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      07.06.2010 19:45
      Very helpful



      The biggest hit of cinema history... You have to see it!

      Avatar, if you haven't seen it yet... what are you waiting for!?
      This film has jumped straight to the top of my favourite ever films list. I could watch it once a week for the rest of my life!

      What can I say, This film is created by the genius that is James Cameron. The same genius that brought us the unforgettable films The Terminator, Terminator 2, Aliens & Titanic. After that list you know what to expect. Cameron has wanted to create Avatar for years but he has waited for the 3D cinema technology to be created so his vision can be made in full. He even invented most of the technology himself. I am blown away by the world that has come out of his mind and his attention to detail in creating the world of Pandora. Everything about Avatar feels so real!

      The story follows Ex-marine Jake Sully as he steps into his brothers shoes on a science mission on the distant planet of Pandora. All in all the story is a futuristic version of Pocahontas, with Jake falling for one of the indigenous Na'vi tribe females and having to choose between the money and power hungry humans and their peaceful, nature-bound way of life.

      The cast is brilliant and really brings James Camerons vision to life. Sam Worthington (Terminator Salvation) plays the hero Jake Sully and Sigourney Weaver is back working with Cameron after their success with Aliens. Stephen Lang is very menacing as the films "Bad guy" Colonel Miles Quaritch. I think that Zoe Saldana (Star Trek) needs a bit more credit in this film as she is only ever seen as Neytiri (a Na'vi) so no one really realises that it is her!

      The quality of this Blu-ray is better than any other that I have seen. There are no bonus features on the disc so all that room is saved for high quality sound and imagery. A 3D version is not yet available as the technology to produce 3D images in the home is still too expensive, but this Blu-ray is so sharp that you won't mind one bit. The colours are glorious and the sound is perfect even without a surround sound system.

      At 162 minutes it is quite long but it never once feels slow moving. The story moves at a good pace and it always looks great so I never want it to pass any faster.

      This film has broken so many records. Biggest Box-office hit of all time (beating Cameron's Titanic), Fastest selling and Blu-ray ever. Chances are you already own it in some form, but if you don't, Get it and let it take you on a magical journey to a far off world!


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        08.01.2010 10:08
        Very helpful



        A great fun film that the whole family can enjoy! Re-live the 80's.

        Ferris Buller's Day Off is one of those iconic Teen movies that everybody should watch at least once. I remember watching it on TV a long time ago and loving it. I'm not sure why it has taken me so long to watch again!

        The film is made and set in 1986 where a young Ferris Buller (Matthew Broderick) decides once again that it is too nice outside to go to school. And who'd care since he was weeks away from graduating! Ferris convinses his parents that he is too ill for school and they let him stay home to get better, much to the annoyance of his sister Jeanie (Jennifer Grey) and a tutor, Ed Rooney (Jeffrey Jones) who knows Ferris is trying to make him look a fool!

        Ferris wants to have the perfect day off, a day to remember, and he wants his best friend and his girlfriend to share the day with him. After all, his friend Cameron's (Alan Ruck) dad owns a Ferrari 250 GT California that is just begging to be driven!

        Fun is sure to follow as Ferris Buller leads a wild goose chase around Chicago as he is persude by Mr.Rooney and Jeanie. His parents are never far away either!

        Ferris Buller's Day Off is written and Directed by John Huges, the man who brought us classics such as The Breakfast Club, Planes, Trains & Automobiles and Uncle Buck so just by looking at that list you know what to expect with this film! I love the brightness and the amazing energy of Ferris Buller's Day Off. It makes me want to pull a sickie! Haha. 

        Matthew Broderick (The Cable Guy, Inspector Gadget, Lion King) is amazing as Ferris Buller. His boyish charm really shines through and I love the scenes with Ferris and his parents. 
        Jennifer Grey (Dirty Dancing) is also great as Jeanie Buller, Ferris' older sister. I have to say that this is the only other film that I have seen her in other than Dirty Dancing which I find odd as she is a great actress. 
        One of my favourite performances is by Jeffrey Jones who plays the very unlucky Mr. Rooney. He gets so close to catching Ferris but Ferris always manages to get away. You have to feel sorry for him!
        The rest of the cast is brilliant with great performances all around. Alan Ruck is great as Cameron, I love the wierd voices he keeps using in this film.

        Ferris Buller's Day Off is definately a feel good film that is a lot of fun! Who wouldn't want to spend a day off like this!? Another great star off the show is the stunning Ferrari. I want it!

        My favourite thing about Ferris Buller's Day Off has to be the soundtrack. It is so perfectly 80's! I love 80's music which is quite odd as I was only 1 year old when this film was released! Everyone will have seen the iconic parade scene with the Beatles song, Twist & Shout in one form or another. Other great songs on the soundtrack include "Love Missile F1-11" by Sigue Sigue Sputnik, "Oh Yeah" by Yello and a couple of songs by The Dream Academey.   

        At 103 minutes long it is the perfect length for a comedy and there is never a dull moment. As Ferris Buller's Day Off is quite an old film you can pick it up for a few quid at most DVD shops so it is well worth buying to watch whenever school, or work, is getting you down!




