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      17.03.2014 15:14
      Very helpful
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      Perfect for a fan

      My son is at that age now (reception) where he's very clear about the toys he wants and likes. There are certain ones I know will be a hit, and one particular character based toys that fall into this category is Doctor Who. This particular figure set was given to him for Christmas 2013. Online, this set can vary in price between £20-30.00.

      Why was he given this?

      I didn't actually buy this set for my son. A friend of mine knew how much my son loves the series, and had quite afew, unopened and unused Doctor Who toys and books that she passed onto me, and I in turn gave her some toys my son no longer used, but her children would.

      The Backstory

      The Doctor ( David Tennant) had his hands full in his last ever series. He's known for a while that his number's up soon as it's been prophesised he will die (well, sort of ). In the meantime he has to stop a possible nuclear disaster and end of humanity as we know it thanks to The Master ( another Time Lord, but a very deranged one ). His actions have somehow brought back to life from another time and space the Council from The Doctor and Master's planet who want to conquer and's destroy time itself (again!) and after somehow sorting out all those problems The Doctor has one more person to save-one of his previous companion Donna's granddad Wilf. Soaking up the energy that would've killed him, The Doctor starts the process of regeneration (his body dies and then he basically turns into someone else e.g Matt Smith), and while doing that crash lands the TARDIS in a future companions back garden......

      He regenerates in mid-flight in the TARDIS, so goodbye David Tennant, hello Matt Smith!

      What do you get?

      Two figures made from plastic, 5.5 inches tall. The first figure in the set is Matt Smith still in David's clothes post regeneration, and the second figure is Matt Smith in his traditional costume after being able to find a wardrobe!

      Figure 1-All detail on this figure are moulded and painted on so nothing can be removed. The character has dark brown hair, with lines running through it depicting his hair strands. Quite floopy and full at the front almost creating a fringe.

      His skin tone is a pale, pinky/creamy colour. Quite deep set eyes framed by very thin brown coloured eyebrows. Pointy and small nose with an even smaller pink coloured lips.

      He's wearing a pale blue coloured shirt which appears to be rolled up slightly at the wrists. Partly tucked in on one side, and on the other side at the bottom is ripped. Scratch marks all over the front and the back. He wears a burgundy coloured tie with swirly pale blue patterns running all the way down.

      His pants are dark brown in colour with pale blue stripes running all the way down. Appears quite fitted on the character. Although has a slouchy feel to it as the bottom of the trousers at the back nearly touch the bottom of the shoes. Topped off with flat canvas looking pumps ( think converse style but more grungy and cheaper!).

      Figure 2-Exactly the same hair and facial structure, the only difference is the clothing. He's wearing a brown tweed like jacket that is opened. Quite fitted and the front section slightly comes away from the figure. Doesn't come off and made from plastic, but slightly opens if touched.

      Underneath the jacket he wears a cream coloured shirt with red stripes running down it. A burgundy bow tie sits underneath the collar.

      Again, another tight looking fitted trousers but these appear a touch smarter. Very dark brown in colour, and rolled up in look just after the ankles. Black boots, quite shiny, finish off the outfit.

      Both figures are hard in feel and quite rigid, but are jointed and their heads can rotate 360 degrees, along with their shoulders (well, the top bit of their arms), the same goes for just below the bicep. Elbow area can move forward at a 45 degree angle. The top of the legs can move slightly back and forward and also the knees.

      Suitable from age 5 years.

      What does my son think?

      He loves these. I've caught him doing a lot of role playing with them. In fact, he's used these in conjunction with a toy TARDIS he has and reinacted the crash scene, which was funny and pure genius in itself! Both him and his sister have used these a lot, and having two of these means they both can play with one each.
      Being a huge fan of the show he knows the character well, he knows this particular version of the Doctor inside out so both kids knew who and what these were from the start.

      What do I think?

      The actual facial features of the figures do have a slight look of Matt Smith, but not identical. It must be very difficult to get a very detailed look of an actual person shoved onto the face of a toy that isn't huge. But I can tell it's him so job good enough! I can think of afew improvements that could have been made-chin slightly more protrude, nose less narrow and sharp and a touch fuller. I also don't understand why his hair would look exactly the same on both figures considering the back story behind both.

      The clothing on both is spot on in regards to the costumes shown on the series. The attention to detail is great, and correspondences well to the story. Considering the size of these I think they were right not to make them with real clothing or hair as it's not needed.

      I love the fact you get two and they reflect on the regeneration of The Doctor. The size of these are really good because little hands don't need anything too big when it comes down to this type of toy.

      The makers of these toys didn't have to make each figure so moveable. Probably a lot more cheaper and easier to allow their limbs to only move alittle. But the fact they can move so much is great and fun for the kids to do their worst!

      It would make a good collectors piece if someone is that why inclined. The packaging it originally came in means you can see both figures very clearly as they are encased in plastic, but also the packaging is quite robust, and has not only a picture of The Doctor on the front, but a picture of the set of figures at the back with an excellent description of the first few moments of the new Doctor.

      This is the type of set that will only really be given to a Doctor Who fan, so would be a perfect addition if like my son, the child/ren in question has other pieces they can slot into play with e.g TARDIS, other figures etc.

      Would I buy this myself?

      Yes I would. They're perfect for any fan of this series, but I would suggest for children aged 4/5 plus, due to the fact limbs could be pulled off and could create a choking hazard. Depicts the Matt Smith character well and tells the story of how he first started perfectly. Easy to play with and great when used in conjunction with similar toys.


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      • Tesco Toy Kettle / Role Playing Toy / 47 Readings / 44 Ratings
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        16.03.2014 10:12
        Very helpful



        Great addition to a toy kitchen

        Sometimes I don't always get the chance and time to go searching for toys for the kids. So if I can purchase things while already doing something else e.g completing an online grocery shop, then even better. I bought this toy towards the end of last year from Tesco.com for £2.50 ( usual price is £5.00-bought in the sale).

        Why did I buy this?

        Despite my daughter having a small play kitchen, I realised that we didn't have much to play alongside it. It did come with afew pots and pans, but felt it would be nice to add at least another piece to it. This was priced very well and thought both kids would enjoy playing with it.

        What is it?

        It's a simple child's toy pretend kettle, made from plastic.

        How does it look?

        This kettle is quite tall and not too wide in regards to shape. Height is 6.5 inches, width is 3.5 inches (not including the handle) and the depth is 2.5 inches. The main colourings are red and blue.

        Working from the top of the kettle, the kettle has a red lid that can be lifted up to a 90 degree angle because it's connected to the kettle itself on a hinge. At the front of the lid, still on the top of the kettle, there is a hole where you can 'pour' the water out.

        Moving down from the lid along the side of the toy is a small lever that when pushed down, not only mimics the switch you may have to push/pull when wanting to put a real kettle on, but it also makes a slight winding up sound as if pretending the act of water is being boiled is being done. Moving from this lever is now the handle of the kettle, which is red in colour. The handle is slightly curved and comes out away from the main body of the kettle itself. There is a hole between the handle and the kettle where a child can place their fingers into while gripping onto the toy, as you would with the real thing. The sides of the kettle are blue in colour.

        On both sides you can see a tall and thin see through section with markings going down it telling you how much 'water' is in it. The kettle has a red base which is an actual part of the kettle. It looks as if it's at an angle, but the kettle sits completely flat thanks to this section.

        The inside of the kettle is completely hollow with nothing in it, whether that would be design, pieces etc.

        Requires no batteries.

        What do my kids think?

        They like playing with this toy. Despite them having a pretend kitchen at their disposal, they tend to play with this item on its own rather than with it or in conjunction with a Dora tea set. They like pressing the lever to make the sound, and making each other cups of tea. Both children, despite being different ages, find using this very easy. There is only so much you can do with a kettle, but for its intended purpose, the kids love it.

        What do I think?

        Price wise this was good. This is the first time I've bought something like this so was expecting something a little cheap looking, which it isn't. The colouring is eye catching, bold but not too obvious. Nice colour combination and quite different. The look and feel of it gives you the impression this is a decent quality as it's not too flimsy and actually very sturdy, robust but lightweight.

        The size is ideal for both kids. Anything bigger would be too much for little hands; anything smaller would mean it would be hard to play with. I've noticed they both can grip and hold this very comfortably. I find it a little difficult to sit my hands around the handle and to sit there but that's due to my hand size.

        Although the noise this makes isn't realistic and the lever is very basic, it does give the kid's the impression this works and is 'lifelike'. It just means that such a small detail provides an added interest to a toy that without it could be very plain and quite boring.

        The lid section isn't stiff so can easily be lifted up and pulled down. I do worry sometimes that my daughter could trap her hand in this area, but it's very hard to do that as it requires little force to close, and you would need to hold the kettle with one hand and shut the lid with another so no fears on that one.

        I don't see any reason why this couldn't be filled with real water, as all parts seem to be made of plastic so I would be surprised if it were to become damaged. We don't use this in that way as I don't trust the kids, so they make do with their imagination!

        I can't recall the suggested age this is suitable for, but I've had no issues with my 2 year old playing with this and potentially, with a beady eye on them, maybe slightly younger could play with this also.

        Would I buy this again?

        Yes I would. £2.50 was very cheap but still worthwhile. The quality is good, the look and feel resembles a real kettle but done in a colourful, playful, child friendly way.

        Good pocket money buy.


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        13.03.2014 20:41
        Very helpful



        A help but ot a cure

        One of the things I try to make sure we have in the house is medicines. Guaranteed if myself or the kids are sick and are at home, there won't be anything around to help! So I try to make sure we have the usual things as a 'just in case' such as paracetamol for me, for the kids, cough syrup etc. I bought a box of this product, containing 10 sachets, from a local ASDA store. They were reduced in price (can't recall how much I paid), but can be bought from various places for between £1.50-£3.79 depending on the number of sachets it contains.

        Why did I buy this?

        I normally have Lemsip if feeling alittle under the weather. This is a very similar product so I knew what to expect. I normally go for the lemon variety and never tried berry so thought it would make a change. The reduced price really clinched it for me as it was a lot cheaper than ASDA would normally sell it for.

        Why did I take it?

        I'm currently taking these because I have a cold. Not a full blown one, but I have a blocked nose and a very sore throat that seems to come and go.

        What is it?

        Individually sachets that contain a powder that needs to be mixed with hot water. The powder contains ingredients that can help symptoms you experience from when having a cold e.g sore throat, headache, aches, blocked nose etc.

        How is it packaged?

        Slightly different look to the picture on this site, but the main packaging is a rectangular cardboard box mainly dark blue in colour with flashes of red on the front and sides. The 'Beechams' logo is at the top with the product name underneath, ' FLU PLUS HOT BERRY FRUITS '. A brief idea on the front what it contains, what symptoms it can help and how many sachets are contained.

        On the back it goes into more detail what it can help, ingredients, how to take and general warnings.
        Within the main box are 10 long and thin sachets. Similar in look and size to sachets you can get coffee, sugar, sweeteners in. Colouring and look mimics the box but information on each is more condensed.


        Sucrose, aspartame (E951), and colours carmoisine (E122), sunset yellow (E110). Sodium content 0.12g per sachet.

