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    • Kensington Easy Riser / PC Accessory / 19 Readings / 19 Ratings
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      17.03.2014 22:40
      Very helpful
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      • Reliability


      Great accessory, the best I have bought for my notebook this year.


      This is a review for a 'Kensington Easy Rider Laptop Cooling Stand'. The item was purchased from the online retailer Kensington for £17.99 (not including postage fee). If your going to buy this stand then it is expected you buy a keyboard and mouse too as the stand tilts the laptop. It can be found on other sites such as Amazon and Ebay, where cheaper second-hand options are available.

      Item usage

      This laptop stand has two roles, the first being propping the laptop up for a better view. The stand is posted in a flat box, from which you take the stand. At this point the stand is flat there is a black screw on the left side which you can loosen and it will open the stand. You can tighten the screw once you have chosen your angle. You can have stand to approximately a 45-55 degree tilt, so you have the option to change things around and make it less steep or more to your eye level if needed. 12-17 inch Laptops are acceptable to use for this stand. I use a 15 inch notebook which fits extremely well. The second objective is to act as a Laptop cooler by increasing air circulation. The stand props my netbook up which allows air to circulate thus preventing it from overheating.

      Personal viewpoint

      The stand is a very useful accessory, I bought it three months ago and it is permanently on my desk. I do not use my notebook without it. The biggest reason for me to buy this stand was overheating. I had bought laptop fans in the past. I found that they break and they are noisy. So once I came across this I thought I should give it a try. Doing my research on a busy day I can be on the laptop for up to 8-10 hours a day and I need my laptop to be working at its best, my laptop never feels 'hot' like it use to, when I would use it for terribly long hours. I had to turn it off in the past as the heat was so intense. Now I can go through 8 hours and my laptop will be fine. Most laptops overheat and most people do not realise something as simple as a stand could even extend the life of your laptop and save you money and trouble.

      Secondly I just really wanted to prop my laptop up to eye level, I found it to be more like using a computer. In addition my neck feels much better, it is not strained from looking down as the laptop is raised up.


      The stand I have is a very dark Grey with a almost black screw on the left side. It has the Kensington Logo on the front and some grey padding on the top side, where the laptop lays. I have posted images on my blog which I will post the link too below.


      I believe for such a excellent quality made product the price is great. I would rather spend £17.99 than have my laptop overheat. I did have a quick look at Ebay today and I saw the stand on for £12.00 free p&p so if you want a bargain you know where to look.

      Negative aspects

      This stand is fantastic and I found it hard to think of any issues, but after a while I have come up with one. The screw, it is really quite tough at times to unscrew, however I completely understand by being secure it ensures my notebook will not fall. But it would be nice if they had another system of locking it in place. One for people like me with weakling hands!


      -Kensington SmartFit system creates a customised monitor height adjustment in two easy steps
      -Increases air circulation helping prevent overheating
      - Grey Padded inserts provide a secure, comfortable fit so my laptop feels stable.
      Folds flat to travel easily
      - Allows around 50 degrees tilting
      -Item should be used with a keyboard and mouse
      - 12" to 17" Laptops are usable with this item.

      I have bought over 10 accessories for my laptop from USB ports to Wireless mouse, but this item is by far the best. So useful has to be 5 out of 5.

      Pictures of product


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        13.07.2013 17:23
        Very helpful



        Great item, worth every penny.

        I remember when I first moved into Halls at University, I went and bought myself a Toastie Maker, I have extremely fond memories of making ridiculously crazy creations with this handy product and have decided to do it some fair justice and review it!


        Cookworks Sandwich Toaster, you can buy this Item from various outlets, in my case I bought from Argos for around £20.00, it is still available. This product is more commonly known as a toastie maker, it is a handy way of toasting 2 slices of bread with any filling of your choice.


        The Toaster is significantly Black and Grey. The top has a square silver area which has the words COOKWORKS written on and behind that we have to small rectangle Green and Red, which signify whether the Item is hot enough and whether your Toastie is ready to eat. The rest of the Item is Jet Black. It has a very handy handle on the front which simply allows you to carry your Sandwich toaster with you, if you need to transport it. The bottom has two studs with white tips, which allow balance, it also has a section where you can roll the power lead into if the power lead is too long which I found very handy. On the handle they have placed a clip which allows you to open the top section to reveal the section which actually does the toasting. Inside is completely black and you fit 2 sandwiches in. The outlines are triangular and therefore when toasting the sandwich usually almost split into perfect triangle shapes.

        Overall a really decent looking item, it's quite small, but that is a bonus I feel, it's looks smart and compact. There are better looking items around the £20.00-£30.00 range, however as I will explain further below this item still does "what says on the tin" and does it well.


        I honestly believe this item is probably the best Kitchen Appliance I could asked for, it is so simple to use. An example would be turn the item on wait until the light indicates it is hot and ready for the sandwich then placing a slice of white bread in adding some sliced onions, tomato slices and some cheese, pop another slice of bread on close the top and let it do it's work...it will inform you via the Green light that the item is ready to take out.

        Overall it is simple, usage is something which makes this item so simplistic, yet so good. The lighting is fantastic so you don't have to constantly check your informed of your Toastie being ready. I cannot criticise any aspect of Usage.


        For cost it is worth it the quality of this item for £20.00, was worth the money spent, I have looked recently online and admittedly there are some fantastic Toastie makers for just around £5-£10.00 more, however I have used this Sandwich toaster and it is reliable and it's gained my trust, I can't review the other items apart from their internet appearance whereas this Sandwich toaster has proven it's worth to me.

        Positive aspects

        -Reliability, I have never had a day where it has caused me trouble, it is consistent and most of all is super student friendly, often in halls things break, I lived with 8 other people who all used this product, it still lasted, which I find it to be a miracle.

        -Quick Food, I was studying a Degree which included Monday to Wednesday, full days University and then Thursday to Friday placement. After I came home from either, I would have assignments to do, research to do and exams to revise for. During my most stressful periods I use to eat processed food, microwave meals, I then started to take notice of the Toastie maker and invented healthier and tastier but quick recipes such as Tuna, Chicken, Veggie Toasties. It so fantastic and so quick, whether you are a rushed parent or a student this is the a fantastic way to get good food but quick.

        -Cost, as a £20.00 investment i would say it has saved me money in the long run, rather than going out buying food I make myself a toastie, it also fairly cheap.

        Negative aspect

        -After thinking long and hard I could only find one issue which is after a few uses you have to clean it or it's greasy very quick, especially if your using cheese, HOWEVER any person with good hygiene knows it is sensible to clean after ever use anyway so it's a really minor criticism but really depends if the users is bothered to clean it or not so wont' apply to all!

        Overall it is the King of my Kitchen!


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          06.05.2013 18:35
          Very helpful



          A truly amazing University

          I will graduate from Lancaster University in July, So I have decided to give this in-depth review for future 'potential' students. I know how hard it is to choose a University 3 years ago I was doing the same therefore I have separated this review into sections these are; Lancaster University (overview), Location, Transport, Collegiate system/Accommodation, Subjects, Lusu Union, International students, Student Services, Social life, Security, Great BONUSES they offer/Campus & Personal opinion.

