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      15.01.2006 12:00
      Very helpful



      Piracy - A Godsend

      This is what I ask you all, is it really that bad? Are Filesharers to blame for high prices and artists with small labels not making money? Are they terrorists those who sell CD's on the street? Is the propaganda the government sends out in waves really true. I present to you one word - No.

      I admit to being a filesharer myself and not paying for a lot of my music, however, what I do own are CD's of lesser known bands. Would I have bought their CD if not for file sharing? Tis unlikely as the Small record label albums are hard to find expensive, and if not for the net I would not even of heard of them. I don't want to waste 15 pounds of my cash on a small label I mayor may not like, why should I waste my y money when I can try the album beforehand at home for nothing? Would YOU buy a record you'd never heard no, or even heard of their music?

      And this applies to computer gamesas well, many a time I have downloaded a computer game to try it out before buying a real version. Why? Because you get more in the REAL copy, suchas online play.

      Back on topic - No, the future of small labels taking off is Filesharing services such as Bittorrent. They allow music listeners to try the album beforehand, and if they dislike it? Well they just don't buy it.

      Oh I'd also like to add, it is not filesharers that push up the prices, it is retailers. How much mark up do you think is made? Around 200% most likely, and this is not even taking into account the amount the Record labels take from the money the artists earn. If you look to the above about digital distribution, is it possible for artists to launch their music without the need for a label, The labels presume that without them they would have no publicity non? With File sharing there would be no need for that, artists could distribute CD's from a home sit to those that like their music, and increase their income.

      Moving onto another topic matter about the government propaganda is the lies , or twisted truths they send out. Many adverts claim that "Pirate" Films are of a very poor quality, and not worth paying for. Perhaps they are not as good as the cinema version, but you get what you pay for yes? I choose the get the lesser quality version off the net for films which are ot top of my must see list. And this may even encourage me to buy the DVD when it is released. The adverts used are completely untrue, and very little evidence is shown to back it up. There merely take people who have been caught with poor copies and used that to fuel their campaign.

      Another lie sent out is that they claim that money from music piracy fuels drug crime, terrorism,and other matter such as them. I would ask for proof no? And as of yet they have provided no evidence to sway me otherwise. Most of the people I know who sell CD's and DVD's are honest guys who want to make a little bit of money on the side. Not gun wielding manics as I'm sure you'll agree.

      Originally written by me here -

      Music Piracy review written here as there was no other "Piracy" Option.


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        07.01.2006 23:55



        Too much Ho-hum and not enough Yee-haw

        Still nostalgically loved by students and twenty somethings alike, the Dukes of Hazzard television series was a guilty pleasure that featured the flying chassis of "The General Lee", lots of southern drawls and Daisy Duke in her shorts.

        And so the somewhat inevitable small-screen to cinema remake already has a built in audience eager to see if what magic the original had, would be transplanted to the silver-screen.

        The result? Car-wise it's an undeniable thrill to see the legendary charger back in action, barreling down the dusty backroads executing impssible handbrake turns and shrugging the bonds of gravity to sail majesticly through the air.

        Cast-wise Seann William Scott (Stifler from American Pie) and Jackass Johnny Knoxville both have a riot as the irrepressible thrillibies the Duke Boys. Jessica Simpson stars as their Sexy cousin Daisy Duke, wile Burt Reynolds stars as two-it police chief Boss hog and Country and western icon Willie nelson shines as as as old goat uncle Jesse.

        What remains of the plot follows Cousins Bo and Luke with the assistance of Daisy and Uncle Jesse, in trying to save the Duke family farm by the towns corrupt and evil commissioner Boss Hogg. Theres also something about how Hogg makes a high profile auto race to distract the locals from his mining scam.

        The efforts constantly find the Duke boys eluding authorities in the General Lee that keeps that one step ahead of the dimwitted Southern Sheriff and his hapless cronies,
        The Dukes of Hazzard is loud silly and lame-brained fun, though unfortunately it offers too much Hu-hum and not enough Yee-haw.

        Therefore I can not recommend this film. =( (Film only review do not own DVD)


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        • Apple iPod nano 2 GB / MP3 Player / 28 Readings / 21 Ratings
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          07.12.2005 23:21
          Very helpful



          A stylish but flawed product.

          The iPod Nano is the new product released into the Apple iPod range, fitted with its own gimmick which will appeal greatly to the masses of folks who wish to be seen as being cool, trendy and popular. In all seriousness, who doesn't want an iPod?

          Not I.

          The damn thing is flimsy, the covers scatched with ease, making the screen becoming unreadable. Why buy a rushed product, flawed beyond revival?

          The battery only lasts about 5-6 hours when fully charged (it is meant to last for 12).

          The size is a gimmick: why do I need an mp3 player this small? Why pay £130 for this when I can buy a mp3 player with real capacity (20 gig) for only a little extra? The nano can hold photos, but what is the use in that when your tiny screen cannot show them well? It cannot even show them at all considering how fast it scratches.

          Which brings me on to the price. The Apple brand preys on the insecurities of the fashion concious consumer, charging inflated prices of around £40 extra.