        Active ingredients
        Paracetamol ,Ascorbic Acid ,Phenylephrine Hydrochloride

        How to make/How to take

        Empty sachet in cup/mug. Fill with hot water and stir. Additional sweeteners can be added to taste.

        One sachet to be taken every 4-6 hours if needed. No more than 4 should be taken with a 24 hour period.

        Not suitable for children under the age of 12.

        How do I find it?

        Was surprised to see how the sachets looked. I was expecting the rectangular flat sachets but pleasantly surprised with these as they take up less space if out of the main box. Easy enough to get into, just a simple tear to the end of the sachet and out the powder came into a cup.

        The powder looked almost white when it went into the cup, but because I'd just washed the cup there was still a drop of water at the bottom. This made the powder turn into a slightly gloopy mound that was now bright purple in colour. The scent of this did come through quite quickly, and I would describe it as a mixed berry scent. Fruity, almost cordial like and quite sweet. What I also got was a slight powdery medicinal kick at the end. But overall it wasn't strong or offensive in smell, quite pleasant.

        Making it was very easy to do, but regardless how much it was stirred, I could still see very small white particles of powder. The drink remained the same vibrant purple as before, and the aroma now I couldn't help but think it had a slight menthol element to it. Breathing the vapours in it did clear my nostrils slightly which was surprising. A short term effect but a good one.

        Since this was made with water that had just been boiled from the kettle, I left this for a good few minutes because I didn't fancy burning myself and wanted it to remain hot but at a comfortable temperature to drink.
        After waiting between 5-10 minutes for it to cool down, I found the taste of this reasonably pleasant. It had a slight berry taste to it which was nice. It had a touch of sweetness to it but wasn't sickly in anyway but I did taste a slight medicinal things to it. It didn't make a huge difference as I could drink it quite easily, but it was there.

        This product didn't take away my symptoms, but it was easy and nice to drink and helped to soothe the areas that were causing some issues (my throat is quite sore due to excessive coughing). It allowed my nose to remain unblocked, but this is partly down to using other products to assist with that issue separately. I didn't feel like a completely different and well person, but it took the edge of my cold symptoms.

        What do I think?

        Depending on where you buy these, I actually think these are overpriced, which is a shame. That's why I normally would by the Lemsip variety from places like Home Bargains and B&M. They stock this version too, it's just that the price I paid in ASDA on this occasion was a good one, and there was nothing in difference with cost.

        I naturally like how easy this is to make and take. You don't want to spend time and energy if your poorly taking different forms of medicine, and this feels more like your just making a cup of tea. Having it hot in itself is comforting and very soothing, and perfect if you have issues with your throat.

        The packaging is very handy and makes taking the sachets anywhere with you (if you have access to hot water that is) very easy. They've made it look completely different to other products, like coffee as mentioned, so you can't help but know this is medicinal rather than anything else.

        The taste of this is nice enough, considering what it is. I was quite surprised I didn't need to sweeten it as I thought it may be on the tarty and sharp side, but it wasn't. I really would love to see more berry flavour and less crushed up paracetamol type tint to it, but I think that's what all forms of these are like regardless.

        As mentioned it didn't take away my symptoms, but it made them a touch more dealable.

        Would I buy these again?

        Yes I would-but only at the right price so would more likely go to a discount store. The flavour is pleasant and makes a nice change to the lemon version, easy and quick to make and take, and is a nice not so heavy handed way of dealing with a cold.


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          11.03.2014 07:34
          Very helpful



          Great buy

          There are very few toys that we still have at home that were originally my son's. A strapping boy who is in reception class now, means he's done a lot of changing, not just physically, but mentally as well, over the years. One of the toys he received when he was a baby that we still actually have out of the toy box is this one. It was bought by his dad nearly 4 years ago, so no idea how much he paid. Still can be purchased today. Currently online on Amazon for £29.99.

          Why was he bought this?

          My son's dad bought this as a Christmas present to him when he was around the 6 months old age. He said he bought it because it looked fun, and age appropriate. It has quite afew 'bits' to it, which he thought would keep our son occupied.

          What does it look like?

          The toy comes in 5 pieces. You have the main vehicle, which in my mind has a slight tractor look to it (the front bit of it that is), an open top trailer/carriage, and three animal figures.

          The main vehicle-

          The main vehicle is chunky in look and quite big. Measurements are 10 inches in length, 7.5 inches in height and 6 inches in width. At the front you can see a yellow coloured bumper, with a blue circular shaped section sitting just above it. Small holes are in the centre of this section, and this is where the sound comes out. Above this, you can see a large green button that stands up right, and when pressed down will light up, make various animal sounds and play music. Next to this button is a small smoke stack (that's what Amazon describe it as!), which when pressed down has the same functions as the green button (if memory serves correct! ). There's a very small blue button that needs to slide from side to side. A little picture below it seems to show the vehicle in motion, but can't recall if this means there is a moving function to this toy with the help of batteries.

          The main colour of the rest of the vehicle is red. Its open topped, and has two almost handle bar type pieces attached to either side of the top of the vehicle. Both green in colour, with two leaf shaped plastic pieces threaded onto it on each bar. In the centre of the vehicle there is plenty of space to stand the animals up. Not all at once as there wouldn't be any room, but one at a time. At the bottom of the area where you can place an animal, there are some shapes almost embossed into it. Similar in look to the leaves on the bars, and also some musical note shapes. Slightly raised in look but still quite flat.

          At the back of the vehicle is a small hook which means the trailer can be joined onto it. Very close to the hook is a small blue sliding button that turns the volume off, down or up.

          The main vehicle has 4 wheels, all yellow in colour. The back wheels are the largest, with a textured tread to it. The two front wheels are a third of the size of the back ones, and are completely smooth.

          The trailer-

          Mainly yellow in colour. Length of trailer is 12 inches in length, 6 inches in width and 3 inches in height (this doesn't include a bar on this. If included in height it works out at 8 inches tall).

          The front of the trailer has an area on the edge to hook onto the main vehicle, so can be placed on it or taken off if and when needed. The trailer is segmented into two areas. The front is square shaped (6 inches by 6 inches) and the area behind it is a smaller rectangular shape measuring 6 inches across and 4 inches in width. As mentioned it is open topped, so these two areas can house the animals it comes along with or any other toys children may want to put in it. The front area can house either of the two larger animals, and the top of it is rimmed in the colour green. It has a small red bird attached to one of the sides, which when touched wobbles, as it must be connected to some form of spring mechanism. The smaller section of the trailer is rimmed at the top by a blue colour, and has a green bar arching its way over the top of it. On both sides of the bar are two small shapes that are yellow in colour and look like bananas.

          The trailer moves by having 6 small red wheels on the underside of it.

          The animals-

          Elephant. Blue in colour with a purple tail and ears. Bottom of the elephants feet are four different patterns each one a different colour. Elephant is jointed, so the trunk can be moved around, the legs back and forth and the ears can be turned 360 degrees. Measures 6 inches tall.

          Giraffe. Yellow in colour with orange spots all over. Like the elephant, the bottom of the feet are multi coloured and different patterns are on them. The neck can be moved backwards and forwards, and the legs can be moved using the same motion. Giraffe is 9 inches tall.

          Monkey. Small in size and brown in colour. Not jointed at all, but does have its tail stuck out in a particular position, so it can be hooked onto the bar on the trailer.

          Both elephant and giraffe can stand up unaided.

          All pieces included vehicles are made from some form of plastic. Age suitability on Amazon suggests 6 months-3 years.

          Requires batteries 3 C batteries required.

          What do I think?

          This is a great toy. The first thing you notice is how substantial it is. The vehicles, the animals, all elements are of a high quality and detail. Despite being designed for children from the age of 6 months, they haven't tried to dumb this toy down in any way.

          The colouring I always loved. Not gender specific, but still bright, colourful and vibrant. Eye catching to anyone that looks at it.

          The design is good for quite afew different reasons. The vehicles and the animals are all quite chunky in look, feel and build. It means they are easy for children to hold, and makes them much more robust when dropped, kicked thrown etc. I also find that toys built like these are much more tactile, and kids find touching and playing with them much more interesting and fun to do.

          My favourite part of this toy for me are the animals because their limbs move and make a squeaking type sound, you can't help but want to play with them. They're fun and despite being very bold in colour (the elephant especially), they are instantly recognisable, but created to look alittle quirky and over the top.

          When this was bought I had the one child, I now have two. So many different pieces to this means if the kids want to play with it they in theory don't have to share, and can use different parts to entertain themselves or to play with each other.

          I did mention how robust this toy is. The animals are surprisingly a lot lighter than they look and aren't heavy at all. But, as my kids have discovered, if not played with probably e.g throwing them at each other, they really can hurt! The main vehicle is a touch on the heavy side, but it's the biggest piece in the set. My 2 year old can carry this but not for long. Her brother no issues. But in fairness most kids will push this along rather pick it up.

          The music and the light element is a great sensory addition, on top of the general role playing any child would create while playing with this. Despite the fact we haven't heard the music from the vehicle section in a long time because of dead batteries, it was played that much I can still hear it in my head! It was very cute to watch a then 6 month old playing with this and seeing his little face light up when he pushed the huge button and the music would play. but when he realised the more he pressed it the more the music would go on, the more his parents looked at each other and thought ' why is this toy in the house?'. I guess it can be like that with a lot of toys that has sound and music connected with it. But despite how annoying it could be from time to time, the positives outweighed the negatives.

          I don't remember the vehicle section being able to move independently. Maybe its something forgotten or maybe it never did. I just remember my son pushing this around using his own force.

          Although not something the kids play with often, it still is something occasionally they will spend afew minutes pushing the vehicles around, but more so playing with the animals. It just shows the longevity of this toy as my son is closer to the age of 5, and he still gets enjoyment from it.

          This obviously after being played with and owned for over 4 years does show signs of wear and tear. Some of the blue pain work has been scraped off. The batteries haven't been replaced in such a long time and probably won't in all fairness, but this set is still in a fantastic condition and still can be used and played with.

          Would I buy this myself?

          I would. It really is a good set. It's fun, looks great, easy to play with and perfect for a decent range in regards to age. It potentially could grow with a young baby to nursery, if not reception. Great toy to have if you have more than one child, or your profession is child minding/working in stay and play. Very well made and doesn't date.


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            08.03.2014 12:44
            Very helpful
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            Its ok but not great

            One of the things I enjoy doing, and try to do more of as time goes on, is take my kids to live shows. Despite this sometimes being a logistical nightmare ('Mummy, I need a wee!', 'Mummy I'm tired!', 'Mummy I'm bored') I think it's important for kids to see live performances as its enjoyable, can be interactive, sometimes educational but overall fun for the whole family to see. This particular item was bought the last time we saw In The Night Garden Live last year. Cost was either £3.00 or £4.00.

            Why was it bought?

            We've now seen this show three times, and on the last occasion I dragged a friend with me as I didn't feel like experiencing this show AGAIN with just the kids. I've spent money on the past on silly windmills that break after afew seconds used, and goody bags filled with half decent stuff but was determined this time around not to spend anything-and I didn't! This was one of the most affordable items they had on sale at the show and my friend bought this and the Upsy Daisy version for the kids. She thought it looked cute, and could be fun to play with.

            What does it look like?