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          05.01.2010 13:52
          Very helpful



          A year of ups and downs really. 2010 is the year to sort my life out!

          My review of 2009, quite a year. Bye bye 00's!

          What did you do in 2009 that you have not done before? 

          Camped at Donington for the British MotoGP. Never will again now it's moved to Silverstone. Can't wait for 2010 race! <3 Valentino Rossi!

          Did anyone close to you give birth? 

          A few friends and people from my old school. No one close though

          Did anyone close to you die? 

          Yeah it sucks. Both my Grandparents in the same year. It must be hard for my Mum losing her Mum and Dad a few months apart. :(

          What countries did you visit? 

          .... None. Must get a holiday this year!!!

          What would you like to have in 2010 that you lacked in 2009? 

          A flat with good heating! A holiday. And a new job/uni. 

          What dates will you remember from 2009? 

          25th and 26th of June. The day the King of Pop, Michael Jackson died and the day I saw AC/DC live at Wembley!!!

          Did you suffer illness or injury? 

          Swine Flu! haha

          What was the best thing you bought? 

          Erm, my newest Rossi helmet to add to my collection. That and a ticket to see Avatar at the cinema! Best film ever!

          What behaviour merited celebration? 

          The British public getting Rage Against The Machine to the Christmas number 1 in the charts!

          Whose behaviour made you appalled? 

          The British public choosing Joe McEldrey as the X-Factor winner! Olly Murs is so much better!

          Where did most of your money go? 

          Rent. :(

          What did you get really excited about? 

          When we bought tickets to see Michael Jackson live at the O2 in London!!! Oh dear. 

          What songs will you remember from 2009? 

          Them Crooked Vultures - the whole album
          Muse - USoE
          La Roux - Bulletproof
          Michael Jackson - This Is It

          Compared to this time last year, are you happier, fitter or more productive? 

          Same, No and Probably not!

          What did you wish you had done more of? 

          I wish I'd started Katate training again. Seen my friends more. And saved some money!

          What do you wish you had done less of? 

          Sitting around being lazy, moaning about my crappy job. 

          What was your favourite tv programme? 

          Top Gear, True Blood and Scrubs

          Do you hate anyone now that you didn't hate last year? 


          What's been your best book of 2009? 

          Erm... The MotoGP 2008 annual!? Does that count!?

          What was your greatest musical discovery? 

          Them Crooked Vultures

          What is your favourite film of the year?

          AVATAR! In 3D. The greatest film I have ever seen! Seen it twice so far and will be seeing it again!

          What did you do on your birthday and how old were you? 

          Spent the day Ice Skating and watching Slumdog Millionaire at the cinema. I was 24. 

          Who was the best person you met? 

          I didn't really meet anyone in 2009. Saw Jorge Lorenzo and Dani Pedrossa go by me though. (MotoGP riders if you don't know) 

          Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2009? 

          Don't put too much trust in Managers and store owners. They will f*ck you over to get what they want!

          Happy New Year to you all. May 2010 be a great start to the new decade! I hope to go to University this year to study my passion of Photography. Wish me luck!

          Thanks for reading. 
          One last thing... Is this Two Thousand and Ten or is it Twenty Ten!? I'm joining the Twenty Ten camp I think!



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          • Revolutionary Road (DVD) / DVD / 85 Readings / 83 Ratings
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            05.01.2010 08:44
            Very helpful



            Not as good as I thought it would be. Good to see Kate and Leonardo working together again though.

            Revolutionary Road sees Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio reunited on screen for the first time since Titanic. This time they play Frank and April Wheeler, a young couple trying to bring up their children in 1950's Connecticut.

            When plans are made for the young family to leave Revolutionary Road and move to Paris, April (Kate Winslet) discovers that she is pregnant and expecting her third child. All is not well in the relationship and things seem to go from bad to worse. Will things work out in the end?

            Revolutionary Road is the first film that Kate Winslet has worked alongside her husband Sam Mandes who directed the movie. Sam Mendes even had to watch the monitors from a different room whilst directing the love scene between Kate and Leonardo DiCaprio. 

            I loved seeing this Titanic pair working together again and if it wasn't these two as the main characters I feel as thoughi wouldn't have bothered with this film. This is a bit of a shame as the story line is good, the supporting cast is excellent and Mendes' directing style is very consise. 

            Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet are on top form in this very emotional film. They are so believable and you can really feel every thought and emotion as a viewer of their lives.
            For me, Michael Shannon (Pearl Harbour, 8 Mile, Bad Boys II) gives a great performance as John Givings, a friend of the Wheelers who isn't really all there... He tells things like he sees them which the couple don't always agree with.

            The film touches on some very strong subjects such as abortion, which was illegal in America when the film is set. This really isn't a movie for the faint hearted. It's a tale of two people who thought their lives would be more significant than they are. They dream of adventure but are stuck in the suburbia of Revolutionary Road and they are going mad.

            At 119 minutes long it doesn't drag on too much but the acting is so great it should keep you entertained. 

            If you liked Titanic (who didn't!?) and are interested to see how Kate and Leo have grown as actors then this film is well worth buying, but try to find it in a sale, that way if you don't like it you won't waste too much money on it. Or better still, stick it on your Lovefilm list like we did. 




