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    • Mamia Baby Wipes / Nappies & Wipes / 43 Readings / 42 Ratings
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      14.05.2013 14:55
      Very helpful



      Great product at a brilliant price. Feels much more premium than the price tag shows

      This review is of Mamia baby wipes. Mamia is Aldi's own brand of baby products so is exclusively available to buy from Aldi stores.

      I am not normally an Aldi shopper as the nearest store is about 20 miles away so I tend not to bother. I was however in a store and I saw a box containing 4 packets of wipes for a great price so I decided to give them a whirl. (There wasn't really that much thought go into the decision to buy - it was more supermarket sweep throwing all sorts into the trolley!)


      As I mentioned, the box I bought contained 4 packets of wipes with 64 wipes in each pack. Each pack has a plastic lid to clip closed. I find this really useful as they don't dry out. I like to have a pack in the car, changing bag, kitchen, living room and little ones bedroom so I have loads on the go at once. Some packs that just have the sticker to close do dry out so the plastic 'lid' is a real bonus to me.
      I chose the sensitive fragrance free wipes, which come in a white plastic pack with green lettering. I do think they bare a striking resemblance to Pampers sensitive wipes in the look of the packaging. I do believe that fragranced wipes are also available in a green pack.

      ~~The Wipes~~

      The sensitive fragrance free wipes are hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested with aloe Vera and chamomile to keep babies skin soft and smooth. They are also cotton soft embossed and manufactured from extra soft cloth that stands up to the job but is still nice and soft next to skin. My sons haven't had any sort of reaction to the wipes and both have very sensitive excema prone skin so great that cheap wipes are available in a sensitive version.
      Each wipe comes out easily which is important - there is nothing worse than being faced with 'debris' shall we call it and not being able to get hold of a wipe! Neither do you pull out a whole string of wipes which always ends up in wasting them. So a thumbs up for that!
      Each wipe is a good size and contains just the right amount of moisture - enough but not so much you need to towel them off afterwards!
      Although the wipes state that they are fragrance free they do have a slight fragrance which can only really be described as a clean smell and it isn't particularly noticeable.

      Mamia wipes have won several awards and the pack proudly shows that they won the bronze award from Mother & Baby magazine for the best baby wipe 2010/11 and also Lovedbyparents.com awarded them as the best baby wipes 2012

      The box I bought containing 4 packs of 64 wipes was £2.50 so 63p per pack. So an excellent price for any wipes - let alone ones of this standard! I would expect to pay more to buy an individual pack and I would happily do so.


      An excellent product at a fantastic price - they really don't look or feel like cheap wipes, i was pleasantly surprised that cheap wipes had the plastic clip shut lid. I will stock up next time I am near an Aldi store!


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        05.05.2013 10:17
        Very helpful



        A great product. Numerous health benefits, readily available and tasty!

        I first became aware of Oatly Oat milk when my young son was diagnosed as being dairy intolerant. The dietician he saw recommended this specific product as being a great alternative to milk and also more appealing in taste to young children than soya milk. So on her recommendation I called into the supermarket and stocked up straight away.

        ~~Availability & Price~~
        Oatly Healthy Oat Drink is available in all of the big four supermarkets (Asda, Sainsburys, Morrisons and Tesco) It is also available on Amazon and in smaller independent health food stores. You will find Oatly in the section with long life and UHT milks. The price is £1.39 per litre carton. I have from time to time seen it on offer for £1 in Sainsburys and due to the nature of the product I was able to stock up! The packaging is now different to the image above, the carton is now green for the organic milk and blue for the regular oat drink. The carton has the Oatly logo in red and shows the milk being poured into a glass. The type of carton remains the same as the picture, it is just the art work that has changed.

        Oatly is sold in a 1 litre carton, the carton has the pastic screw top pourer you often see on fruit juices etc. I found this helpful as I felt it kept the milk fresher and also it enable me to give it a good shake without redecorating the kitchen in oat milk!

        ~~What is it?~~
        Oatly oat drink is dairy free, naturally low in saturated fat and contains healthy oat fibre that is good for your heart. It is also unsweetened, and has no artificial flavours, stabilisers or preservatives. It is also suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
        As you would expect the carton contains lots of information about oats and the various health benefits that they provide. For example the carton talks of oats containing soluble oat fibre which is proven to be good for your heart if eaten regularly. Oatly is the only oat drink of its kind in the world which retains the soluble fibre caled beta-glucan which is found naturally in oats. Regular consumption of this contributes to maintenance of normal blood cholesterol concentration.

        Oat base (Water, Oats 10%), sea salt

        Once opened stays fresh in the fridge for 4-6 days (if it lasts that long!)

        Oatly can be used for cooking, baking, using on cereal, in hot drinks or just drunk straight from the fridge. The pack also contains a recipe for a breakfast smoothie although I haven't tried it.
        Oatly has a naturally sweet taste (it tastes like the milk you get at the bottom of your cereal bowl, quite sweet and unsurprisingly Oatly!) For this reason I find it doesn't make particularly nice white sauces etc. it isn't really suitable for savoury recipes in my opinion due to the sweet taste. It does however make a lovely rice pudding, and can also be used successfully in baking.

        ~~Other Oatly products~~
        Oatly also make a non organic milk and also a chocolate milk in the same size (1 litre) and an alternative to cream in 250ml.

        ~~Additional information~~
        Please be aware that the organic Oatly oat drink does not contain calcium, the regular Oatly is enriched with calcium and vitamins so if you are giving it to a child please be aware as obviously calcium is very important. For that reason I buy the regular Oatly oat milk as I want to ensure my son gets sufficient calcium,

        When opening, remove foil tab and then close screw lid and give it a really good shake as it does have a tendency to separate. Once shaken the milk is a creamy colour and the same consistency as semi skimmed milk.