          Lancaster University (overview)****

          Lancaster University is a top 10 University in the UK and in the top 1% in the world, it offers a wide range of to study from Foundations, to HNC Foundations, to Bachelors of Arts, to Bachelors of Sciences, to Masters, to MBA's, to PHDs... Lancaster University has a collegiate system (more info given below) and had a diverse community of students. In fact out of the 12,000 students 1,500 are internationals hence the fact I have had the wonderful opportunity to make friends with Nigerians, Americans, Australians, Egyptians, Indians a Vietnamese students! In 2013 it currently stands that 94% of students who graduate from Lancaster get into employment within 6 months of graduating. Most entries in to Lancaster are AAAb students (at Alevel).


          Lancaster University is based in the North of England in the city of Lancaster, it's has Manchester and hour train ride away and Blackpool and Preston twenty minute train ride away (or a 1 hour bus ride). The University itself is based around a 3 miles from the City centre. The surrounding location is largely greenery (we are near the lovely forest of bowland); Lancaster has a farming community so on your journey there you will pass a lot of cows and sheep, however do not worry once you get to the 360 acre campus the only animals you will encounter are the friendly Lancaster ducklings!
          *Bailrigg Lancaster, Lancashire LA1 4YW*


          I wanted to put transport and location next to each other as Lancaster may be located in the Outside of the city, but thanks to the Universities fantastic partnerships with the local stage coach bus company, public transport is widely available and frequent. On weekdays buses come to and from around every 10 minutes, the University campus has an 'underpass' which is built below the university special for all the buses to arrive. I live off campus currently and have 3 buses (2, 2A and 4); very close to my house they all take me to campus. I also have the 3, X1 and 42 which is a bus stop slightly further (3 minute walk) and those buses also take me to the university, as said before the partnership between the university and stage coach is great and as a result I can honestly say that I have never seen such a fantastic bus service as I have done in the city of Lancaster.

          There are also close links with Taxi companies and Lancaster University, they have built a little rank for taxi's to pick up students us, since the campus is very big I use to worry about Taxis not finding my area within the University, however most taxi drivers are local and get most of their business from students and therefore know the campus well. Depending on the time and day fare varies after 12 fare increase etc.
          The train service to Lancaster is decent, just an average looking train station in the middle of the city then you can get an X1 bus from the city to the University personally I just call a taxi and have it waiting for me usually cost around £7.00 to get on campus. Trains come to Lancaster from a wide range of places so I would not worry about train transport.

          Cycling route, Lancaster University have worked with the council encourage a cycle route for students, I cycle and feel safer on the route than I do the main roads, I feel it is a fantastic that the University encourages and supports its cyclers. (Look below for Green Lancaster for further cycling pro tips in Lancaster University)
          So for transport I would rate Lancaster 5 out 5, they cover all the areas, there are always buses from 6am to midnight, on some weekdays there are N1 buses at 3am for those studying in the University library till late and want to get home afterwards. I have recently broke my laptop in a cycling accident and I have to travel to University more or less every day to use the library resources for my dissertation and I personally believe they do a fantastic with transport.

          Collegiate System/Accommondation*******

          Lancaster have a collegiate system, so when you apply to the University to choose a college (well you chose a first option and a second and get assigned to either one). The colleges allow you to have a strong identity within and I personally am a Bowlander (Bowland college) and am extremely proud to be so! However we are all united as Lancaster University students first and foremost! If you chose to live on campus which most first year's do, you live within your college area and your accommodation each college has a bar which I feel is quiet handy most of the bars are updated and look pretty nice (Bowland bar is the most recently renovated and looks lovely)! There is 'banter' especially amongst Lonsdale and Bowland college as they were the 2 first colleges to be built! Bowland coming first I might add! But overall it is amazing explore the colleges more in-depth before you chose, you want to make sure you pick the right one (There are 9 each with their own president and JCR (sort of a council group which are elected by the students in the colleges themselves).
          Each college have a variety of accommodation from single flats, to share town house, to ensuite rooms. When you apply for a college you are applying for accommodation as well. Expect high quality student accommodation, price varies from £80+.

          The collegiate system has been with Lancaster since the beginning and something I feel gives that uniqueness to Lancaster University as only a handful of Universities including oxford and Cambridge have this style.
          College info: http://www.lancs.ac.uk/study/teaching-and-learning/collegiate-system/


          Lancaster University have such a wide range of subjects from Sciences to Arts to Languages to mathematics. From the traditional Law to Computer science, they really have a lot. I study within the Faculty of Health and Medicine (Each subject is put into a Faculty or School), my faculty are very helpful and are supportive, and they have recently moved bases to a new faculty which looks amazing! Although I graduate this year, I am planning on returning next year to study Msc Management; the management school is actually one of the best in the country and arguably is the best. I would say overall Lancaster offers most courses people want and a variety within example being if you want to study within the business area you can study; business studies, business economics, business analytics etc!

          The University offers foundations for international students so if you have not studied Alevels or what is required you can study a 1 year foundation which allows you to gain the relevant qualification needed to apply for a degree at the University, if you don't get the grade necessary then there are close links with other universities which they will put you in touch with.

          Course Search: http://www.lancs.ac.uk/study/undergraduate/courses/course-search/

          Lusu (Union)******

          The Union works through JCR as mentioned above JCR are like a group of student counsellors elected by each college, they are unpaid and take issues from there members to the LUSU Union who are paid and voted in by the whole University (salaries up to £20,000 per year). All JCR and Union leaders are current students. I personally think Lancaster Universities Union is fantastic, they speak for us and while I have been at University, I have seen the student voice be stood for by the union we have prevented Job losses from our Lancaster Admin team just by showing voicing our opinion in General meetings, our Union sticks by us and is strong force for us. The Union also have a mini co-op supermarket which is called LUSU Central, they have another Small Shop called LUSU Shop, they have LUSU Vinvolved which allows students to join in volunteering in and outside the UK, they have LUSU housing which is a fantastic housing group who help 2nd years who are not allowed to live on campus, get housing. There is also Lusu Green which is a small organisation which encourages eco-friendly 'stuff'!

          International Students******

          As said above Lancaster has an amazing diversity of International students, I also wanted to mention our links with China and Nigeria, in fact Lancaster have an entire Foundation school in Nigeria and one in China. If you are international don't worry, the university caters to your needs! There are societies such as the new South Korea Society, which allows South Koreans to meet and socialise and also allows people like me to understand your culture more. A lot of shops cater to international needs so for example the on campus spar has a lot of eastern Asian sauces and foods.

          Student services*****

          I think it is very important to have a good service for students within the university which is why I felt the need to mention the amazing student base services within Lancaster University, if you are stuck on finance, something to do with disability, counselling anything the base will support you or direct you to the correct area. We have a fantastic counselling service, which has recently been expanded after positive feedback from the students, Lancaster University is well known across the United Kingdom for having high rates of student satisfaction and I have personally seen that while I have been here!

          Lancatser University offer £1000 busary to students from low income families and £1000 busary to students who recuieve 3 A's in a level (British students). Students who may be struggling with finance can apply for a loan from the University (If student finance is messing around).

