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      11.01.2013 15:51
      Very helpful



      A good moisturiser that I would get again

      +++ The Body Shop +++
      The Body Shop is a fairly well-known brand to most women and their shops can be found on most high-streets in the UK. They sell a range of skincare, bath products, make-up and fragrances. I personally go into a store about once a month but I'm more likely to use the website (http://www.thebodyshop.co.uk) because it's much easier to compare products and you can read helpful customer reviews. I'll be reviewing their Vitamin E Moisture Cream which is part of their Vitamin E range.

      +++ Packaging +++
      The cream comes in a plastic pot that is a pale feminine pink with a black lid. The pale pink colour clearly identifies it as part of their Vitamin E range. The packaging to me looks modern in its attractive simplicity and makes it look like quite an expensive product. The lid says that the product is 'Vitamin E Moisture Cream for all skin types' and it offers 'Daily antioxidant protection and moisturisation'. Vitamin E is good for skin and is a type of antioxidant. Antioxidants stop molecules called free radicals from damaging your skin and causing dryness and wrinkles. Although I'm not quite old enough to be worried about wrinkles, preventing dryness definitely appeals to me and was one of the reasons I chose this product.
      The size is also mentioned, which in this case is 50ml. A smaller pot is available at 15ml. I think this size would be too small for daily use but might be ideal to test the product out or for travelling bags. At the bottom of the tub under a peel-able label it lists the ingredients. It also says that the product is made in the UK, against animal testing and that the packing is recyclable. All of which I think are positive things.

      +++ Price +++
      The product at full price costs £10.00 and this is probably several pounds more than your average moisturiser and makes it quite expensive. I bought mine at 50% off on their website. The Body Shop, in my opinion tends to be a bit on the pricey side but they have frequent offers online of 40% or 50%, along with money-off offers such as 'save £5 when you spend £15' (a current offer). I'm not sure if any money-off offers are found in stores; I have never seen any. Those with a The Body Shop Rewards Card (costs £5.00) get 10% off purchases for a year on both store and web purchases, along with other money off benefits, which might be worth looking into if you are a regular customer.

      +++ At First Glance +++
      Opening the lid you find a clear removable plastic cover. This is handy as it stops the moisturiser from getting on the actual lid which means you end up wasting some. I chose to keep mine on, but I expect many might throw it away. Taking that off and you can smell the gentle fragrance of the moisturiser. I've tried a few other products from their Vitamin E range and all have this consistent scent. It's a clean, ever so slightly floral, almost powdery scent and reminds me of Dove shower cream products. I find it very pleasant and that it would suit all but the very young. The moisturiser is a light pink similar to the outer packaging colour and it looks smooth and light. So far all is well.

      +++ Trying It +++
      So a little test of mine is to put moisturiser on half of my face and my nose (my problem area) and compare it to the half without anything on. The feeling of putting the cream itself on was quite refreshing and made me feel more alert - just what you need in the morning! I found that it absorbed extremely quickly (15-30 seconds) which is much faster than many moisturisers I have tried that leave your face shiny and wet for a several minutes. Where the moisturiser had been on it was now very soft and silky which felt lovely. These effects lasted for a while after but they did leave as the day went on. The moisturiser being very light doesn't feel heavy on your face, and as soon as it's absorbed you forget you're wearing any. My face did feel moisturised but I noticed that if I have a shower before (my usual routine) my face is quite dry and the moisturiser still leaves patches of dry skin on my nose. This is not completely unusual for me and is why I spend a lot of time looking for good moisturisers.

      +++ Overall +++
      I do like this product and would buy again if it was on offer but probably not at full price. The moisturiser does spread very well and so a pot lasts a long time and you definitely get your money's worth. It feels a pleasure to use and leaves skin feeling silky soft after and in general it does moisturise quite well. However, although it states all skin types, I think it is probably most suited to normal skin. I have quite dry skin at times and may try using their night cream in combination with this moisturiser and see if this improves things. The product caused no irritation to my skin but I'm not sure if it would be suitable for sensitive skin. I think out of all The Body Shop ranges, the vitamin E range would be the most suitable for sensitive skin. I approve of The Body Shop's good ethical principles and especially like the fact that it is against animal testing and that the packaging is recyclable. All-in-all, I think it's an above average moisturiser and I would try it again.

      *Also posted on Ciao under the same username*


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