to wear:
      I would recommend this as an early evening fragrance, for a theatre date or supper with the ladies or a first date, when you want to be discreet and leave off the full guns like Jicky or Shalimar which generally scream 'sex'.
      This one whispers ' je t'aime' which is just peachy and nice and vintage chic.
      Sarah J, Jeremy Clarkson unkindly described you as looking like a boiled horse, but you are a 'lovely' lady.
      I can see what that vintage dress sense is all about now.


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      04.11.2012 14:35
      Very helpful



      A great product for light upholstery and crafts

      I am a freestyle machine stitchywitchand crafts-person in general, I am mad keen on making things and anything creative. I am always buying tools and gadgets and woe betide anyone who uses them without my permission and leaves them in a shed to go rusty. Since my divorce, this is not a problem LOL.
      I trained as an artist, and staple guns were part of my personal armoury, as you had to have one to stretch canvases over your handmade stretchers prior to painting. This process used to go on for days in the workshop and by the time you had a canvas ready you needed a holiday. My personal fave, was to chat to Charlie the technician and get him to do it, which he would if you were polite as so many of the students were totally rude to him. Then you gave him some chocolates and everything was nice.

      If Charlie was busy you would also need canvas stretching pliers, biceps, Staple gun, the band saw and some safety goggles and nails.

      Nowadays I just buy ready made canvases, rip off the existing canvas and stretch my silk pictures over the existing frame. I need a staple gun for this, and a good one.
      I already have a ghastly cheapo Rapesco one, so decided to upgrade via Robert Dyas.
      I strode in and had a good look at those on offer and my heart sank. I only have little paws and these were all designed for men with rippling pectorals and hard hats. Hats, I said.
      My hand wouldn't squeeze very easily on the triggers as I have wrist proiblems.
      This Stanley one was the only one that suited and was fairly lightweight and robust.
      It takes three sizes of staples and the mid size 8mms are what I like.
      You open it up to refill
      The stapler does not jam easily and it cost £17, the staples about £2 per box.

      So now I can staple like crazy and have my pictures looking all beautiful for exhibition- very pleased.
      Perfect for everyday stapling needs around the home or office
      Lightweight with convenient handle lock for safe storage
      Quick-jam-clear mechanism saves time and hassles
      Chrome-plated steel construction for durability
      Uses Stanley or Arrow light duty staples

      Product Details
      Height 3-1/2"
      Length 6"
      Weight 0.85 lbs
      Finish Chrome
      Material Steel


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      04.11.2012 13:53
      Very helpful



      A fabulous and cheap addition to your kitchen appliances

      I love my Kenwood blender so much I bought another to make soup at my boyfriend's house.
      It was bargain- £12 from Tesco usually £16.
      I love making soup, my favourite is garden pea and mint, So simple, lovely onions, frozen petits pois, Marigold bouilllon, single cream and garden mint.
      Most soups do need blending and even partial blending can lead to a thick soup with lovely texture where the veggies have been left somewhat in their chopped state.

      Other blender types:
      Before this I used an excellent old-fashioned Moulinex goblet blender, but it is a pain transferring and pouring to and from a goblet, this way you keep the soup in the pot.

      WARNING From the Bunny
      You MUST keep the blender down on the bottom of the saucepan because it will splash up otherwise and you could get burned. Do be sensible and make sure the lead is not trailing on the cooker.

      How to use, what to make:
      However, this is really idiot-proof and will soon reduce a lumpy suace to a smooth one, and can be used to chop and blend herbs. The two speeds allow a good range of control.
      Basically you grasp the nice chunky handle and use the blender vertically,pressing on the soft touch buttons as required.You can also make mayonnaise and weirdly even whip cream if you haven't got a whisk!( my own idea). You can make super quick milk shakes with ice cream, or yoghurt and fresh fruits ( soft fruits)

      Shopping around:
      I had a look at the blenders in Robert Dyas, ut they had weird cranked handles and were very heavy- this Kenwood is really the Daddy.