            This puppet measures 9 inches in length and just over 8 inches across (at its widest point). It looks and feels as if it's made from some form of felt, because when touched, it's very smooth, flat and soft. You can see the material being made up more of fibres than individual strands of fabric.

            At the top of the puppet the character has an almost oval shaped head. On the left hand side of the top of his head sits 4 red sections of material that have a slight thickness to it compared to the rest of the puppet. Just below this this section the puppet's head is pale blue, but appears to be joined by stitching on the inside of the puppet, to the rest of it. Down from this section the character's face (and the rest of the puppet), is a paler blue colour. He has eyes made of stitching (blue eyelids, white eyeballs and black round pupils). He has a small oval shaped nose and a thick but short smile. Both made from pale blue coloured stitching.

            The puppet has a wide body that comes out alittle more towards the bottom. He has two arms that are in a stretched out position and the ends of the arms where you would expect to see fingers (no fingers shown on this) are a slightly darker pale blue then the rest of the puppet.

            The back of the puppet is completely plain with no patterns or detailing at all.

            Hand wash only.

            How to use

            Very simple.Place the puppet over your hand and your thumb and little finger will sit in the arms of the puppet, while the other fingers will go into the head section.

            What do the kids think?

            At first they found these quite interesting to look at and play with. But in all honesty I didn't see much role play between my kids and the puppets and also between themselves in general when they had this and the other version. I tried to interact with them by using this myself and encourage them in play with it, but they didn't appear that interested.

            On the plus side they both could easily put this on one of their hands, and got the idea of it being a puppet and it obviously was very recognisable as the character Iggle Piggle. But that's it really!

            What did I think?

            When I first saw these ( although it was from afar ), I thought they looked very cute and was a nice item to have on sale as it was alittle different from the usual stuff they have on sale. When I saw the price I thought it was actually quite cheap as I'm familiar with the prices they have connected with the merchandise, and I did think these would be more long lasting than other things at a similar price point.

            Look wise, it does resemble the character. Overall it has a decent look to it but doesn't blow me away. The problem I have is the character itself is quite basic in look, so not the easiest character to make look interesting when made in puppet form. It personally doesn't spark my imagination nor the kids as well but it's not an offending looking item and has a slight cuteness to it but nothing special.

            It's a very flat and one dimensionally shaped puppet. I didn't expect this to be the best thing in the whole world, but would've preferred to see something that had physically abit more life to it, and variation maybe in texture, material, stitching. In a way this looks like one of the kids has been sitting on him and got up and saw him lying there! He's quite thin, but thick enough to be comfortable on the hand but doesn't appear the best quality and not much thought has gone into making him stand out. All of the stitching seems fine, it still in one piece despite being bought summer 2013. But it looks like something I would've made in Home Technology many moons ago.

            The size of this puppet seems fine for both adult and children use. It doesn't drown the hand of a child if they're the ones using it, and it sits comfortably on my hand without feeling tight or uncomfortable.

            It does say handwash but I doubt sticking it in a cool wash or 40 degrees will do it any harm. The fact the material is the way it is suggests to me this would dry very quickly. If my children played with this regularly, I could see this getting dirty very easily because it is made up of quite light colouring.

            Would I buy this myself?

            I wouldn't go out of my way to buy this, no. But if I was in the same position and being at the live show and the kids bullied me into buying something then I probably would go for this or other versions. Why? It's one of the cheapest things they sell, it's made ok and I'm sure even if my kids still don't use it in the future, it would be used by their friends or I could give it to one of my daughter's stay and plays or her nursery class.


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              06.03.2014 07:03
              Very helpful



              Nice watch for my Time Lord to tell the Time!

              My son is reception age. Keeping up with his list of toys he wants that appear to be influenced by his friends in his class isn't hard, I pretend to ignore it! I say pretend, because I keep a mental note of some of his 'Mummy I want..' and keep an eye in regards to price and potentially buy and put down for his birthday and Christmas. One of the things I bought my son last year was this item. It cost around the £3.50 mark from Amazon.

              Why did I buy this?

              I bought it mainly because my son is such a huge fan of Doctor Who. Over the past year I've found it challenging to find items connected with the character that were age appropriate. Doctor Who has many fans of all ages, some of whom are quite fanatical and because of this there are many items that appear to be geared more towards people who are collectors or in general older in age. This item I felt would suit my son's age, was priced very well and had a practical purpose.

              What is this?

              It's a child's watch which is created from the Doctor Who series ( Matt Smith being the particular Time Lord in question). It is an LCD watch which really works and functions as you would expect, but the watch has 4 interchangeable front covers that is placed over the main unit.

              Can't recall the recommended age for this item, but 5 plus is conservative. Above 3 depending on the child with some form of supervision shouldn't be an issue.

              How does it look?

              As mentioned, this watch has afew different parts to it which are:

              1. The strap. Blue in colour, with a length of 8 inches. Made from some form of plastic and very light weight. The shape and layout of the strap is as you would expect-holes running down one side of the strap so the watch can be fastened to the wrist. On the other side of the strap you have a buckle end which fits into any of the holes on the other side, along with a very small rectangular shaped piece of plastic that the strap runs through and this helps to provide further fastening and security when item is on the wrist. The holes ( 7 in total ) allow the length to be adjusted according to the thickness of the wearers wrist.

              Along both sides of the straps, the colouring is a slightly darker blue to the rest of it, and it has the Doctor Who symbol (DW) printed all over it.

              The middle section of the watch is circular in shape. You can see a long thin slot that is used to slip each interchangeable head into it. But to reveal the actual watch/telling the time section, with your finger (more like your nail) on the left hand side of the watch at the very edge is a small square section that you need to almost push in and up. Once done the circular area you originally saw is now a cover which is hinged, and when pulled back reveals the LCD screen. Underneath the screen you can see the small DW symbol, along with two very tiny buttons on either side of it, which is used to manually change the time setting.

              2. The interchangeable heads. Four in total and all circular in shape, with a diameter of 1 ¼ inches. You get-

              The TARDIS. Almost 3D in look as it doesn't sit flush on the cover, it stands out. A basic but a recognisable picture of the Doctor's time machine/spaceship. Dark blue in colouring with two white windows and a very tiny section at the top which depicts the flashing light (doesn't flash!).

              The Dalek.The Doctor's most feared enemy. Like the TARDIS, this stands out and is almost more a moulding rather than a picture. Dalek's being part machine aliens that go around 'EXTERMINATING' everything and everyone. This one is mainly yellow in colour with grey and black detailing.

              The DW symbol. Dark blue in colour and again raised like the others.

              Weeping Angel. This for me is the most scariest thing I've ever seen on the programme. A creature that looks like a statue, but moves when you're not looking. If you catch its eye's (I mean literally) and you blink, it transports you to another time, even maybe another place. What it then does is feed of your energy from the life you never quite had. On the cover it shows just the face, dark grey in colour. Has almost a Medusa type look to it (without the snake hair). The mouth is wide open and you can just about see some very sharp teeth.

              The watch came with another piece that the covers slid into and I'm sure it was a way to keep one of the spare covers in some form of storage, but that disappeared in the house along time ago so can't comment on it.

              How to change the covers

              On the back of each cover is a small, thin and long rectangular raised area that when you place on the main unit and it fits into the groove, slide it up until it can't go any further and then it's secure.

              Changing the time

              In all honesty I never set the time on this watch, the other half did. But I know it was easy and quick to do as it took him literally seconds. I can only assume that the two buttons underneath the LCD screen would change the hour and the other the minutes.

              What does my son think?

              He nearly had a heart attack when he first saw this. This at the time was second to his sonic screwdriver in regards to favourites and would want to wear this all the time. He loved the look of it and the colour (it helps he's a boy and he tends to gravitate towards more typical male colours), and found it so much fun changing the different covers to suit his every whim.

              It did take him a little time to be able to take the covers off and replace them. But it doesn't take him long, and once he could do it himself it made him feel very independent.

              He didn't find any aspect of this watch scary, as its made in a reasonably child friendly manner, and he recognised all the characters on the covers.

              He's at that age now where he's interested in time. So not being able to read a traditional clock or watch with hands, but knowing his numbers and being able to read the LCD screen, is an added bonus.

              What do I think?

              I love this watch! I found it to be very cheap in price and a nice little item for my son. Strangely enough both the kids enjoyed this so I had to get another one for my little girl! The main thing I liked about this is there was nothing grown up about the watch. It's specifically designed for kids so ideal. It's not designed to necessarily last a lifetime, but it's fun, looks good and is a good representation of the TV show but in a more digestible and childlike format. Despite this being geared towards kids, I think this would suit a child as young as my son who is 4 and upwards to any age where they still liked the show, maybe around 10. After that age I think the majority of kids would have a slightly more grown up style in regards to accessories, but this does have a slight retro eighties feel to it so potentially could suit even older children.

              It's actually quite good quality. The look and feel of it is good. It's obviously a child's watch and heads towards more toy than watch, so I wouldn't expect something made from leather or the finest materials but it does the job. It's quite robust and well put together. Anyone who has read my reviews on toys will know my kids can get pretty rough with their prized possessions. So they really put things to the test, and this has survived. The only thing I would say that has changed about the watch is some of the dark blue colouring on one side of the straps has started to fade but I would put that down to usual wear and tear. Other than that the look and style of the watch is still the same, the colouring is still sharp and quite bright and the designs on the covers are in perfect condition and haven't been scratched, broken or damaged in anyway.

              I never bought this item for my son to use as an actual watch, so I wasn't bothered about this function. But it now comes in handy. It works, it's efficient, its clear to read and it's practical.

              It's important to mention the length of this item. I have very skinny wrists so this watch could just about be placed on me but only just about! This isn't long enough for an adult in my opinion but fine for a child. My son doesn't seem to need any help putting this on himself anymore, but for the majority of kids his age they would need assistance. Despite this being quite a rigid watch in terms of structure, it does have a certain flexibility and bend to it, and I've noticed my son wearing this reasonably comfortably. He never wears this for long periods of time but I wouldn't expect that considering his age, so will take it off himself quite often. Most of the time he simply runs around with it and treats it like a toy.

              Could any improvements be made?

              I would've liked this to come with a storage box or small bag. It would make it much easier to keep all the covers together, but I think it would've made a nice touch especially if bought as a gift for someone.

              If there was some form of sound element to this watch my son would've been beside himself! Maybe a word or two by Matt Smith, or the noise the TARDIS makes. This would probably drive me crazy but the kids would love it!

              Would I buy this again?

              Yes I would. It's a good item for a young Doctor Who fan to have. Its child friendly, looks good, has a practical function and well designed. And bought for less than £4.00?......BARGAIN!


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                04.03.2014 13:31
                Very helpful



                We love this!

                My son since he was a toddler always showed an interest in technology. It started with the Sky + remote and steadily progressed to being able to use my laptop to play games and search for his favourite shows and characters unaided (my beady eye is never far away though!). With this in mind I saw this last year on Amazon for just under £6.00, and felt this would be a very child friendly technologically based toy my son would enjoy for Christmas 2013.

                Why did I buy this?

                We had a Bob The Builder version of this tablet which was great quality, but neither of the kids were that interested because they don't really like or watch this character. I liked the shape and idea of it, but knew it wasn't right for them. When I saw this version, I felt it would be much suited to my son, and I could use the whole space and planet theme to my advantage as my son is a huge Doctor Who fan, and the two I could see working hand in hand.

