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      25.12.2000 02:50
      Very helpful



      We visited the dome in November and had a great time. A family ticket is a tad expensive when you consider most people who don't reside in London will need accommodation as well. I liked it , my wife liked it and the kids loved it. Why o why then is the place being shut down and sold. Surely its my money that built it and we should all have a say in what happens to it. Disney would never build a theme park and expect it to make money in its first year. Come on lets keep the dome as a tourist attraction - lets have new intelligent management and ensure that over the long term it recoups its losses. A project for one year only? - what a monumental waste of money -lets make it last and be something to be proud of. Its a disgrace that the site is being sold off for peanuts - I paid for it and dont want my money given away!!!


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