          Social life******

          The Union owns a club known as the 'Sugar House' which is actually an old converted sugar mill! There are many pubs in Lancaster and around 10 clubs, students have bard to each college, social life is as you expect with all universities, expect a lot of partying and drinking....if you're not interested in that then know there are loads of alternatives such as a cinema within the campus, quiz nights and various societies offer various get together which do not involve being drunk all the time. I would also like to point out Lancaster is one of the safest campuses in the United Kingdom I have never had a bad night out at Lancaster although on one occasion I found my bike screws loose when I left my bike overnight at campus! Once again due to the amazing relationship between the University and Stage coach there are free busses to clubs on set dates to take and bring back. Drinks are decent in price at clubs, slightly more expensive in bars on campus but affordable.


          As said above Lancaster University is one of the safest campuses in the United Kingdom (top 3), there is a security lodge on campus who deal security matters, on top of that there are porters in every college for security. They often do rounds across each type of accommondation to ensure students are fine, if for example you are unhappy with the noise level you can use the internal phone system (from within your rooms) to call porters and they deal with it. I feel very safe at Lancaster and would state it is a safe place to study!

          Great BONUSES they offer/Campus******

          *£20,000,000 state of the art GYM...membership is around £150-300 per year for students we get a massive discount, the price might seem steep for students, but honestly the gym is exceptional, I have been a member for a year, I love it I play squash, use the cardio and weights room mainly, top of the range!
          *9 Colleges which you can apply to join
          *9 Bars (which serve food as well) one for each college
          *3 Woodland trails within the 360 acres campus
          *Outdoor Football pitches, Rugby pitches, Hockey/Basketball courts (Indoor as well for some sports)
          *High Range outdoor Barbeque for student usage (Free)
          *Food Outlets: Gregg's, Subways, Spar, Lusu Central (sell co-op food), Lusu shop, Pizzeta restaurant (Italian), Pizzeta cafe, Sultans standard takeaway), Chinese restaurant, Wibboly Wobbily Burger Bar, St. Johns Hospice charity shop, Robinsons News Agents, Ice cream store! (Amazing Ice cream )
          *Santander and Barclays banks, Blackwell's bookstore, Lusu Involve (Volunteer project) Lusu Housing (off campus housing support office), Lusu (Union office), Lusu Green (Unions eco friendly office encouraging eco-friendly 'stuff' such as free biking maintenance & selling bikes).
          *Free Sainsbury's bus once a week for food shop (Take and bring back service)
          *Close links with Transport (bus) so Buses regularly every 10 mins maximum term time.
          *24/7 Library on weekdays Weekends 7am-12 midnight (Has great wide screen computers and inside 1000 computers.
          *24/7 Learning Zone (Chill out area for studying in)
          *24/7 Computer Labs (7 in total scattered around the university).
          *200+ societies and sports groups to choose from...Boxing, Amnesty International, Chinese, Football, Basketball. (Good range of sports for both girls and boys) I am personally joined to the Boxing society and for £3.00 for 2 hour sessions which are amazing, I cannot say how fun and useful for my fitness it is. I am also part of the paintball society and every 3 months we drive to differing places and go play!
          *Lancaster University's wind turbine provides approximately 11-17% of the University's energy requirements. (Pretty cool I think!)
          *Two amazingly fast internet connections.
          *Internal phone system, every room with the college has one so you can call your friends for free!

          Personal Opinion*******

          I love this University and I am happy that I will have the opportunity to return, Love the people the environment, the amazing diversity, the standard of teaching is unbelievable, Lancaster University is growing in reputation every year and I proud to be a student of Lancaster University. They offer amazing support and offer an amazing variety of subjects, I would recommend you come to an open day if you are interested! This University has changed me, I was so nervous when I walked through the doors...today I am truly opposite. A truly amazing University!


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            04.05.2013 13:57
            Very helpful


            • Reliability


            For under £200 I cannot say anything but a great tablet.

            The Google Nexus 7 is the creation of Google who joined forces with Asus to produce there first Tablet. I bought mine from Very.co.uk for £199 (1gb Ram/32gb Hardrive).

            Key Specifications
            -7inch Screen
            -1.3mp Frontal Camera
            -10 hour charger Capability
            -Android Operation System
            -32 GB Hardrive
            -1 GB Ram
            -LED/LCD Touch Screen
            -340g in weight
            -Non removable Li-lon 4325 mAHbattery
            -Googleplay App Market
            -3.5mm Jack

            Appearance /Screen sensitivity

            Google have done a great designing Nexus 7 especially when they are selling this Tablet for a relatively low price, it has a 7 inch screen (hence the name Nexus 7), made with Gorilla Glass which gives it scratch resistance, I have had the nexus for a few months and don't see any damage on the screen itself has great resolution and is amazing to use. When you use your fingers on the screen, it follows well, it has never not done as I wanted it to and the screen sensitivity is perfect! The back cover is not fancy, has the words nexus in large letters imprinted on the top end, nevertheless I think black theme makes anything tech wise look good whatever the material. It is less than centimetre thick with curved sides which gives it the superb slim look it has that along with the fact it ways under 350 grams makes this Tablet a great need! I have never held such a good quality tablet that feels so light to hold. The tablet has a thick enough border for you to hold it comfortably without having to disturb what you are doing on screen. The border itself is Jet-black and blends with the screen when it turns off there is a camera on the border which is small and merges with the border the bezzel is silver and matches well with the whole design. Overall look wise well done Google/Asus good job.

            Software/What is in it.

            The Tablet runs on Android and was the first to run on the' Jelly Bean' Operating System as a massive fan of Android, this was another major reason for me to choose this Tablet; Android is the key to so much fun it opens a whole new world. The Tablet came with a few typical Apps uploaded such as Calculator, Google Chrome and so on. The amazing GooglePlay is available with countless Apps, including many which are free; I recently downloaded a budgeting App on my Nexus, extremely handy stuff able to use it easily by clicking opening and doing as I would on my laptop or computer. GooglePlay has also recently had an update which has just enhanced it even more. The Tablet has never caused me problems due to speed, processing is smooth and fast, keep into consideration that I have installed a lot on to it and used quite a bit of memory it still processes well.


            I love the fact Asus use the 'Universal Charger' which is the typical charger Blackberry, HTC, Lg, Samsung and the other Major manufacturers use for their recent mobiles. This allows me to charger my HTC mobile phone with my Nexus 7 charger, which I think really handy, however I did try charger my Tablet with my HTC charger and it did do so but was quiet slow in doing unfortunately. The Charge varies in usage but I will admit when I am actively using throughout the day it last up to 7 and a half hours, Google claim it can last up to 10 hours which it does if I use it with videos etc , I think it is fantastic since my Laptop broke my Nexus 7 has become a really good friend!


            I.3mp decent frontal camera, I found myself desperate when wanting to take a picture of something behind the Nexus, so turning is a nuisance, BUT the NEXUS 7 camera is frontal therefore made for forward pictures or skyping or face calling, they never said it was for anything otherwise. I personally do see this as down point on the Nexus 7 however the price it is selling for I think makes up for it. The 1.3mp camera does allow me to have good Skype conversations with my sister when am at university and the picture quality is okay nothing special.