                What is it?

                It's a child's tablet that helps them learn about different aspects of space, such as planets, solar systems, seasons, stars etc. Information provided is tested through a quiz function located on the tablet.

                How does it look?

                This is a square shaped almost flat in look tablet. Size is 8 inches in length, 8 inches in width and 0.5 inches in depth. Mainly black in colour.

                On the front of the tablet, it's almost divided into three sections. You have at the top the words 'SOLAR SYSTEM', and directly underneath you have 8 small rectangular areas with a picture and the written word for each of the planets (Venus, Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Mercury, Earth, Jupiter and Uranus). On the far left you have a much larger rectangular shaped area compared to the others, with a picture and the written word for Sun. Very close to the top hand right corner is the button to press to turn tablet on or off.

                The second section is where you change the functions of the tablet. This runs across the middle of the toy. You have the 'National Geographic' logo on the far left. Next to this you have a small circle with the word 'DISCOVERY' on the top of it. Another circle with the word 'QUIZ' and two more circles with the words 'TRUE' and 'FALSE'.

                The third and last section has the word 'SPACE' at the top. At the bottom you can see a picture representation of the Earth in 4 different positions with the Sun in the middle, and how each of these positions is depicting the 4 seasons Earth experiences. It has the written words 'Spring', 'Summer', 'Autumn' and 'Winter' above each picture of Earth. Almost framing this scene are 9 rectangular shaped pictures, along with the word for each, of other things connected to space; Moon, Meteorites, Stars, Shooting Stars, Constellation, Pluto, Space Telescope, Space Shuttle and Astronaut.

                The front of the tablet, except for the on/off button, is completely smooth and flat. All of the sections mentioned can be pressed, and has a basic touchscreen element to it.

                Turn the tablet over and you can see at the top of it, a slightly rounded almost cylinder shaped area sticking out of it. This is where the batteries are placed, but also when the tablet is placed on a flat surface, provides a slight angled elevation for a more comfortable use.

                Tablet has a recommended suitability age from 6 years old and up.

                How to use

                1.When you press the on/off button when first in use, the area around the Sun will light up, and you hear a short piece of music and then a voice will tell you to select a game. If you press-

                2. Discovery- it will tell you to touch a picture. When some of the pictures are pressed, there is a sound effect type noise and then it will say what you have pressed e.g Mars. It will then tell you an interesting fact about it. Each picture provides afew different facts.

                If you press-

                3. Quiz-it will ask you specific questions e.g find Jupiter. If correct, it will say 'well done'. If incorrect it will say 'oops'. If the question requires a true or false answer, you will need to press the relevant button.

                If you're not interested in the above features, when the tablet is turned on you can press any of the buttons and you will hear (depending on the button pressed) a sound effect followed by the name of what it is. It will though at some point as you to select a game.

                What does my son think of this?

                Despite my concerns about whether this would be seen as just another toy, and the fact it may come across to my son as a boring child version of a computer, he really has enjoyed using this. It's not something he plays with all of the time, but when he does get his hands on it, he enjoys using it, playing it and listening to all the facts.

                I've noticed he finds it very easy to use and requires no assistance in playing with it, so he can be left to his own devices. He does let me know quite vocally facts he's found out such as winter is after autumn, a constellation is a group of stars etc. My son naturally is bright and can be very cocky with it, so being able to hear, learn and absorb information that isn't necessarily the norm for his reception age only fuels him even more!

                This tablet is very lightweight yet has a slight thickness to it, which means my son can hold and play with this easily and comfortably. Even more so with his sister, who really enjoys pressing all the buttons just to hear different sounds and words.

                The Doctor Who theme does come up. Although it is a form of fiction, from this show my son understands we live on Earth, there's other planets near Earth, there's something called space and space travel. So he finds it very easy to relate to this tablet.

                What do I think?

                This is an excellent child's tablet. The size and shape is perfect. It's not heavy or bulky but has a decent structure to it so it's robust but easy to use. I like the fact its square rather than rectangular in shape because it makes it more compact, and uses its physical space a lot better and more effectively.

                The pictures on the tablet despite being quite small are clear, colourful but not done in a cartoon or childlike way. These appear very grown up and as true to life as I guess you can get without physically seeing them. It's so important for these pictures to be named, which they are. This is the perfect tool for my son to learn to spell, write and recognise new words which he may or may not be learning currently in reception. The lettering is small but clear. I would've preferred the words not to all have been in block capitals, so he's aware of how they are properly written, but block capitals is needed for the wording to stand out.
                The layout is easy to understand and used, so done very well. Both myself and my son can get our head around it, and this means it's very easy to use.

                The touchscreen type element to it makes my son feel very grown up using this. It feels as if it's quite a modern piece of technology and on a practical level means easy for me to keep clean (dry cloth used to wipe over). The sensitivity of each button/key is good. You don't have to press onto any of them hard, which is perfect for a child to use.

                It would've been nice if there was some form of volume control, but the actual voice itself is clear, sharp and loud enough for everyone to hear, but not deafening. Sentences coming out of the tablet are quite concise and not complicated, but for a younger child e.g my daughter who is 2, most of it is going to go over her head because she's not at that development stage with her knowledge.

                The thing I like most about this toy is potentially how much can be learnt from it. It's very educational, and the perfect toy for an adult and a child to go through it together as both will learn something new. Its also something that my son could use afew years down the line without it dating or becoming irrelevant. The older her gets the more he will understand the ideas and information this tablet portrays.

                It's very well made and doesn't look like the cheap price I paid for this.

                Who is this for?

                Any child that loves space, stars, planets. Or are heavily into sci fi like Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, that type of thing, as this can play off that.

                Anyone that wants to buy a child's toy tablet but looking for something abit different and not the normal character based versions, or the ones that are quite varied with what they contain and you want something more specific it focuses on.

                Depending on the child, age wise this could be used from the age of 4 comfortably. Even though the recommended age is 6 plus, my son is 4 and enjoys it and can use it well.

                Rather than going for a proper internet/games based tablet, you may want to see in a cheaper way if a child deals with something like this first. Not just if they can use it, but how they look after it, do they interact with it, do they enjoy it. I know my son would love a proper tablet despite a decent one being a bit costly, but I would hate to buy him something like that and find it wasn't suitable for his needs and wants. This could be a cheap and easy starting point.

                Who is this not for?

                Really young children. My daughter likes messing around with this, but has no idea what it's talking about. Younger children are better suited to more character based versions with less information and more repetition of basic things, like colours, numbers, names etc.

                A child that isn't into space or anything connected with it. I know some of my son's friends aren't interested in this type of thing, and would want to play with something that was more light in subject.

                A child that is passed using toy tablets and just wants to crack on with proper technology! It happens to them all and it seems to happen sooner and sooner. I think we can just about cling to this because my son naturally enjoys the subject it is about, but if it wasn't for that he would want to use my laptop or his dad's IPAD.

                Would I buy this again?

                Yes I would. Its educational as my son has learnt quite afew things from this already without it draining his brain, he finds it fun, its well-made, easy to use and bought at a fantastic price.


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                • Black Magic Chocolate / Chocolate / 44 Readings / 43 Ratings
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                  03.03.2014 09:00
                  Very helpful



                  Not for me-but I can sort of see the appeal

                  Anyone that knows me will be fully aware of the fact I love food, but more specifically sweet things. Cakes, biscuits, pastries, chocolate, I love them all! When it comes to food, my taste does tend to be quite simple, but I know what I like and what I don't like. So I was quite surprised that I received a box of these chocolates from my partner over a week ago. These come in different sized boxes, but the one I received is 564g in weight and can be purchased from various places. My local B&M store stock and sell this size for £4.99.

                  Why was I bought this?

                  No particular reason as the boyfriend said. He just saw them and decided to treat me, which was very nice. Why did he buy these in particular? I did ask him as not trying to sound ungrateful but dark chocolate is something I don't actually like! He said he just saw them and bought them and didn't really look at what type of chocolates they are.

                  What type of chocolates are these?

                  A mix of different centres (nuts, fruit, fudge and caramel ) that are enveloped with dark chocolate.

                  How are they packaged?

                  The box size I received looks quite substantial due to size. The chocolates are housed in a large but quite flat rectangular shaped cardboard box. The box itself is quite striking in look and design because the main colour of this is black. On the front you have the product brand and name in clear lettering, ' Nestle Black Magic ', with a small selection of the chocolates inside pictured beneath it.

                  On the back it tells you by name and shows you by picture what chocolates you get in regards to look and flavour, ingredients is listed, nutritional information and company contact details are included.

                  On the inside of the packaging, on the inside of the lid, it displays again a picture of the different chocolates in the box along with a brief description of what they are.

                  What do you get?

                  6 different centred chocolates-almond crunch, raspberry heaven, dreamy fudge, whole hazelnut praline, orange sensation and caramel caress. Containing over 50 chocolates, all sat on one layer in the box.


                  Sugar, Cocoa Mass, Glucose Syrup, Vegetable Fat, Crushed Roasted Almonds, Cocoa Butter, Butterfat, Roasted Whole Hazelnuts, Sweetened Condensed Milk, Whole Milk Powder, Hazelnut Paste, Humectant (Glycerol), Emulsifiers (Sunflower Lecithin, Polyglycerol Polyricinoleate), Whey Powder, Flavourings, Citric Acid, Salt, Stabiliser (Invertase), Colour (Paprika Extract), Fruit and Vegetable Concentrates (Apple, Cherry, Radish, Sweet Potato), Contains Vegetable Fat in addition to Cocoa Butter.

                  Basic nutritional information based on 3 chocolates

                  Energy 635 kj
                  Carbohydrates 20.7g which contain sugars 19.1g
                  Fat 6.8g which contain saturates 3.4g
                  Sodium Trace

                  What do they look like?

                  Almond crunch-dark brown in colour and almost oval in shape. Almost matt in look. Has various lines scored into it on the top, giving an almost raised look to it.

                  Raspberry heaven-circular in shape, and almost has a milk chocolate appearance to it in regards to the depth and darkness of the colour of the chocolate. Again, not shiny in look but does have white chocolate pattern on the top making them look quite appealing.

                  Dreamy fudge-diamond in shape, dark in colour with afew wriggly lines of chocolate placed on the top, which is the same colour as the rest of the chocolate.

                  Whole hazelnut praline-circular in shape with some lines scored on the top, reminding me of a simple shape of a ladybird!

                  Orange sensation- teardrop shaped chocolate which like the raspberry heaven has a milk chocolate look to it topped with white chocolate swirly designs on the top.

                  Caramel caress-almost triangular in shape but with rounded edges on the three corners. Dark and rich in colour with what appears to be a leaf design on the top.

                  What are they like?

                  When you first open the packaging, the first thing you get is a smell of chocolate, not sweet, but rich with a slight bitterness to it. For me I find it quite strong, but do remember this isn't my preferred type of chocolate and it's not one I eat regularly. The chocolates are all sat in its plastic tray which is within the cardboard box looking quite appealing. The variation in look, shape, design really makes them stand out and I actually found myself being drawn to particular ones.