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            • The Hangover (DVD) / DVD / 108 Readings / 103 Ratings
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              03.01.2010 16:33
              Very helpful



              A must see comedy. Watch it now! Alan is a legend!

              I hadn't heard of The Hangover until one of my friends said it was one of the funniest films he has ever seen. From the trailer and posters I thought it looked very over the top and pretty ordinary but boy was I wrong! I managed to see one of the last showings at the cinema and have now seen the DVD twice! In my opinion it is one of the funniest films of last decade!

               the plot starts of pretty simply, a guy is getting married so his two friends and his fiance's brother take him to Las Vagas for his Batchelor Party... "What happens in Vagas stays in Vagas, except Hepes!"

              The batchelor party scenario has been done so many times before but The Hangover shows it differently. In The Hangover you don't see the night of mayhem, the group just wakes up to find carnage all around them, there's a tiger in the bathroom, the groom missing... and no one can remember a thing!

              I won't go into much detail about what happened during the night but I'll just say that it was a night to remember, it's such I shame they can't!

              For me this really is a laugh out loud film. The comedy is genius and beacause the cast aren't very well known they make the character's their own!

              My favourite character is Alan as he just doesn't have a clue. He is brilliantly played by Zach Galifianakis who hasn't really done much else. I think this film is sure to catapult his career!

              The only big star in The Hangover, other than Mike Tyson who makes an amazing cameo appearance, is Heather Graham who plays Jade, a Vagas stripper that one of the group apparenly married!

              The rest of the cast is perfect and all the characters that they meet along the way are very memorable for their own reasons. 

              The Hangover is directed by Todd Philips who also directed Starsky & Hutch and the great comedy Road Trip so he really knows how to make a very funny film. 

              After seeing this film, I really want to go to Las Vagas! The scenary looks amazing and you see a lot of it in The Hangover as they are trying to piece together the mysteries of the night before. The music on the film fits in with the Vagas lifestyle and adds to the feel of the film very well indeed. 

              The Hangover really is a breath of fresh air for comedy films as the market had seemed quite stale with all the Super Bad style releases that were all very samey. 

              Some people are quite put off this film thinking it is just another Knocked Up or Super Bad film but you have to see it. It came out on DVD and Blu-ray just before Christmas and it is worth every penny. If you watch it once, you will want to watch it again!

              The Hangover made me laugh until I cried. My insides hurt from laughing too much. One of the funniest films of the noughties! Must-see!




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              • The Hurt Locker (DVD) / DVD / 66 Readings / 64 Ratings
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                03.01.2010 12:56
                Very helpful
                1 Comment



                A superb, tense modern war film following the lives of a Bomb Disposal Squad.

                The Hurt Locker is a war film like no other that I have seen, in a good way! The film follows the day to day life of a bomb disposal squad based in Iraq. Rather than following a group of soldiers fighting against the enemy, the action in The Hurt Locker is all a Cat and Mouse game between the guys trying to cause chaos and the brave men trying to remove the threat. 

                My favourite thing about this film is the amount of tension in it! From the very beginning it is very clear that every single day the soldiers in Iraq are putting their lives in great danger. The use of music to create the tension is brilliant and very subtle but works amazingly. My heart was racing so fast at times and I was only watching a film! I can't imagine the fear that must be going through the characters heads!

                There are a few big stars in The Hurt Locker but they all make short appearances leaving all the main roles to a great group of fairly unknown actors. I think that this makes the characters much more vulnerable as if it was a big Hollywood actor playing someone in danger they seem to have a sence of invincability about them. You don't get this with an actor you don't really know.

                The main Bomb disposal expert, SSgt William James, is played flawlessly by Jeremy Renner who picks up the role of an American soldier after his brilliant performance as one in 28 Weeks Later. He captures every emotion brillianly and gives SSgt. James a real thrill seeking feel.  

                This movie is directed by Kathryn Bigelow who also directed Point Break. She really knows how to create the perfect atmosphere and her use of scenary in The Hurt Locker is stunning. 

                As the story progresses we learn a bit about the squads home life and this relates to how they act in battle. I enjoyed seeing the squad bond and become a great team under all the pressure. 

                If you are expecting an all out war film about soldiers in Iraq then this isn't it. Hurt Locker reminds me of Jarhead in the way it follows soldiers day to day lives in warzones. It is a little slow at times and if you don't know much about the military you may get a bit confused with all the army slang that is used. This would be the only thing I would mark this great film down on. 

                As it has only just been released on DVD and Blu-ray you can expect to pay the usual prices for it but it may be worth waiting a few months for the price to drop a little before buying. Whereas it is a great film that's well worth owning, you'll probably not watch it over and over again as it is such a tense ride!

                Best Iraq based war movie yet. 



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                • A Christmas Carol 3D (DVD) / DVD / 119 Readings / 116 Ratings
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                  12.12.2009 20:25
                  Very helpful



                  I just wish it was made with real actors!

                  ----- A Film only review -----

                  A Christmas Carol is Disney's 3rd recreation of Charles Dickens' classic tale after Mickey's Christmas Carol and the brilliant Muppet Christmas Carol.