      It comes with a measuring and blending beaker which I have never used, but it is for shakes etc. I use it to put my washing up brush in! LOL
      Washing up:
      Be careful not to cut your fingers on the blades when cleaning. The had comes off so you can just soak it in hot water and shake it to dry and dry, otherwise you will chop your teatowels! So much easier to clean than the goblet type.
      Soft textured grip provides easy operation and user comfort * 0.5 Litre calibrated beaker * Durable stainless steel blades for smooth and thorough blending * Powerful 180 Watt motor * Hanging hook for wall or rail mounting * 1 year UK Warranty Included * Hand Blender * 0.5L calibrated beaker * Instruction manual * Registration card * 3 Pin UK plug Specifications * Voltage: 220-240V ~ 50/60Hz * Wattage: 300W * CE and RoHS £25 quid on Amazon( why was mine so cheap?)
      Someone else reviewing here got extra bits like a whisk, but mine was as above apart from the price


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      04.11.2012 12:51
      Very helpful



      Delicious and a real restauranty treat!

      I have been dying to try out a new flavour in my cooking. I am interested in Thai food, Indian food and chinese. I am actually a pretty good cook, and can now make almost make absolutely anything.
      However, years ago I tried to make Thai food and it was really expensive to get all the spices together and I didn't really know how to use them. I just won't use stuff with chemicals in, so some of the ready made sauces were a no-no.
      I came across this kit in Morrison, looked at the ingredients and bought it for £2.20.
      They do other kits like this in Waitrose, Red Thai Curry, Phad Thai, and even more.

      Coconut Milk (180ml): Coconut Extract (50%), Water, Green Curry Paste (43g): Garlic, Green Chilli, Lemongrass, Onion, Rice Bran Oil, Salt, Black Ginger, Galangal, Spices, Kaffir Lime Peel, Coriander, Palm Sugar, Dried Thai Herbs (1.4g): Kaffir Lime Leaves, Sliced Lemongrass, Sweet Basil Leaves .
      I sachet Coconut milk
      1 sachet herbs
      1sachet thai curry paste

      Packaging is attractive and easy to open.

      You have everything to make a delicious Thai curry except meat, vegetables, coriander and rice.

      I basically fried off some spring onions and garlic in olive oil and then added the coconut milk and paste in small quantities. Then I added sliced raw chicken fried it off then mange tout peas, baby corn and asparagus.
      I then added the rest of the sachets and put the lid on the wok and cooked for 10 minutes.
      A delicious aroma filled the kitchen as I put the fragrant rice on to steam.

      After 10 minutes I added lots of king prawns and cooked then until they went pink, added chopped coriander and served up.

      The taste is truly sensational, fragrant, mildly creamy delicious thin sauce soaking into fluffy rice.
      We went mad over it and em and my fella ate the lot although there were enough portions for about 4 normal ungreedy people.

      Each portion has about 150 calories without the meat and vegs, because coconut milk is high in calories. But it is an unsaturated fat and very good for you as it kills intestinal candida.
      But you didn't need to know that, did you?
      Anyway, tuck in, this is fail safe healthy cooking and is fast food indeed.


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      18.08.2012 22:24
      Very helpful



      A good find for us teetotallers

      I have just discovered this very pleasant drink. I do not drink any alcohol at all and get fed up with Diet Coke etc. Mostly I end up drinking tea!It can be embarrassing as many people think you are a reformed alcoholic if you turn down booze.
      Less about my lack of social life and more about the drink-
      Thisis a challenging taste to even alcohol based beers which I have occasionally sampled ( meaning a sip or gulp).
      It is sophisticated and dry like most lagers, very light and delicious. It is of course, best served ice cold and goes nicely with food, pasta or Indian type meals.
      I was amazed to disover this drink- as it has 0.00% alcohol, whereas most other contenders have a little alcohol, this has absolutely none.
      As I know right away if I have had a bit of alcohol( am allergic almost) this is a great find, and also you look like you are having a proper drink when you are not, so you merge with the crowd. That isn't too important to me, but it might be to some.
      The bottle is the usual brown colour with a bright silver, red and blue label.
      There is 330mls in a bottle so it is a long cool drink on a hot day.
      I bought a pack of 6 and it was £3.99 from Sainsbury's. Cheap!