                  I know what I like and what I don't like, so there are certain chocolates in this selection I can't comment on because I won't eat them, but the first one that did grab my attention was the raspberry heaven as this resembled a much more milkier look than others. Soft in texture when you bite into it with a decent layer of chocolate on the outside, so not too thick or thin. The centre pink in colour with a slight texture to it. Reminded me a touch of the inside of a Bounty ( but much more smoother ). The centre, along with chocolate, melted in the mouth but quite slowly, with the chocolate being the last to disappear. Because the centre was quite sweet (not too much though), and had a slight berry flavour to it, I hardly noticed the chocolate being dark so it balanced it off really well. The chocolate was smooth and quite creamy with the smallest amount of bitterness to it.

                  The next one I tried was the dreamy fudge. It wasn't the look that made me chose this more the filling. Another soft centred chocolate and despite the description on the packaging saying it was soft fudge, I was surprised how soft it really was. It was very soft, but smooth and sweet. Had an almost coconut hint to it in regards to flavour and melted away quickly but at the same time as the chocolate. Again, quite a sweet centre that had an almost buttery taste to it, it balanced out the dark taste in the chocolate making this one one I could enjoy.

                  The last one I tried was the almond crunch. Not one I enjoyed because there was no masking of the dark and bitterness to the chocolate. It was very obvious and strong for me. The almond was placed in the chocolate and was in pieces, very small, dispersed throughout the middle. This meant when biting into the chocolate, not only was it hard throughout but mostly made up of chocolate which I didn't like.

                  What do I think?

                  Despite the initial disappointment when I received these (I kept it all inside and smiled sweetly! ), this box of chocolates actually surprised me. Firstly, despite this only being a one layered box, you do get a lot of chocolate. Visually they do look nice, varied in look and quite enticing and each one is sized perfectly. Having a variation of 6 fillings seemed adequate; despite the fact only a couple caught my eye and taste buds. Good mix of hard and soft centres, plus the fillings meant there would be at least 1 or 2 that most people would like. Perfect box to share.

                  I can see how this would be a great box for dark chocolate lovers because as mentioned above, the fillings cover all bases. Some chocolates taste more dark than others but all still have that slight bitter tinge to them. And the chocolate overall is smooth and of a decent quality.

                  The only way someone who doesn't like dark but more mild tasting chocolate is if your anything like me, and enjoy certain fillings which are quite sweet and counteract the sharpness you get with dark chocolate. Only on very rare occasions can I eat dark chocolates without wanting to gag, and those exceptions are mint based creams and berry type filings. After trying this box of chocolates I understand now why I can eat certain these and why the dark chocolate aspect doesn't bother me too much.

                  Would I buy these myself?

                  No I wouldn't. If this was a milk or white chocolate containing box they would have been eaten completely when first received! The box currently is pretty much full over a week later. Dark just isn't my love or first choice so not for me, but I still think these were good value for money, good variety and quality and perfect for those who like dark chocolate.


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                    28.02.2014 08:13
                    Very helpful



                    OK but probably not for us

                    A curse and a blessing all at the same time, I bought my son a reward chart to help monitor and maintain good behaviour, and also to reward it. He's a typical 4 year old boy who has a lot of energy, which can easily turn from something positive into something negative if he's feeling very tired or frustrated. So to make sure we both concentrate alittle more on the good rather than the bad, he receives a reward when he receives a full line of stars, and something more substantial once he's completed the whole thing. This was purchased from Amazon as a reward for completing the whole chart, and cost just short of £6.00.

                    Why did I buy it?

                    I bought it because I liked the look of it online. It came across quite educational, and my son enjoys the idea of dinosaurs, and I felt the price paid was very good value and not breaking the bank on my part.

                    What is it?

                    It's an electronic book styled toy, that is focused on the world of dinosaurs. It contains 6 games that helps children learn information about 30 dinosaurs.

                    Suitable for ages 3 years and up.

                    How does it look?

                    This is quite a big item for little people. It's styled to look like a book as it has a front cover, it's hinged on the left hand side of the toy and opens up like a book would. Dimensions are 8 inches in width, 7.5 inches in height and 2.5 inches in depth.

                    The front of this item is black. Slightly textures around the edge, but in the middle you have an impression of a dinosaur. Its raised in look and feel, so stand out from the rest of the area. It's only the head of the dinosaur, but its mouth is wide open exposing sharp teeth and a red tongue, its skin appears scaly and almost lizard like and is coloured green. Only one eye is shown due to the angle of the head, but the eye appears to be made from a small LED light. Beneath the dinosaur are pictures of fern type leaves, and above the head are the following words ' National Geographic Kids Explore Dinosaurs'. All of this area appears to be some form of sticker placed on the toys as its completely smooth and slightly paper like in look.

                    The hinge which appears to be holding this item together is yellow and black.

                    Opening up this toy there are two sides visible. On the left hand side at the top you have a small and thin rectangular shaped section with a slider over the top that moves from right to left. This area is marked into 6 sections:

                    1. Names
                    2. Facts
                    3. Food
                    4. Find
                    5. Quiz
                    6. Sounds

                    Each of these small areas has a picture of some form of dinosaur on it.

                    Just below the settings most of this area is made up of a page which has pictures of the following dinosaurs, along with their written name; Oviraptor, Stagosaurus, Anchisaurus, Triceratops and Plesiosaurus. Each picture is an illustration drawn in very muted and autumnal colours. Each of the five animals has a box around it ( part of the picture ), which points into the same direction of 5 medium sized black buttons that sit on the left hand side of the page. These stick out alittle from the rest of this area and can be pushed.
                    On the other side of this toy, right at the top of the page, is another rectangular area, this time there are some very small holes here and this is where the sound comes from. Underneath this you can see an actual page attached to the hinge of the toy that has, like the opposite side, 5 pictures of dinosaurs (Ankylosaurus, Gallimimus, Pteranodon, Tyrannosaurus Rex and Dilphosaurs), all boxed and pointing in the direction of another set of 5 black buttons. This page turns over and has the same layout e.g more dinosaurs with pictures and names and can be used in conjunction with the buttons. Another page laid out in the same manner which also is double sided and on the very back of this item a similar page with the same layout, so in total 30 dinosaurs potentially to 'play with'.

                    Requires 2 AAA batteries.

                    How to use/What does it do?

                    On the front of this toy, you can press the dinosaur head and it roars and the LED eye lights up.

                    When you first open up this toy, it will play some music and you hear a roaring sound. Depending on what option you've selected using the slider e.g food, names, find, etc, it will state what option is going to play and asks you to press a key. If you've selected-

                    1. Names-once you press one of the buttons it will tell you the name of the dinosaur and what that name means.
                    2. Facts-once you press one of the buttons it tells you some facts about the dinosaurs.

                    3. Food-once you press the button it tells you what the dinosaur used to eat.

                    4. Find-once you press the button it tells you to find by name a dinosaur. If you find the correct one some music plays, the name is repeated, and the voice says 'great!'. If incorrect it says 'oops, have another try'.

                    5. Quiz-once you press one of the buttons it asks you a general question about a dinosaur e.g which dinosaur has a broad turtle like body. Which ever dinosaur you chose, the voice will say the name and either say ' oops, have another try' or 'great!'.

                    6. Sounds-once you press one of the buttons it will make the sound that the dinosaur would have made.

                    What does my son think?

                    I handed this to my son when he came from school. He looked at this in the packaging and said, ' What is this? It looks rubbish! '. Not the best response I've ever received, but I didn't expect the same level of excitement he projects when greeted with something Doctor Who or superhero related. Despite the initial disappointment, I did encourage him, along with his sister, to play with this and in all honesty they weren't too taken aback by it. The thing they both enjoyed the most was the fact the eye on the dinosaur on the front of the page lit up, and it made a roar sound! Other than that, they've had alittle play of it, pushed afew buttons, looked at afew pictures, but it hasn't wowed them or lit up their imagination.

                    What do I think?

                    Putting to one side my son's not so thankful response, I looked at this when taken out of the packaging and thought how big and bulky it seemed. For some reason I expected to see something sleeker, thinner and less chunky looking. It's a very substantial and thick toy even when I'm holding it, so it looked alittle big being played by my son and even more so with his sister.

                    I liked the front of this as it provided basic and simple entertainment before you even opened it through the dinosaur noise, light up eye and overall look. The dinosaur head doesn't look too scary, but created in a child friendly way.

                    I didn't get the colour combination of the toy itself being black and yellow. Black and dark green yes, yellow and black no. And with the outside being mostly black, I didn't feel the overall look was as exciting and eye catching as it could have been, especially for young children.

                    Opening up the toy the look of it is much more appealing. Nice simple layout that is easy to understand. Now my son is at that age where he's doing the whole reading and writing thing having the names of the dinosaurs is good as we can sound each name out and spell it together.

                    I do think this is a very educational toy, and provides some fantastic facts and information that a lot of people wouldn't know. Some of it is quite interesting. Even some of the dinosaurs themselves are quite unusual. Some of the well-known ones are mentioned e.g Diplodocus,Tyrannosaurus Rex but they have included a good variety of different types as well. I like the idea of providing some facts in that particular setting, and then this is followed up in a way in the quiz, as it will ask you questions you would've heard the answers for previously. The constant mention of the dinosaur's names I felt was a good touch, as plenty of repetition in regards to any new information is an important part in learning.

                    It's a very easy item to use as the settings are straight forward and the layout over is good for young children. It's not hard to go from one setting to another.

                    The voice that comes out of the toy is at the right volume, crisp and clear. Very easy to understand, and overall the language used isn't complicated and easy to follow.

                    I'm still convinced this toy could've been encased in a better way. There's something about how it is, looks and is shaped that doesn't sit right with me. I feel like The Bible is thinner and smaller than this and that's saying something! Although not heavy, it is bulky and considering this is aged at 3 years and over I feel this could've been made in a different way.

                    There's no on and off button which I'm not too keen on. All it takes is for this to be thrown in a toy box and for something to push on the front for it to make afew noises, which can be irritating and uses power.

                    I think this would've been better suited for children aged 5 upwards. Not only due to the size and shape of this, but half of the names of the dinosaur I can't even pronounce! The quiz section requires you to remember information I'm not convinced a 3 year old is going to remember, not in the same way if it had asked ' What colour is animal A?'. I think some of the questions and information has to be a touch more basic for them to absorb it. On the plus side though, this is a toy if bought for a young child, potentially could grow with them as it's not so basic and it can push them in regards to learning.

                    This is one of those toys that need to be given to a dinosaur fan, or I can see the child being bored very quickly. It's very specific on what it focuses on, so will not suit everyone.

                    Would I buy this again?

                    Undecided. I can't fault the educational side of this because going through the different games and hearing the information it really is interesting stuff, and I'm an adult! But there's certain elements to this as mentioned I feel could've been better considering the age of the child this is aimed at and not all children will like this. I've realised although my son doesn't mind dinosaurs he doesn't particularly like them hugely either. We did see Walking with Dinosaurs over the holidays which he enjoyed, so I should've tied this in when we got home after watching it. Overall a toy that remains in the toy box...for now!


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                      26.02.2014 07:36
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                      Great toy for any Doc McStuffins fan!