                  Everyone knows the story of Ebeneezer Scrooge so I won't go into too much detail here about the plot. All I will say is that this version sticks to the original classic novel quite accurately.

                  A Christmas Carol is directed by Robert Zemeckis who's other CG films include Beowulf and Polar Express. I have to say that I just don't 'get' the whole Computer Graphics thing that he does. I understand companies like Pixar and Dreamworks that create cartoony movies using CG but I don't understand why a director of this calibre (don't forget that Robert Zemeckis also directed the great Forrest Gump, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Cast Away and Back To The Future.) chooses to film real actors and then CG over the top of them trying to make them as real as possible. Hmmmm

                  Film in Disney Digital 3D it did look stunning and the 3D element were great... But I just got the feeling that it was made in 3D just for the sake of making it in 3D. Then again, if it wasn't in 3D it would just be another re-hash of the same old story.

                  I came out of the cinema feeling quite confused.
                  The characters were very real looking... then they would do something very cartoony.
                  At times it was very funny... then it would turn serious and quite scary.
                  I'm just not sure what Disney were trying to do with this film! Were they aiming at making a light-hearted kids film or was this supposed to be a scary, serious film more suitable for adults? I'm not sure it was either.

                  There is a saving grace for A Christmas Carol though and that is the amazingly talented Jim Carey! Mr.Carey plays the main character Scrooge as well as the Ghost of Christmas Past the Ghost of Christmas Present and the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come. His performance is brilliant but I can't help thinking how much better this film would have been if it was actually him on screen in ridiculous makeup and costumes. I feel like I paid to see a Jim Carrey film but only got his voice.

                  The three other big names in A Christmas Carol are Colin Firth, Bob Hoskins and the iconic Gary Oldman.
                  Colin Firth plays Fred, Scrooge's nephew and his performance is pretty ordinary.
                  Bob Hoskins has very little screen time as the overly cartoony Mr. Fezziwig.
                  But Gary Oldman plays the rest of the main characters, Bob Cratchit, Marley and Tiny Tim. His performances are the most believable in this film and they voice he gives Jacob Marley is quite scary, especially for young kids!

                  At 98 minutes long it is short enough to not get boring and should keep young ones entertained.

                  The 3D element is visually stunning and if you haven't seen a film in 3D yet this is probably a good one to start with as the effects are quite stunning. But bear in mind that it costs quite a bit more to see a 3D film so you might want to save your penny's and see Avatar in 3D when it opens on the 17th of December!

                  For me A Christmas Carol just didn't have enough heart and emotion and I think the 3 stars that I am giving it is quite generous. It looked stunning but it's lack of direction was disappointing. Disney are lucky that Jim Carrey is in this otherwise it could have been a disaster.

                  6/10 just.



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                  • Home Alone (DVD) / DVD / 98 Readings / 95 Ratings
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                    10.12.2009 18:14
                    Very helpful



                    If you are in need of some Christmas cheer... Watch this! Iconic film!

                    Christmas is nearly upon us once again and that means it is time to dust off the Christmas DVD collection! Ho Ho Ho!

                    In my opinion, Home Alone is the most perfect Christmas film ever! If you're still not quite feeling the Christmas cheer, bang this in your DVD player and after 103 minutes of this classic you'll want it to be Christmas Eve, with only one more sleep until Santa has visited and brought you lots of presents and Christmas day is finally here, with all your family and lots of great food!

                    The McCallister family are going to spend Christmas in Paris visiting family and on the eve of their flight there is a powercut and no ones alarm works in the morning. In their rush to make it to the airport the family don't realise that they have forgotten something... The youngest of the family, Kevin! It isn't until they are all in the air that they figure out what (or who) they have left behind! But it's too late, Kevin is Home Alone!

                    As the McCallister family desperately try to find a way back home Kevin is left the fight off two robbers who are trying to break into the "empty" house with hilarious results!

                    The cast of Home Alone is perfect! A very young Macaulay Culkin plays Kevin and the two baddies are played amazingly by Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern. John Candy even makes a cameo appearance as Gus Polinski, the leader of a band who try to help Kevins mum make it back home in time for Christmas.

                    Home Alone has everything that you need for a great Christmas film. Lots of snow, amazing Christmas music, a heart-warming tale and very lovable characters. This film is nearly 20 years old but it is still such a great film for Christmas. The story of Kevin's family racing back to be with him for Christmas is very heart-warming and everything he gets up to when they are gone is so brilliant!

                    The music by John Williams is iconic and I make sure I have the soundtrack on my Christmas Playlist every year. John Williams is a genius who always seems to create the perfect score for every film that he works on!

                    The best thing about Home Alone for me though is the slap-stick comedy. Kevin sets up a lot of traps around the house to protect it from the "Wet bandits" and Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern do an amazing job as Harry and Marv, I even feel a bit sorry for them when all the traps are sprung and they are hurt in amazing ways... Blow torches, Ice, Irons, Micro Machines, Paint cans and Tarantulas make for a world of pain for Harry and Marv!