      When I asked the woman in the store where the low alcohol beers were she looked nonplussed and said " I wouldn't want that!". She did actually look like she wouldn't either.
      My boyfriend does not drink either and we both think Bavaria is lovely.
      I did try mixing it with Coke and that makes quite a good shandy type drink.

      More Facts
      Ingredients mineral water, barley malt, wheat, and hops.

      Cals/ Only 25 Kcal per 100ml.
      5.8g of carbohydrates (of which sugars 3.1g), 0.2g protein, 0.002g of sodium, and 0g fat per 100ml.


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    • Bernina 1008 / Sewing Machine / 21 Readings / 19 Ratings
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      11.08.2012 23:41
      Very helpful



      A great machine for every level of sewer

      I am a keen seamstress. I used to tailor a lot, but these days, I do a lot of freestyle artistic work with my machines. I actually draw pictures with thread and make silk dolls.This is important, because freestyling with the feed dogs down for hours will cane an inferior machine and the motor can burn out! I own several Berninas and this is one of them. ( the other two are a 930 and a 155)
      Freestyle means you lower the feed mechanism and move the fabric around as it stitches, you have to control the stitch length by this movement. There is some variation which looks interesting. Quilters do this too to make patterns through the top fabric into the wadding.

      I bought this because I wanted 'new' old machine. You will notice I LIKE old machines... Why?
      Because they are built bettr than new ones! They also usually cost as much but come with added scuffs and marks.
      So I thought I would like a new machine. This machine is supplied to schools and colleges beacuse it is rugged. Unfortunately, a lot of learners will mangle even the most robust machine, so regular servicing is probably advisable in those conditions.
      For you and I, we need to learn to oil our machine every 5 bobbins- yes, that's right every 5! Take out the CB hook and use a tiny bit on your finger. Never over-oil.

      What comes with it?
      Regular ZigZag foot

      Blind hemming foot

      Zipper foot

      Overlock Foot

      Automatic buttonhole foot

      Thick fabric compensator (helps ride over bulky seams)

      Pack of needles

      5 metal bobbins

      Seam ripper

      Screw driver set

      Oil and cleaning brush

      Heavy duty canvas dust cover

      You can buy lovely lovely feet for Berninas which extend your sewing repertoire. I bought an open toe darning foot. For freestyle.

      About Bernina 1008s
      Bernina are one of the best sewing machine manufacturers in the world. If not THE BEST. The machines are Swiss designed and used to be Swiss made. Now they are made to exacting standards in the Far East.
      You know the machine will run like a Swiss watc. It is also utterly rugged and will stitch through anything at high speed with its powerful motor and patented CB hook which is the shuttle under the machine.
      It is the last mechanical Bernina. You may think why not have a computer? Well.... motherboards Can burn out and there is more to go wrong. This machine has gears not cams for the patterns.
      There are 16 stitches. If you are used to the usual modern machines, well this does not seem many.
      However, this is a machine for sewing, not playing, and believe me each of the stitches is beautiful.
      Tech Specs:
      CB Hook
      6 step button hole
      Stitch setting chart (helps you choose the best settings for different stitches)
      16 different stitches
      1 button hole
      Hopper mechanism for free machine embroidery
      5 snap on feet
      Slender Free arm
      Retractable carry handle
      Thread cutter
      Accessory box attaches to the machine and extends the sewing surface
      Slide off stitch plate for easy cleaning
      Soft cover

      I prefer the Bernina feet with the long stems, but the snap on feet are more convenient and I must not be so old-fashioned.
      Heavy Metal:
      The body of the machine is metal and so this machine is HEAVY.
      You can carry it around with the integrated handle, but I tend to pick up my machines in the crook of my arm through the long arm hole.
      There are 5 needle positions and variable stitch length and width.
      The bobbin winder is smooth and quite, the machine is easy to thread, although I do wish it had an integrated needle threader, a small accessory for the money.
      It also does not have adjustable presser foot pressure, this is done automatically.
      I still do not think any machine as easy to thread as my old 930.
      The tension discs and upper hook are always hidden these days. I like to see it all. At least this machine has the vertical spool holders, oh how I hate horizontal with the thread catching on this and that!

      How does it sew?