                      For acouple of years now the main TV in our house has been glued to Cbeebies, which was started by my son. 2 years later he was joined by his sister and she became hooked. Thankfully, channel hopping meant we didn't just settle for Mr Tumble and In The Night Garden, we moved to Nick Jr for Peppa Pig, Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom. And as my son became obsessed with superheroes we finally found Disney XD and a certain web slinger. Christmas 2013 we stumbled into Disney Jr where both kids became engrossed in various programmes, including Doc McStuffins. This particular toy is part of that brand and was bought from Argos while it was on sale at half price, for £4.99.

                      Why did I buy it?

                      When we first watched this, my little girl (who is 2 ) instantly became hooked. I didn't realise it at the time but so did her brother! I bought this because she kept asking for Doc McStuffins pyjamas. Problem that I had was if I buy one child something, I have to get the other one something too. And when I looked for the pyjamas they were nearly £10.00, and I didn't fancy spending that twice. In the end I found a good deal where I got 2 Spiderman action figures for my son for £4.00, and bought this for my daughter for a £1.00 more.

                      Who is Doc McStuffins?

                      Doc McStuffins is an animated series on the Disney Junior channel, aimed at young children. It's based on the character Dottie McStuffins who is 6 years old. Her mother is a doctor and in her own way she wants to follow in her footsteps hence why everyone calls her 'Doc'. Instead of wanting to help people she likes to fix and mend broken toys. In each episode her toys (and others) come to life and she helps mend a toy with the help of some of her favourite toys.

                      What does this toy do?

                      You basically see different images by looking through this toy. Each one showing a different scene involving characters from the show, and all of them having a 3D like effect.

                      Suitable for 3 years and older.

                      What does it look like?

                      This toy comes in two parts. You have the viewfinder and an image reel. The reel is placed into the viewfinder, and in turn, the viewfinder with the help of a little lever, changes the images the person sees.

                      The viewfinder-

                      A turquoise/blue colour and made from plastic. Very chunky in look and feel but quite a compact size despite this. Just over 4 inches in width ( not taking into account the lever), just under 2.5 inches in depth ( at its thickest point) and 4 inches high.

                      On the front of the viewfinder, you can see a picture of Doc McStuffins. She's dressed up in her typical doctor clothing, and is affectionately holding two of her toys: Lambie ( a soft and cuddly toy lamb) and Stuffy ( a toy and plush dragon). There are patterns of love hearts of various sizes and colours and patterns around them and also child like domino style shapes faintly peeping through in the background. In the middle of the picture going straight across the characters, the picture sits against a white rectangular shape which is cut out of the viewfinder so comes down from the rest of the toy. On the left hand side of the viewfinder you can see a lever, which is the same colour as the rest of the viewfinder, which is sticking out. If you turn the viewfinder on its side, you can see there is a long and thin cut out line running down it where when you pull the lever down, it can do so without obstruction.

                      Turning the viewfinder around to the back, you have two almost eye glasses shaped areas with clear lenses on the front for you to place near your eyes. This section sticks out a lot from the view finder. What this means is when in hold, your nose can rest beneath the bridge which is created between the two eye pieces. Just below this section embossed into the view finder is the word 'viewmaster'. Above the eye area on the top left hand corner is the symbol for 3D.

                      If you look directly at the top of the view finder there is a slit which you place the reel into.

                      The reel

                      This measures 3.5 inches in diameter and is completely circular in shape. It's mainly white in colour and made from some form of card. Smack bang in the centre is a picture of Doc McStuffins holding Lambie. Surrounding her are 14 square shapes, very similar in look to the film you would place in a camera to get developed. It's quite dark in colour, but you can just about make out pictures. On the back it gives a brief description of what's happening in the stills, which says:

                      1. Little Jack is scared to have a check-up.
                      2. Doc diagnoses Little Jack with "Can't pop-it is".
                      3. Doc returns Little Jack to Emmie.
                      4. Why is Riggo stuck?
                      5. Doc examines Riggo.
                      6. Riggo is fixed.
                      7. All friends are better!

                      How to use

                      Place the reel into the slot and push down, until it sits almost flush with the view finder. It doesn't appear to make any difference which way you place it in as the images come up on either. To change the image, simply push down with a finger the lever on the side of the viewfinder.

                      How do the stills appear?

                      There are only 7 different stills that you can see. Once it's gone round you get the same set of 7 again. What you will notice is that the first 3 are telling a mini story about one of the characters, and then the next 3 another mini story with the final picture showing all the toys along with Doc together.

                      The pictures do have a 3D look to them, as they don't appear flat and one dimensional when you look at them. The colouring is bright and eye catching.

                      What do the kids think?

                      I say kids, because despite this being a gift for my little girl, my son has played with this just as much. Personally, I think he probably found it much more easier to use as he gets the concept and the idea of it. He can use it independently and can clearly see the pictures, which he's enjoyed. My daughter can use it too, but where her and my son differ is the actual putting this in front of your face and looking into it. To get the full effect of the 3D element its best to keep this very close to your face but more so your eyes. It's hard enough for toddlers to wear sunglasses and keep them on, let alone hold this up, keep their eyes open and look into it. Half the time I think she's looking into it, half the time she's not. Nothing to do with the quality of this toy, more to do with her age. When she has seen the images she seems to think its magic. She loves the look of this, and the fact it has the characters visible on the actual casing and not just on the reel is perfect for her.

                      What do I think?

                      I love the idea of this toy. It's simple but very effective. This is our first toy from this particular TV series and it won't be our last! It's very well made, robust (it's been dropped so many times its unreal) and the perfect size for the age this is suitable for, and older. Despite the fact this is quite a chunky piece, its very light weight, and I've noticed with my daughter that she carries this around with her with ease. And because it's not a straight up and down toy or completely flat on the back, there's plenty of areas for her to hold, and to wrap her hands and/or fingers onto it.

                      I love the colour of the view finder. I'm thinking of my son at the moment who is going through a 'pink is for girls and I'm not a girl!' stage. This being coloured the way it is means it's perfect for either a girl or boy.

                      Having the character Doc on the front means it stands out, you're fully aware of what and who this is based on and provides an instant connection with any young fan. The picture itself is true to the series. Exactly the same look, colouring and style as you would expect from watching this on TV, so no fan would be disappointed!

                      This is a very easy toy to use. The lever requires very little strength or effort to pull down, and the reel itself, as long as it's placed over the slit at the top, simply needs to be pushed in, so even a really young child can do it and my daughter can. The only issue she has is taking it out of the slot as it takes her alittle more time and precision. It's only a small piece of the wheel that pokes out at the top for you to grab onto and pull it out which she can do, because she has tiny fingers, but not necessarily the perfect hand and eye co ordination to boot! But she does get there in the end unaided.

                      The stills when looking at them are crisp, sharp, beautifully coloured in vibrant shades and the 3D element really make them pop out to provide a much more interesting experience than if they were flat. I like how simple the scenes were although they do have a lot of detail to them, and it mirrors what Doc does in each of her episodes every day.

                      Any extra things I really like about this?

                      I like how the scenes are labelled on the reel. It didn't have to be but felt it was a nice touch.

                      I also found the fact that once the reel is in the viewfinder, it doesn't move as it sits in perfectly, and can only be taken out or moved when someone removes it, rather than it being placed in, a child comes along to play with it and throws it around and shoves it all over the place, and then the reel falls out. It just means that you know as long as it's in it, it's safe, not lost or damaged.

                      Anything that could be improved on?

                      I would've liked there to have been at least one more reel included. I do remember on the originally packaging it said you could buy additional ones, but if I bought this for the full rrp price of £9.99, I would've expected an extra one for free.

                      I also feel the reel could be alittle more stronger as I can see at some stage one of my kids trying to rip it or bend it and it becoming damaged. But to be fair, it's done very well surviving this long and still being in one piece.

                      Would I buy this again?

                      Yes I would. I feel it fits in well with the brand, it's fun and easy to use, very well made and considering this character is still fairly new, I feel I bought this at a great price.


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                        25.02.2014 13:19
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                        Good buy only when on offer

                        I try very hard to prepare meals from scratch for myself and the family. This way I know what's in it, how it has been cooked and can adjust the overall flavour to suit the needs and taste of those who are eating it. Not normally one for convenience food during the week, I bought this from my local ASDA when it was on promotion for 50p. I bought different flavours but the one in this review is cream of vegetable with croutons.

                        Why did I buy it?

                        I find I have little time during the day to eat. When I saw this I thought this could be ideal to have as a light fast lunch, that wouldn't take long to prepare and drink/eat, but it was also on offer and at a price I felt comfortable in paying.

                        How is it packaged?

                        The soup is housed in a small cardboard box. The brand is is mentioned in the top left corner ( Batchelors ) and the product name is in the middle of the packaging along with the flavour. This information is on a picture of a boiling kettle at the top, and at the bottom a cup of soup. On the front of the packaging it mentions it contains 4 sachets of soup along with basic nutritional information.

                        On the back and side it tells you how to make, nutritional information and ingredients.

                        In each box it contains 4 sachets. The sachets are white in colour with a green 'Cup a Soup ' logo running all the way round the of the sachet. At the bottom it tells you the flavour. To open the sachets it needs to be torn at the top to dispense.


                        Water, Vegetables (11%) (Yellow Split Peas, Carrot, Leek, Onion, Peas, Swede), Maize Starch, Glucose Syrup, Vegetable Oil, Croutons (1.4%) (Wheat Flour, Vegetable Oil, Salt, Yeast, Rosemary Extract), Potato Starch, Salt, Parsley, Flavour Enhancers (Monosodium Glutamate, Disodium 5'-Ribonucleotides), Potassium Chloride, Milk Protein, Garlic, Yeast Extract (contains Barley), Flavouring, Acidity Regulators (Tricalcium Phosphate, Dipotassium Phosphate), Sugar, Emulsifier (Mono- and Diglycerides of Fatty Acids), Turmeric, Natural Flavouring, Black Pepper Extract

                        Suitable for vegetarians.

                        Basic nutritional information per made up serving

                        Carbohydrates 17.3g of which are sugar 3.6g
                        Fat 6.0g of which are saturates 3.2g
                        Fibre 2.7g
                        Sodium 0.5g

                        How to make

                        Empty sachet in cup/mug. Add 230ml of boiling water. Stir well.

                        Personally, I leave this for 5 minutes to allow it to cool down to a temperature that means its not too hot, but also gives it time to thicken.

                        Before mixing

                        The soup itself is in a powder form, and fills an average sized mug up to one quarter of it. The mix is a pale yellow colour and not that much different in fineness to flour. What you do see are flecks or green running throughout it, small tiny orange pieces and dots of white. At this stage it does have a slight vegetable smell to it, along with a powdery smell also. Not strong, but it's there.

                        After the addition of water

                        The colour of the soup goes from a pale yellow to a pale creamy colour. At first the consistency is quite runny. But after stirring and going away for a few minutes and then returning, the soup thickens up nicely. You can see the majority of the contents floating to the surface-croutons and bits of carrot. The smell is probably less obvious now than before making it.

                        How does it taste?