            What does it come with?

            It comes with some papers explaining usage and a charger. The charger is in 3 section as the part with the prongs, a section for the back and the USB lead, you attach all and hey presto! You have a charger, as said as USB is included therefore you use the USB to charge without the rest on laptop, computers, consoles etc. anything with that type of socket.

            I have one issue with the nexus which is bugging me to death, however this is more an issue for the Apps in the market than for google I suppose, but anyhow the issue is some Apps are not compatible with the Nexus 7. However saying this I have only seen 2 apps not be compatible which is a down point, but the majority are.


            For £199 you get more than you pay for, the specs and what I have stated above emphasise this, yes the Nexus is not the best look and not the best build quality (but it is not the worst either inbetween) and the camera could be better, but when you're getting so much more the camera does not matter and most of you who are interested in Tablets will probably have a high tech smartphone with a fantastic camera...This Tablet has blown me away, it is fantastic, it is portable, it is convenient and do you know what? For what I paid for this I cannot help but wonder if they charged us maybe a hundred pounds more and updated a few things we would get a product that would smash the Ipad 3! But Google have chosen to charge a reasonable price aiming for the wider public, and as a student on a budget and as a lover of new tech, I thank you Google and I thank you Asus!

            Recommend? Hell yes!


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              29.04.2013 00:23
              Very helpful



              Not found any review community site which beats Dooyoo!


              Dooyoo is an online review site, where real clients like you or me can review products we have bought, so that other individuals can take on board different perspective's before they decide to buy. In return reviewers are rewarded via "Dooyoo Miles" and those who do a fantastic review will receive a "Crown" if nominated and chosen. There around 1.5 million Dooyoo users spanning France, Italy, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom (each have their own version (I am reviewing United Kingdom Dooyoo)

              Website appearance

              The background colour for the website is white with green labels and black writing.
              When I first joined the site I found the website to be slightly problematic I feel as though Dooyoo really could do better. An example would be the 'My account page' it is so cluttered there is so much information, to be honest even the home page is really cluttered, with product categories and product highlights, why are they there? You have a top menu with some categories labelled that should be enough, use a drop down label, make it easier for the user. They need to space things and out and give less on each page rather than placing so much information packed within one area. I admit though I am more use to it now nonetheless for such a successful review site you would expect far more.

              However the site does have clear titles and clear areas and I suppose if you look hard enough you will find what you want through all the other stuff.

              Website usage

              To review a product it is quite simple all you have to do is enter it into the search box and the chose to review it. I found reviewing really to be an easy task, you are able to see who reviewed you, how useful people have found your review and even get comments, It allows a sense of community within reviewers and you gain regular visitors. I feel as though it should have a 'spell check' system embedded, most modern sites do. I am Dyslexic and the main area which I suffer from is my spelling and I found it unfortunate that I have to correct my mistakes on Microsoft Word for every single review or attempt to anyway It would make sense just to have it within the review writing section ready for all users. I think I would not be alone in wanting such an addition within the site.

              ** To all those who keep assuming Dooyoo has a internal spell check due to the red line which appears on your screen when you make an error this is not Dooyoos system it is the internal spell check for which ever browser you are using***

              Reviewing is really easy and you can access all your own reviews and thankfully correct them or update them, so if you have bought a product which is fine at the moment give it 5 stars and review it, if it decides to break on you for no apparent reason go back and downgrade it. I love the fact it is not fixed!
              Dooyoo has so many products to review, I have reviewed the Ibeats earphones, Mcdonalds fast food restaurant, HTC desire X mobile phone and a few others...such a variety however I find it unfortunate that I can only review Items on the Dooyoo catalogue there are so many things I want to review which I can't, I did try using the product suggestion, but that is another thing they need to improve and make simpler, why can't I just send the html address and title; Dooyoo is that not enough for you guys to consider an item, what is with the questions on that page...very frustrating. All I want to do is suggest a LG optimus L7 but I'm finding it ridiculously hard to find the correct category for a mobile...But I suppose it is a good job they have a suggestion page, I just have to figure out how to correctly send a suggestion.


              The Dooyoo community is really friendly, I had a message the other day from a lovely dooyooer who told me that I had some spelling errors, so there are always helpful people around. There are guides who are awesome and you can ask for advice, you can specify a guide so if it is a book you a reviewing then the books guide would be appropriate for advice.

              Dooyoo Miles

              For every review you get you receive the reward of Dooyoo miles depending on the category the review is the more miles you receive. I feel as though the miles are a fantastic incentive for more people to review. 1000 Dooyoo miles are a £1, you can convert your miles into an amazon card, donate to charity to take the money once you have reached a certain amount.

              Level 1 reviews: 600 Dooyoo miles and 20 extra per person who reads

              Level 2 reviews: 300 Dooyoo miles and 15 extra per person who reads

              Level 1 reviews: 100 Dooyoo miles and 10 extra per person who reads.

              Dooyoo lounge: 10 Dooyoo miles per reading.



              You receive a crown if your review is seen as exceptional and nominated by fellow reviewers, not only do you get a lovely crown on your review page but also 1500 Dooyoo miles as a reward! I think it is a great idea and encourages a good community spirit. Cannot wait to get my first crown!

              Negative aspects of Dooyoo

              -The site layout Home page and Accounts page really could be updated into something more simpler.

              -Product suggestion should be more open

              -No spellcheck, yes this not required for everyone but as said...I would love if they would add this, after all there is an immense amount of writing going into reviewing.

              -Are the reviews all reliable as there is an incentive people I feel can just blabber on and talk nonsense just to get the miles rather than giving a correct idea of the actual product.

              Positive aspects of Dooyoo

              -Dooyoo miles and Crown system is a lovely way of rewarding people for their reviews, I feel especially the Crowns push people to do accurate and detailed reviews.

              -Easy reviewing just search a product and click review (although at times you get a billion results and have to sive through)

              -Guides, they are friendly 'experienced' users who will help you and make you feel welcome.

              -By far the best review community site I have ever been on, great community, friendly people!

              Overall yes I do believe Dooyoo has some issues, but they are my personal issues, I have noticed that a lot of people are defensive over the comments I have written, but IF Dooyoo does not change new reviewers like myself will be put off sites like this and seek simpler sites. And this is a review site without reliable honest opinions from us it would be worthless. I must say though I joined ages ago and I quit but am back now!...And I am really addicted to Dooyoo, I love reviewing telling people the truth about products and giving them a chance to read other opinions before buying something they might regret or decided against after we the 'people' give our reviews. I think sites like this are really important in the modern day and age were the internet rules! Dooyoo your good at what you do and I may bicker about you as though am your other half Dooyoo but I love you!


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              • ebay.co.uk / Auction / 50 Readings / 43 Ratings
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                27.04.2013 16:44
                Very helpful
                1 Comment



                Does it's job well.


                EBay is an online auction site (which is where you can sell and buy goods). It has been running since 1995 and is now a global cooperation spanning 30 countries. You must be over 18 to have a eBay account.

                Creating an account

                You can create an eBay account by going to the homepage and on the left top end of the screen it states register in blue hyperlinked writing, the writing is slightly small and I think it should more visible. So you click register then fill out the registration form which is more simple than it used to be all you need is an email ad which will have to be verified.