                    You can pick up Home Alone on DVD for £5 on Play.com and only £6.99 for the Home Alone 1 & 2 for only £6.99! That's a lot of Christmas cheer for 7 quid! "Keep the change ya filthy animal!" Haha

                    If you haven't seen Home Alone... Where have you been!? You are missing out! This really is a must-see film for Christmas and I dare you not to enjoy it!



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                    • lovefilm.com / Internet Site / 111 Readings / 106 Ratings
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                      08.12.2009 14:55
                      Very helpful



                      A great DVD/Blu-ray rental site that's very simple to use!

                      I really can't say a bad thing about Lovefilm and I have recommended it to all of my friends!

                      Lovefilm.com is a DVD rental service on the internet with No Late Fees so you can keep the films as long as you want and don't have to worry about getting round to watching them. You have to subscribe to the service via direct debit but that is all you have to pay. Returning the DVD is simple and free too!

                      The website is very well laid out and fairly easy to navigate and the amount of DVD/Blu-rays and even Computer games is staggering! There are over 65,000 title to choose from and it is constantly growing! The site also has a lot of movie trailer that might help you with what to rent.

                      On the website you simply browse the titles and then add them to your list to rent. I have about 20 films on my list at the moment and I can set the priority of each film so if there is one that I want to see more than others I just set it to High Priority. The films are sent out randomly and with the package I have signed up for I get two sent out at a time.

                      All the discs come in a cardboard envelope that you have to tear the cover off to get into. Once you have finished with the films you send them back in the same envelope which has a reseal strip that you simply tear off. It's all pre-paid too so no stamps are needed.

                      Our Experience with Lovefilm

                      We signed up to a months free trial to Lovefilm a while ago and due to the Royal Mail strike we had to wait and wait to receive our first discs so at that time we were quite put off by the service. I called Lovefilm and the guy at the other end of the phone was very friendly and helpful and he said he would re-send the discs as well as extending our free trial for an extra month.

                      When the next set of disc arrived after a few days, the missing ones turned up as well so I called them again and all I had to do was just sent them straight back. Since then everything has been running very smoothly!

                      I think we have watched about 15 Blu-rays with this service since we started and we go through about 6 - 8 films a month depending on how busy we are.

                      We have signed up to one of the most expensive packages at £14.99. But for the £14.99 we can rent DVDs, Blu-rays and Computer Games. We get 2 discs at a time and an unlimited amount of discs per month.

                      The turn around of discs is very fast...
                      If we receive 2 DVDs on Monday and send them back on Wednesday for example, we usually get the next two on Friday or Saturday. Very fast indeed! (As long as Royal Mail aren't on strike!)

                      A lot of people complain about the customer service but I have had no problems at all. I have called the Helpline twice and both times I only had to wait a few minutes and the person on the other end was very polite, friendly and most importantly, helpful!

                      Packages Available

                      The cheapest plan is for £3.91 and this gets you 1 DVD at a time but only 2 DVDs per month.

                      The most popular plan is £12.72 and this gets you 2 DVDs at a time and an Unlimited amount of DVDs per month.

                      If you want to rent Blu-rays and Video Games the prices go up but there are a lot of different plans to choose from so there is bound to be the perfect package plan there for everyone.

                      Lovefilm offer free trail all the time so if you are curious about how it works, search for a month free trail and give it a try!

                      Lovefilm.com in a nut-shell

                      Sign-up -> Create a "film list" -> Wait for you DVDs -> Watch them -> Send them back -> Wait for more films and repeat!

                      I have saved a lot of money with Lovefilm. I used to buy a lot of DVDs but now if I just want to watch a film and not buy it, I can just rent it easily! And it is a lot cheaper than Blockbusters.

                      If you can find a 2 or 3 month free trail voucher give it a try. You can cancel at any time if you are not happy... which you will be!


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                      • Cars (DVD) / DVD / 88 Readings / 84 Ratings
                        More +
                        06.12.2009 23:31
                        Very helpful



                        A great film to add to your Pixar collection.

                        I'm sure you have all realised by now that I love Pixar films. Somehow I totally forgot about Cars and I have only just watched it and I am glad that I finally have!

                        Released in 2006, Cars is the 7th film from Pixar Studios.

                        This film really reminds me of Thomas The Tank Engine in the way that the Cars are alive. They live in a world where the cars are the people. I think that makes sense!

                        Cars is a story about a hot-shot race car called Lightning McQueen (voiced by Owen Wilson) who is travelling to the championship deciding race in California when and gets lost in the way. He is stuck in the middle of no-where and as he is speeding to the race he gets stopped by Sheriff and has to fix the road that he has ruined before he can leave. Lightning McQueen finds himself stranded in the small town of Radiator Springs and he has to learn to adapt to a small town life away from the lights and glamour that he is used to!

                        As with all Pixar film the animation is fantastic. The Cars are very cartoony, bright and colourful and this is why Cars is a big hit with yougsters but the themes that run through the film are quite adult so it can be enjoyed by people of all age!

                        Cars takes it's inspiration from the true to life tale of Route 66 in America. Route 66 used to be a main road that ran across the width of USA but when an Intersection was built to make travelling easier, no-one passed through Route 66 any more and a lot of towns and business' on the route struggled to survive. This is shown in Cars by showing how Radiator Springs used to be a bustling town on a busy road that was nearly destroyed by a Motorway taking away all of its visitors.