      Beautifully , smoothly and quietly. Makes lovely buttonholes. Satin stitch is perfect. Feed very even. Feed down excellent.£659 - phew! Handles anything, from chiffon to leather to 6 layers of denim.
      ( a top of the range Bernina is about 3-4 grand!)
      It is heavy 10.5kgs!


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      • Bach Flower Remedies / Discussion / 14 Readings / 14 Ratings
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        11.08.2012 22:09
        Very helpful



        A great aid and natural


        I have used Bach Flower Remedies for about 35 years.
        They do not seem to work for everyone, but they do work for some and that is good enough. I first came across them via a Homeopath friend who lent me the entire set as she did not have time to prescribe.
        I started to study them via a handbook and soon learned that each remedy has an emotional type.
        For instance, White Chestnut is for persistent unwanted thoughts and Crab Apple is to cleanse away impurity and feeling of disgust.

        My boyfriend had awful acne and used get nasty embarrasing pustules, and so with his consent, I put him on Water Violet as he was shy and lacked self-confidence and yet was rather aloof. I also gave him Crab Apple.
        He had had acne for years, but within 2 weeks it all cleared up and he NEVER had it again.

        Personally, I use the White Chestnut and Cherry Plum as I have anxiety and worry a lot and have had some trauma to get over. It works very well and in minutes.

        <How to Use

        What you do is put a few drops of your chosen remedies in some water and sip it slowly. Alternatively you can put say 4 drops of the actual remedy(ies) in another bottle containing spring water and keep it with you to take regularly.
        I also dowse for the correct Remedy using a crystal dowser. I have learned to do this over many years. If the right remedy is found the dowser will strart to rotate without my help.
        <How are they made?
        There are 38 remedies in the Bach remedy system. All of them were discovered in the 1920s and 1930s by Dr Edward Bach, a well-known bacteriologist, physician and pathologist. I have found his writings a bit old fashioned but I guess it was the times.
        Basically flowers are left in Spring water in sunlight for their energies to go into the water. Other flowers are boiled to obtain their 'essence' which is not juice or suchlike, but their life essence. These remedies are then preserved in grape alcohol and bottled.
        I have actually floated mint in water in sunlight and drunk the water. It had an effect on me, it was as though I was drinking in energy, not minty water!
        The most popular flower remedy is called rescue remedy. Rescue remedy is a combination of 5 flower essences which are Rock Rose, Impatiens, Clematis, Star of Bethlehem and Cherry Plum. There is also a rescue remedy cream that contains these 5 flowers plus Crab Apple. Rescue remedy is suppose to be used during anxiety and panic attacks. I have used this with some success, even on animals. With animals you can put it behind their ears.

        <Does it work?

        Well, as I said, for some. In some clinical trials it is not shown to be effective.In some, it is.....
        I think you have to be 'on the wavelength' for such things to work. After many years struggling with ill health, I have come to believe some medical doctors are money grubbing quacks, some are excellent. In the same way, some modern medicines are fantastic, other a mere sop or are at worse, deleterious to the person taking them.
        Same is true with the complementary therapies.
        There are many ways to help yourself, and adding Bach remedies to your repertoire is a delightful way to harmonise with your energies and reflect on your state of mind whilst hopefully addressing emotional disorders. Personally, I think they work. I do not think everything works, I have, for instance never found homeopathy successful with my illness.
        All illness affects your state of mind, it seems a good idea to work on your state of mind and gain control over negative feelings.
        I must say, I also love crystals and all the healing arts, but as the daughter of a scientist, I also have my head screwed on. I also like to know how the crystals are formed etc.

        I believe the proof of the pudding is in the eating, and if it works for you, stick with it.

        There are many clinical trials on the remedies and some have surprising positive results, some not so.
        I belive Nelson's and Ainsworth's now make the Flower Remedies. They used to be made at Mount Vernon.