                Site usage online/Appearance

                The site is relatively easy to access and use, I have never heard of eBay freezing or being slow, it generally is fantastic with that area. It takes on a faint grey and white colours with black and dark grey writing, everything is visible, so if you wish to sell you simply click on the sell button on the top right, if you wish to view an item they have a handy menu and sub menus to choose from an example would be if I wanted a new phone I would click on 'electronics and communications' -mobile phones and communications-mobiles and smartphone...hey presto hundreds of options pop up search through find one I prefer! Most people though would just use the handy search box and type what exactly are they looking for and the it is available the options come up. This site has a real nice look to it and they make the effort to make it as simple as possible for you to use, I believe even a beginner could use eBay.

                Site usage app/appearance

                I really disliked the first eBay app, so I am extremely happy to state I have just downloaded it and it has changed and is far better. The app is just 5.9mb, it is free to download and easy to find. I have an android, but I have also searched and found that ITunes offer the app for apple users. The app colour wise follow the website, it looks neat and simplistic. You can set reminders for items you are watching, read your messages from the internal eBay mail system which allows you to receive messages from other buyers or eBay themselves, you check your saved searches, eBay deals and your favourite sellers you can so check your eBay profile, categories for items and even sell and item all in the first page of the app which I think is fantastic really!

                Seller experience

                I have sold laptops and mobiles on eBay and I must admit it is a fantastic way of getting things sold, there are so many million users out, I usually get an average of 20-40 bids on my items. Selling they make it so it's specific and clear so if it's a laptop your expected to give the specs and then put in a description. You are able to choose how much you want to sell your laptop for...you can even just do it via a handy buy it now bid or just let it auction normally. It can be a lot of work, but at the end of the day it is understandable as eBay needs to protect its buyers. Selling can be frustrating as you need a PayPal account, I have this so I don't find it troublesome, however many people refuse to use eBay on that basis. eBay claim they are protecting their buyers however the fact PayPal take small cut when transfer the money through is somewhat unfair I find, nevertheless they do provide a good safe service.

                Buyers experience

                As a buyers things are far more easier, you can buy an Item and if the seller refuses to send after accepting your money you are protected by Paypal (if you have Paypal) and will be refunded. It is relatively easy, there are so many products out there and so many bargains to get. I think eBay is a bigger advantage for Buyers than it is sellers.

                Customer Support

                I have never really had to contact CS, but on the one occasion I did I recieved a reply and everything was resolved. The have a question centre, telephone number, email, webchat and members area all where you can get help from. Which I think is really useful!

                What can you find on eBay are they any good?

                EBay sells Electronics, Clothes, Cars, Collectibles, you name it as long as it is legal. I have bought an LG K360, Mobile covers, Badges, Books, USB leads, chargers and Flags from eBay. eBay will probably have it. Some of the items sold are second hand, however they clearly state this, some are new and they will clear state this. I have had the odd experience from eBay were I have bought a shaving charger for my partner and it was not the correct one, I went back and checked the name of the item and it was slightly misleading, but nevertheless I realised it was the not the one I meant to get so beware look carefully and make sure you are getting what you want. I have bought Usb Leads and chargers which were ridiculously cheap around £1.00 with free post and packaging and when I received them they did not work, I did get a refund though without having to send the items back, so the seller can be really polite, however when you need something urgently and you can risk getting something which does not work, I would actually avoid against ordering from eBay. I would advise those that buy second hand goods to look at pictures and to ensure a refund policy is available.

                What can you not sell?

                http://pages.ebay.com/help/policies/items-ov.html This is the link to eBay's detailed list of things you can't sell a few are firearms, Obscene materials, Nazi paraphernalia and so on. If you do so your listing will be removed from eBay and selling illegal goods will probably get you arrested.

                Negative aspects of eBay

                -When you sell the take a cut around 15% in total (Paypal and eBay)
                -Rating systems can be unfair as you cannot leave a negative rating to a buyer as long as they have paid and the Buy could be pure Evil leave you a negative rating for nothing really and it will on you permanent eBay record.
                -Reliability, eBay don't sell the Items so you have big chance of receiving something which is not of the quality you should be getting.
                -Annoying buyers the amount of time I have tried to sell my Laptop and had a buyer who backed out after making the highest bid, it is so frustrating, yes people should have the choice to back down I understand, but it is not fair for me as a seller to have taken 3 weeks to sell my laptop as 4 buyers back down it also not fair on proper buyers who should have had the laptop instead of the trolls that hang around eBay.

                Positive aspects of eBay

                -Ridiculously cheap goods
                -Rating system allows you to rate your seller for the condition of the item which enforces sellers to behave appropriately with you and to make sure they are selling you the correct goods, it also allows sellers to rate you and show other eBayers that you are reliable and trustworthy.
                -The amount of goods you can buy, you such a variety to choose from, more than any shop you can find eBay is the biggest.
                -Simple, once you get into it, eBay is really simple and easy and quick to use.
                -Options, they gives many options from choosing free p&p to donating some of your sale to charity.

                Personal opinion
                eBay has some weaknesses I admit, but eBay is fantastic, it has save me time and a lot of money, it has even made me quite a bit of money. I have had bad experiences, but thankfully my negative experiences are a scratch on what good has come from eBay. Now my main problem with eBay is not eBay's website itself, but the fact they refuse to pay proper tax in the UK from 800 million that they make from the British people they pay only 1.2 million in tax, that is my biggest personal criticism of eBay, they tax avoiders, but it is to each owns view to decide how to judge.


                A fantastic way to sell and buy goods and from my experiences worth 4 out of 5 stars.


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                  24.04.2013 17:05
                  Very helpful



                  Worst place I have ever eaten

                  What/Who is McDonald's?

                  McDonald's is a fast food restaurant, they are the biggest and some say the best in what they do with around 70 million customers on a daily basis in over 100 countries.

                  Typical McDonald's Menu...

                  McDonald's are famous for their burgers, fries, wraps and breakfast meals. Health wise McDonald's are not known to be typically healthy and it is one of their biggest criticism, from experience I remember having a burger meal which included a drink and fries they actually amounted a THOUSAND calories, that is half my RDA as a women and 2/3rds recommended RDA for a child. I am not a calorie counter or really someone who disagrees with eating food which is seen as unhealthy, however this was the last time I ever ate there I was shocked and quiet disgusted by the fact such a small amount food could have such a large sugar and fat intake.
                  Small amount yes...they have small-medium portions on average, I have to say I would understand maybe if the portions were bigger, however I cannot fathom why or how this food place continues to be so popular. I believe coming from a family were food was prepared well and relatively balanced and tasty, McDonald's for me is like "dog food", that is the nicest I can actually sound, nevertheless I have a friend who eats it like mental, but we agree we just have differing taste buds, after all this review is my expressed views.

                  The beef burgers, the meat I feel taste of rubber and just not like a fresh, like a good beef burger is meant to taste, the fries I must admit are really good and really nice, however the portion size is absolutely stupid as stated above, I feel it is unfair that the burgers are half the size of a burger you would get anywhere else, I don't understand how McDonald's gets away with such things, but with 70 million customers every day I suppose they have a massive fan base of people not minding.