                        Pixar researched the world of NASCAR racing to take inspiration for the race scenes and even though the cars are very cartoony the racing looks great and is very believable. I love motorsport and I think Cars can explain a little of how racing works to children and if it can help introduce kids to the world of motorsport then that's great!

                        This film is written and directed by John Lasseter who also wrote and directed both Toy Story films and A Bug's Life. He produced Finding Nemo, Up, The Incredibles, Ratatouille and Monsters Inc! He is very much at the heart of what Pixar does best!

                        I love the way that everything in the world of Cars is a car, there are cars watching cars race... even the flies are cars!

                        As Cars is a few years old now it can be bought very cheaply. The DVD is £5.99 on Play.com at the moment and I have seen it in HMV for about £5 so it is well worth adding to your Pixar collection.

                        There are a lot of extras on the DVD with a sort film about the Tow-truck in the film (He's called Mater, as in Tow-mater... Towmater Tomato! Haha) and a great documentary about the real Route 66 and it's links to Cars.

                        Cars is a very enjoyable film and like all Pixar made films, if you like one, you will like them all! Great Pixar film. Watch out for Mater, he is such a great character and his voice is so funny!

                        The only reason I am giving it 4 Dooyoo stars is because I find the characters a bit too childish looking but the story and the racing elements make it very watchable for adults too.




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                        • More +
                          06.12.2009 14:20
                          Very helpful



                          Them Crooked Vultures is one of the best albums I have heard in quite a few years!

                          Them Crooked Vultures are the newest rock "Supergroup" on the scene. I prefer to call the Queens Of Them Crooked Foo Zeppelins! Haha.

                          The band were formed in 2009 by the great Dave Grohl and here is the stelar line-up...
                          Dave Grohl from Nirvana and Foo Fighters on the Drums and Backing Vocals.
                          Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age and Eagles of Death Metal on Vocals and Guitar and...
                          The legendary John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin fame on Bass and Keyboard. Quite a line-up I think you'll agree!

                          There was a lot of hype about the formation of Them Crooked Vultures and they even managed to sell out a UK tour in 12 minutes before anyone had even heard them sing a single note!

                          Them Crooked Vultures released their self-titled debut album on November the 16th 2009 and I absolutely love it!

                          I guess it helps that I am a huge fan of Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, Nirvana and Led Zeppelin and that might be why I love Them Crooked Vultures (TCV) so much! If you like any one of these bands then you will probably love TCV too!

                          This really is one of the best albums that I have heard in a few years! The band members work so well together and the sound they create is so natural and brilliant! It is very easy to hear everyone's influences in the tracks but as each of them comes from an originally great band, their influences are more than welcome!

                          There really isn't a bad track on the album and here is the track-listing...
                          1, No One Loves Me
                          2, Mind Eraser No Chaser
                          3, New Fang
                          4, Dead End Friends
                          5, Elephants
                          6, Scumbag Blues
                          7, Bandoliers
                          8, Reptiles
                          9, Interludes With Ludes
                          10, Warsaw Or The first Breath You Take
                          11, Caligulove
                          12, Gunman
                          13, Spinning In Daffodils
                          ... That's over an hour of quality Rock & Roll!

                          My favourite tracks are No One Loves Me (and neither do I), New Fang, Dead End Friends, Warsaw Or The first Breath You Take & the amazing amazing amazing Caligulove!

                          Josh Homme is the only guy that can make Dave Grohl sit behind the drums and with a voice like his it is easy to hear why! His guitar work is great and the lyrics are fantastic. Dave Grohl has returned to the instrument that brought him fame with Nirvana and when you see/hear him belting the hell out of that drum-kit you realise that's where he loves to be! John Paul Jones blends the two together with his faultless bass playing and brings an air of Led Zeppelin cool and swagger to the outfit!

                          I have seen this album in supermarkets for about £7.99 and it is available on Play.com for £8.95. Them Crooked Vultures is worth every penny!

                          The riffs are pretty heavy and if you are into your soft indie rock then TCV may be a little heavy for you. But if you like good old fashioned Rock & Roll then this is definitely the album for you. I can't help but playing this album over and over.

                          I really hope that this album isn't just a one off and that Them Crooked Vultures continue to Rock my ears with a few more inspirational albums in the future! Long may they live!



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                          • You've Been Framed! / TV Programme / 111 Readings / 108 Ratings
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                            29.11.2009 14:33
                            Very helpful



                            A very funny home video clip show narrated by Harry Hill.

                            I'm not sure why You've Been Framed has only got an average of 2 Dooyoo Stars out of 5! In it's current form I'd give it the full 5!

                            You've Been Framed is a clip-show that has been running since 1990 when it was hosted by the brilliant Jeremy Beadle right up until 1997.

                            I stopped watching when the truly awful Lisa Riley took over in 1998 and ruined the show. In 2004 they ditched having a presenter and I found that I could enjoy the show again without getting annoyed at the cr*p presenting of Lisa Riley and the dull and un-funny Jonathan Wilkes who only lasted a year on the show.