                        It takes a while for this to cool down, but when it does, the first thing that you get from the soup is a creaminess to it. The consistency in the mouth isn't as thick as it first appeared, but enough for it to not be runny or water like. The soup itself is very smooth in texture, with the croutons providing a nice contrast by being crunchy, and the carrots having a slightly chewy texture to them. I do taste alittle vegetable in this soup (taking the actually bits out of the equation), but it's not that obvious and you can taste some salt that has been added into it.

                        What do I think?

                        For what I originally paid for, for these soups I feel it was a fair price, but anything above what I paid I think is expensive for what it is.

                        I find the packaging in regards to the sachets handy if I needed to eat on the run and had access to hot water, as these could be slipped into a bag to be prepared later.

                        Very easy to make and takes the same amount of time as you would to make a cup of tea, if not a touch more.

                        You get a decent amount of soup per sachet, but personally this wouldn't count as a full meal but part as one. It would need to be served with something like crackers, some buttered bread or a salad.

                        I would've liked this to be a touch thicker, but that can easily be done if I placed in less water. More of a vegetable taste is needed for it to be memorable and I felt the seasoning needed a lift. Despite the high salt content it tasted like it needed a touch more, along with some pepper and herbs.

                        Having the actual pieces in this made the soup alittle more substantial and less bland, if it was just a completely smooth soup. I would've liked more croutons just to give it more bite.

                        The amount of salt seems very high for such a small amount of food, and some of the ingredients on the list on the box look like they belong in a science experiment. I would much prefer this to contain less rubbish and more proper ingredients.

                        I don't feel this is a comparable substitute for proper homemade soup, but for a quick, non thinking snack its ideal.

                        Would I buy this again?

                        Yes-but only at the price I paid. I bought this based on price and convenience. The overall taste could be better, but it's reasonably pleasant and does the job of being a nice stomach stop gap for me. Its also readily available in great for busy people like me.


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                          Great plush toy

                          Since my daughter was born there seems to be more and more plush/soft toys entering the house. I don't really remember buying my son many teddy bears or things like that, but with his sister I've made up for that and now they both have quite a substantial collection. This particular plush I bought from B&M for £3.99.

                          Why did I buy this?

                          This wasn't our first introduction to this toy. I treated the kids to a meal from a certain man that owns a farm, and a small version of this came along with their meal. They both fell in love with it, and I was actually quite impressed for once they got a toy that was cute, decent quality and not the usual rubbish that comes along with a not so happy meal. So when I first saw this version, I did think ' aww, that's cute! '. So I decided to buy one each for the kids. There were many different colours available, so it was nice to have some variety.

                          How does it look?

                          Both Furby's are the same in measurements, 8 inches in height( not taking account of the ears ), 6 inches wide and 5 inches in depth.

                          My daughters Furby is what I would call Barbie pink in colour, quite bright and bold, but not neon. At the top of the head of the Furby, its slightly rounded, with two medium sized ears sticking out. On the back of the ears the material in look and touch is smooth, soft and the same colour as the rest of the toy, but on the inside of the ear, the colour is a pale pink with a number of white coloured hearts on the top. They appear to be printed on and not the same material as the toy itself. The hearts vary in size.

                          The Furby's face is made up really of only eyes and a mouth. This whole section is made from plastic and is firmly attached to the face, so it can't be removed. The Furby's eyes are huge circular shapes with large black pupils with two small lovehearts sitting in the top right hand corner. This is surrounded by a navy blue coloured ring, which behind this area is white. And you can see the eyelids are dark purple in colour with long black eyelashes. Around the eyes they're framed with a slightly paler coloured purple area and sat right at the bottom, between the eyes, is an orange beak that appears open, and comes out alittle more than the rest of the facial features.

                          The Furby has two little feet with 3 toes on each, which sticks out at the front of the bottom of the toy.

                          The overall shape of the Furby is alittle similar to an egg shape, but because it can sit up the bottom section is more flat than round.

                          The Furby has a lovely touchy feely thing to it, decent length pile in regards to its 'fur'. If you look closer, there is a pattern in the fur which is diamond shaped. It's not the most obvious thing you can see, but it's there.

                          If you turn the Furby around, the covering is the same as the front in regards to material, colour, look and feel. The only difference is there's a very cute tail that sticks out of the bottom. Its not stuck onto the toy itself, so it has a certain wagability to it! There's also a label which has the 'Furby' logo stitched onto it afew inches away from the tail.

                          As mentioned, this does stand unaided. When you feel the bottom section of the toy, you can feel very small ball shapes in it, which I suspect provide some weight to allow it to stand upright. The rest of the Furby is completely soft and filled with some form of filling.

                          Care instructions


                          What does my daughter think?

                          She was actually there when I purchased this. I didn't get a chance to put it on the conveyor belt as she wouldn't let go of it! All the way through other shops and eventually on our way home she kept saying ' Mummy, thank you for my Furby I love it! '. She held it, squeezed it, hugged it and finally fell asleep with it. To say she loved this is an understatement. How she's played with this and how her brother has played with this are very different. She's treated it like a baby and been very affectionate to it e.g hugging, kissing, putting it to sleep in her bed etc. Whereas her brother has used it as a football, thrown it down the stairs but occasional has played with it 'normally' and hugged it and cared for it.

                          Both children have loved these in play and just as a general comforter and soft toy they've placed on their bed, or held onto them when asleep.

                          What do I think?

                          I find the look of these very cute and very appealing. They're a mix between a teddy and an animal based plush toy which I find a nice combination. Look wise, these are eye catching because the colours that are available are bright, fun and funky (my son has the orange version). The slightly dopey, child like eyes are child and cartoon like so would catch the eye of younger to young children. They look like they need to be held and squeezed and they are one of those toys you want to be quite tactile with because they feel soft in regards to how they are covered, but also because they have a decent amount of filling with makes you automatically dig your hands into it.

                          Perfect size for little hands. Both my children, despite being different ages, have had no issues holding these. My daughter has taken hers everywhere with her and most of the time its been clamped into her hands while in her pushchair. The shape is full and substantial, so a child has something to grip onto it.

                          I'm very relieved this is mostly a soft toy. We have too many toys in our home that are hard, whether they are made of plastic or wood, and this means I feel confident and comfortable that both of my children can play with these and not only be safe playing with them, but not hurt each other!

                          These remind me very much of the film ' Gremlins ', especially Gizmo. I think this is a nice alternative to a traditional teddy/bear/animal type plush, but not as threatening or menacing as an alien or monster. A happy in between I think.

                          The quality of this toy is good and despite the roughness of my kids, both are still alive and intact. They're well made, lovely colours, quite simple in look but perfect for young kids, and very easy on the eye.

                          I've no idea of the age suitability of this Furby, but I can say confidently over 2 years old would be fine, anything under that may need supervision or at least a beady eye once in awhile.

                          Would I buy these again?

                          Yes I would. The price I paid I felt was very good and what you get for just under £4.00 is a good amount of toy. It doesn't do anything, it doesn't light up or speak, what it does do is provide a child with a cuddly and fun to look at companion.


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                            Despite the fact I'm constantly moaning about the lack of storage space in my house for my children's things, it doesn't seem to stop me from picking up toys, books and all kinds of nonsense up for them. Most of the time these aren't planned purchases, but they are always purchases of things I think they will like. I bought this particular item from my local Home Bargain store for £2.99. Checking online this can be bought for the same price from places such as TJ Hughes and Toys R Us.

                            Why did I buy it?

                            I bought it because my son loves Spiderman, and most things connected to the character he will automatically like or love. It's also something I hadn't seen before, and thought it was quite an interesting toy to have and I could see a lot of fun being created with it. I also knew that the price was exceptionally good for what the toy was, so it had to be bought! Rather than this being bought as a treat, I actually put this down as a future reward for my son who has a rewards chart ( good behaviour, good work equals a reward of some kind ).

                            What is this?

                            This toy is the Spiderman symbol you would associate with the character, but more commonly found on the chest area of his costume. It actually can be worn on clothing, more aimed at tops that children wear. When pushed the toy says afew different phrases and lights up.

                            How does it look?

                            You have a spider shape in black, with four long and thin legs in a down position, and the other four are much shorter reaching upwards. Each section of the spider's body is almost segmented, and the overall shape is raised slightly. The body section is more raised in look and feel than the rest. Behind the spider shape, its surrounded, almost framed by red plastic, which is shaped the same as the spider. Behind the spider shape is a grey circular area that it sits on. Behind this, or should I say in this, is where the batteries are housed . On the side of this circle are 3 sets of 3 lines of small holes, which is where the sound comes out of.

                            This toy measures 5 inches in length ( at the longest point ), 4 inches across and just over 1 inches in depth.

                            It takes 2 AAA batteries and is suitable for age from 4 plus.

                            How does it work?

                            Not mentioned above, but the main unit comes with a plastic circle shape, black in colour. This fits flush into the base unit. So if you want to fix it to clothing, simply have the main unit on the front of the clothing, and the black circle on the other side of the clothing item and push it in. Once done, the unit is firmly attached.
                            Once attached, or not, as it doesn't have to be, to activate the speaking element and light, push the front of the unit and you will hear the following phrases-

                            Time to be a hero
                            Wow, my spider senses are tingling
                            Alright, its web slinging time
                            This lizard needs a cage
                            It's true, I'm Spiderman

                            It also makes various noises that I guess are trying to mimic the sound of shooting webs.

                            What does my son think?

                            He received this after completing his reward chart and this was his reward. He instantly recognised the look and shape of it as being Spiderman connected. When I took this out of the original packaging, both my children were in amazement when I told them to close their eyes and I put this on my son's t shirt. The fact it stayed on his top, and reminded him of a Spiderman costume got him unbelievably excited. What I didn't expect was ( and I should have ) was my son and daughter spent the first 30 minutes fighting and screaming over this. She decided she wanted to play with it, her brother decided he didn't want to share and I was stood there thinking why did I not buy two! Anyway-once the dust settled, my son used this in a lot of role playing, running around like a superhero, and generally having a lot of fun. He used it on his clothes, off his clothes, and found it very easy to use without any instructions. To start off with I was the one who had to take this off his clothes and then put it on, but after awhile he sussed it out and could do it himself.

                            What do I think?

                            The thing that struck me more than anything else about this toy was how different it was. It wasn't the usual superhero toy, and despite the very cheap price, it appeared to be of a good quality and had fun written all over it.

                            The design itself and idea is quite simple but very effective. It fits in well with the Spiderman brand, and if correct, I think this was connected with the newer Spiderman films.

                            The size is perfect, as you don't want something too small as the impact then would become less and you want this to really be a visual piece. I would've liked the back of the unit to have been a little less in depth, so it doesn't stick out as more just so the look on clothing isn't too bulky, but you have to have the batteries and the electronic side of things housed somewhere.

                            The quality of this item is good. It doesn't look cheap, it actually looks like it could've cost 3/4 times what I paid. It's very well made and reasonably durable as my kids are quite rough and ready with their toys, and this hasn't been broken, scratched or broken in anyway. We've had this for a number of months now and it looks like it did when first purchased.

                            This isn't the type of toy you want to help your children with all the time. You want them to be able to use it by themselves and get on with play, so its important this is easy to use. As previously mentioned, my son did require alittle help with putting this on and removing it, but after awhile he got the hang of it and found this aspect easy to do. Being able to make it light up and create the sound was so easy, as it required very little strength and energy to do it. My daughter could do this unaided.