        You may buy the remedies at Holland and Barrett, sometimes Boots. They range from £5- £ 12 depending on size. There are 10ml and 30ml bottles. Rescue Remedy can be in glycerin, or as a cream as well as in alcohol. You can also get a spray.
        This is from the Bach Flower website at Mount Vernon:
        You can phone them-
        General information - no charge
        One mixed 30ml standard treatment bottle (up to seven remedies) including Bach Centre telephone consultation - £14.20*
        Subsequent repeat 30ml standard treatment bottles (no consultation) - £6.88*
        30ml standard treatment bottle only (no consultation) - £6.88*
        Personal consultation at the Bach Centre - up to half an hour - not including treatment bottle - £16.08
        Personal consultation at the Bach Centre - up to one hour - not including treatment bottle - £39.60


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        06.08.2012 18:21
        Very helpful



        A great find for me

        I have recently realised I am milk intolerant. I made a cheescake and noticed I was sniffling and coughing after eating a slice and it's just the same when I have my morning tea.
        Oh no- I thought, yucky bean milk, here I come.
        Anyhow, time has moved on since my last dose of soya milk 10 years ago. Nowadays there are many varieties and it even comes fresh instead of UHT like the old days.Alpro tastes extremely fresh and even a little creamy and mixes beautifully in my tea. I do not drink coffee, so cannot say whether it splits or not.
        This is the list of ingredients:
        Water,Hulled Soya Beans (6%) ,Raw Cane Sugar ,Tri-Calcium Phosphate ,Sea Salt ,Stabiliser (Gellan Gum) ,Flavouring ,Vitamins (Riboflavin, B12, D2)
        Price £1.39 Tesco
        I notice they do not use guar as a stabiliser, there has been adverse press about guar.
        The pack is a nice design and pours very well.
        Ther is one litre in the pack, which lasts me 3 days just for tea.
        Apparently they do not use GM ingredients and also soya milk does not support the dairy industry, which you may be sensitive about, considering how many dairy cattle get mastitis.
        Also they say this:
        Soya protein products use 5 times less land and 10 times less water and generate less CO2 emissions than products made from animal protein. The carbon footprint of this product is 194g per litre.
        Not sure if that will make a difference considering all the 4 by 4s crashing about round here, but it is a thought.
        My allergy is now better, by the way.
        It is about 150 cals per 100 mls.
        Obviously, it is suitable for vegans as well as the rest of us.
        Having tasted it, I think I will switch permanently- it tastes nicer than milk, to be honest!
        Also,it is great for women who want to up their soya intake which helps alleviate negative symptoms of the hormonal changes of the menopause. ( yeah, me, I am having a 'power surge' now!)


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        06.08.2012 18:08
        Very helpful



        Nutritious and filling

        I bought these after seeing one of my students munching one. I was jealous and hungry.
        I now put one in my bag when I am in for a long day, as if you cannot get a meal, these are incredibly filling because of the oats.
        If I have one mid- morning I do not really need lunch at all.
        I do like the ginger crunch variety as well as the maple syrup which is loads sweeter.
        In the variety box you get two each of : Oats and Honey, Ginger Crunch and Maple syrup.
        In each individual pack, there are two crisp bars which look like flapjack, but there are hard and crisp. I sometimes dunk them in my tea as they are a bit nibbly otherwise.
        They are about 200 cals each and also nearly 7gms fat, so do be aware these are not exactly slimming.
        They are not cheap either- £2.39 last time in Morrison. I see Tesco have them cheaper at £1.50.
        This is lowdown on one flavour's ingredients:
        Whole Grain Rolled Oats (56%),Sugar ,Sunflower Oil ,Canadian Maple Syrup (2%) ,Honey ,Salt ,Natural Flavouring ,Emulsifier: Sunflower Lecithin ,Raising Agent: Sodium Bicarbonate ,Molasses
        They are absolutely no good if you need gluten free, but are halal and kosher approved. Although I don't really understand the halal bit as they sure don't have meat in them! They do not have milk in them, so maybe that is significant.
        They are basically made from Granola which are toasted rolled oats.