                            You've Been Framed! is now narrated by the genius Harry Hill. He has no screen time and this helps the clips run much more freely and I find that once I start to laugh it makes the rest of the clips even funnier! Harry Hill's narration is very witty and well written and this just makes the show even funnier!

                            For those of you that don't know, You've Been Framed! is a clip-show that is made up by videos that the public send them. If your clip is shown on the show you even get £250.

                            I'm not sure how people manage to capture all the funny moments and it must just be luck that they were filming when something funny happens. Sometimes the clips are quite obviously set-up and it's a little annoying that they are included. On the few occasions that I watched when Lisa Riley was presenting, there seemed to be a lot more "staged" clips but now there doesn't seem to be as many as video cameras are much more accessible now so more people film things.

                            A lot of people think that You've Been Framed! is past it's sell-by-date but I think that Harry Hill has saved the show and I'm glad that it is still on on a Saturday afternoon. The show is only 30 minutes long so if you don't like it, watch something else and stop complaining!

                            I like this show as you don't really have to pay attention to it. It's really funny, Harry Hill is great and what is funnier than home videos of cats fighting, kids falling into ponds and men getting hit in the balls!?

                            If you're like me and like to laugh at people getting hurt, then You've Been Framed! is the show to keep you entertained!

                            My favourite clips include...
                            Kids falling over.
                            People dancing when drunk.
                            Old women falling off chairs.
                            Accidents involving bikes.
                            Anything with cats.
                            &... Men getting hit where it hurts!



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                              26.11.2009 23:28
                              Very helpful



                              Chickenfoot really deserve the Supergroup title. This is a great debut album.

                              Chickenfoot... Yes that's right, this band is called Chickenfoot! Might sound like a bit of joke name but the members of this group are no joke at all! 

                              If you know anything about musical greats then you will see why Chickenfoot have gained the title of "Supergroup"! (Though Sammy Hager says "We're not a supergroup, we like hanging out together and the music is a bonus. We just happen to be in other groups.) Haha. 

                              We have Sammy Hager from Van Halen on lead vocal and fellow Van Halen member Michael Anthony on the bass. 
                              The amazing solo guitarist Joe Satriani provides the great guitar riffs and Chad Smith from Red Hot Chili Peppers completes the group on the drums!

                              The two members of Van Halen seem to be the biggest influence on Chickenfoot and they work together so well! Sammy Hager's voice is so powerful and as he was the singer of Van Halen, Chickenfoot is very similar.

                              In my opinion Chad Smith is one of the greatest drummers around at the moment and he is outstanding in Chickenfoot as he gets to play in a more Rock way than in Red Hot Chili Peppers. I love the way he has described Chickenfoot as his 'mistress' and that he needs to go back to his 'wife' ie. Red Hot Chili Peppers! He will be back with his mistress after another Chili Pepper album though. 

                              Joe Satriani is an amazing solo guitarist that has built up a huge following without even being in a band. This is all down to his amazing skill with the guitar. He's a modern day Hendrix!

                              Their self titled debut album has a track listing like this...
                              1, Avenida Revolution 
                              2, Soap on a Rope 
                              3, Sexy Little Thing 
                              4, Oh Yeah 
                              5, Runnin' Out 
                              6, Get It Up 
                              7, Down the Drain 
                              8, My Kinda Girl 
                              9, Learning to Fall 
                              10, Turnin' Left 
                              11, Future in the Past

                              The album is nearly an hour long and most of the songs are 5 - 6 minutes long mainly due to the fantastic guitar solos by Satriani in the middle!

                              This is great, old-fashioned, in your face Rock & Roll! I mean old-fashioned in a good way by the way! Chickenfoot go back to the roots of Rock & Roll and their sound is very much like that of AC/DC, Van Halen and Led Zeppelin. 

                              The guitar work is so fast paced and very intricate. It is not as OTT creative as Joe Satriani's solo stuff but it works so well with the lyrics from Sammy Hager. 

                              The great stand out tracks for me are
                              Soap on a Rope, Down The Drain and my favourite song, Sexy Little Thing. 
                              The opening track isn't the greatest but you should definitely stick with it. 

                              There are a few slower songs in the album and this really shows Sammy's vocal range when he hits those powerful screams.  

                              This is definitely an album for Rock & Roll fans and I think it would be quite difficult to get into if you don't like old rock music. I think it is a breath of fresh air in the charts as most of today's 'rock' music doesn't really deserve that title!

                              Chickenfoot are trying to bring back old school Rock & Roll and I think they are doing a damn good job! They may have a stupid name but I hope they can all keep the Chickenfoot band rolling even with all their other band commitments. 



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                              • Top Gear / TV Programme / 112 Readings / 107 Ratings
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                                24.11.2009 23:19
                                Very helpful



                                The best show on TV at the moment! A must for all car fans!

                                Top Gear is back on our TV screens and Sunday nights are complete once again!

                                Since its relaunch in 2002, Top Gear has become a firm favourite in households across the country and now thanks to the internet, across the world!

                                For those of you that don't know, Top Gear is an hour long car show that is shown on BBC2 on Sunday nights.