          The games bundled with the iPod are a joke - Brick, Music Quiz, Parachute and the classic Solitaire, the screen making the games near impossible to read. And with products such as the PSP being released, which have high quality games and serve as an MP3 player, why not pay £50 extra for a quality product?

          Apple even try to force its dreadful iTunes product upon you with its music you get overcharged for...but that's for another time.

          There are a few positives to pick from the pool. The sound quality I have noticed is better than most MP3 players, but is not something I would pay £140 for.

          Ear phones are satisfactory, the earbud style is one I like, for a change, and it gives good sound quality.
          And of course it has the iPod famous sleek style and "Cool" white colour.

          And the speed of transfer is comparable to other players, can fill the thing in about 10-20 mins.

          If you're willing to pay the extra for a fashion item which will last but weeks - go ahead. If not, glad to see some people are intelligent.

          Edit : I used to own the product, got as a present, tis now sold.


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          • World of Warcraft (PC) / PC Game / 35 Readings / 30 Ratings
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            27.11.2005 21:14
            Very helpful



            "Shallow with no substance"

            The pitch of the game is you are put into the world and may join the horses of the alliance. You must then build your levels through quests and then perhaps attack the other team of players, Oh and what is also claimed to be a place to make friends and to form relationships.

            What I must say is that the game is beautiful, much work has been put into making each of the character models unique with huge customizable options available, and bright colours used to pull the casual gamer in. The world is filled with lush landscapes and textures but of course it cant compare to single player games such as Morrowind due to it been ran off servers where millions are logging on.

            As I outlined before, the aim of the game is to build levels through quests which may to collect an item or suchlike. The main Experience points are found in visiting areas repeatability kill monsters which respawn regularly. This is where the game falls down for me, it has a lack of depth and the constant leveling. Boredom soon sets in and you wish you were playing something which would require some thought.

            There are more "Powergame" methods on the game, trade skills, such as alchemy, tailoring and cooking are example of what your character can learn which your character can learn allow you to make items which are to be sold for gold. Of course they are undervalued and you get more for selling the resources. This has led to players harvesting all they can find and selling them.

            You could be drawn in to play more due to the number of races and , classes available. This expands the life of the game somewhat but again it gets tedious.

            Dwarves, Gnomes, Humans, Night Elves, Orcs, Tauren, Trolls, and Undead
            Druid Hunter Mage Paladin Priest Rogue Shaman Warlock Warrior

            World of Warcraft claims to be a Rpg game but I have seen no roleplaying in the time I was there. All I came across were ignorant people who ran around killing people chanting "Owned u noob" And if any roleplay was ever attempted to occur? You received insults, indifference, or people wondering what you are on about. While I was there I despised the fact how people talked about levels and RL matters and was a huge reason as to why I quit the game.

            Overall I find the game shallow with no substance, and even with its graphics, you don't get to enjoy them due to the lag.
            And with it being 8 pounds a month? I'd have to give it a thumbs down.


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              27.11.2005 13:46



              A poor film of cheesiness.

              This film is the third in the series and the batman films, and in an attempt to appeal the mass audiences it uses a number of cheesy lines, costumes and bright colours to draw you in.

              Humor has been attempted to be put in but it backfires as the constant poor lines begin to make you cringe - In tiredness of the cliché.

              Batman is played decently by George Clooney where the actor could have been suited for the part-he certainly look it, but doesn't really seem to fit in this shambles.

              The storyline is solid enough, although not done very well.

              "Batman, Robin, and Batgirl must find a cure for Alfred's mysterious disease while saving Gotham City from Poison Ivy and Mr. Freeze who join forces in an attempt to freeze the world leaving it to the plants"

              Which brings me to introduce the fact of the new character batgirl, she had a chance to grow a character, like the rest of the cast but the opportunity is thrown away by the shallow script and the unsuited actors for the "comedy"

              Robin is played similarly to Batgirl—No substance.

              This film could have been so much better but like I've said - Its Batman in a circus, but of course,some people like this rubbish.


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                26.11.2005 23:35



                An improvment ion the lastgame

                Hitman contracts, in my opinion improves upon the other one greatly.

                Graphics + Sounds: The game is much sharper than its prequel more detail has been put into the environment and the character models. Added things to improve the areas such as the blood on the walls, the bars and general things are quite well done, although it doesn't really push the playstation 2 to its limits. One main plus is the rag doll physics where the enemies are flung around realistically from gun fire etc.

                Sound: Convincing for the most part. Voice acting is good and has the appropriate accents. Ambient sounds are done well, as are the sounds of weapons. Its add suspense to many of the situations which really gets you in the mood for the game.

                Gameplay: The theory remains the same-Get to your target in any way you do so wish, weather it be with stealth or an assault, with more discrete play rewarded
                You can rush into each mission, gung ho with your firearms if you wish to do so but after each mission you are graded on your performance, how many innocent people you kill, how many enemies you take out. And getting a Silent assassin rating allows you to unlock extras to the game such as new weaponry.

                Overall I’d rate this good game and now its available in the bargain bin, get it for Christmas this year!


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