                            When pressed, the light itself was bright enough to stand out, but not enough to be really blinding. The voice was crisp, clear and at a loud enough volume where you could hear it quite easily, but not deafen anybody. Plenty of different phrases said when this toy is pressed, which meant it became less repetitive and boring.

                            I liked the fact you didn't have to put this on clothing. My son and daughter would run around with this in
                            their hand so it meant it had a little versatility to it.

                            This is a toy that promotes role playing. You don't get this, give it to a child, and they sit on the floor/chair and play with it quietly. They press it, they pretend to be Spiderman, they run around, jump, shout, scream etc. I saw how this got my kids moving around and helped kick start not only their imagination, but energy levels too.

                            I've discovered with my son that some of the best toys for him need to include something additional, such as sound and/or light. This provides both. I've noticed he can become quite unimpressed if I give him a toy and it doesn't do anything. There's obviously some exceptions, but this toy ticks all the boxes for him as it keeps him interested.

                            Any negatives?

                            No negatives as such, but the voice coming out of this toy isn't one I recognised. I expected to hear the voice of the star of Spiderman, or at least the animated series version, but the dude that spoke wasn't somebody I heard before. This isn't something my son noticed or batted an eye lid at, but personally I felt that could have been a good addition.

                            Would I buy this again?

                            Yes I would. Its very well thought out and made, good quality, very unusual and keeps the kids active! Surprisingly not too annoying from a parent's viewpoint, and was priced very well. I'm gutted I didn't buy the Iron Man version at the same time........


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                              21.02.2014 16:48
                              Very helpful



                              Something I will have to purchase again

                              The last couple of weeks have actually been quite good for me in regards to getting my hands on bath and shower products. I managed to buy some Lush items at well below their rrp, then I got given some free, I received free handcreams and to top it off I received these soaps from my friend as she didn't really like them. The size I have aren't full size, but 50g. The full size at 100g costs £4.50 and the extra large size at 250G for £8.00. These can be purchase directly from L'Occitane in store or online, and various online sites and physical department stores.

                              Why was I given this?

                              Myself and a friend were having a conversation about this brand after I picked up some free hand creams from one of their stores as part of a promotional offer. She mentioned she was given some soaps by her sister and they were just sitting in her home as she didn't use them because she's not very keen on soaps. My reaction? GIVE ME!

                              How is it packaged?

                              The soap is wrapped in brown paper, not that different to what you would wrap a parcel in. Smooth in look and feel, and gives the soap a slightly old rustic appearance to it. On the front you have the ' L'OCCITANE EN PROVENCE ' logo at the top. Directly underneath there's the product name and fragrance in both English and French within a circular shape.

                              On the back are the ingredients list and what the product is. On the side it mentions the soap has a 24 month shelf life once opened.


                              Some of the ingredients are as follows (not all listed as the print is small and my eyes even smaller! )-

                              Sodium Palmate, Sodium Palm Kernelate, Aqua, Shea Butter, Glycerin, Sunflower Seed oil, Sorbitol, Citronellol.

                              How do I find this?

                              The packaging was very easy to open as the soap is wrapped up gently like a small present. The paper just needs to be lifted from the side and pulled to take the soap out. The packaging, look wise, I think is cute and traditional, and looks great sat in a downstairs toilet or bathroom as decoration.

                              Despite the fact the soap isn't full size, it is a good size for washing needs. Square in shape, 2 inches by 2 inches with a thickness of just under 1 inch. The soap is milky white in colour with the ' L'Occitane' logo directly embossed into it on one side. Completely smooth in look and feel.

                              The smell you get when it's in its packaging, when opened and when in use isn't a strong scent. It basically smells clean, fresh, and slightly milky but soap like. Comparing this to other milk based/fragranced bath/shower products I've used recently, this doesn't have the sweetness to it that others have or any floral notes to it. It's quite simple and plain.

                              I found this soap very easy to lather by rubbing it against a sponge I use in the shower. It required very little effort, energy and time. Rather than it producing loads of lather it produced a soft and frothy white foam that appeared and felt very creamy and quite luxurious. It glided over the body, and I didn't feel this foam disappeared quickly, and stayed in tact and on the skin for as long as I needed it to.

                              After I rinsed the foam off my body, my skin felt squeaky clean. Which I haven't experienced on my skin for....well, I'm not sure! The only way I can explain it is when you wash your hair really thoroughly and you literally can hear and feel it squeak because its that clean and any form of product, dirt or grease has been removed completely. This is how I felt with this. What I didn't feel is dry or my skin being stripped of any of its natural moisture. So skin looked and felt clean, not dry, quite moisturised and was completely comfortable as it was without any form of body lotion or cream, but I put it on straight after as I always do.

                              I didn't feel the fragrance stayed on my skin for along time. But to be fair, it's not a fragrance as such, more a clean and fresh ' I've just got out of the shower ' feeling/scent.

                              So what do I think?

                              This is a great soap. Before using this I forgot how great their soaps are. I really didn't want to use and open these as they look so cute and showroom like, but thankfully I was given afew so I could afford to use one!

                              The size and shape meant I could hold this comfortably in the palm of my hand in the shower. My son also nicked this while he was in the bath, and I found this size perfect for his little hands and body. Perfect travel size.

                              Although I didn't do this, I felt this soap was so gentle on the body, it could easily be used on the face. A great multi-functional product for the guys I think, as most don't like to use a zillion and one products in the bath or shower. On the body, this was very gentle and caused no issues to my skin despite suffering from Psoriasis.

                              Cleaning the body was as quick or as long as I wanted. My showers have to be quite limited in time because of the kids and being in general quite busy, so I found this product perfect as it allowed me to give myself a really good thorough clean but in a very short space of time. If I was really short of time, because it didn't dry my skin out and it felt quite balanced and moisturised, I could've skipped the body lotion. But because of my skin issues I wouldn't do that intentionally, but at least I know if I had to I could.

                              The fragrance is great for someone who either doesn't like a fragrance but wants to smell and feel clean, and it's a good overall scent as who doesn't want to smell clean? It's not offensive and would work with everyone, although some may find the scent a little on the boring and non special side.

                              Would I buy this?

                              Yes I would. It's a great soap that does what its supposed to do. It cleans ( unbelievably well! ), it doesn't strip the skin, it provides some moisture to the skin, doesn't irritate and I've used it on my son and he's had no issues.

                              A good all round soap.


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                                20.02.2014 00:16
                                Very helpful



                                There are better hand washes

                                Handwashing is not only a routine but a necessity in our house. We're all aware of the need to wash our hands to ensure they're clean, that we don't pass nasty bugs, germs and bacteria to each other and to objects. More so with young children, who naturally seem to have the ability to test us parents with the three P's (puke, pee and pooh ) down to a fine art. Not to mention the usual coughs, colds, and flus they pass round. So when my previous handwash had finished, I ordered this one from Tesco.com at a cost of £1.00 for a 250ml bottle.

                                Why did I buy this?

                                I wasn't planning on making a physical shopping trip within a certain time frame, but what I was going to do was an online grocery top up shop. I went for this because it was half price, and I didn't really want to pay any more than a £1.00 and other alternatives that were available were either ones I didn't like or more expensive.

                                How is it packaged?

                                The product comes in a clear plastic bottle with a pump dispenser top. The edges at the top of the bottle are slightly curved, so looks a lot less angular than other handwashes.

                                On the front is a very basic label that has the brand name' Simple 'at the top along with the product name ' Kind to Skin Moisturising Handwash ' directly underneath. It also mentions in brief afew things this handwash contains, and that the product is designed by people who are experts concerning sensitive skin.

                                On the back it goes into more details about what this product does and why, how to use, ingredients, company contact details and also its shelf life once opened which is 12 months.

                                What does this handwash supposed to do?

                                Replenish and hydrate dry skin, to help improve the overall look and feel of the hands and because it doesn't contain certain chemicals in it, is even more suitable for sensitive hands.


                                Aqua,Sodium Laureth Sulfate ,Glycerin ,Cocamide DEA ,Sodium Chloride ,Cocamidopropyl Betaine ,PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate ,Sodium Styrene/Acrylates Copolymer ,Panthenol ,Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate ,Allantoin ,Borago Officinalis Seed Oil ,Polyquaternium-39 ,Tocopheryl Acetate ,Citric Acid ,Dipropylene Glycol ,Benzophenone-4 ,Tetrasodium EDTA ,Sodium Lauryl Sulfate ,Trideceth-7 ,Anthemis Nobilis Oil ,Pelargonium Graveolens Oil ,Sodium Hydroxide ,Pantolactone ,Potassium Sorbate ,Methylparaben ,Propylparaben

                                How do I find it?

                                The packaging is very simple and basic in look. It's not fancy in any way, shape or form, but it is practical and very unassuming.

                                The product itself is glossy in look, white in colour, and quite a creamy looking handwash compared to others. Only one pump is generally needed to wash both hands thoroughly as the pump dispenses a decent amount.

                                The handwash did lather up, not massively, but enough for my hands to be lightly covered with foam.

                                The fragrance wasn't a strong one nor was it really obvious. It has a fresh clean smell to it, with a slightly floral scent to it but more plant based, as it lacked the relevant sweetness you would associate with florals.

                                Hands felt clean afterwards, and didn't require any scrubbing or hard work to get to that point. Done very quickly and quite effectively.

                                My hands could've felt much more moisturised. I didn't feel they stripped the hands and made them dry, but I didn't feel they gave back as much as it should've and my hands required some form of hydration from somewhere else e.g a handcream.

                                What do I think?

                                It's a very easy product to use in the hands of me or the kids, in regards to packaging and size. Sometimes my daughter struggles to get product out of these types of bottles, but finds this one quite easy as she can pick it up, put it on the floor ( so she's comfortable with it and on the same-ish level ) and press down. She can do this because its not too bulky in shape and light in weight.

                                The fragrance isn't offensive, and most people will find it acceptable and not have any issues with it, but it's not a memorable smell, and not the best one I've had a whiff at. But it would work well with both sexes and all ages.

                                The handwash was smooth and easy to work onto wet hands. I can use this very quickly and wash my hands quite well, without having to take forever. Hands felt and looked clean after use, but as already mentioned, I didn't feel they were hydrated enough. On a more positive note they didn't aggravate the small area of Psoriasis that currently is on one of my knuckles.

                                I hate 250ml sized handwashes. They naturally don't last very long due to me and the kids always washing my hands. More so myself, who has to wash my hands every time before and after I place my daughter's prescribed emollients/ointments on her skin ( which is a lot! ). I'm lucky this bottle has lasted afew weeks, but this comes down to the fact that this has been placed in the upstairs bathroom, and the majority of the traffic goes in and out of the downstairs toilet.

                                Simple as a company do make a deal about saying their products are great for sensitive skin and they leave out a lot of nasty's in their products, but they also still leave a lot in which I think can be alittle confusing for the consumer.

                                Considering the above, I think the price of £2.00 for this product is way too much. £1.00 is much more acceptable, anything more than that seems expensive.

                                Would I buy this again?

                                Probably not. I've used better and more nicer handwashes in the past. The smell doesn't excite me although I don't hate it, the size is too small for my family needs and I don't feel this product is as moisturising as the company have claimed.


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