                                The presenters

                                Jeremy Clarkson is the main man and father figure of the group. His opinionated but humorous tongue-in-cheek presenting style fits the show perfectly and some of the comment he makes come back and bite him in the ars*. A lot of people find him rude and arrogant but I just think he is hilarious. You have to remember that it is his style to cause offence so if you are easily offended, this probably isn't the show for you!

                                Richard Hammond joined the show on its relaunch in 2002 and he is often has pranks played on him. The "Hamster" suffered a life-threatening crash at speeds of over 280 mph in 2006 whilst filming for Top Gear and I think that helped his rise to fame a little more.

                                James May joined the Top Gear team in 2003. His nickname is Captain Slow, this was given to him because of his 'careful' driving style! I guess you could say he is the most sensible presenter and brings a balance to the team.

                                The Stig

                                "Some say that the outline of his left nipple is exactly the same shape as the Nürburgring. And if you give him a really important job, he'll skive off and play croquet. All we know is...he's called the Stig."
                                Who is The Stig? No one knows! The Stig is Top Gear's Tamed racing driver who tests all the cars on the track. He never talks, he never takes off his helmet. I love The Stig!

                                The Show

                                The show usually starts with the presenters being set a challenge by the producers and the first 15 minutes will be the start of the challenge. They come back to the challenge at the end of the show. I think they do this to keep people watching as the challenges are most peoples favourite part of the show.

                                After the presenters give all the news from the motoring world they usually test a new and exciting car from the likes of Ferrari of Jaguar etc and The Stig takes the car for a Power Lap to see how fast it really is.

                                Every week a special guest takes the wheel of the "Reasonably Priced Car" to see how fast they can drive it around the Top Gear track. I love seeing the guests pretend that their time doesn't matter but when Jeremy is about to read out their lap time they really do care! At the moment I think Jay Kay and Simon Cowell are leading the lap times.

                                I love the challenges and the races that the producers set the team every week. My favourite ones are usually when the team is racing against each other in different modes of transport. It is always funny to see what goes wrong and James May's hopeless sense of direction is usually the cause!

                                Why I Love Top Gear

                                Even though Top Gear has been going for a long time now it still feels fresh and exciting. After 113 episodes to date they are still coming up with new ideas! The presenters all work together really well and you can tell from watching the show that they all get along really well!

                                I love the styling and camera work when they are testing the cars on the track. The colours are bright and vivid and at times they make everything look very sharp and edgy.

                                I'm always looking forward to seeing what they are going to be doing every week and I hope the show continues for a long time to come!

                                Old episodes can be found on the Dave channel but they cut the shows to 46 minutes from 60 minutes to allow for advert breaks. It is still a great way to catch up with Top Gear and it seems to be always on!

                                Most people think it is a show for Men and I guess it is. But my girlfriend loves watching Top Gear and I know a lot of girls that do too. It's the perfect show to enjoy with your boyfriend/husband ladies!



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                                • Good Will Hunting (DVD) / DVD / 80 Readings / 78 Ratings
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                                  24.11.2009 17:49
                                  Very helpful



                                  A great tale of a young man trying to find his own way in the world.

                                  Good Will Hunting is one of those films that I saw a few years ago on TV late one night and really liked, then forgot about! Until the other week when I saw it on Lovefilm.com and added it to my rental list. It arrived a few days ago and we watched it last night and it was every bit as good as I remembered.

                                  Matt Damon stars as Will, a young hot-headed lay about who hides a secret, he is a genius! When his Parole Officer sends him to work as a janitor at the prestigious MIT college he finds an equation on a blackboard that takes the best mathematicians years to solve. The next morning the complicated maths problem is solved and the Tutors are baffled by who could have solved it! When Will is about to be put in prison for assault the tutor realises that Will is the mystery genius and he convinces the judge to release Will into his care under the condition that he sees a psychiatrist.

                                  The film explores the relationships between the troubled genius Will and everyone that he meets. His best friend Chuck (Ben Affleck) is someone who he looks up to but Chuck knows that Will is destined for better things and wishes he could stop holding himself back.

                                  Robin Williams play Sean Maguire, the psychiatrist that has to try to figure out why Will seems intent of self destruct. Robin Willams is amazing in this serious role and I love the relationship that builds up between his character and Matt Damons character.

                                  Minnie Driver takes the role of Wills on/off girlfriend very well but I do find her to fit the stereotypical role of "clever British girl" a bit to well and to a Brit it does get a bit annoying. I'm sure the Americans love it though.

                                  This really is a journey of discovery for the main character Will and also for Robin William's character as he is coming to terms with the death of his wife and the turbulent friendship he has with Prof. Gerald Lambeau, (Stellan Skarsgård) the maths tutor who's charged with Will's care.

                                  Good Will Hunting was written by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon and they have done a fantastic job. The script is very well written and the plot is full of feeling and very believable. This shows with all the awards this film won including an Oscar for the writing and an Oscars for Robin Williams' supporting role.

                                  At 126 minutes long it is quite slow moving at times, but this isn't a gun blazing action film so the pace fits the subject matter very well. The acting is great throughout so that helps the viewer pay attention for the duration of the film.

                                  The DVD is available on Play.com for only £2.99 and for that price it is well worth buying. You're getting a great, heart-warming tale for only 300 pennies!




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