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Member since: 23.09.2012

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      23.09.2012 22:33
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      Good product for price

      The audio of this product is really great as to be expected from a apple product. However i feel the audio is so amazing for the price of this product. The product feels nice in the hand and the buttons have a nice feel too them. The product used the standard audio jack so all standard headphone will work. i did not like the fact that the product does not have a screen and it is a completly random song that comes on, i prefer to pick what i want to listen too, however for the price you cant complane to much. The product uses itunes just like any other apple device such as the iphone or ipod touch. The variaton of colours to pick from is also another nice feature. overall this is a very good product for the price and if you dont care what you listen too its a must buy.


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