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        06.08.2012 16:42
        Very helpful




        I am not a fan of tinned soups and particularly dislike things like Cream of Tomato etc. I usually make my own soups from vegetables and stock, and they are quite low in calorie but full of flavour.
        This is a new departure for me. I was chilled to the bone in our gorgeous summer weather and so nipped into the Co-Op and bought a tin of this soup and some onion bread. I was quite ill with a cold.
        It ws £1.19. I drove home feeling grotty.
        I opened the tin easily, as it has a ring pull, and stared at the apparent chunkiness within.
        Into the saucepan it went and I was quite surprised to see nice bits of chicken breast and vegetables.
        I tasted it as I was starving- and it was delicious. I felt loads better and had a nice sleep!
        I must say I gobbled it up rather fast that time, and now have stocked up my larder withe the said item.
        You can also get a version which is in a plastic microwave bowl and this comes in yummy flavours like Beef in Guinness and also Chicken and Herb Dumplings ( which are delish) and a lamb hotpot.
        I bought 6 tins today, which shows I am real convert.
        It is very nutritious and contains no nasties or chemicals, only natural ingredients. although is not gluten free of course.
        I would say 40 per cent of the soup is onions and rooties all in nice chunks. 8 per cent chicken, the rest a thick broth.
        I think the Microwave versions have more meat.
        Water, Carrots, Potatoes, Chicken (8%), Peas, Onions, Modified Cornflour, Wheat Flour, Yeast Extracts, Salt, Flavourings (contain Milk), Herb Extracts, Herb, Spice Extract, Colours - Plain Caramel and Beta-carotene. VEGETABLES: 38%
        Nutritionally it says it is only 50 cals and .7 fat.


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        07.05.2012 12:51
        Very helpful



        Nice- but I like it only as friend....am ambivalent about it

        You may gather, I am abit of a fan of Calvin Klein perfumes. Once, I only used the wear classics like my mother wore:
        Chanel 5, Mitsouko, Shalimar ( still tops), Blue Grass ( absolutely love it- it smells of smoky wood and wind dried grass), L'Heure Bleue and Bal a Versailles.
        Now though, some of these smell a little passe, especially Mitsouko- I mean who wants to smell of chrysanthemums any more?
        I happened upon Beauty and was overcome by its slick bottle and oily greenish scents.

        Beatiful curvilinear bottle with usual Klein aluminium accents. The bottle is sculptural and elegant. The box is white and a bit boring, a beautician's idea of a nice box. I like a bit of glitz or colour. Howver, Kelin perfumes have this sort of clinical look, as though they have just been invented and poured by the parfumier.

        THE SCENT
        Modern white lily overwhelms the senses initially, a bit like Ysatis de Givenchy. However this lily is not grannyish, it has a hothouse smell. It reminds of a rather nice scent I used to get from Yves Rocher called Ispahan.
        It has a base of cedar and 'ambrette', which is a warm synthetic.
        I am thoroughly fed up with ambrette in modern perfumes. I much prefer vanilla.
        It has a caramel undertone which I get bored with and something sharp which reminds me of Eau Privee by Estee Lauder, which I love in the bottle but not on the wrist.
        Beauty also has accents of Tuberose and Jasmine which give it what I call a 'white' smell, like a good soap.
        Actually, the top note smells like soap brought back to me from a Royal Caribbean Cruise- possibly the best soap I ever smelled and which I could never duplicate.
        The exoticism of this scent is in the strong warmth of the middle notes which peter out to a basenote which is woodsy and a little bit blackcurrant-flowery. It is oily on the skin which predicts a great sillage.

        The scent is not sexy like Euphoria, and as such can be worn on may occasions, although a little strong for the office. I am left a little let down.

        Lasts for hours and hours which may or may not be good, if you want to put on something different, this one overrides it.

        WHEN TO WEAR
        Casual daytimes, a bright evening at the theatre or cinema, to meet your friend in the park, dining out.

        WHO IT IS FOR
        As usual with Klein, thisis for a slightly older lady late 20's could pull it off. It is a cashmere sweater and jeans kind of scent. I would classify it as a'brunette' perfume, because it is warmish and sophisticated, a department store perfume.

        SUMMING UP
        I find this a lovely scent, but a little boring. You could wear it anywhere, which is an advantage, but it does not pass the Scarf Test. This is my own test; if I have worn a perfume with my scarf, the next time I put it on in a few days a lovely scent appears and I am thinking " That is Gorgeous!" - I know the perfume is a winner.
        So not a winner. It is a bit too stable for me and lacks esprit.
        It is a little like Cinema, but not as nice.
        I like it, but only as a friend............
        It is a nice polite perfume, feminine rather than feline.
        I don't think any prospective lovers would like this, it is a bit too staid. I reckon it would be a lovely gift for a lady who lunches.