                  The Chicken Salad wrap, which I think is McDonald's way of becoming more "normal" with their health issues, is okay, it could taste better and moister, but I suppose it is a start. The salad in the wrap is shredded I detest that it should be chunkier and because it is so thin I feel it is taking in so much water from being washed, it make the lettuce flimsy, which in return makes a loss of that crunch we can get. I only managed a bite after being tricked into eating it over a year ago by a friend who knew of my dislike of McDonald's, but I will say the Chicken Salad wrap is the closest to good food I have tasted in McDonald's.

                  Now obviously McDonald's is not a major "Posh" restaurant so you are not going to get classy or gourmet food, the menu overall I would describe as good a variety of bread and meat, but the end produce is low market food.

                  Cost of food...

                  Cost of food is decent a meal tends to cost 5 pounds, which I feel is why the statement... you get what you pay for applies well.

                  Standard of service/Atmosphere

                  Is always ...I wish I could use a foul word instead we can say terrible, it is always busy, I have not eaten there in 5 years however I do get dragged when a friend wants to pop in...and no matter where I am Manchester, Blackpool, Lancaster, London...it is always busy, people are on top of each other...it's just horrendous. It is not date or special material more so I am desperate to eat and need something quick. The workers are nice; none have ever been rude to me or anyone I know. My local McDonald's is always unclean probably due to the fact it is regularly busy, but even their standard of cleaning in comparison to rivals such as KFC is despicable.

                  Family friendly?

                  Yes they are, they have a kids menu, and also high chairs which you can put children into, children in fact from my experiences love McDonald's, they have a happy meal which is a big attraction for children and offers them a chance to have a meal a free toy, which is lovely for any child.


                  I use to be a regular customer at McDonald's...why? I was a teenager who followed my peer culture, the food was okay, but I realise now as an adult what real food is meant to be and how we are accepting less, which we should not and today can say it has been 5 years since I ate there, sadly though I have been back... when my friends decide to drag me there after a night out, but even drunk I manage to avoid the food. If you want good quality food avoid, if you want decent food avoid, if you want below average then go ahead.


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                  • Apple iPhone 4 16 GB / Smartphone / 24 Readings / 23 Ratings
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                    24.04.2013 13:55
                    Very helpful



                    BETTER MOBILES AROUND


                    The IPhone 4 came about after the 3GS and before the 4S, it is a touch screen top of the range smartphone, with Apples operating system. I received this mobile as a gift from my father around 2 years ago when it first came out, so please do note the pricing is relatively different especially since the 4S and 5. The 4 cost around £315 currently depending on memory however you can find it for £200 plus from other websites and even cheaper second hand.
                    I am reviewing the 16GB Black IPhone 4.


                    Back when I first had this phone which was late 2010 I felt as though it was the best styled mobile around, it had a stylish stainless steel sides, with a black back cover (which you can't remove by the way I will further expand on later), the front has the same style glass look with a wonderful screen. Now I would say the 4 is distinctive as it has the apple look, however it is not the best looking mobile around today...especially with the sleeker Android mobiles on the market, which Apple obviously have a whiff of this as if you have seen the IPhone 5 you would notice the far slimmer look! I think though overall the mobile looks fantastic it has simplicity in its design, the typical power off button on the top end of the phone, one circle wake up button which is press-able at the bottom front and a volume control/silencer on the sides and lastly the apple silver logo on the top back panel with some silver writing on the bottom back panel.

                    Hardware/Specification Quick Bulletpoints:

                    *5 Mega Pixel Camera (2 Face camera)
                    * Ios operating system (Apple)
                    *3.5-inch Touch screen
                    *3GS, Wifi, Bluetooth
                    *Built in Lithium battery
                    *Mp3 Player
                    *16GB internal storage
                    *Digital Compass
                    *Finger proof resistant
                    *Weight: 137 grams
                    *Dimensions: 115.2 mm x 58.6 mm x 9.3 mm
                    *IPhone 4 Black O2

                    Hardware/Specification Detailed:

                    *The camera is okay, I say okay as it was good I admit in fact it is quiet fast at taking pictures, however I have one issue with this mobile it takes forever for the camera to pop up, paying the amount you do you expect the camera to open immediately however it takes maybe 6 seconds, which I find to be too much, for the quality we are promised.
                    *The screen quality is fantastic (LED/LCD) the touch works perfectly and I have to admit, it is by far the best screen I have used on any mobile, I am an avid gamer and screen quality is very important for me, it has be 2 years since this mobile came out yet the quality and standard of its screen is still topping charts today, as do all Apple products.
                    *It is apparently finger print resistant and resistant to scratching, I don't have this mobile anymore I have donated it to my 13 year old brother since then I admit there are no scratches, however I believe it is a myth when they speak of being resistant to finger print markings, I see smudges on it today as I did 2 years ago.
                    * The storage is fantastic, I have never filled all of it, I think the 16GB cap gives them a reason for not allowing upgraded memory, however if this was 8GB I would me slightly worried.
                    *The back panel/cover does not come off so you cannot interfere with the battery, I have no idea why this is the way it is but I found that personally when my Iphone froze and my last resort was to take the battery out...I was unable to do so, the off button would not work so I would end up waiting hours for it to fix itself, another seriously disappointing aspect.
                    *Battery life is fantastic, it seems to last throughout the day and even on to a second day (mega users point, if you are a light user will last longer).

                    Operating system

                    The Apples operating system is by the biggest issue for me, every once in a while mobile would freeze completely especially when my mobile was trying to sync and download anything I had downloaded to my ITunes I found this to be really disappointing, sometimes it would days for a file to download...It is unacceptable and ITunes is despicable, I use to have it on my laptop and it would crash my laptop, it slows the whole system down, I am assuming that it was trying to encourage me maybe to get a Mac rather than have my laptop which is on a windows 7 operating system, but honestly Apple, this one issue destroyed my entire relationship and viewpoint of the Iphone and is the biggest reason since I have pointed out to my father I'd rather an Android as politely as possible at least they don't wage war against my laptop.
                    *Charger is different to most mobiles which is understandable they are Apple after all they are trying to be unique as possible, however when Samsung, Blackberry, HTC and Nokia have all got Universal chargers....it makes you wonder why Apple is trying ot make life harder.


                    Depends on what, the screen is fantastic, the music and sound system is great, HOWEVER the operating system is not, yes I am saying it I am fed up with it freezing and slowing down all the time (well when it use to), I can honestly say I would avoid this unless you are okay for the month fall out between you and your mobile.


                    -The fact you can access ITunes, though I am criticizing it I must say there are some amazing apps on there which are only for Apple customers, they can be really useful.
                    -It looks good as the 4S or 5, I personally still think will be in fashion for another 3 years.
                    -Comes in White as well.

                    When I had this mobile, I was really chuffed with it, but less so for it's internal system and specifications, but more so for the fact it was an APPLE IPHONE...It was just really cool, today I avoid the Iphone and Apple products, due to the operating system...Although I do a IMAC which thankfully has windows 7 and works great overall though for the Iphone 4 and it's friend ITUNES disappointing.


