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Member since: 09.09.2003

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    • Braun OxyJet / Electric Toothbrush / 0 Readings / 2 Ratings
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      10.09.2003 17:43
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      After some rather complicated dental surgery that saved a tooth, but at the cost of creating a 'food trap' my dentist recommended that I get a Braun OxyJet. I bought one and started to use it regularly. I now never use a toothbrush, except to shine up the front of my mouth. What's the point? After brushing and flossing, if you use the water jet you flush out all sorts of particles and bits that were still lurking under the gums. I had stopped eating popcorn, one of my favourite foods, because those sharp husks slide up under the gums and cause trouble. Now I just jet them all out. I have two of these now, so that if one breaks down, there is a spare in reserve. I did have a problem of non-functioning with one, but whatever was wrong cleared up after having a few weeks rest. I just wish I'd had one of these 30 years ago - my teeth would be in much better shape than they are now, but I haven't had any problems since getting this device three years ago and my gums and teeth are in fine fettle.


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