        SIZES - 30, 50 and 100ml, along with accompanying products - 200 ml perfumed body lotion and 200 ml perfumed bath and shower cream. Price £35 up so expensive. Boots and Department stores stock it, but I only buy perfume on the net as it is cheaper. Try ebay or Amazon.


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        06.05.2012 19:50
        Very helpful



        Delightful and unusually fruity

        I have a confession to make: my boyfriend bought me a bottle of this from a car boot fair!
        It is hardly an auspicious beginning for such a powerful and romantic scent as this.
        However, on first sniff I was blown away.
        The rather space age packaging with its metal casing and sophisticated Cape Canaverel stopper take a bit of getting used to, but the bottle nestles in your hand like a precious relic. There is something sexy about the smooth pebble like sides and the curves- rather like a modernist sculpture by Barbara Hepworth.
        Inside is an unpromising looking purple fluid.

        The scent

        Clever and would be slightly cloying without the tweedy overtone of blackberries and a slight mustiness.

        Unavoidably violet: blackcurrants and blackberries, an earthy woodsy smell hits you straight away.
        There are ambrous scents as well, and something a little like red wine. It reckons to have ambergris, but as this was detritus coughed up by whales, I can only think they mean synthetic ambergris. There is a rich creamy vanillin skin friendly tone when the top notes subside. That is the sexy bit. Sorbet, but with cream.

        Top notes - pomegranate, juicy green notes;
        Middle notes - black orchid, lotus, scent of cream
        Base notes - black violet, musk, mahogany, amber

        The perfume is bit like wearing a sexy version of my mother's freshly harvested Cox's apple and wild blackberry crumble mixed with smell of an expensive London department store.
        The violet dries down quickly, and your nose loses it very soon as is usual with violets.
        You get left with an intriguing, slightly discordant tone.

        Sillage- excellent, lasts all day.

        When to wear it

        Well, whenever I go near this, my lover says MMMMMmm you smell nice, and kisses my neck. So you can guess when I wear it. He never mentions the car boot fair where he bought it.
        I like this perfume in the Winter, it is warm and earthy, but also reminds of the City, as it is entirely sophisticated.. It goes well with cashmere scarves and satin.
        I would wear for an evening date, or a romantic evening in bed. Not to the car boot.

        How much?
        Well, it isn't usually £8. It's usually £45 and will be next time I buy it.

        Who can wear it?

        Someone with a strong personality, it is like Poison in that way. Not a pretty jeune femme, a sharper intelligent gothic type lady.


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      • More +
        06.05.2012 19:22
        Very helpful



        Subtle and enticing, not overpowering.

        I fell in love with the packaging first of all. It was dark Winter day and the box is a gorgeous vivid citrus colour with a gold Hermes type design. The bottle is very pretty and dumpy with an acrylic diamond cut stopper. I like Versace perfumes, I have Blonde and I buy L'Homme for my man.
        The perfume is not at all citrusy except way back in the mix, which is good because I do not like fruit salady or grapefruit scents. It smells of mimosa, freesia, musk and bergamot with amber and pear. There is a woodsy greeness to it which is like oak moss.
        It is characterised as floral and fruity, but the fruity pear and neroli peters out and you are left with a bright floral smell, not unlike Elizabeth Arden's 5th Avenue, but more subtle.

        When to wear it

        This is a great everyday perfume. I wear it for work. It is a Springlike, dainty, young fresh smell. It says it lasts for 7 hours, but the EDT is more like 3-4. It is nice for a daytime rendezvous, a walk with your lover, or a coffee in the park. It is not sexy or bedroomy. It is chic and light.

        Versace Facts
        This is a fairly new perfume and is in the range of Crystal Noir and Bright Crystal. The advertising campaign is set in Paris and photographed by the fashion photographer, Mario Testino. It is very glam, possibly more so than the perfume.