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                  • HTC Desire X / Smartphone / 24 Readings / 23 Ratings
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                    23.04.2013 18:45
                    Very helpful



                    Great phone worth every single penny.


                    The HTC Desire X is a smartphone, with the latest Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, it is very similar to HTC 1X but smaller in size with a 4 inch screen.


                    It is quiet sleek (118.5 x 62.3 x 9.3 mm), has curved sides which give it quiet an elegant look. It has a metallic black front look and feels metallic too in weight and touch, however the back case/cover is soft and made of some kind of durable material which is more like plastic, rubber, it does not sound pleasant, but it actually looks fine and other major brand such as the Samsung S3 has the same type.
                    It has the words HTC on the back side and on the bottom of the back it also states "beats audio" which advertises the fact they are lucky enough to be embedded with beats audio. The camera is very different in look, if we compare to a typical circle camera it has a rectangle (with curved sides) border, which gives it this fantastic stylish effect. The screen is 4 inches which is average on the market today and suits with the mobile. The font has HTC in white small letters at the top and three touch button highlighted on the bottom front. There are the typical volume buttons on the side and a power off button on the top. This phone overall is very stylish and very sleek, so if your interested in looks, I would give this 5 out of 5.

                    Hardware/Specifications Quick Bulletpoints:

                    *5 Megapixel camera with autofocus
                    *25Gb dropbox
                    *Beats Audio sound
                    *Android 4.0 OS (Ice Cream Sandwich)
                    *4 inch touch screen (480 x 800)
                    *3G, WiFi and Bluetooth
                    *GPS with A-GPS support
                    *MP3 player and FM radio
                    *4Gb internal storage - expandable to 32Gb via MicroSD card
                    *Weight: 114g
                    *Dimensions: 118.5 x 62.3 x 9.3 mm
                    *HTC Desire X on O2 - Black

                    Hardware/Specifications Detailed:
                    -The phone has a GHz dual-core processor. 300MB RAM and 1GB of memory which can actually be upgraded further via memory card, in normal English this phone is pretty good for the specs you a receiving at such a good price.
                    -Camera is 5 Mega Pixels which may not sound like a lot but it is actually fantastic on this mobile, I have no idea what they do or how they do it, but it is good, you also get a great effects button on the side when the camera app is up and you can easily select a choice of whatever funky mess you would like to make with you picture and take it. It has face detection which is helpful really and the video quality is as good.
                    -Sound is "good" not the best quality for music, even though they have beats, I felt it could have been better, the only thing the beats audio seem to do is make the music louder, with added bass so I have actually turned the setting off and no longer use it, however if you were really fanatical about beats and music and sound then maybe this would suit you more.
                    -Screen is fantastic and smooth to control, no issues at all you can calibrate easily by going to settings -placing on table and letting it do its thing.


                    Android, it comes with ANDROID!!! And if you are an android fan then, you'll know what that means, you receive access to the fantastic Google market, where you can download all sorts of nonsense from games to clocks to imitation weapons. Android is one of the best and leading operating systems in the word right now so, they are useful to have around.


                    I have had this mobile for 8 months now, it has actually fallen down the stairs (hard wooden stairs and survived with the smallest scratch, I have no idea how, but it has, which why I think reliability wise it is awesome and it's never let me down... apart from that one time I accident rest it to factory settings, I was quiet traumatised :-o so be careful always put lock on.

                    Negative Aspect

                    -The mobile as a very odd turn screen off issue, when I am making a call or am trying to accept a call depending on how I am holding the mobile it keeps blanking and then coming back, this really leads to a lot of unnecessary frustration, I have no idea why it happens an cannot resolve it, it does not happen always but when it does, it seems to be the most important call that gets disrupted and frankly this is the only negative aspect I can give sadly, I wish I could have give the 5 stars but this is by far the extremely annoying.

                    -Charging socket is really oddly stiff, when I first put my charger in I felt as though I would be breaking the mobile, I was petrified, however I did eventually see this as just me worrying and it will be fine, but still it is abnormal how much pressure you have to apply!

                    -This mobile if left on charge without the screen being turned of in a space of 4-5 minutes turns really hot :-(


                    -I received 25GB Dropbox free with this phone, which was of fantastic use, please see my review of Dropbox if you are interested.

                    -It comes in White with a blue camera layer.

                    I have bought mobiles which are twice the price yet this mobile has bought me the same amount of joy, it is great, respect to HTC for finally getting somewhere in the the market for touch screen androids.


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                    • Beats by Dr Dre iBeats / Headphones / 34 Readings / 30 Ratings
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                      21.04.2013 21:47
                      Very helpful



                      I WOULD RATE 3, however they are half the price now so worth a 4

                      Overview these are earphones also known as iBeats by Dr Dre, they were around £75.00 when I was gifted them, however now (2012) they range to around £35-45 new.

                      Sound Quality

                      The sound quality for these earphones, personally was really good and for a average earphone user would go far enough to say it is possibly on the top end of what I have heard so far.
                      The bass makes the quality of music sound so good, yet I found that if I put it on its highest level it sounded static and therefore I avoided doing so. I found to be ridiculously unfair as it is a common problem with cheap earphones yet why should this mid-expensive range earphones have this issue? In comparison to monsterbeats this is not hitting that mark with the quality of sound nevertheless it is what we should expect when this is why the Ibeats cost less. I used it for calls with control talk button and it was a thumbs up, I usually am screaming down phone with typical earphones and end up taking them off but using these; the call quality was perfect. Overall the sound quality is clean and you do see a difference in the depth of sound in comparison to regular earphones.


                      Look wise, they are stylish it has a lovely blood red cable line which is quiet thin. The typical "b" logo on tip of the ear bud, which can be seen if you have short enough hair, the ear bud is black and puffed out and follows the rest of the style well. They do in comparison to typical earphones stand, look very cool and neat and also add to what you're wearing. There is a kite shaped volume control/Talk which is silver in the middle and black on the outline, it matches well. There are other options for colours which are purple and grey and also a white and red option. Overall they look so stylish and I suppose most people who buy them think sound quality + stylishness they live up to Dr Dre style!


                      Personally I have never felt such comfortable earphones in my life, do you know those typical Apple style earphones which hurt your ear? Well say goodbye these are immaculate for comfort, they fit perfectly, they are soft and loving. I also noticed that they stay in more, however when I ran they did come off, byut stayed on longer in comparison to the typical earphones. They come without without the annoying ear ache which is by far frankly the best part for me for these earphones, I am regular earphone user and my poor, poor ears the pain they must suffer, however when I bought these... I was in heaven; I had finally found earphones which I could wear 24/7 and they would be causing no harm.


                      -Control talk, you actually be listening to music and change to speak if someone is calling which is quiet nice, it does it well and smoothly and does not cause trouble.
                      -Beats audio link, I have a HTC which has beats audio embedded when I used the Ibeats with it the sound quality was really good, they really work well.
                      -Guarantee when I bought them they came with guarantee which is why when they broke I did go change my earphones for free at HMV however I did not buy these.
                      -Colour range as said above you get more than one option 3 colour options: Purple and grey, White and red and the typical black and red.
                      -Case: You receive a lovely black/red colour case to look after the earphones, has a magnetic closing strip to prevent them from slipping out!


