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Member since: 04.09.2012

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      04.09.2012 23:32



      Great bass, brilliant sound, and looks beautiful!

      I've owned one of these since last christmas, I've owned a lot of basses and this one is by far my favourite of the bunch. Upon first putting it on I noticed it was a bit smaller than most other basses I've played but the sustain on it was still as amazing if not better than the rest.

      The neck is a bit chunky but equally fast and the higher frets are easily accessed with the contours around the neck/body joint. The EMG-SSD pickups give a nice punchy sound with a little more midrange than standard EMG pickups.

      This bass is an entry level Spector model and while I have compared this to higher end Spectors, this bass definitely lives up to its name, it certainly is a Performer! Unlike the higher end Spectors, the edges of the bass are not curved which makes it feel chunky and a bit less ergonomic than say a Euro series or NS but you get what you pay for, which is a high quality instrument.

      I'd recommend it to players of any skill level and I hope mine stays with me for years to come, so far over the past year its served me well and hasn't let me down once!


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