        A lovely light perfume for every day. The glitzy box and bottle are a pleasure to look at. It is subtle and non-sickly.
        Reasonably priced. £21.99 with body cream- Boots special offer


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      • More +
        06.05.2012 18:43
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        An Excellent product for everyday use

        I was a bit sceptical when I bought this mouse, as it really is a manx mouse, being wireless.
        I did not understand this was a plus, not a minus. Two years later, I can say this is a really excellent mouse.

        First up:
        You have little dongle type device ( nano receiver)which you put into a USB port on your pc. I keep this to the right of my keyboard. I never remove it. This receiver allows the mouse to work. I am using it on a Dell laptop. Do remember though, you now have one less port, which might be annoying on some pcs.
        The nano device has a tiny bit of software which you agree to, before starting.


        94mm long, 37mm high and 54mm wide tapering to 45mm . With the single AA cell 92gm
        This fits my small hand rather nicely, I had a huge mouse before which gave me RSI.


        The mouse tracks well and is utterly responsive, which is good as I do not like using the mousepad on the laptop. It has red laser light underneath, an on and off button and a battery compartment situated there also.
        I do not need to use a mousepad, just put it on the table.
        I notice it does not like working on a light or shiny surface, so at my boyfriend's house, I sometimes put it on the black boxed DVD of the Matrix. Seems appropriate enough.
        There is a scroll wheel atop which works just fine.

        I have used this for two years and only changed the battery twice. You can turn it off at night when you remember. I don't do gaming, so cannot say whether it is suitable for this.


        I paid 12.99 for this in Tesco- can't be bad, eh?

        Overall, a pretty handy little Manx Mouse.
        Still going strong, just changed battery again.
        I have noticed I don't get any hand pain with this mouse, unlike my other one.


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      • Philips FW M400D / Hifi System / 19 Readings / 16 Ratings
        More +
        05.05.2012 21:30
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        A fantastic cheap and easy to use system for a serious music lover

        To be honest, I chose this sight unseen on the internet because it had good reviews and it was a Phillips. My boyfriend said anything Phillips would be good, and he was right. I have had it for 2 months.
        The sound quality is completely amazing. The bass is floor thumping and the volume will go pretty far up the decibels without distortion. I liked the Star Wars styling too, Black, silver and electric blue.
        It isn't pretty, it looks serious and it is, too....
        For a start, it was loads bigger than I imagined. Really, mini is not the word for it. Luckily, it just fits in the right spot in the lounge although my friend said it wouldn't. Ha- proved him wrong. Be careful if you think it is one of those teenage bedroom rigs, it is quite BIG. The speakers and control station are deep and tall.
        I mainly wanted this for CD's. Just open the top loading Cd deck and you are ready. Obviously, this does not play tapes, this is all new technology.
        The remote control is neat and slimline and it responds very fast.
        The SOUND
        I tried some Satie piano and it sounded incredibly clear, every note was enunciated. I could not actually believe my ears. I have never heard Satie so clearly.
        Next up, some Rage against the Machine. The floor shook so I turned it down. Incredible bass. Bit scary as I have an inner ear disorder ( heavy metal when young).
        240W RMS total power - that is biggish as hell for a small combo.
        MAX Sound for instant power boost - some cute technology which increases clarity
        Dynamic Bass Boost for deep and dramatic sound - oh yesss the floor shook
        Digital Sound Control for optimised music style settings- altering the mix for different styles
        There is internal calibration which ensures fab bass without distortion.
        They thought about it all here.
        So this explains sound quality, I think.
        Big knobs and easily identifiable navigation is a good thing on this machine. I could use it right away without referring to the handbook.
        The speakers have one big speaker and three smaller ones at least, this is how it appears. The big ones have a nice blue Battlestar Galactica mesh on them.

        MP3/ Iphone
        You can play your MP3, iphone or ipod on it, and charge it too. It has a nicely situated dock right on the front.

        You can also plug in any USB device into this machine.
        It has a timer which may be set.


        I paid £170 for this machine and I truly think it is the best system I have ever possessed for that price.
        I am a bit awestruck by the sound quality, it really is fantastic. I am so glad my boyfriend helped me choose, but now he is teeny bit jealous, so he will have to come over more often.
        I have been playing David Sylvian, Chemical Bros, Leftfield and the radio which sounds brilliant and is digital.
        Everything sounds pretty fab as the clarity is exceptional.


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