                      These cost around £75 from HMV, I feel as though the price tag did not match the overall quality of the earphones as said above the sound was good yet when the bass was loud it was effecting the quality in a negative way. The look was great due to the shape and colours, I admit this fantastic yet I have seen earphones worth £20.00 which look as good, but without the Dr Dre print they are I suppose not as well regarded.
                      The comfort I feel is the best reason to cough up and pay £75.00 for these (or the current £40.00 that you will find them on the market for), if you are a regular user for earphones and suffer from ear ache or pains then go for it, I 100% recommend it.

                      Personal viewpoint

                      They broke on me 2 months after I bought them, the sound just stop coming from on ear and then eventually the other. I looked after them in the case they came in and I treated them well so I found this very unfair when frankly my £3.00 old pair have last 3 years, I feel as though to charge such a high price to lead to the earphones not working I feel puts them on my never to buy bother spending so much list.


                      Overall overall I would say they are not worth the price when you have sennheiser for £25.00 with amazing quality and comfort. I have rated a 4 due to them breaking at such short notice (price has gone down which is an added bonus without that my rating would be 3) when I looked after them.

                      Look at the Advantages and Disadvantages see if you are willing to risk to gain and chose however I would recommend look around there are other brands half the price and great sound quality do not be afraid!


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                      • Dropbox / Communication / 29 Readings / 29 Ratings
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                        21.04.2013 18:24
                        Very helpful


                        • Reliability


                        Guardian Online Angels.

                        Dropbox is in simplistic terms is a online USB, which links all the information from all your devices into one online site, so no need for that Memory Stick you keep loosing, all you require is an email and password. You can upload anything, videos, pictures, documents there are no restrictions apart from 300MB intranet download.

                        You are given up to 2GB Free memory, but it is so easy to get more for FREE as well which is a nice bargain, for example if you refer friends, when you make your first camera upload, when you give them feedback, when you tweet, when you follow dropbox on twitter, when you like on facebook. These are all simple things you do and as a return you get 125mb-1GB memory free (for each). Most people end up with at least 5GB plus which is around enough for 1,250 songs or 100,000 pictures (varying slightly depending on the actual size of the images.)

                        Buy Memory options
                        You can pay monthly or you can pay yearly the sums above which works out cheaper slightly. I would point out though anyone who requires over 100GB might aswell buy a 1T USB which would be cheaper rather than doing it online and paying that price, although as student it is extremely beneficial for my environment.

                        Use on Computer/Laptop
                        When you first sign up they give you the option to install a Dropbox gadget so; it's basically like a folder which you are able to drag anything into and as long as you are on the Internet it will automatically go into you online site. It is really simple and the installing is even easier, if you don't install the gadget then it is okay too; for example at university the computers won't allow installations so if I am to move anything on to my Dropbox there I just log on online and import them.

                        Use on Mobile
                        The App is free and once again really easy and good to use, the best part I felt was it gave you the option to move things which you had your phone automatically into your Dropbox, so if you take a picture as long as you are connected to the Internet you it is added to your Dropbox without you ask, obviously you can opt out of this.

                        Business Dropbox
                        I have never used this part but you are also allowed to buy or do 14 day trial for Business Dropbox the information below are directly from themselves as I do not have specific knowledge to review that area
                        -"Dropbox syncs your team's work across all your devices -- working on the go has never been more seamless or easy."
                        -"Powerful management tools make it easy to manage team members and keep track of account usage."
                        -"Forget mailing attachments back and forth -- share, collaborate, and stay in sync with your team."

                        -If you are buying android phones especially HTC they usually come with free 20GB Dropbox, it's really useful.
                        -Dropbox has over 100 Million users so you know they are reliable and well used.
                        -They have been integrated with Facebook so it's easy to put your facebook images into your Dropbox

                        Personal Experience
                        I smashed my Laptop screen today tomorrow my assignments are due, thanks to dropbox I will manage to hand it in, the assignments are worth 50% of my module meaning I could have failed University if I failed to get them in.

                        I conclude by saying "Thank you so much Dropbox...I would be in serious trouble without you." though I may be sounding subjective as my personal experience has put a positive view of dropbox, I must therefore say I always had a positive view of dropbox, this has just put strong evidence there.. it is somewhat of a free gift, they are reliable, friendly and fantastic.


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                        • Acer Aspire 5733 i3 / Laptop / 24 Readings / 18 Ratings
                          More +
                          19.04.2013 21:59
                          Very helpful



                          Overall worth it for such a cheap price

                          My lovely Godchildren decided to play with my Dell an sadly it ended up being smashed, so I bought this Acer 5733 (i3 Intel Core, 15.6", HD, LED, LCD, 500 GB Hardrive, 3 GB Ram, DVD drived, 6-Cell Li-ion battery).

                          It has a small printed diagonal lines which gives it a different effect to that of typical design most laptops have. It is not though the most stylish Laptop that I have had but it is nice and formal looking. It is 2.6 Kgs and even feels less heavier when you actually hold it, which I feel is a bonus as, I am a student and carrying a laptop around constantly can be heavy work! The screen is as stated above LED, LCD, fantastic with resolution for watching HD videos*. The Keys are nicely separated and there is plenty of space to type, there is a number pad which I don't regularly use but I feel as though laptops without feel strange, I suppsoe when your on a comouter you always have the numberpad keyboard and want that realistic computer feeling transferred to your laptop. The laptop has a few USB holes for you to put in your phone, USB mouse and whatever else it is you may feel the need to plug in, the laptop also has the normal sockets from audio to hdmi, everything an up to date Laptop would have. It is a notebook, however luckily it comes with a DVD drive on the left side which is wonderful for gaming or watching films.

                          With using this Laptop I have rarely had issues however I have had to set to factory settings on one occasion when it froze every time i turned it on, I blame this more on it's operating system (windows 7) that itself, but I suppose that counts as the laptop too. It runs pretty smoothly, 500GB hard-drive is a nice amount for me as a BA student to put my work in, it also comes with a really handy Acer restore system which is seriously useful. I play sims PC on this so faming wise with an i3 processor it is relatively good and smooth.

                          I will admit it claims to last 3 hours I feel it probably does 2 and a half, I also feel that Acers have serious issues with their chargers, my charger keeps telling me it is not compatible, I have bought the Laptop version of this (this is a notebook) for my boyfriend and his battery actually stopped working unless it was continuously on charge, this led to a trip to the repair shop and a lovely £60 to fix. I have bought a new charger and it is working, but I still find this to be quiet uncomfortable after having only for 6 months.

                          Keyboard issues
                          3 keys fell off after 3 months, I admit I do type heavily and hard but still never happened to me before with any laptop or computer I have had so disappointing. The touch pad works fine, smooth and follows as you move.

                          Cost £350
                          I feel for the quality of this Laptop, this was cheap, I have to say I have spent £700 on a Dell and I received far less than I did with this, I know it has been slightly troublesome, but overall worth it, bargain price for £350.

                          Overall I have to say I bought this laptop for under £350 it was worth the price, one of the best Laptops for that price I have ever had, it just runs really smooth an rarely freezes.


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