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Member since: 01.04.2013

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      10.04.2013 21:53
      Very helpful



      It's useful, fast and with a huge capacity.

      To begin, I would like to greet all the members of this community and I hope to enjoy their reviews. Said that, here it goes my first dooyooreview! :)

      A few months ago my girlfriend gave me this hard drive, and now you have the luck or misfortune of being told by me how much I enjoy using this black, magnificent and elegant electronic device, which attracts not only the mouse, but it has the PC dying for its chips.

      The truth is that it was something that I needed a lot, a large hard disk to save backups of my music, movies, software, works (especially the last ones because with the technological revolution, the teachers don't accept the simple phrase "The dog has eaten my notes").

      The data transmission rate offered becauso of its compatibility with USB 3.0 is appreciated when you just has bought whole discography of a new group and you want to save its backup copy somewhere or when you are going to format your PC and you don't want to put in order the computer desktop, so you copy everything into a folder inside the device with the excuse of "I will put this in order later" (due to that, I have 3 folders inside my hard disc with the names "desktop" "desktop1" and "desktop2".
      Another great detail to remark is how little space it takes up and its high-capacity, 1 Tera Byte!, It guarantees that its owner will fulfill it without any control until they realize that fulfill a Tera is too easy, and much faster than it may seem.

      One disadvantage that I could see is that after having gone to work some days with the disk inside my bag, the cable connector doesn't work very well, and I have to be careful not to move much it if I don't want to stop the data transmission suddenly, furthermore it sometimes tended to heat up a bit.

      Despite of that, for now and after using it for a long time, this beautiful gadget still works greatly, and I would recommend it 100%. If you want to know the price I'm sorry, because I can't look for that since it was a fortunately gift, so If you want to know it, please google it :)


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