        A great all round alternative to dairy or soya with real health benefits. A great taste that appeals to children and adults. Easily available and at a reasonable price.


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        • Phil & Teds Sport / Pushchair & Pram / 52 Readings / 50 Ratings
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          02.05.2013 15:48
          Very helpful



          Covers all bases for a growing family, a good investment.

          I am a bit of a buggy addict - there I've said it out loud!
          I have several buggies as at certain points in your child's life you have different requirements from a pram or buggy. Being the shopaholic I am I felt the need to buy a new pram for the new stage. That was until I bought the Phil & Teds Sport.

          I purchased the Phil & Teds Sport in the red/black colour way as I liked the bright colour. Other colour ways are navy, grey and also lime green. I have also seen royal blue/black but only once so that may have been a limited edition colour. See I told you I am buggy mad, I look at buggies and prams like other people look at cars!

          When I bought it I bought a bundle as I needed some of the accessories straight away. I have the doubles kit, footmuff, rain cover and also had the cocoon, although my son soon outgrew the cocoon as he is very tall.

          The package I bought with all the extra bits and bobs cost me around £400 although I am sure there are offers on if you need the extras.

          Phil & Teds are widely available, we bought ours from Mothercare but other stockists include Kiddicare, and John Lewis as well as lesser known online stores. Not forgetting good old local independent retailers!

          The Phil & Teds was my third pram or buggy. I really do wish that I had thought further down the line earlier on as I very quickly ended up needing a double buggy as child number 2 arrived!
          I would strongly advise if you hope to have more than one child - save some money and just buy this to begin with as you will end up buying it eventually.

          The pram itself is a 3 wheeler which has a lockable front swivel wheel, I always unlock the wheel as I find it makes manoeuvring much easier. The rear 2 wheels are spaced quite far apart which can be interesting in small, cluttered shops to get through. The wheels being far apart does make the buggy feel very sturdy which outweighs any negative. The rear wheels can easily be removed by pushing a button in and pulling the wheel off. This is useful if you have been on a muddy walk to stop the car boot getting muddy.

          All 3 wheels are tyres which makes it great for pushing outside especially on uneven terrain and grass. I have to also say that in the heavy snow earlier this year this buggy coped really well. It was great to still be able to get out there (even just to do the school run!) I did pass many other Mums who were struggling to cut through the snow - but not with the good old P&T!

          The buggy is easy to put up and take down although you do need to use both hands simultaneously, which may put some people off. I think that it is so quick to assemble it's not a problem.

          There is a large foot break that goes almost the whole width of the buggy so you can do it with either foot. I still find my break to be quite stiff, although this could be a benefit as I always know that I have activated it successfully.

          There is a wrist strap which I find useful especially when going downhill with 2 children the pram can pick up some speed so it's always nice to know you have a tight hold on the kiddies! It would also be really good if out running.

          The shopping basket is a good size, although when using the doubles kit you do feel a bit as though the shopping is being stood on or little one has no leg room.

          The rain cover is easy to remove & put on in a hurry and as a useful Velcro flap at the back so you can easily bob your and in to tend to little one (or throw in the odd rice cake!) The hood of the pram is also a good size and can easily be lifted up of clipped down into position.

          The buggy can be used for 1 child, or use the doubles kit (sold separately) for 2 children or use the cocoon to enable a young baby to lay flat and an older child in the second seat. Both the main seat and the doubles kit seat recline for naps on the go!

          There are a couple of downsides which are minor and surprising considering the well thought through design.
          The first of these is that when folding there is not a clip to keep it in place to make it easier to take in and out of the car. So you have to hold it together to keep it flat. It's not a major drama - just a small oversight.
          The other problem is I have yet to find a changing bag that doesn't keep hitting the child in the lower seat on the back of the head. You can buy panniers that go to the side of the buggy so perhaps they would be the answer.

          This really is a very versatile pram and can grow with your family. It feels very sturdy and well made, I think it is good value for money.


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          • Rimmel Scandaleyes Mascara / Make Up / 47 Readings / 43 Ratings
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            29.04.2013 21:08
            Very helpful



            Don't waste your money.

            Well what can I say - where do I even begin!

            I don't normally buy Rimmel mascara (I am normally a maybelline girl) but I was in the supermarket picking up another Rimmel product and I got sucked in by the 3 for 2 offer that was on. You know how it is, not wanting to miss a bargain I thought I'd have a new mascara to 'make up' (I do love a pun!) the numbers!

            I chose the scandal eyes mascara above any of the other Rimmel mascaras as I do like a large brush to try and get a bit of curl and volume. Some brushes are just too thin and don't produce much of a curl, so i was pleased that the new Rimmel mascara had the thick wand i like. When I came to use it the brush or wand or whatever the technical term is was just too big & awkward. I felt I couldn't get down to the base of my lashes without smearing my whole eyelid in mascara! It was as though the brush was somehow the wrong shape as my eyelid seemed to get in the way of things. I have applied mascara every day for as long as I care to remember so I don't think it's a case of a bad workman blames his tools.

            Rimmel could perhaps improve the product by changing the brush, I don't feel I was able to give the mascara itself a fair try as I couldn't get past my problem with the brush. It is after all fundamental to the mascara as there is only one way to coat your eyelashes.

            I went in for a second coat and ended up with three eyelashes all clumped together. Not a good look! I had to remove it and try again and I didn't do a much better job second time around.

            I am sorry to say that Rimmel Scandal eyes mascara has a future at the bottom of my make up bag slowly drying up, to be thrown away practically unused. How very sad....

            I would avoid this mascara - thank goodness it was in effect 'free' since I bought it on a 3 for 2 promotion!


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